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Hello everyone, long time no see.

Sorry if I haven't been online much. Just been doing a little house cleaning and having guests stay over at our place for a bit, so it has been a very busy week.


The poll result winner for Story Six of Origins is Princess Zelda, since she got the most votes on the poll.
I got the plot outline for Story Five (Part two) written out. Might write the second part soon enough when I'm not busy with IRL things. 

I'm also writing a plot outline for chapter seven of The Realm of Eternal Frost, as well as a plot outline for chapter two of my second RoA story of the In the Beginning Story Arc, called The Children of Loki.

So I apologize for the lack of art activity recently. Once I'm not busy, I'll be in a more artsy mood.
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Okay, sit down everyone, get a blanket, get some hot cocoa, and listen to a story I have to tell about my original creations, which is the “Realms of Alerfa” series of stories and illustrations.

Have you guys gotten yourselves comfortable? Good! Here is where it began:

While I grown more older, and more mature, in my days of becoming an ex-Lolcow, I experimented with different types of fan fiction based off the things I adore and love. Before then, I wrote emo edge lord “grimdark” fap ficton, but then, I outgrew that stage in life (Thank goodness!), and broadened my horizons with different story ideas for my fan fics, since I wanted to now stories that were more than just smutty shock fics.

Thus, a fan fic idea was born....

Even though I am more into video games than I am animation and movies (Though to be fair, I also have a rather long list of shows and movies I love), the basis for my RoA Universe, was series of alternate universe fan fiction, based off one of my favorite childhoods of all time.

The film being Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal. With the fan fiction series being dubbed “The Dark Crystal of Dragnar”.

Originally, the World Tree was originally called Dragnar, and this AU series was a retelling of the Jim Henson film, this time, with spiritual/mythical overtone in the story. For you see, in this universe, the Urskeks were depicted as angels that served the deities of light, lead by Yenovah. However, some UrSkeks were led astray by Luciferio, the god of darkness. There, a divine war in the Light World broke out.

Wanting to war to come to an end, Yenovah banished Luceferio to the Dark World, while the king of the light gods decided to split the UrSkek into two new race of beings.

The ones banished with Luceferio, were the dark, demonic Skeksis clan, who all feel from grace for being the unclean halves of the UrSkeks. The ones that stayed in the Light World, were the UrRu clan, who were based off the passive, nearly mindless type of Angel hierarchy found in Middle Eastern folklore.

One of the worlds between the lands of light and dark, is the world of Mithra. Mithra was a world populated with four races of people: Gelflings, Podlings, Ho-Oh Phoenixes, and the Dragonites.

The Gelflings and Podlings, of course, faithful to canon, were more of a passive and submissive race of beings. While the Phoenix clan and the Dragonite clans were more human-like, and had the instincts of warriors and sorcerers. Some clans protect the Gelflings and Podlings, while others were more ruthless, and sided with the Skeksis and Luciferio.

One of my main stories involved SkekSo going on a conquest to liberate a Dragonite empire from Phoenix invaders. Everyone was wiped out, except Emperor SkekSo, who was on death door step, if it was not for Emperor Basarla and Princess Mayarie coming to his rescue. While nursing the wounded Skeksis back to health, Emperor SkekSo and Princess Mayarie fall in love, and Mayarie becomes the Empress of his Skeksis clan.

While in college, taking various types of art and creative writing classes to improve myself, I shared these fanfics with one of my college professors, who was also a huge fan of The Dark Crystal as well.

He enjoyed my retelling a lot, but then, he gave me an even better idea, that I still hold to my heart, to this day.....

He suggest I turn these series of The Dark Crystal based fan fiction, into an original series, with original worlds and characters I created myself.

To this today, I took his idea to heart, thus, The Realms of Alerfa was born.

Also, I took my Dark Crystal fan characters, and evolved them into my own creations. For example:

The white mage Valkyrie, Eir Gullmannen, evolved from a fan character, known as Luna Bravemoon. Like Eir, Luna was a white mage who used bows, arrows, and crossbows as her main weapons, and has the abilities to heal people and purify cursed lands.

Another fan character, a mage named Duran Kendala, eventually evolved into the black mage Valkyrie, named Mist Elmbarn. I did decided to change the character's gender, and give her a story about how she is willing to fall from grace, just to re-unite with her long lost mother.

Princess Mayarie and Emperor Basarla are still going to be in my RoA series, as their own unique characters. Their roles are unknown for now, since I am currently working on re-writing them from scratch.....

