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Okay, sit down everyone, get a blanket, get some hot cocoa, and listen to a story I have to tell about my original creations, which is the “Realms of Alerfa” series of stories and illustrations.

Have you guys gotten yourselves comfortable? Good! Here is where it began:

While I grown more older, and more mature, in my days of becoming an ex-Lolcow, I experimented with different types of fan fiction based off the things I adore and love. Before then, I wrote emo edge lord “grimdark” fap ficton, but then, I outgrew that stage in life (Thank goodness!), and broadened my horizons with different story ideas for my fan fics, since I wanted to now stories that were more than just smutty shock fics.

Thus, a fan fic idea was born....

Even though I am more into video games than I am animation and movies (Though to be fair, I also have a rather long list of shows and movies I love), the basis for my RoA Universe, was series of alternate universe fan fiction, based off one of my favorite childhoods of all time.

The film being Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal. With the fan fiction series being dubbed “The Dark Crystal of Dragnar”.

Originally, the World Tree was originally called Dragnar, and this AU series was a retelling of the Jim Henson film, this time, with spiritual/mythical overtone in the story. For you see, in this universe, the Urskeks were depicted as angels that served the deities of light, lead by Yenovah. However, some UrSkeks were led astray by Luciferio, the god of darkness. There, a divine war in the Light World broke out.

Wanting to war to come to an end, Yenovah banished Luceferio to the Dark World, while the king of the light gods decided to split the UrSkek into two new race of beings.

The ones banished with Luceferio, were the dark, demonic Skeksis clan, who all feel from grace for being the unclean halves of the UrSkeks. The ones that stayed in the Light World, were the UrRu clan, who were based off the passive, nearly mindless type of Angel hierarchy found in Middle Eastern folklore.

One of the worlds between the lands of light and dark, is the world of Mithra. Mithra was a world populated with four races of people: Gelflings, Podlings, Ho-Oh Phoenixes, and the Dragonites.

The Gelflings and Podlings, of course, faithful to canon, were more of a passive and submissive race of beings. While the Phoenix clan and the Dragonite clans were more human-like, and had the instincts of warriors and sorcerers. Some clans protect the Gelflings and Podlings, while others were more ruthless, and sided with the Skeksis and Luciferio.

One of my main stories involved SkekSo going on a conquest to liberate a Dragonite empire from Phoenix invaders. Everyone was wiped out, except Emperor SkekSo, who was on death door step, if it was not for Emperor Basarla and Princess Mayarie coming to his rescue. While nursing the wounded Skeksis back to health, Emperor SkekSo and Princess Mayarie fall in love, and Mayarie becomes the Empress of his Skeksis clan.

While in college, taking various types of art and creative writing classes to improve myself, I shared these fanfics with one of my college professors, who was also a huge fan of The Dark Crystal as well.

He enjoyed my retelling a lot, but then, he gave me an even better idea, that I still hold to my heart, to this day.....

He suggest I turn these series of The Dark Crystal based fan fiction, into an original series, with original worlds and characters I created myself.

To this today, I took his idea to heart, thus, The Realms of Alerfa was born.

Also, I took my Dark Crystal fan characters, and evolved them into my own creations. For example:

The white mage Valkyrie, Eir Gullmannen, evolved from a fan character, known as Luna Bravemoon. Like Eir, Luna was a white mage who used bows, arrows, and crossbows as her main weapons, and has the abilities to heal people and purify cursed lands.

Another fan character, a mage named Duran Kendala, eventually evolved into the black mage Valkyrie, named Mist Elmbarn. I did decided to change the character's gender, and give her a story about how she is willing to fall from grace, just to re-unite with her long lost mother.

Princess Mayarie and Emperor Basarla are still going to be in my RoA series, as their own unique characters. Their roles are unknown for now, since I am currently working on re-writing them from scratch.....

Speaking of scratch.....

This might surprise you.....

King Scratch/Heylel, among other devilish spirits in Helheim....were originally my fan interpretation of the Skeksis themselves. While re-working the series, I decided to make a race of angels and demons, based off the creatures of old time religious Renaissance paintings. The Renaissance artists that inspire me the most, are Matthias Grunewald, Peter Bruegal the Elder, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Jan Mandijn, and of course, my personal favorite artist of that era.....the one and only Hieronymus Bosch. If it wasn't for these fine Renaissance artists, my series would not exist.

So there you have it. Now you know the origins of my Realms of Alerfa series. It was a long story, but a satisfying one as well. I've grown attached to this series and everything about it. Hell, I even have friends and online family writing fanfics on this series and doing Rps with me, as both RoA characters and their own original characters from their own original universe. Though to be honest, I sometimes write crossovers of my RoA series with various canon creations I love and adore, for joy and pleasure reasons. Though I do keep in mind, I only do this for fun, not plan to make a profit off copyright infringement unlike some fan fiction and fan artists out there who shall not be named at this moment.

So here is the end of my story. Good night....And God(s) bless!

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