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Chapter 05: The Punishment of Ira Luxuria

“There! You are nice and restrained.” The boar demon guard said as he and the mosquito demon guard bound Ira to a  Saltire style cross. The wretched space dragon was fasten to a Saltire, with chains and cuffs holding him firmly in place, hopefully they were tight enough not to break. His arms were wide spread above his head. Ira wanted to put his arms down so bad, but it was of no use. But...

The most humiliating part of all, is that his legs were spread far apart, making the dragon feel even more shame. Ira was hoping in vain, that no one in the Sheol palace would perform a type of torture to make him aroused.

King Scratch was down in the brig with his prison guards, monitoring everything the guards were doing to Ira. The mosquito demon turns his head towards King Scratch, facing the demon king, asking, “Does he look well restrained enough royal sire?”

King Scratch nodded his head, replying with, “Well done my guards....Now....”

Before Scratch can finish talking to the guards, a knock was heard. Scratch asks, “Who goes there?”

“It's me darling, Queen Alk.” The voice replied. “Queen Agrat, Queen Namah, Queen Lilin, and our daughter, Halja, want a word with you.”

The devil king's foul mood turned to relief, hearing one of his wives speaking to him. “Come in my darling Queens!”

“Thank you dear King.” Queen Agrat added as Alk opens the door for the other Queens, and for their loyal subject, Samus Aran.

The heels of the huntress' blue, crystalline, high heeled pumps made click-clacking noises as they hit the brig's stone floor. Samus strode to re-introduce herself to King Scratch and his brig guards confidently, perhaps, even gleefully, as she was excited to carry out her plan. Her long, shapely legs, had trails of shimmering, ethereal gold material that floated through the air behind each leg. The golden trail of fabric was wrapped around Samus' hips and waist, as if it was to resemble a skirt, though, a skirt that barely one that kept her modesty in check. But still, it shimmered, as if the fabric was made of liquid metal.

From Samus' waist, the material of her negligee twisted up in back, to emerge around the front just below her armpits, just in time to cover most of her soft, milky breasts...Or at least, her nipples and aureoles that is. Though the rest of her bosom was fair game. The gold fabric of the negligee ended with a knot tied up in a simple knot in the back of her neck, hidden by Samus' blonde hair that fell to the middle of her wrists, now that it is untied for once. On top of Samus' head, nestled in her shiny golden locks, was a tiara made from blue metal, and had three garnet jewels that were arranged in the exact same pattern as the nuclei of a Metroid, an alien life form, created by the clan that accepted Samus as a part of their family.

King Scratch left Ira's cell, to catch up to his Queens, and Samus herself. When Scratch and two of his guards caught up to the women, they caught a glimpse of Samus in her scandalous get up. Or at least it would be scandalous to human standards anyways. But to Scratch and his guards, her negligee was a sight for sore eyes, as they all fought back the urge to show their arousal over this lovely image that showed herself to them.

“Ummm....Heh heh....Miss Samus?” King Scratch stuttered nervously, as he started to feel rather flustered over this sexy site. “What brings you here?”

“Well my Lord....” Samus said, trying hard not to laugh at Scratch's reactions. Then, Samus started to give King Scratch a stern look, explaining to him,“I've been trying to tell you, I have a personal history with this space thug, Ira Luxuria, and I wanted to help you take care of him....”

“But you ran off on Samus as she was trying to explain this to you my dear.” Queen Lilin told King Scratch, folding her arms, and looking rather stern to her beloved King.

King Scratch puts his left hand on the back of his head, as he forces out some laughter, “Heh heh heh, I'm sorry Miss Samus, I should have not run off on you...But if you say you have a personal beef with our wretched sinner, then....I am more than happy to let you take care of him yourself.”

“Thank you my Lord.” Samus said, smiling a crafty smile.

The two brig guards ran down to where Ira was being held. The boar demon was the first to speak, as they approached the imprisoned space dragon. “Well well Mr. Luxuria, looks like you have a visitor to your cell.”

“Wait, what? I have a visitor?” Ira wondered in bemusement. “Now who might that visitor be?”

The click-clacking of the crystalline high heel pumps echoed throughout the brig, as Samus readied to present herself to this old foe of her's. The sounds gotten louder, as Ira's stomach started to knot up like a fist now. Ira fought the urge to vomit, as he didn't want to give the demon's pleasure of losing face to them. “Mmmgh! Must....Fight the urge....To lose my lunch...”

Ira swallowed his bile, as now he turns his face up, to be greeted by a very scantly clad Samus. Ira's eyes widened in arousal, as a small bit of blood dripped from his nostrils. She was quite a sexy sight for the space dragon to behold. This was the exact reaction that Samus expected from her old foe, as for now, the space dragon was dropping his guard.