Speaking of scratch.....

This might surprise you.....

King Scratch/Heylel, among other devilish spirits in Helheim....were originally my fan interpretation of the Skeksis themselves. While re-working the series, I decided to make a race of angels and demons, based off the creatures of old time religious Renaissance paintings. The Renaissance artists that inspire me the most, are Matthias Grunewald, Peter Bruegal the Elder, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Jan Mandijn, and of course, my personal favorite artist of that era.....the one and only Hieronymus Bosch. If it wasn't for these fine Renaissance artists, my series would not exist.

So there you have it. Now you know the origins of my Realms of Alerfa series. It was a long story, but a satisfying one as well. I've grown attached to this series and everything about it. Hell, I even have friends and online family writing fanfics on this series and doing Rps with me, as both RoA characters and their own original characters from their own original universe. Though to be honest, I sometimes write crossovers of my RoA series with various canon creations I love and adore, for joy and pleasure reasons. Though I do keep in mind, I only do this for fun, not plan to make a profit off copyright infringement unlike some fan fiction and fan artists out there who shall not be named at this moment.

So here is the end of my story. Good night....And God(s) bless!

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Here's to hoping that this year will be much better.

Sorry if I haven't been online much recently, I've just been up to many offline things recently.

Ever since the November 30th Earthquake and the aftershocks that continue to this day, I've been getting therapy, and trying to get over my phobia of natural disasters. I know natural disasters will never go away, so I've get getting therapy to cope with them.

Also, on another topic, my sister and her boyfriend are such sweethearts. They gave me awesome gifts for Christmas and my birthday.

Two of the greatest gifts of 2018: I have the games Soulcalibur VI and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. They are both awesome games and I love them a lot.

So, I hope everyone is okay here, and I shall pray for things to get better in life.
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A massive 7.0 earthquake happened where I live today.
It was very scary. I hope everyone is okay.

Please pray for the state of Alaska! We need all the help available!
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Hello everyone!

I've been sorting through my stories recently, and I am planning to re-work some of them.

If you guys don't mind, I might temporarily take down book two of my RoA series and rework it, as well as currently focusing on the side stories of my "In the Beginning" story arc to make things clear for everyone interested in my series.

No, I am not planning to be the next Tolkien nor C.S. Lewis. I just want to write a series of entertaining light novels and express my original creations, that is all. 

I hope I am not upsetting anyone with this decision. I just want to get things a little more organized and such. That's all.
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HOORAY, I am so relieved.

My sister has gotten her back surgery done, to remove her herniated disks, and everything is a success.


I'm so relieved that everything worked out for my sister. I was praying for her well being for years, hoping, yearning, that she will get her back fixed. I couldn't bear to see my sister in pain for so long. I'm glad this pain is coming to a halt, at last!

Who said miracles only happen on Christmas? 
This is a miracle that happened on Halloween for once.

Happy Halloween everyone! :-D
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Hey there.

Let me explain why I've been absent from art sites for so long....

It's been a very rough season for me this year.
First off, my sister is getting surgery to fix the herniated disks on her spinal cord, so I am a little nervous about that.
As well as battling seasonal anxiety episodes as well. I had five emotional breakdowns last month, and believe me, they were not fun. I don't care what Tumblr has to say about seasonal anxiety, I don't even wish this bull shit upon my worst enemies.

Anyways, I've been trying to work on improving myself, so I can prepare to help my roommate out with taking care of my sister post surgery. I've been working on balancing chores with leisure time, so I would hopefully be less stressed out this month.

The reason why I have been focused on working on dolls and toys: One day, I am planning to put together an art shop on Etsy, to sell the dolls and toys I've been planning to make. After my negative experience on Ebay, I nearly gave up with working on an online store. But I did hear that Etsy is more artist friendly, so I am going to give it a shot again in the future.

So there you have it. I'll try to do what I can for both my online family, my sister and my roommate. Stay tuned for more works in the future.
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12 Questions Tag


You have to post ALL the rules. (Look at NOTE)
Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged.
Choose 12 people.
Actually, tag these people.
Can't say you don't do tags. 
Tag backs are allowed.


Cartoons, Anime, or Both?

Both. To me, it doesn't matter the origin of country a cartoon/anime is. If it's good, it's good. Simple as that.

Least favorite character trope?

Designated good guys, and designated bad guys. As well as characters who we are told, are sweet, innocent, shy, naive virgins with low self esteems, yet, they dress like strippers or Chippendale dancers. That sweet naive virgin archetype also counts as a Mary Sue/Gary Stu character cliché as well.

