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This is a journel for my crochet doll commissions. Got questions? Don't be afraid to ask.

Plain dolls:
Crochet Lucia and Grimm by Boshedagh
These dolls don't have designs or clothes and simply sport hair and a face.

Simple dolls:
Tamashi by Boshedagh
These dolls have clothes and limited details.

Detailed dolls:
Journey doll by Boshedagh Risa Cheshire girl Plushie by Boshedagh  Mettaton Amigurumi (Commission) by Boshedagh  Centar Plushie Commission by Boshedagh
These dolls have clothes and many details, like wings, tails, ect. Price will increase with more detail.

Smaller Dolls:

Snivy Doll by Boshedagh


These dolls are smaller, usually around 4 inches tall.

If the doll is shipped within the United States, I will cover the shipping costs. If it is shipped internationally, the buyer must cover the shipping costs.
Note: I do not use buttons as eyes anymore, as they are not safe for young children. If you want button eyes, you have to specifically request them.

Other commissions:

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  • Reading: Nothing interesting ;A;
  • Watching: Elementary
  • Playing: Pokemon X and Bioshock 2!
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
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Submitted on
December 19, 2012