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I'm sorry if it had to come down to this, but I am ending up having to write a call out journal, once again

Here is the user I am calling out:

Patty here, is cyber stalking and cyber harassing users on dA, just because those user do not love or worship his pwecious Frozen and other Disney movies. Hell, he is getting my friends banned over hating on his "Pwecious Chihdhud Memowies"! 

Get this Patty: You say are for free speech, but only if people kiss your ass and give you ass pats.
But people giving an honest opinion on a GODDAMN FUCKING DISNEY CARTOON OR TWO, it's just immoral, and you have to bully and stalk people until they get banned.

You know what Patty, stalking and bullying people will not make people love Frozen. In fact, it will just make them hate on Frozen even more than ever. Hell, I almost lost interest in Disney cartoons all together, because of butt hurt crybullies like you polluting the Disney fandom.

"But it's for kids! Don't critique or criticize it!"

Well too fucking bad. You use THE MOST ANCIENT EXCUSE IN THE BOOK to accept mediocre products. So what if it's for kids?
People are allowed to critique and give honest reviews to media aimed at children. Now who's feeling are the critics afraid to hurt? The children fans, or the adult baby nostalgiatards who need to get a life badly? 

I'm going with answer #2, because young kids are NOT the ones to read reviews. They don't care if people hate what they like. However, adult baby crybullies get butt hurt over negative reviews, and make violent threats over people hating on their pwecious work of fiction. You think older teen and adult fans would no better than to get all violent and wacko over people hating on kid's shows, but I guess that's not the case with all of them, sadly enough.

Spread the word of this cyber bully and cyber stalker people! His behavior is NOT EXCUSABLE! THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!
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Just letting everyone know, I'm going to sell prints of my original artwork on DeviantArt.
I got this idea from some fans that shall remain anonymous. 

So, here is the low down:

 I will be selling art prints of my original characters and original universes ONLY! NO FANART! It is against most art selling website rules to sell fanart of pre-existing, copyright works....Though this might work differently for works in the public domain (eg. Fairy Tales, Folklore, etc.)

I'm remaking A LOT of my older artwork, and remake it with the art techniques I learned over the years I was at college.

So far, I'm selling on dA only for now. Though I may think about selling my original works on Cafe Press...Who knows.

I thank my fans for this idea. Just had to announce it to those unaware of this news.

Here is the prints for sale:
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You are all wondering why I changed my name from Guei-Girl, to Boschian-Fantasies, huh?

Well, I wanted a user name to reflect on an artist that is one of my many inspirations.

Nothing against Soulcalibur, as it is one of my favorite video game series of all time. However, not everyone is familiar with the SC series, and don't get why I have the username Guei-Girl. 

So therefore, I changed it to something more familiar and reflects more of my artistic personality.
Since Hieronymus Bosch is one of the many, many, MAAAAAAAANY inspirations for my art style, I decided to be known as Boschian-Fantasies.

Get my drift?
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Sorry if I haven't been online much those last five days.

It's just that on Tuesday, I finally got my broken back molar extracted. It was broken for two weeks, and making my life a living hell.

So for three days, I got some rest, since I was groggy from the sedatives. But now, I am starting to feel much better.

There are projects to get done, and they're not going to get by themselves without me.

I'm feeling much better and my energy has returned! Hooray!
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Recently, I have been watching some videos made by this fine deviant artist and art critic:

It got me thinking on some of my past experiences as an artist on this site:

Okay, to be truthful, I draw erotic adult art, but at least I have the decency to put a mature content filter on it.
And I respect people's opinion about what they like and what they dislike....If they don't like gore or sex, fine by me, I respect that and move on with my life.

Why can't other erotic artists do the same on this site?

I mean, yeah, we all get it, you have a fetish! I don't care! 
But my gods, do those people have to be intolerant asshole bitches about it?

This is why I abandoned a few sites like Eka's Portal. That site is full of adult children who scream, cry, and threaten to muder people over disagreeing with their likes and dislikes. I mean, it is a fetish site, I get it. But you would all think that people who draw this stuff can distinguish fantasy from reality, but sadly, that isn't always the case.

