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Chapter 06: A Precious Gemstone

“Well well, it sounds like Samus has had her fun with the prisoner down in the brig.” King Scratch said to his consorts and daughter, as they overheard all the noise down in the brig.

“I wonder if Samus used the Cupido Panacea on her old foe?” Queen Agrat asked the group.

“It wouldn't shock me if she did.” Queen Lilin replied to Queen Agrat.

“That elixir can be used for good things, such as to aid women in childbirth, or making the first shape shifting transformation less painful.” Queen Namah explained to everyone. “However, that elixir can be used as a punishment on evil, sinful souls as well.”

“That is the main reason the Cupido Panacea elixir is off limits in mortal realms.” Queen Alk responded to Namah. “Only divine beings are allowed access to the Cupido Panacea, and not mortal beings, unless they ask their divine guardian permission, or, if they won favor with their guardian of choice.”

“Wait? Do you hear that?” Queen Halja of Niflheim asked her family, as she heard the click-clacking of Samus' high heel pumps growing more loud and frequent, as if their loyal subject was trying to run as fast as she can. It was rather impressive how fast Samus can run in high heels. But then again, with her mixture of Chozo DNA and Demon DNA in her body, it was to be expected.

Samus came to approach her mistress Halja and her sworn family, carrying the azure blue gem in the palms of her hands. The bounty hunter wore an expression of pure glee, gripping the gem as firmly as she can, without breaking it that is. She couldn't wait to show her bounty to her guardians.

“Hey, welcome back Miss Samus!” Queen Halja exclaimed cheerfully.

King Scratch noticed that Samus was carrying the gem in her hand, so he asks her, “Hey, what's that you got there my lady?”

“Oh, is this a beautiful treasure, or what?” Samus said in excitement, as she showed her prized bounty to her loyal guardians.

When Samus showed everyone the azure blue gem, Queen Halja, King Scratch, and his harem, were all impressed with it's beauty, alongside an even more important reason. They realized that this was no ordinary gem, but an enchanted Mithrite gem. Now was the perfect opportunity for everyone to educate Samus on how to use this magical gem.

“You know what kind of gem that is?” King Scratch asked the huntress. “It is no ordinary gem you know...”

Samus cocked her head to side, as she wondered, “Is it something mystical by any chance?”

Queen Halja nodded her head, as she exclaimed, “Exactly!”

“It's a Mithrite gem.” Queen Agrat added. “It is a very special type of gem, that helps one with the power of transformation.”

Now, it all came back to Samus....


Samus remembered that, when Prince  Amirani gave her another chance at life, he turned her soul into a Mithrite orb, just after he fused her with demon blood.  Yes, the memories of the Mithrite gems are coming back to her...

Amirani grabs out a small knife from his small sack he carried on his belt. Right before Samus' eyes, he takes the small knife, and slashes the palm of his hand open, while blood dripped out of his fresh wound he created.

Samus was a little shocked at what Amirani did to himself. “Why did you cut yourself Amirani? Doesn't it hurt?”

Amirani looked at the fallen huntress, frowned, and replied, “I'm sorry to have gotten you worried, but I have to do this in order to help you. Don't worry though, I have a few healing tinctures in my small sack. It's no big deal. Now....drink up some of my blood, young lady.”

“Mmm...very well.” Samus replied nervously.

She put my lips up to Amirani's bloody wound, drinking up his blood pouring from it. As the huntress drank his blood, she started to have an odd feeling flow through my soul. Samus started to go though physical, emotional, and psychological changes. It feel like she was being healed through and through. It was a wonderful feeling. She never felt so wonderful in my life, or should she say, after life.

Amirani pulls his hand away from Samus' mouth, grabbing a tincture from his pouch, pouring it on his wound. The would healed up perfectly, with no scar left in its place. It was like he never cut himself in the first place.

“Amazing!” Samus exclaimed in awe, as she witnessed Amirani's hand being healed by the tincture he brought with him.

“Now, the final part of the pact!” Amirani announced as he summoned a ray of light beaming through his hands. When the beam of light hit Samus, she felt myself being transformed into a magical Mithrite orb. The Mithrite orbs are a special type of enchanted object, that bestows the powers of shape shifting upon an entity without the ability to shape shift, whether the being is a mere human, or a powerful elven being of legend.

“Now, let's go back to Zebes my lady.” Amirani said, as he took Samus' soul back to Zebes to complete the pact.


“Yes....It all makes sense now.” Samus said, now that her memories of the Mithrite gems returned. She looks down at the gem, and started to ask the royal family another question. “Now that I am alive once more, what will this Mithrite do to me, once I absorb it?”

King Scratch looks down at the Mithrite gem Samus is hold in her hands, replying with, “That Mithrite, holds the spirit of a Helheim dragon. Therefore, you will take on the form of a Helheim dragon, once you absorb the Mithrite within your body.”

Now Samus started to feel concerned with what King Scratch explained to her. “Oh boy... If I inherit this Mithrite..... Does that mean that.... I become Ira Luxuria himself? If that is the case....”

