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Centurion Class Battlecruiser

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This is one of the ships from my canceled Star Wars Fanfiction Series: Star Wars: The Shadow Wars.

Note: The information below is from my own universe which is a blend of old and new canon and is not to be considered canon in any other universe but mine. I should also mention that this ship is canon (or at least Legacy Canon) but its history is significantly different as far as my universe is concerned.

The image was acquired through Star Wars: Empire At War - Forces of Corruption, using the "Old Republic At War" Mod.


Class: Centurion Class Battlecruiser
Manufacturer: Republic Sienar Systems
Affiliations: The Sith Empire (Jedi Civil War and Dark Wars), The Old Galactic Republic (During the Mandalorian Wars)

"I remember the Ravager. It felt I could feel my very life-force being tugged at by its Master. And when Nihilus died, the ship seemed to realize it and it felt like it was coming apart around us, even before the Mandalorians detonated the explosives to destroy it." - Gatekeeper Personality of Meetra Surik recounting Surik's experiences with the Ravager, a Centurion Class Battlecruiser from circa the Dark Wars.

The Centurion Class Battlecruiser was arguably among the largest warships of its era. Easily dwarfing the Republic's Hammerhead cruisers, the Centurions were arguably one of the most powerful ships available to the Old Republic at the time. Unfortunately, most of the Centurions were lost during the Mandalorian Wars, particularly at the costly battle of Malachor V. Those that remained were later acquired by the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War and were brought to bear against the Republic. By the time of the war's end, the Centurion Class was down to the single digits in number, only a handful remaining secretly in the possession of the Sith Empire. The Empire would eventually scrap the Centurions while transitioning to the newer Harrower Class Dreadnoughts.

There was one Centurion of note however. The Ravager was a Centurion commanded by Darth Nihilus, the Lord of Hunger, was almost like a ghost ship. According to the recorded accounts of the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik, the Ravager was said to have been one of the ships lost at Malachor and then, years later, raised from the surface of the dead planet by Darth Nihilus. The ship was in horrible condition with portions of exposed superstructure and ribbing. Arrays of forcefields had to be erected in order to contain the atmosphere in some sections. The ship strongly resembled a ghost ship and was said to be very strong with the Dark Side of the Force. Age old recordings and holoimages of the ship during the Battle of Telos during the Dark War has largely confirmed Meetra's account. The Ravager was destroyed not long after its Master was slain by Surik, the Ravager being destroyed by the combined firepower of the Republic Fleet.

In 28 ABY, New Republic Spies within the Sith Empire during the Shadow War, managed to tap into a Sith Shipyard Database and found schematics for a modernized Centurion Class Battlecruiser named the Nihilus Class Battleship, presumably named after Darth Nihilus. The Nihilus Class was among the candidates for a Sith Command vessel like the Resurgent Class but instead the Sith Empire opted to go with the more original Resurgent Class design instead of simply resurrecting yet another millennia old design. However, the schematics for the Nihilus Class remain in their database as a potential command ship. None so far have been commissioned.

Some small time Sith aligned toy and model manufacturers have begun selling models of the Centurion Class as part of a "Sith Across the Ages" model line, which include Sith Warship designs including the Centurion. Other models include the Interdictor Class Cruiser, the Harrower Class Dreadnought, Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator, the Eclipse Star Dreadnought, and finally models of the First and Second Death Stars. The Interdictor and Harrower models are presently the best selling of the line with the Centurion coming in third. The Infiltrator model was later banned on the orders of the Imperial Inquisition following the discovery that Darth Maul was indeed still alive and was an enemy of the Empire. As such, existing models of the Scimitar are worth a large amount of credits. The Scimitar has since been replaced in the product line by the Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor.
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