I just hope dA doesn't end up like Eka's Portal: A fetish site run by adult children who get violent over people disagreeing with their kinks or favorite characters. 

Seriously, this is getting out of hand. It has gotten to the point where I feel ashamed to draw adult artwork, due to these disrespectful lulz cows who act like utter jackasses when it comes to their kinks. It's getting old. I am fed up!

End of rant. Whew, I feel a little better.
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You are all probably wondering what is up with me drawing tons and tons of Bahamut Lagoon art, huh?

Well, it's sort of a belated anniversary of the game.

Originally, I was going to do a fanart celebration of Bahamut Lagoon's 20th anniversary, but due to my dog dying and family drama, it was postponed to this year. So basically, it's now the 21st anniversary of Bahamut Lagoon.

Why draw fanart of Bahamut Lagoon you ask...?

Well....I have an answer:

Bahamut Lagoon is my #1 favorite Japan exclusive video game, with Seiken Densetsu 3 and Final Fantasy V (or FFV used to be a Japan only game) following behind. Bahamut Lagoon left an impact on me when I was playing it.

Sure, the story line to BahaLag starts out as a typical cookie cutter “Save the Princess” type of story oh so common in video games. But without spoiling anything, the plot evolves into a bigger, more deeper picture. There were many plot twists I haven't seen coming, as well as a whole bunch of cliché breaking moments in both the story line and the characters themselves. They might as well rename Bahamut Lagoon into “The Ultimate Cliche Breaker RPG”. That is how awesome the story line is.

The game play is more like a beginner friendly version of a Strategy RPG, with hints of turn base elements and monster ranching. Though BahaLag is a beginner's Strategy RPG, don't let that turn you off of the game. It is also a very long game, with a whopping 27 chapters to get through. It is that epic.

BahaLag is proof that beginner entry RPGs don't have to suck ass, unlike a certain beginner friendly RPG released in North America and Europe (cough) Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (cough).

So anyways, I highly recommend Bahamut Lagoon. It is fan translated in English, so, give the game a shot whenever you get the chance.   

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Questions for the Men about How Romantic Movies/Books Affect Expectations in Women


Website this is from:…

NOTE: I happen to be female, but even I hate so called “Romantic movies and novels” that are, in reality, pornography for lonely housewives and basement dwelling wallflowers.


Q = Questions asked
A= My answers

Let's begin, shall we?

Q: In what ways do romantic books/songs/movies portray men emotionally that do not accurately represent how men think or feel in your opinion?

A. It's because real life human males do not look nor act like physically and emotionally perfect Gary Stu characters written by bored, disenchanted house wives.

In real life, these so-called “Gary Stus in shining armor” would get fed up at these harpies crying misogyny and mansplaining over these guys trying to express their own personal feelings and emotions to these selfish, vain, narcissistic curs, and dump them like rotten harbor trash.

Men are only human gals. They are not Gary Stu Prince Charmings who after to come to your beck and call.

Q. In what ways do romantic books/songs/movies portray men verbally that do not accurately represent how men express themselves?

A. Like how real life human males do NOT EVER speak in purple prose talk. Unless he is a super emo Hot Topic reject that is trying way too hard to sound deep and intellectual, only to come off as pretentious and snobbish to most human life forms, MALE OR FEMALE.

Q: What romantic expectations – or expectations of men – do these forms of media create in women that are difficult for men to meet in real-life relationships/marriage?

A: Like how these men in these stories have to sacrifice their careers, their hopes, their dreams, their identity and hell, perhaps even their lives to please their so-called “Princess Fair” they are in a relationship with.

So basically, Price Gary Stu selflessly keeps on giving and giving, while Princess Fair selfishly keeps taking and taking, without returning any favors in return.

For example:

City of Angels (1998): A male angels wants to give up his immortality and his ideal life in heaven, so he can fall in love with a bland human woman.

The Notebook (2004): Two of the male love interests in this contrived love triangle gets their lives, hopes, dreams and what not, ruined by the woman who emotionally toys around with them like a couple of living, inflatable sex dolls.

A Knight's Tale (2001): A “knight in shining armor” puts himself in dangerous, life threatening missions and jousting, just to win the approval of his lady fair's hand in marriage.