“Remember me, oh dear Ira?” Samus asked in a playful manner.

“N......N....NO! I don't! Heh heh....!” Ira stuttered in arousal. “Ho ho ho, now how do you know my name?”

“That's for me to know, and you to find out.” Samus teased, making sure not to give her foe what he wants.

Ira decided this woman was friendly enough for him to trust, so now, the space dragon drops his guard around her. However, Ira was severely attracted to Samus' shapely body, as well as the lack of clothing she was wearing. “Ummm....Miss..”

“What is it Ira?” Samus chided. “You wanna confess your sins to me...? Also, you wanna tell me you dirty little secrets too? Hmmmm....Mmmmmm......”

“Oh...Ha ha....of course sweet cheeks....” Ira laughed his head off. “Now....where to begin....”


“First off, I, Ira Luxuria, is a member of the Greed Corps. It is one of the most respected organization of space pirating out there.” Ira started to explain to Samus. “We are in alliance with The Dominion, an organization founded to take down The Galactic Federation....”

Samus now replied to Ira in a taunting, condescending manner. “Mmmm Hmmmm.....Carry on! I want to hear about all your dirty secrets.”

“Very well...I shall tell you everything....Mwa ha ha ha ha!” Ira cackled, as he was ready to confess everything to the huntress.

“The person....Errr...entity... in charge of Greed Corps, is a space dragon like myself, named Greed. I am his right hand man.” Ira confessed. “I look up to Ridley as a role model, and one day, want to be as famous as he is.”

Samus' eyes widen in rage and disgust over Ridley's name being mentioned to her. Now, some thoughts of anger started to flow through the huntress' minds, thinking to herself, “GRRRR...That son of a bitch... He killed my family, destroyed my clan, abused me, tortured me, and left me for dead, TWICE! Once, I nearly died at his hands at the tender age of three. Thank goodness for the Royal Family of Niflheim being on my side, as well as being allies with my beloved Chozo guardians that raised me. If it wasn't for them....”

Then, Samus' thoughts got interrupted by Ira, as now, he saw the fire in the young woman's eyes. “What's wrong baby doll? You look angry about something...”

“Carry on!” Samus growled in a voice filled with anger, as she folded her arms, and stomped her foot down as hard as she could.

“Anyways...Mmmgh!” Ira stuttered nervously, as his stomach started to cramp painfully. “I ended up getting arrested by The Galactic Federation, for selling children into slavery, at an intergalactic black market set up by my boss Greed. My time in jail was not a pleasant time....In fact....That is where I met my maker.”

“Now what did you do to piss off your inmates?” Samus snarled in disgust.

“The inmates learned about my time in the black market, where I started to savagely flogged a  young human girl slave. I flogged her, and beat her, because she would not stop crying. God that girl is annoying.” Ira confessed. “There, my inmates got enraged....As they started to bound me, putting a makeshift noose around my neck. They strangled me as hard as they could, for now, I was helpless against them. After a while, I dropped dead, and here I am, in the Helheim Kingdom of Sheol, stewing away in my afterlife prison, waiting for someone to free me from this Hellscape...”

Samus was so tempted to reveal her identity to her foe, but she wanted him to confess a little more before making her big reveal. “Tell me more....NOW! HURRY IT UP!”

“Okay, I shall tell you about the person I vowed vengeance on, the one indirectly responsible for my death and damnation.....” Ira started to explain, feeling really distressed. “There was this one bounty hunter, a woman in armor, I think..... who tried to kill me with her plasma beam.... because she was appalled over how I punished that crybaby slave who wouldn't never stop wailing. Then.....two armored men came to stop her from frying me alive. They yelled out her name, telling her to stop....”

Now, it was up to Samus to play her hand of cards right. She continued to listed Ira confessed his wickedness while he was alive. Ira then revealed everything before her. “....The female bounty hunter....her name....was.....SAMUS! I vowed vengeance on her, for making me end up in this hell vengeance will be sweet! Kya ha ha ha ha!”

Samus started to frown, giving the dragon a look that can kill. Then, she started to reveal everything to her old foe. “Very well....let me introduce myself to you, oh dear Ira.....”

“Who....who are you?” Ira cried out in fear. “Please....TELL ME DAMN IT!”

Samus' face started to feel hot with rage, as she replied furiously. “I am Samus Aran! The loyal subject of The Royal Family of Niflheim! Since Niflheim and Sheol are allies, you ended up here in the afterlife. You punishment was well deserved I say!”

