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C4 Tech

Something different for me. Wall created with C4d.

**Font is in the folder created when you install the logon. :)

You can find the wallpaper here [link]
© 2006 - 2021 boss019
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I <3 this, is there anyway to get it in bright green to match my desktop?
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Ok scratch that, I know how to make it green, but when I installed it mine didn't have the box where your names are on it, how do I get that?
Will this work for Windows 7? if so how can i change it the log on screen?
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wOw :D awesome ! !
how do you set this as your logon???
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You need to install Logon Studio. It's a free Logon changing program for XP and you can get it here: [link]

Then download the logon and doubleclick the C4 Tech.logonxp file and it will open the Logon Studio window and show up in the list of available logons. Click "Apply" and you're done.

Sometimes if you use Internet Explorer, it will change the file extension from .logonxp to .zip. You can either rename the zip back to .logonxp and doubleclick it, or unzip the file and put the C4 Tech folder in C:\Program Files\Wincustomize\Logon Studio. Then when you open Logon Studio it will be in the list of logons.

Let me know if you have any problems. :)
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boss u r the man. if i hadnt reformatted my computer recently i'd be using this instead of the xp one.
double thumbs up!
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Thanks very much!:)
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this is SICK with a STICK....good job
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Thanks Fusion! :)
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Thank you very much. :)
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Wow, this looks great. Makes a great log on. Well done!! :winner: :D
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Thanks cindi. A new program o play with. :lol: :)
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WOW! Another amazing logon. Very nice! I was using ReLeaved since I first came upon it, but I think I'll be using this one for a while now. Keep up the GREAT work! Oh, and if you take requests, Im a big fan of B&W desktops and wouldn't mind seeing something along the lines of this one here or ReLeaved in B&W.
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Thanks very much LiQuiD. Leave me a note here with your email or mail me at and I'll take care of it for you. :)
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Good job! thanx :D
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thanks very much Darken! :)
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