Does any of these stories sound romantic to you ladies?

Because to me, they come off as toxic and unhealthy. And keep in mind, I'm a woman too.

SJW feminists keep complaining and crying about movies like Disney's The Little Mermaid, where a female mermaid gives up everything for some hot nookie time with her prince, yet they would find the story to be female empowerment and ideal if Ariel was a merman giving up everything for hot nights in bed with Princess Erica....If that doesn't cry “hypocrisy” and “double standards”, then, what does?

Q: What things seem the most unrealistic about the male characters who are romantic leads in romantic movies/songs?

A: I find the most unrealistic thing about these so called “Romance stories” is that the male love interest never ever questions his girlfriend's authority, and just accepts every single thing she throws out to him, and never questions anything she does.

If he did question his girlfriend's authorities or called her out on things, she starts to mansplain, and cry “misogyny”, and “Chauvinistic pig” over her boyfriend having a mind of his own.

These so-called women in these stories cry and whine over first world problems of their boyfriend having a mind of his own, calling it sexist, while women in Middle Eastern countries are going through hellish real life misogyny and sexism.

Cry me a river indeed.

Q: Have you ever seen a romantic movie where you thought that masculinity was portrayed in an accurate way? If so, what was it that seemed authentic in the portrayal to you?

A: Well, they are not really movies, as they are Japanese manga comics instead.

Try reading My Love Story and The Ancient Magus bride as a cure for the common chick literature.

In My Love Story, a girl gets rescued from being sexually harassed on a subway by a portly, gonk like man, and she loves him for being kind and noble to her, not for his looks nor wealth.

In the Ancient Magus Bride, a male creature known as Elias buys a young woman named Chise out of slavery, because she showed remorse and empathy to her sad, heart breaking plight. He then treats her like a member of his family.

Those are stories I find romantic and touching, not some forced kissy goo goo eyes crap being marketed to women and girls.

Q: What unrealistic expectations of men or what unrealistic romantic expectations do you find that women have (even if not from romantic media).

A: Men are expected to be lean, somewhat muscular, athletically fit, have androgynous facial features and hair styles, have tons of money, have an excellent paying job, sparkle in the sunlight, and devote his entire existence to his maiden fair.

These women with these expectations, on the other hand, do not want their boyfriend expressing his personal thoughts, feelings, emotions, hobbies nor interests that don't cater to them or their interests.

These women (Or should I call them, superficial, vain harpies instead? Because real women like myself do not act this stupid, selfish, shallow, vain, and delusional like these harpies do.) want to be idolized, pampered and adored, just for having an innie instead of an outtie like guys do.

But heaven forbid if men have crushes on female characters or celebrities. A lot of these guys know they will never meet these women, and just joke around and laugh off over their crushes. Yet these harpies get soooooo livid if a man talks about women other than her, or even has lady friends who are just there for a platonic friendship.

These harpies want to isolate these men from what these hags find “triggering” or “offensive”, and hold a double standard that she can go on about wet dream fantasies of fictional male characters. Hell, some of these harpies want to go fifteen steps too far as pressuring their boyfriend to look and act like their imaginary, fictional/celebrity heart throb she has a crush on.

I'm sorry ladies, you cannot have your cake and eat it up too. In order to have your cake, you have to share with everyone, and not hoard it to yourself. That is how equality works.

Q: What things are romantic to men?

A: Mmmmm....I'm guessing what men find romantic, is saving women from horrifying, abusive situations, as well as asking for equality in a relationship, and not having the woman act like a total mooch or a delusional, childish, airhead about their relationship.

Also, real, civilized men love women who can handle themselves and not demand to be pampered and adored like a spoiled princess. They want both parties to give and take equally and not take everything for themselves without saying “Thank you” or giving back in return.

I have a lot of male friends and fans who have been in toxic, unhealthy relationships with the women who like these harpies I mentioned, and my heart goes out to them, as I pray for their recovery from a failed, one-sided relationship.

Hell, it shouldn't only be men with this mindset. Some women, like myself, ask for the relationship I posted in this answer. Not all women are delusional, shallow, selfish,easily offended women children with a baby mentality. Good women exist, as well as good men exist.