Ira's eyes widened in rage, as now, he started to feel himself shake and quiver in anger. “You....You!? You cannot be Samus! You are too beautiful to be Samus! I always pictured Samus looked like a lanky, manly looking hag, with half shaved hair dyed pink, and super hairy armpits. This cannot be!”

Samus took offense to the comment made by the space dragon. She folded her arms and looked away in disgust. “Oh, is that so huh? That is what you think of me? Well, I am SAMUS ARAN, whether you like it or not! Seeing is believing.”

Ira started to feel furious, as he struggled to break free from his chains holding him up against the Saltire cross. He quivered and shook, making the chains rattle loudly, even shedding sparks in the process. Ira foamed at the mouth, growling in rage, “Oh, you little bitch! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!”

Looking around the brig, Samus saw a table filled with various elixirs and syringes full of different colored liquids inside. Samus looked around, and found a type of elixir that she was happy to use against her old foe. It was a pink elixir, which is hereby dubbed, “Cupido Panacea”. The Cupido Panacea was a type of elixir only found in the divine realms of Godheim and Hellheim, for outside those realms, the elixir was forbidden to all mortal living beings. And for a good reason....

For the Cupido Panacea, it was an elixir that made someone's pain turn to pleasure. The more pain someone feels, the more pleasurable the experience will be to that person. This was the perfect medicine for Samus to use against Ira Luxuria.

She picks up a syringe full of this pink liquid, while she made her way to her bound foe, brandishing the syringe in his face, taunting him with, “You know what this is? Hmmm? Hmmmm?”

Ira started to burst into tears, crying out in horror, “No! Please....! Don't do this!”

“Oh yes, I shall give you this entire dosage, to a creature as foul as you. Heh heh!” Samus taunted as she was examining Ira's battered body, for a spot to inject this Cupido Panacea into.

It did not Samus long to find a perfect spot to give her enemy an injection of this forbidden elixir. She found a perfect red blood vein in Ira's right arm, thus, she injects the lustful liquid into his broken, battered body. She shoves the needle into the blood vein, while watching the pink liquid be drained from the syringe. Ira screamed and protested helplessly, but it was all in vain, since, now, he was forced to be the woman's plaything.

But Ira's horror did not end there, for now, Samus was about to transform into her Chozo Devil Bird form she inherited from Prince Amirani. While transforming into her more intimidating monster girl form, Ira started to get mixed reactions, as he helplessly watched the young woman transform before his very eyes. Samus' alternate form was rather feral, more menacing looking than her humanoid form, but, at the same time, rather attractive and arousing, in a somewhat demonic, twisted sort of way. In her right hand, a hybrid pistol materialized. This pistol had the power to create electric shock beams, not unlike a taser in the human realm, a laser whip, and a laser dagger.

Just as Ira was struggling to break free, his pain now started to become pleasure. He now wished for the pain come back to him instead. Between the tug of war between Ira's mind, and his body, it was his body who won out in the end, while his mind started to slowly go numb, much to his dismay. But this was only just the beginning of Ira's fate.

For now, Samus commanded her orange slime suit to leap from her body, leaving the Chozo demoness completely nude, save for jug boots and her bracelets. Samus now game out commands to her living slime, telling it, “Now, my slime suit....Attach yourself to Ira's groin, slowly, but surely, absorbing the bodily fluids from him.”

All Ira could do, is just accept his fate, for now, he is now doomed to be a mere slave of desire. Nothing more....Nothing less....

The living slime now latched itself on to the lower half of the space dragon's body, pleasing him, while slowly killing him at the same time. Ira started to moan loudly, while panting, “Oh....Ooooh.....Mmmgh! Please....Don't stop!”

Samus started to laugh loudly, as she sets her pistol to the “Electric Shock Stun Gun” setting. “You say you want more, huh? Well, I'll give you more! Eh heh heh heh!”

Now, the demonic bounty hunter started to use her electric stun beams on him, sending huge currents of electric shock currents though his draconic body. Ira started to screech and mewl, every single time Samus shocked him with her gun. He quivered, tossed his head back, and she screeched. “Ah....AHHHH! Yes....Yes.....! Huff....Puff....!”

With Ira being given electric shock torture, his bodily fluids started to slowly flow out of him, leaving him looking a little dryer than before. But Ira didn't care anymore, the Cupido Panacea has done some numbers on his mind and body, that now, he craved more of this torture. Even if it was slowly killing him.

After a while, Samus got bored of electrocuting the space dragon, so now, she sets her gun to laser whip mode. “Now, it's time for a flogging. I shall flog you, like how you flogged that poor girl, Mariko. Only this time, I wanna hear you scream.”

