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Chapter 04: The Shadow Kingdom of Sheol

A couple days has passed since Samus Aran got herself accustomed to the Kingdom of Niflheim. Queen Halja saw it was only right to introduce her beloved huntress to her Royal family, who resided in the allied kingdom of Sheol.

Everyone except Queen Halja and Samus Aran were busy with their duties within the Niflheim palace.

Mist Elmbarn was visiting her mother, Aqua Elmbarn, within the outskirts of Niflheim Kingdom. Prince Amirani decided to train his brother, the mouse demon Kursha, at practicing his weapon arts.
Prince Belthegor had to train at being a skilled minstrel, by practicing with his enchanted musical instruments he was offered by his mortal subjects. Prince Biris, Prince Ghmerti, and Prince Dan-Dan, were out fishing at the Lethe river, using one of their fishing vessel handed down from their grandfather. Prince Gressil, on the other hand, decided to help out with his father on maintaining order at the Niflheim castle.

This was the perfect chance for Halja to contact her family, and go over plans with them.

Queen Halja picked up her water mirror off of a dresser drawer, and started to activate it, sending a message to her sworn father, King Scratch, and his harem, Queen Alk, Queen Namah, Queen Agrat, and Queen Lilin.

The mirror has now activated, and a familiar demonic face showed up. The devilish figure had black and red skin, a long red tail, a huge toothy mouth full of sharp teeth, huge glowing red eyes and no visible nose on his face, not even holes. But what made his type of creatures stand out from others, is that his clan could smell with his multiple whiskers that surrounded their faces He wore a black robe and a huge, green, bejeweled, veil like turban with his black horns nestled outside the turban's opening. He also had leathery, bat like red wings with a lovely black spot pattern on them.  The creature revealed himself to be King Scratch: Ruler of Sheol, and Halja's sworn father.

King Scratch happy to greet Queen, as he said cheerfully, “Why hello my little Hellraiser? I'm happy to hear from you. Anything happen recently?”

“Heh heh, why yes, dear royal papa.” Halja said to her father. “In fact, I have quite the story to tell.”

“Go ahead.” King Scratch said. “I'm all ears.”

“You see Papa, my oldest son, Amirani, and his consort, Mist, has invited one of their soul recruits to stay with us for a bit in our Dark World of Helheim.” Halja explained to her father. “Remember me telling you and my mothers about the young hatchling, Samus Aran?”

King Scratch looked deep in thought for a bit, but then, a memory came back to him. “Is that the little girl that you protecting for those group of bird men back at the colony of ummmm....K-388?”

“Yes! That's Samus!” Queen Halja said, trying not to laugh at her father's little mistake.”Oh, by the way Papa, it was the colony K-2L, Not K-388.”

Then, one of Halja's mothers showed up on the water mirror. The demoness has curly, fluffy, emerald green hair that would resemble a modern day Afro hairstyle, yellow eyes, a purple bow adorning one of her horns on her head, Her wings were adorn with pure white feathers, as well as the tip of her sky blue tail being adorn with littler feathery wings at the tip, and had the same shade of sky blue talons as well. Her outfit consisted of a wrap around pink and red top tied up with a purple bow around the collar of her neck. She wore the same matching red and pink puffy sleeves, wrap around skirt adorn with the same color of purple bows, matching pink and red leg warmers, and wore wristbands and leg bands made from gold and rose quartz crystals. This was Queen Namah, one of the beloved consorts of King Scratch, and one of Queen Halja's sworn mothers.

“Are you talking about that girl our daughter protected years back from an alien attack?” Namah asked her consort, overhearing the conversation between sworn father and sworn daughter.

King Scratch looked over at his beloved Queen Namah, as he replied and smiled, “Yes, we are talking about the girl, known as the hatching, Samus Aran.”

“Samus Aran?” Queen wondered in bemusement. “But you told me that girl's name was Metroid, remember?”

King Scratch started to feel flustered over his mistake, and laughed, “Ah ha ha ha! I don't remember calling her Metroid. What are you talking about my queen? Heh heh!”

“Oy vey....” Namah sighed as she shook her head over her lover's forgetfulness. “Anyways, we would love to meet Samus Aran. Please bring her to the castle, so we can get to know her better.”

“Thank you Mama and Papa!” Halja replied in a loving tone of voice. “I will tell Samus everything. See you all later. I love you all!”

The water mirror is now silent. Queen Halja puts the mirror back up on the dresser drawer near her bed.

After that, Samus went over to the door to Samus' room, knocked on her door, as she exclaimed, “Rise and shine hatching! Are you ready to see more of Helheim my dear?”