“No, no need to worry about that Miss Samus.” Queen Alk interrupted.

“You will take on the form of a Helheim dragon....” King Scratch explained. “But you will still have your own personality, instead of Ira's personality. As well as your gender.”

Samus nodded her head, feeling a little better about the fact that she won't sacrifice her personality during the transformation. “Ah, okay. That makes me feel somewhat better.”

“Also, there is one more thing we need to tell you about the types of Mithrite gems you can inherit.” Queen Lilin added to the conversation.

“What might that be, Lady Lilin?” Samus asked, as she briefly cocks her head to the side in bemusement.

“Well....For starters....” Lilin started to explain to the huntress. “There are two types of Mithrite: Aeon Mithrite, and Eidolon Mithrite.”

“Aeon Mithrite is regular Mithrite that helps you transform into a even more powerful being, while keeping your own personality in the process.” Agrat added to the conversation. “Eidolon Mithrite, on the other hand, not only has you change into a more powerful form, but will have a completely different personality of its own.”

“The Mithrite you have Miss Samus, is an Aeon Mithrite.” Namah said to Samus. The bounty hunter lets out a sigh of relief as Namah explained more to her. “You have nothing to worry about with the Mithrite you have my lady. You will be the same Samus we know and love.”

“Ah, thank goodness for that!” Samus sighed, as she wiped sweat from her forehead. “Anyways, when should I try out this transformation?”

“Whenever you feel like it Miss Samus.” Queen Namah said, as she bowed her head down for a little bit.

So Samus nods back, saying to the royalty of Sheol, “Okay, I shall get it done and out of the way right now.”

Samus' body started to glow a pale blue, while she absorbs the Mithrite gem within her very soul. Right there, she felt her body slowly, but surely, take on a new form. Not only that, Samus started to grow in height as well.

While Samus grew in height, her body went from a Caucasian pink, to a dark shade of royal blue. Her hands and feet started to transform into more talon like hands and feet, just like a dragon. The fingers and toes all had dark, lapis blue claws pointing from the tips, all nice and sharp, just like the claws of an Prehistoric Earth dinosaur, known as a Velociraptor. Not only that, her arms and legs were slightly longer, more slender, yet somewhat muscular at the same time. Her torso was slightly more muscular, yet slender. Strangely enough, her breasts remained in tact, although they were  a little larger, due to being more proportionate with her tall form.

“Mmmm....odd....” Samus thought to herself, as she kept her feminine figure in tact during the monstrous transformation.

Samus head started to go through a massive transformation. Her nose and mouth transformed into a more beak like snout, complete with razor sharp teeth, and a long, draconic tongue. Her eyes grew larger, as well as the color of the irises changing from a aqua hue, to a  bloody crimson hue. A crest grew on top, to the back of her head, resembling that of a Prehistoric Earth beast, known as a Pteranodon. The strangest thing of all, below her crest, Samus' long, golden hair flowed down all the way to her hips.

Samus thought to herself during her transformation, “Heh heh, at least my hair is in tact!”

Now, Samus started to sprout a long tail from her tail bone. The tail was spiky, and had a sharp, blade like tip at the end of it. Last, but not least, a pair of huge dragon wings sprouted from Samus' back. Her large wings had a beautiful color pattern of yellow with dark sepia stripes.

Finally, the transformation is complete. Samus decided to show off her new form to everyone in the Sheol palace.

“Well, do I look fearsome?” Samus said in a deadpan, yet sarcastic manner.

Everyone in the palace laughed, with Queen Halja replying, “No! You maybe a giant Helheim Dragon, but deep down inside, you are still the same Samus we know and admire.”

“Meh....I've seen much scarier looking monsters down here in Helheim.” Queen Alk said with a smirk on her face.

“To us, you look like a fabulous dragon Miss Samus.” Queen Agrat replied with a smile on her face. “You look fine to us, no matter what.”

“Heh heh, thank you all.” Samus replied, a smile forming on her huge beak.

King Scratch started to approach the dragon Samus, bowing to her, as he gets ready to make a proposal to her. “I have a proposal to make my lady....”

The dragon Samus knelt down, now making eye contact with the devil king of Sheol. “And what might that be, Lord Scratch?”

King Scratch cleared his throat just before explaining the proposal to the hunter. “Miss Samus, I admire your bravery, strength and devotion to you duties, as well as your devotion to the royalty of Sheol kingdom and its sister kingdom, Niflheim. So I would like to ask.....”

Samus started to feel a little excited with what King Scratch was about to tell her. “Carry on!”

“Would you like to be a participant in the battle arenas of Helheim, you know, to test your strength and courage my lady?” King Scratch proposed. “If you don't want to, you don't have to....But....”

Samus started to perk up and feel a little more confident with King Scratch's suggestions. She replied with, “Are you kidding my lord? I would LOVE to participant in the Helheim battle arenas! I just cannot let my skills and training go to waste. I'd love to give it my all!”

“Thank you our lady!” All the royalty of the Helheim kingdoms replied happily.