You just have to look hard, and not give up on life.


Hell, why does it have to be a romantic relationship? Platonic relationships, like friendships, sibling love and parental love, are also important to both genders. Love is a pretty important emotion. We just have to be there and never give on life. Sometimes, the best happy endings in life, are the endings where you earn the happily ever after, instead of demanding for it.

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This year, 2017, is being soooo rotten so far....


1. My old computer died off and I had to get a new one. That means downloading all my art programs, scanner, digital camera software and such all over again!

2. My sister is in a lot of chronic pain. Sure, she was in pain since 2012, but it seems like it has gotten worse this year.

3. I've been sick with a very nasty stomach flu this week. I felt nausea for two whole days, and couldn't sleep for two whole nights. Sure it's getting somewhat better, but it is taking its sweet time to just die off....

2017 would be a better year than 2016 they said.... Things will get better they said....*groans*
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Sorry if I didn't post this sooner, but I have to share the news with everyone:
I finished the first book in my Realms of Alerfa series! I'm so overjoyed!!!

Here is the link to the complete story:…

Now, off to work on book two! Wish me luck!

Oh, BTW, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy!
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I have bad news and good news.

Let's start with the bad news, and get that out of the way:
My scanner died. After nine years, it just stopped working, and I can't scan the pictures I recently created.

The good news:
I'm ordering a new scanner. By the same people who made my old scanner. So hopefully, I can share my artwork with you all again.

Hopefully, I will making more artwork again. Just it's gonna take some time to post it, that's all.
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Sorry if I haven't been online in a while, is that, I am currently working on a very special project.

That project is: Making my own ball jointed dolls (BJDs) from scratch.

After all the failures that came when creating handmade dolls, I pray for this BJD making project to be a success.

I've been watching tutorials online, and creating my own special doll blue prints. 
So hopefully, with more research and note taking, I can only hope this project is a success.

So wish me luck, my fellow frienddom!
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I'm sorry about this, but I want people to spread the word on this looney woman:

She bullies others, falsely accuses them of "hate crimes", she gets pissy with others who don't agree with her, and plays the "block and unblock game" with people that "trigger her".

Some people need to get help badly. 

Also, good luck trying to ban and make everything that is "racist", "sexist", "Homophobic" and "Antisemitic" illegal and punishable with a jail sentence.
As much as I am against real life bigotry, but here is the thing:

People, primarily SJWs, can find racism, sexism, homophobia, and antisemitism in everything and anything in plain existence.
With that mindset, everything and anything will be banned and made illegal, thus, leaving us to do nothing but stare at the grass growing.

People like her need to know that being an SJW is not a good thing, and she needs to stop bullying people over enjoying works of fiction.

Seems like the human race is going out with a whimper instead of a bang.
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Here are things to know about me, what I like, and what I don't tolerate.

Read this long and clear. Read this before faving me.

1. I do NOT take requests nor art trade. I had bad experiences with both, plus, I see as more of a chore, than a pleasurable hobby.
I am a freelance writer and illustrator. Deal with it!

2. I hate, hate, HATE IT, when people play "The 20 questions game" with me, as well as playing debate and rebuttal games.
Just let others have their opinions without hostilely debating with others. Plus, when asking questions, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT go into the 20 question game mode. It's annoying and patronizing.

3. I do a lot of fetishes, but fetishes I refuse to do, are shotacon, lolicon, toddlercon, feederism, weight gain to the point of immobility, and non-mythical creature bestiality.
Don't like it, TOUGH SHIT! I feel uncomfortable with these fetishes. Get over it. 

4. I do NOT tolerate SJWs, white knights, pseudo-activism, political discussions and bull shit behavior from fanbrats. No, I refuse to put trigger warnings on my memes, art, sprites, stories, etc.
Aren't ratings enough? Besides, there is a difference between rating and trigger warnings. Rating warn people of adult content. Trigger warnings talk down to people, and encourage them to go into their mythological, fabled "Safe Spaces", so they can avoid anything offensive or something they disagree with.

Whatever happened to standing up to your inner demons. Why run away from your inner demons and let them win? It's just shows the lack of common sense and cowardice people have.

