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Hello everybody! I finally decided to open commissions! Here the price list:

Single Character - digital inking b/w: 15 USD
Single Character full digital color: 22 USD

Illustration (one character + basic background): From 40 USD (+10 x any addittional character)

Complete charatcter sheet B/W: Starting from 40 USD
Complete charatcter sheetCOLOR: Starting from 80 USD

Ink, B/W : Starting from 50 USD
COLOR: Starting from 80 USD
For Character sheets and comic pages, we have to discuss the price; it depends from the difficults of your requests.
I know that these price are not so convenient for everyone, but these works can be really hard and can take me a long time for realize them.

You have to pay your commission before the preliminary skecth; I will not start the commission whitout the payment. When the sketch is ready I will show you and until your totally ok with that I will keep correct it. Just when I got your ok I will go on with ink and colors and complete it.
for the payment method I take paypal

I can send you the original drawing, in you want. Shipping costs are not included in the prices. I will discuss with you personally about these delivery prices. They are different from country to country.

Send me a note with these informations:

-Type of commission
-Eventual visual references
-Number of characters
-Description of what you want exactly

I will show you some wips during the drawing process, so you can tell me what you want to modify wothout any problem for me.

Commissions are for personal use.
If you want to use in other ways you have ALWAYS to CREDIT me, EVERYWHERE you want to show the picture

If anything isn't clear send me a note for more informations.
Sorry again for my poor english and thanks for your support!

Thanks to Ofride for the price reference
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Looks like my notes may be not getting through again. Wanted to see if you had commission time available?