Least favorite shipping trope?

Hero x Villain shippings. Rarely have I've seen hero x villain shipping be pulled off in an enjoyable way. And I noticed that it is usually attractive villains being paired up with the heroes or heroines. Talk about shallow much? I'm sorry, just because a villain is attractive, does not mean, they deserve a redemption arc. Usually, this shipping stories usually end up with a villain redemption arc, which IMO, has been done to death in fanfics.

Disney or Dreamworks

Dreamworks, hands down. Dreamworks needs more love IMO.

If you could, what original story would you write about?

I'm already working on an original series of my own. It is called “Realms of Alerfa”, and the first story arc is titled “In the Beginning”. One story of that arc, “The Fall of the Morning Star”, is complete. All I need is to find an editor to help clean up my grammar and punctuation etc.

Guilty Pleasure Hobbies?

Watching Lolcow and cringe videos on YT, as well as researching cryptozoology, paranormal activity and unexplained mysteries in general.

Favorite Genre of Music?

Metal, Techno, Dance, Alternative, Retro, and Asian Rock/Pop.

If you do read, what are your favorite books or genres to read?

Vintage fairy tales, mythology, folklore, fantasy, adventure, sci-fi and horror.

What video game are you currently obsessed with?

Mario Kart 8. I've been addicted to playing that game online with friends of mine.

Was there a canon ship (canon x canon) pairing you loved but got so disappointed with the show's or game's outcome?

Locke x Celes. That shipping needed to be more fleshed out and explored. Then again, not having an official poster child for FFVI is both a blessing and a curse for the game's concept and execution.

Which OC would you have as an imaginary friend?

Probably Eir Gullmannen. She is the closest thing to my own characters that isn't overly threatening or menacing.

My Questions:

1. Tekken or Soulcalibur?
2. Favorite crack ship?
3. Mario or Zelda?
4. Favorite artist/cartoonist/character designer of all time?
5. The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth?
6. Favorite Genre of Video Games?
7. Worst hatedoms (Your own personal experiences only!)?
9. Favorite style of animation?
10. Favorite character archetype?
11. Which video game had a good concept, but wasted potential execution?
12. Cutest video game characters ever?

Who I am tagging:


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Don't worry, I'm not dead, I just been dealing with things offline though.

My sister and my roommate are going through surgery to fix their chronic pain they had since 2012.
I will be praying for them, as well as helping them out, nursing them back to health.

But after I'm done helping them get better, I will share my art, writing, and doll works online.

Sorry for my absence, just been busy recently.
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In case you are all wondering, I deleted two of groups, due to a lack of interest. Though I am keep the RoA group up.

Though I do have an interesting idea for a group I want to start. Perhaps, a couple ideas for that matter.

The main idea for a group, is an SJW rebuttal group called "Samus is not a Trigglypuff".
The main focus and cause of the group is to protect various video game vixens from SJW Tumblr hijacking, for IMO, I think the SJW Tumblr art and fiction is far worse than Erotic art and fiction. Plus, I am just sick to death with SJW fake gamers portraying Samus and similar game heroines as ball busting, man hating, psychopathic killing machines. I mean, what is wrong with female characters that have positive personality traits and an equal balance of strengths and weaknesses?

So yeah, that is one group idea.

The other group idea is a group for monster girl (and monster guy) renditions of various video game characters, based off my RoA x Canon universe crossover series "Super Monster Girl Sisters" (Dai Rantou Monster Musume Sisters).

Tell me all, what do you think of those group ideas? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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In case you can tell, I have been keeping myself very busy with world building of my original stories, as well as trying out different types of art exercises.

I am practicing with alternating between realism, and cartoon-y, stylized art.

I am doing these exercises to improve my art style even further. Hell, I might draw some remakes of older drawings I have in this gallery.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!
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I'm sorry, but I have to get this out:
No, I am not a canon Nazi, nor am I a fanon Nazi either. My favorite pairings are both canon and fanon, as well as OC pairings.

But what does get my goat: 
Apparently, people think I am a homophobe for having straight, hetero shippings, both canon, fanon and original universe wise.

It seems like the yuri fandom is getting to be just as bad as the yaoi fandom. Now, not only are there misogynistic yaoi fangirls polluting art and fiction sites, there are also misandristic yuri fanatics as well. 