5. My sites on various webpages are full of un-popular opinions. No, I don't always hate the characters and series other people hate with an undying passion, and yes, there are some characters and series I hate  that everyone worships like it's the new holy gospel. Popularity means nothing to me. I just want to be entertained and enjoy the things I watch/play/read and whatnot.

So, there you have it. Read this well, and everything will be okay.
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Well, I have some rotten news everyone:
I have been battling depression and anger management issues recently.

I'll tell you all how it started.

It started with my relatives on both my mother's side and father's side of the family cutting ties with me, my mother and my sister.
So yeah, I have been pretty angry and depressed recently.

Not to mention the people I was friends with since High School either don't remember me, or they think I'm too creepy and weird, and stopped talking to me.

Maybe it's true...Not only am I the black sheep of my family, but perhaps, the black sheep of the human race as well?

Well, at least I have my mother, sister, the family my sister is friends with, and my online friends and fanbase.

Maybe not all is lost after all. I just need to hang in there.
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Recently, I've been having to block comments on some of my stamps, as well as block certain people from bullying me and my followers.

I'm not going to give out names, but I have been receiving threats for SJW extremists recently. I used to think they were harmless dumbasses who pissed and moaned for shit and giggles. 
Boy, how wrong I was.

It started with PC thugs bullying me for drawing rule 34 art involving female characters (both OCs and pre-existing canon characters). They tell me bullshit that my female characters are bad role models and that only good female characters are good role models. I smell bullshit. They are my characters, I can do what I want with them. Get over it big babies.

Then, things started to go downhill, with the PC thugs telling me who I should be friends with and who not to be friends with. They tell me that free will doesn't exist and humans don't choose anything in life, that everything is predestined. Bull fucking shit! I am an adult human female, I can make my own decisions. Free will does exist, and friendship has to be earned, not demanded. If you want to be my friend, yet bully and harassed me and my friends, then you lost all respect, empathy and trust. Sorry, but that is how reality works.

I also noticed something about these SJWs: They baby and coddle persecuted minorities, treating them like toddlers instead of adults. I'm sorry, but special snowflake treatment is not empowering nor equality. It's treating persecuted minorities like stupid little babies who can't wipe their own ass without someone being there for them. I think it's degrading and insulting.

I just had to get this out, because I am sick of me and my friends being threatened and harassed. It's getting old.
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Okay, here I go. I am going to be blunt and honest with myself.....

Personally, I don't mind writing fan fiction and all, it's a fun way to kill time....

But however....

I think I like writing original fiction much more.

It seems very rewarding to create my own characters, my own worlds and my own story lines.
Sure, it is time consuming and takes a lot of research to write your own original fiction, but it is well worth it in the end.


I enjoy writing original fiction more, so I can also prove that I am no mere "one trick pony" when it comes to writing and storytelling.
I can write unique visions of my own, and share them with the world around me. I feel better about myself when it comes to writing original stories.
It feels good to know that people are interested in my original characters and original story lines. 

Hell, I even have fans of my own writing fan fiction based off my original series "The Realms of Alerfa". What does that tell you there.


Does it mean I'm giving up on writing fan fiction?

Well...the answer is....

No! No I am not giving up cold turkey on fan fiction. I'll still be writing and updating fanfics here and there.

But a lot of fanfics are going to take a backseat to my original stories and series. I want to do some more character building and world building before I go back to writing fan fiction.

I hope I'm not disappointing anyone, it's just how I feel about writing at this moment. 

All we can do is try our best and practice until we get better and better. Mental growth is such a wonderful thing, don't you think?
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Here are some of my unpopular opinions:

I used to like Final Fantasy VII, now I hate it with an undying passion.

I have a love/hate relationship with Final Fantasy VI. Like all the characters except Terra, Umaro and Gogo. Terra is boring and uninteresting, Umaro is just there and Gogo is filler. 

Final Fantasy II, III, IV, V, IX and XII are my favorite Final Fantasy games of all time.

Ling Xiaoyu and Alisa Bosconovich are my favorite video game vixens of all time. They also have a very rabid hatedom as well.