“Mmmgh! Yes! Give me more, my fiend!” Ira panted in delight, as now, he was being flogged with Samus' laser whip. Simultaneously, the living slime started to drink away more of Ira's bodily fluids, leaving him in a state of permanent arousal. “Oh...oh....I can't stop! No...NO! I need to.....AH!”

The laser whip left welts and laser burns on the space dragon's muscular, yet battered body. But he did not care anymore. The more bloody his welts were, the more joy and pleasure the space dragon felt. Ah yes, Samus' plan was working wonderfully. This was the best revenge she dished out to an old foe of her..... did not end there.....For Samus had one more form of torture to dish out to her old foe....

Last, but not least, Samus sets her gun to laser dagger mode, as she began to dish out an even bloodier, gorier punishment to Ira. She brandishes the pink laser dagger in his face, as she teased, “Now, you know what this is? Hmmm?”

Ira started to pant harder, now that there were even less bodily fluids inside of him. With the dagger, the rest will be drained from this wretched soul's body. “Oh my....Yes....yes! Cut me up! Cut me up nice and fierce, you naughty she beast!”

“Very well....I shall cut you up something fierce!” Samus taunted as she started to slash away at the space dragons battered body with her laser dagger. But it did not stop with just Ira getting slashed up and sucked off, oh no indeed....For Samus licked her beak in delight, as she could not resist the sweet odor of her's foe's green blood dripping from his laceration wounds. “Mmmh! I cannot sink my fangs into you...Ungh!”

Now, Samus lost all self control over her lust spark. Now she not only uses her dagger to bleed out her enemy, but also, is biting him with her sharp fangs, sinking them deeper to drink up his tasty green blood. She moaned in delight, enjoying every bit of torture inflicted onto her old foe.

“Mmmm....yum! Ah.....Yes!” Samus moaned as she tasted blood, as well as pieces of flesh from Ira.
The Chozo demoness reveled in the taste of Ira's blood, drinking up what her living slime didn't drink from already. “Oh my....So delicious....So tasty! Mmmgh!”

Now, Ira's time was almost up...He was about to shrivel up, like a piece of fruit being left in the sunlight for too long. But Ira didn't care anymore. He didn't care that he was going to die again. All he cared about, was feeling great pleasure from what would be painful to mortal beings.

With Samus slashing and biting her enemy, the space dragon let's out a sound, which is across between a person climaxing from euphoric pleasure, and a horrific death cry. “AHHHH!!! AAAAAAAH! Mmmgh! Mmmmgh....ACK.....AAAAACK!”

With every last drop of blood and moisture drained from Ira's body, Samus separates herself from her fallen foe, commanding her slime suit to cover her up again. “Now, it's time for me to revert back to my old self once more....”

And so, Samus reverted back to her humanoid form once more, with her slime suit, now becoming the makeshift negligee Scratch's wives made for her, complete with her tiara and high heel pumps. “Mmmgh! That was for you, Little Mariko. I avenged you over your stolen freedom, just as I promise.”

Just as Samus reverted back to normal, she noticed something odd in front of her. Instead of being greeted with her enemy's shriveled up corpse, she was greeted with a pile of clumped up dust at the foot of the Saltire. However, that alone isn't what grabbed Samus' attention.

In the pile of dust that was once Ira's corpse, a beautiful, azure hued, gem like object revealed itself to the bounty hunter.

The gem glowed and sparkled in the dim light of the brig. To Samus, the magical gem resembled a glow in the dark, star sapphire gem. She was entranced by the gem's beauty, there was no way she would leave behind something so lovely, and so valuable. To her, only a fool would reject something this precious.

Samus approaches the gem, kneels down, and picks it up off from the dust of her fallen foe. She brushes off the remaining dust, admires the gem, thinking to herself proudly, “I have to show this to my Lady Halja and her family. I bet they would adore such fine treasure.”

Samus strided her way out of the palace brig, whistling a few tunes, as she proudly carries the precious gem with her, to present to her royal guardians.

But little did Samus know, that this gem was much more than a precious stone. Oh, it was something far more precious, far more powerful, than Samus could ever imagine.
Now, here is where the story gets a little more, shall I say adult?

This chapter is where Samus helps out with the Royalty of Sheol, to dish out a punishment to an old foe she encountered, while working for The Galactic Federation many years back.

This chapter is the result of combining nightmare fuel with fetish fuel (Or what I personally call this trope: Wet Dream Fuel). Read it, if you dare! MWA HA HA HA HA!

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