I am so sick to death of how yuri/yaoi fantards make the opposite sex partner as either abusive, annoying, or an intolerant ass clown. It's not just female characters getting hated on in straight pairings, but male characters as well. These misandristic beta male nice guys are getting to be just as annoying as misogynistic nice gals.

To be honest though, I do have some same sex and bisexual group pairings (as well as bisexual overtones in my original works), but now, I'm somewhat nervous to share them with people, due to the rabid fantards fucking it up for everyone. Whatever happened to equality and tolerance?

I'm sorry, I just had to get this out of my system, since it was bugging me for a while.

Tl;dr: Yuri fantards are now as bad as Yaoi fantards. Enough said there!
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I've been busy on a writing role, for both my original stories and fan fiction projects.

The fan fiction projects are just for fun, I am NOT planning to make a profit off other people's works.
This is just for entertainment purposes only.

I also been enjoying world building and character building with my RoA universe.
As you can tell, I've been commissioning artists to draw my OCs and AU fanon characters.
It's been ages since I've done that, and well, for all the re-designs and re-writings of my RoA stories and characters, it's about time I commissioned other artists to draw my RoA characters in their style. It's quite a refreshing change of pace in my busy schedule.

I'm glad I'm on an art role again. All I can do is try my best, and practice with art and writing.
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Remember when I said I'm not as active with writing fanfiction as much as I am original fiction?

Well, I guess I'm back in a fanfic mood once more, in a very long time.
However, it's a fanfic crossover with my original stories and universe.
Surprise surprise, huh?

It's is an immense video game x RoA crossover called "Dai Rantou Monster Musume Sisters" (Super Monster Girl Sisters in English).
It's about various video game characters inheriting shape shifting abilities, and taking on monster and demi-human form, in the great battles of order vs chaos. Though they are mostly monster girls, some males will be appearing later on.

Unlike some fanfic writers who shall not be named, I am not planning to make a profit off of this, I'm not claiming it as canon, only fanon, nor do I want do I claim it to be "Original characters DO NOT STEAL" BS. This is just written for fun and games, that's all.

Also, another thing, since a lot of these stories have a fetishy NSFW overtones, ask me to sent the stories in a personal note instead. I don't want to risk getting banned on dA you know.
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So forgive if I've been coming off as a vicious troll to some, but I really have to get this out....

I've been kind of livid and depressed recently, due to some family drama going on.
Plus, I've been getting sick on and off, dreary weather, and loneliness.

So forgive if I was being kind of a bitch recently. Just so much shit going on IRL.

So in order to soothe my negative emotions, I've made some vent stamps, and making some NSFW vent art soon.

So hopefully that will help me pull through in these trying times.
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Sorry for not posting much on dA, just caught the flu bug recently (groans).

But anyways, I am coming up with a new art project of my own.
It is called "Märchen Gesichter", which means "Fairy Tale visages", in German.

In between world building for my Realms of Alerfa series, I decided to make some illustrations from various fairy tales and fables. Stories range from the well known, like Cinderella/Aschenputtel, Snow White, and Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, to lesser known stories like Godfather Death, Sadko, and The Witch Baby.

Just wondering though, is this considered fanart if you make illustrations based off public domain stories and such?
It's not like I'm doing the Disney versions, which are copyrighted. 

So stay tuned fellow watchers!
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Hello everyone.

Sorry if I have been on a hiatus. It's just that family drama, so called "friend" drama and my flu has sort of killed some inspiration I had for art. I'm sorry.

I'll try to look for more inspiration soon, and settle things with my family and friends.
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I'm sorry if I haven't been updating as frequently this time around.
I am busy on a TON of arts and crafts projects recently.

I am planning to make Plushies, key chains, Christmas Ornaments and what not, so I might be offline here and there.
One day, when I prefect the art of doll making and such, I might sell them online. Who knows?

Here's to hoping for successful projects! CHEERS!
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Sorry about the delays with my art and writing projects.
I just came down with a nasty flu of some sort. It's so annoying and not fun at all.

So anyways, once I feel better, I'm going to get back into drawing and writing once more.

In the meantime, I'll just drink some herbal tea and play Final Fantasy V.
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For now, I took down my second book, The Children of Loki, because I am planning to re-write it and correct all the errors and mistakes I found in the story. I thank all those who politely critiqued my work, so I can better myself as an artist and a writer.

I might write more side stories sooner or later, as well as reworking some illustrations and such.

I just had to let everyone know this. I'm not giving up, I'm just planning to improve my writing and art as we speak.

Toodles! Stay tuned for more art and writing!
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