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Eva Unit 1

EVAAAAAAAAAA unit 1. Man, I love the series' concepts for mechas (well I guess they're not really mechas?).
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Saw you at Anime Central yesterday and picked up this print
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Saw your prints at famime. This definitely my favorite of the entire artist gallery.
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Thanks so much for dropping by!

Haha, I am honored! 
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I am stunned at how perfect this is!
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I'm no fan of the series, but I must agree with you when it comes to the designs of the EVAs. You've truly captured a sense of immense mass and scale that, while a necessity for portraying anything of this size, many find difficult to achieve, and I can imagine the slender and humanoid build of the EVA makes this even more so.

However, you make good use of the EVA's surroundings and the composition of the piece. The narrow street appears tight around the behemoth, making it appear as though the city itself is too small for it to maneuver. It hunches, concentrating its size and furthering this concept, but its head is high in the composition - we, the viewers, are not on the same plane as it. We're a fair distance away, as evidenced by the foreshortening of the surroundings, but we still need to look upwards. We are small, and it is most certainly not.

Last of all, despite how massive the subject is, despite how bleak the surroundings are, there's a tremendous sense of energy. The EVA is posed in such a way - legs tensed, back arcing, leaning ever so slightly forward - that it looks as though it is preparing to spring forth. And even though it is so ponderous, I cannot help but feel that when it rises, it will move like a thunderbolt.
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i love this print so much.  finally got it at fanime 2015.  thank you so much for your work ;-; it's beautiful
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YAAAAAAAAAA, thanks for coming by! Much appreciated!!
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Ahhhh I bought your print of this at fanime~ it's hanging on my wall right now
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ermargerd I am truely honored!! *__*
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That is really epic! What program did you use for this?
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Photoshop CS 6 :D
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They are more, than mecha, they are biomecha! XD

Great colours and great pose on this one! :D
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Oh man I know, right??? I thought it was so ingenious to make them biomechas...I don't know about you but it was the first time I've ever heard of such a concept. I was thoroughly mind blown hahaha
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You captured the terrifying awe that comes in the wake of their colossal presence. :clap: Well done!
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this is freaking awesome *___* I love the perspective and the colours :3!
Superb work ... The details are insane!
How I wish I have your hand  to draw like this hihihi :D 
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Wow, I love all the details you put in this! It's fantastic Heart 
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O.O!!!~Wahahahah I had to fav this!!!! ^^ ♥ it!! :D About to add you and I saw this on your frontpage! XD Great job!
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wow, great drawing! i love this series! its really good, but very confusing at the end.
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