“Just to let you know Miss Samus....” King Scratch started to explain.”There will be some matches taking place in the Wyrm Fang Colosseum, situated in the town of Hvergelmir, located north of Niflheim Kingdom, and south of the isle of Nastrond. The matches begin on Friday of next week.”

“I know where the town of Hvergelmir is located!” Queen Halja said in excitement. “Since I am the Queen of Niflheim, I will be happy to take you to Wyrm Fang Colosseum next Friday. I promise!”

“Thank you my Queen.” Samus said, as she nodded happily. “I know you all won't let me down. I believe in you all.”

“You're welcome our lady.” The royalty of Helheim said, bowing down briefly in respect. As they got back up, the smell of food started to spread throughout the Sheol palace. Everyone in the room started to feel hunger overwhelm them, with King Scratch exclaiming, “Hey, it's dinner time already!? I'm hungry.”

“Me too!” Everyone else said in unison, as they followed King Scratch's lead, as he led everyone to the dining hall, where food was being put on the long, immense table.

“Mmmm...I forgot how hungry I was...” Samus thought to herself, as she followed her guardians to the dining hall. “I guess Ira's blood wasn't enough to quench my appetite. Oh well...No big loss.... Ira is dead, I inherited his powers, I have loving guardians I happily devote myself to, and that is all that matters to me.”


A day has passed since Ira was slayed by Samus, with the huntress inheriting his powers in the form of a Mithrite gem. Queen Halja decided that it was time for her and Samus to return back to the Kingdom of Niflheim, ready to greet King Bullar and the seven Princes once more.

“Thank you coming to my kingdom my dear Hellraiser!” King Scratch exclaimed as he waved good bye to his daughter and her loyal huntress. “You know, King Bullar, your seven sons, and even Miss Samus Aran is allowed to come and visit my kingdom anytime they can.”

“Thank you my lord!” Samus said, as she waved good bye back. “Farewell....And....Thank you!”

“Goodbye King Father! Goodbye!” Queen Halja yelled, waving back.

When King Scratch went back inside his castle, Halja made brief eye contact with Samus, then looks away, wondering, “Hmmm....I guess I shall set up a sleigh or carrage to get us back to my home kingdom....”

With those words being said, a clever thought popped up in Samus' mind, as she tells her Queen, “Wait, I have a better idea my Queen!”

“And what might that be my lady?” Halja asked in curiosity.

“Here, observe!” Samus said, as her body gives off a pale blue glow. Right before Halja's eyes, Samus started to transform into her Helheim Dragon form with ease. After the transformation, Samus beckoned Queen Halja to come to her, as the dragoness said, “Here, climb up on my back dear Queen. Oh, make sure to hold on tight to me.”

“Okay my lady.” Queen Halja said happily, as she climbed up on to dragon Samus' back, making it up to the dragoness' neck. Queen Halja then hugs tightly onto dragon Samus, burying her pale face into the dragoness' soft, blonde hair, reveling in the warmth and texture of the golden locks. “Are you ready Miss Samus?”

“I'm ready as ever!” Samus cheered, as she spreads her dragon wings, and readies herself for flight Now, let's go!”

So, the dragoness and her queen took off to the skies, making their way back to the kingdom of Niflheim with ease. Everything went off without a hitch, as they made their way back to Queen Halja's home kingdom.


However, little did the two female figures knew, that they were being watched by a mysterious, shadowy figure, clad in dark clothes. Once the figure was revealed, it was no one other than The Masked Sorceress that King Scratch defeated many years back. This Masked Sorceress was secretely witnessing the events that took place in the kingdom of Sheol, without anyone knowing she was there.

What the Masked Sorceress witnessed inside the castle walls within, she has become rather impressed with Samus' strength, bravery and the new enchanted Mithrite powers the huntress inherited recently. Under the delicate, yet expressionless Carnival mask, the Sorceress smiled underneath it, thinking to herself pridefully, “Hmmmm....Heh heh..... maybe Halja's little blondie isn't such a weak little girl after all... I never expected that little blondie to be such a powerful creature in the form of a slender, youthful little lady.”

Then, another thought crossed the Masked Sorceress' mind, as she watches Samus and Halja take off far out of her sight. “Mabye, the little blondie can be a worthy opponent for me to fight against in the various Netherworld coliseums.... And maybe.... I can pawn that mouthy fallen angel, and perhaps, I can give him a little spanking on two on his round little hinder. That will teach him!”

Right there, The Masked Sorceress transforms into a black bird of some sort, as she took off to the darkened skies of Helheim, thinking some interesting schemes to get even with King Scratch, among other thoughts that crossed her mind as well.
Here is the chapter that explains mithrite gems/orbs, and the main difference between the Aeon Mithrites, and the Eidolon Mithrites.

And Samus takes on a new one winged angel form here. She puts this newly discovered form to good use.

In the meantime, I'm going to work on some plot outlines for chapter seven, among other stories of mine as well, both original stories, and original stories x canon series crossovers. Hang in there folks!

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