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Here's to hoping that this year will be much better.

Sorry if I haven't been online much recently, I've just been up to many offline things recently.

Ever since the November 30th Earthquake and the aftershocks that continue to this day, I've been getting therapy, and trying to get over my phobia of natural disasters. I know natural disasters will never go away, so I've get getting therapy to cope with them.

Also, on another topic, my sister and her boyfriend are such sweethearts. They gave me awesome gifts for Christmas and my birthday.

Two of the greatest gifts of 2018: I have the games Soulcalibur VI and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. They are both awesome games and I love them a lot.

So, I hope everyone is okay here, and I shall pray for things to get better in life.
  • Listening to: Nightwish
  • Reading: Various doll pattern books.
  • Watching: Rifftrax
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Eating: SpaghettiO's
  • Drinking: Icee
xLittle-Miss-Horrorx Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no wonder, but I'm glad your seeking therapy to get over your fears and cope with them

It's always great to get it checked and try to cope around with it.
Boschian-Fantasies Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2019  Student General Artist
Thank you for being there for me as well. (hugs)
xLittle-Miss-Horrorx Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope this new years can lead us to a better path.:huggle:
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