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This anvil needed to be dropped BADLY! by Boschian-Fantasies This anvil needed to be dropped BADLY! by Boschian-Fantasies
This also can go for any type of attractive fictional female character in any media, but I chose to target video games, since they've been getting a lot of un-needed flack from the people I dub "mean girl feminists".

"What a slutty looking bimbo. She is soooo going to be rape bait."
"Attractive female characters are a bad influence on delusional little girls. They're basically training these meek, innocent little lambs to be wife beater magnets."

No SJW mean girls, sexy video game vixens do not cause rape nor domestic violence to happen. In fact, believe it or not people, there has been rape and domestic abuse long before video games have been invented. In fact, back in the olden days, before modern technology, rape victims were forced to marry their rapist against their will. And also, child brides and children getting married was not frowned upon either. Yes people, there have been sickos in the days long before video games came into existence. 

Another thing, abusers of any kind, regardless of gender or gender orientation, don't give a rat's ass about how their victim looks on the outside. Abusers prey on meek, passive, impressionable and naive individuals. They prey on their weaknesses, emotions and instincts. Yes people, even ugly people can be victims of violent crime like rape and domestic abuse as well. Looks have nothing to do with it. Power and emotional manipulation is the main culprit of these violent crimes. 

Besides, doesn't the "body positive" creed teach us to accept a person regardless of how they look? Why do they get bent over ugly shaming, yet they are okay with beauty shaming. Either way, it's shallow and heartless. Plain and simple.

Another thing...if a lot of these attractive video game vixens will real, they would not take shit from abusers. They will kick these sadists' asses into the ground, and make them black, white and red all over. Not all these females are weak as you make them out to be. Video games can be diverse as well. You just need to look hard for it. There are just as many action girls as there are damsels in distress. Just because they are physically attractive, does NOT make them weak and stupid by default.

I just had to get this out, since mean girl feminism pisses me off to no end.

I had to block comments after receiving some SJW bull shit and extreme video game haters, who whine and moan about "Video games are for inbred trailer trash retards with little to no lives of their own" bull shit.

You know, now that I think about it, I think video games in general have such a rotten hatedom. I think the VG hatedom are the real losers who need to get a life outside bullying casual, sane, level headed gamers.

Don't like what I post? TOUGH SHIT cry babies. Go back to China, North Korea or Cuba SJW losers. You're anti-first amendment shit does more harm than good.
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April 23, 2016
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