Chai Xianghua, Xiba and Leixia are some of the cutest fighting game characters of all time.

Bahamut Lagoon is so underrated and needs more love.

I love the Romancing Saga trilogy, like SaGa Frontier, HAAAAAAAAAATE Saga Frontier II.

I think Legend of Mana is one of my favorite PSone games of all time despite it having a rabid hatedom.

I don't think every story out there needs a romantic subplot. TBH, some of my stories have romantic subplots, but they are jsut a spice, and not the main course.

I think they're needs to be more asexual fictional characters. I mean, there is more to life than making out in lover's lane guys.

I don't watch TV anymore (cable TV and local channels that is). I watch DVDs, Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Video. That's about it.

I hate politics and hate politicians in general.

I am neither conservative not liberal, as I think both sides suck ass.

I like Asian culture, but not for their animation and comics. I love Asian cuisine, Asian mythology and Asian classical art.

I prefer monsters and Eldrich abominations to bishounen pretty boys.


I love The Dark Crystal, The Witches, The Storyteller and Mirrormask a whole lot more than Labyrinth!

There, I got all that out of my system!
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Today, my paternal grandmother died. Even though I was struggling to get along with her these last waning years, I'm still sad for my loss.

At least she's not in any pain or anguish anymore. And she is together with my father and grandfather. Now, only if my uncles and other relatives can handle this....:-(
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Here are some things I noticed about Suethors and their so-called "unique" creations:

1. They cannot take criticism at all.

Try and critique their character, and tell them to improve, they will scream, cry and throw shit fits. How old are these people?

2. They act their shoe size and not their age.

You know, I can understand if your are a middle school student trying to tackle creative writing, I cut you some slack. TBH, I was guilty of writing shit in Middle School and High School. But, I out grew that phase and developing my own works. Some of these Suethors are adult human beings, yet they throw shit fits like they are in Kindergarten. You are an adult, ACT LIKE ONE!

3. Some Suethors fake mental disabilities for attention.

"I'm autistic. Be nice to me or GTFO the internet."
"I'm not childish. I'm just a special needs person. Bend over and be my bitch."
"I have ADHD. I'm like so random and creative. Derp de Derp!"

This really......


You know, most people who are actually mentally disabled do NOT brag about their disabilities like they are Oscar trophies. People who romanticize mental disorders and pretend to be disabled, so they can get a free pass in life are scum of the earth. Those people ought to be ashamed of themselves and have respect for actual disabled people who are struggling to be accepted into society. These Suethors only make things worse for people with mental disorders. They're not helping at all.

4. A lot of their so-called "Artwork" is either traced, bases, or re-colors.

I know. Not everyone can draw. But if you want to take up drawing and painting, so some research, take some classes (offline or online, doesn't matter) and actually pay attention to these courses and not goof off. 

Tracing, Bases, and re-colors are for immature children who refuse to improve, and often times, if not, deny that they are tracing and making re-colors. The last time I checked, isn't tracing and re-coloring official art a form of plagiarism? I know, we all make homages and inspirations from other artists, but people like that don't trace, don't use bases and don't recolor official artwork. They study, they work hard, and they are devoted to their artistry. They are not goof off clowns who are desperate for page views....

Which last, and of course least....

5. Mary Sue "art" and "Fiction" are cash cows. This is a slap in the face to all people, whether writing fanfiction or original stories, who work hard, do their research, and actually put effort into their writing. It angers me that well written fanfiction and original stories get tossed aside in the scrap heap, while Mary Sue fap fantasies rake in the views and praise. Is this what has become of literature in Western civilization? People like myself want real stories and unique fanfiction, not Mary Sue blank slate masturbation fantasies for lonely basement dwellers.

You Suethor need to desperately grow up, act your age, learn how to take criticism, do your research, and most of all, be honest with yourselves. 

Is that too much to ask for?
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Probably wondering why I'm not on here often as a used to be, huh?

Well, I've been experimenting with both dolls and plushies. Recently, some of my doll bodies have broke down beyond repair, so I'm going to create new, sturdier doll bodies.

I'm going to post updated photos of these old dolls being remade. So stay tuned. I just might be on again. 
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