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Hold the brakes

1 min read
Hello everyone, a little message for this week workflow. I get a strict deadlined job the last week and it's mandatory to complete it until the end of this week. I'm very sorry for all my commissioners but I have to ask you all to wait a little for theyr delivery. Same thing for whoever is following the looney tunes project. I still have some frames already done ready to be uploaded but after those one there will be a small pause on that too. The normal workflow, with the Tazmania serie and the last part of 1940-49 of the classic shorts will restart next week. Meanwhile the old picture will be uploaded on twitter and probably on instagram too. (spam moment: Check out my other socials and projects here: Don't worry, I'll make it up to you with something great we're working from months, you won't be disappointed! Take care and stay tuned
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As you saw in my previous journal I lost an entire week with IRL troubles, so of course when I get back to DA I found a lot of notes and chats and it's very hard to get on track again. Here's the usual link to the commission queue for the ones waiting for theyr orders. I'll dedicate the entire week to try to complete them. Apart of the Fiverr's pictures that must get the priority (Damn horrible Fiverr's dynamics) I'll start to work on the single characters, then the pictures, and leave the comic pages as last thing cause they're the one taking me very long time If someone is waiting an answer from me to a note or a chat, please contact me back to remind me where we was cause my note page after one week of inactivity is a giant mess. Sorry for the troubles! The Looney Tunes Project will be on pause until all the commission will be delivered!
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Energy crisis

1 min read
Hello good people on internet! How's your 2023's doing? Long story short my energy provider cuts off the power to my house because.. We was paying very small bills. Yes. No mistakes on this sentence. They just send us a letter letting us know they leave us and to find another company. Basically that meant we spend the last week in the stone age. No internet, no power, until the new contract finally starts. Not bad for just the second month of the year! Anyway, I'm again ready to work, sorry to everyone's waiting for theyr commissions, Starting from this monday you will have my full attention and surely everything will be completed by the end of next week. Unless a meteor will hit my house, who knows! The last years are a continuos adventure so let's see!
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I was wrong. The 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios is on the 25th of May. My Bad!

Hello! Is it alright if I do some fan dubs of your comics, mainly the Back in Time one?

of course you can do it! But when they're done please send me a link to the final product!

Already lost a couple of hours reporting his gallery, is full of stolen pictures

Big news update!!! Tiny Toons Looniversity is coming later to Max and Cartoon Network in the fall! Check out the new trailer of it that was just released on YouTube.

Are you open to requests or at least point commissions (which I barely see anyone do anymore but I have 57 DA points sitting there)?