“Hold on my Queen....I'm just getting dressed!” Samus announced to Halja. Samus decided to wear something a little different from her blue catsuit. She decided to put one of the dresses inside her bedroom. Samus picked an orange, low cut qi-pao dress with red and yellow flower print decorating it, alongside red high heel pumps, red bracelets, and white, floral print stockings. Ever since Samus inherited the blood of Niflheim demons, she can tolerate the cold so much more so than she was as a mortal.

Instead of wearing her usual ponytail, Samus decided to wear her blonde locks in a small, messy bun. Samus goes over to a mirror in her room and examines her appearance. Samus was rather pleased with how she looked. “Yes, I am quite the looker today. I hope Halja's family in Sheol are impressed.”

Samus goes over to her bedroom door, and opens it. As she entered Halja's bedchamber, the Queen herself was very impressed with the choice of clothes her recruit decided to wear for today. Queen Halja said to Samus, “You look very nice today my dear. I bet my beloved family in Sheol would be impress. Now, come on my dear! We have a ride waiting for us outside the palace.”

So Samus follwed her Queen Mistress' lead to the palace grounds outside, where a carriage being pulled by Hell Griffins await them. Samus was quite impressed with the fact that she got to ride in a carriage. “Wow, I never got to get a ride this fancy before. I'm quite impressed my lady!”

Samus and Queen Halja entered the carriage, as they are heading to their desired destination: The Shadow Kingdom of Sheol.


Meanwhile, in the palace of Sheol, various guards of King Scratch were monitoring the souls of the irredeemable souls imprisoned within the castle brig. The lasted irredeemable soul, imprisoned in his hellish cell, was a huge, muscular space dragon, known as Ira Luxuria. Ira was apart of a criminal syndicate, known as Greed Corps. In fact, this blue dragon with yellow and black striped wings, which were severely damaged by the devils that imprisoned him in this brig. The devil guards that worked for King Scratch and his harem, made sure to break Ira's wings so badly, that he can no longer try to fly out to escape, like he infamously attempted before.

For Ira, today was the typical type of day irredeemable prisoners in Helheim would face. Today, a demonic guard, with the appearance of an indigo skinned, humanoid mosquito, carrying a thorny whip, and a syringe full of an unknown green liquid inside of it. The insect like demon was accompanied by another demon guard that resembled a pink, humanoid boar. The boar demon had a pair of cell keys, that used to open the door to Ira's cell, so the boar and the mosquito can deal yet another punishment to the space dragon.

Ira's instinctual reaction was to fight back, screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs. He tried to fight back, screeching, wailing, “No! NOOOOO! Leave me alone! I don't deserve this! WAAAAAH!”

The mosquito demon started to strike the space dragon with his thorny whip, acting out of self defense. He they snarled, “Back, foul soul! BACK! BACK I SAY!”

Now it was the boar demon's turn to speak. “Oh yes sir Mr. Luxuria. You DESERVE to be punished! After all, you worked in intergalactic black markets, selling illegal goods, as well as looted goods....”

“Not to mention selling children from all walks of the universe into slavery....” The boar demon interrupted. “You also abused those poor slave children, for something petty like crying their eyes out in fear.”

“Also our dear foe....” The mosquito said in a disgruntled tone of voice. “Remember one of your child slaves.....A human girl of Asian descent, named Mariko Suzaki? Remember her you vile piece of shit?”

Now the memory of Ira's sin came back to him....he remembers now.


Ira was working for a intergalactic black market, funded by Greed Corps. They sold illegal goods, looted good stolen from their rightful owners, and the worst sin of all...., raiding various space and inter dimensional colonies, killing adults, and selling their children into slavery.

One slave, was a girl, named Mariko Suzaki: A former resident of the Japanese Earth Colony, Planet NP919.

Ira was gathering a bunch of children of various species, to be sold into slavery, in this wretched black market that was set up in NP919. However, Mariko wouldn't stop screaming and crying in horror, and this really enraged Ira a lot. So much, that he started to beat the girl black and blue with his laser whip gun.

“STOP CRYING YOU LITTLE SHIT!” Ira screamed out in rage, as he flogged the poor little Japanese girl with his laser, hoping to get her to shut up. But however, it made the girl cry and scream even louder than before.

“No, please! I beg of you.....” Mariko cried out in fear. “Please, don't hurt me anymore! WAAAAAAH!”

Much to Ira's ignorance, little did he know that the Galactic Federation were investigating the black market on Planet NP919. One of the figures working for them, was the famous huntress, Samus Aran herself, in her teenage years. Accompanying the huntress, was a man named Commander Malkovich, and Armstrong Houston. Malkovich was in charge of giving out orders to his two pupils, making sure the young hunters would not get out of hand. Samus and Armstrong had great respect for Malkovich, with the two hunters seeing him as a fatherly mentor.

Samus then, disobeyed Commander Malkovich's orders, and broke away from his group. She was distracted by the pitiful wailing and sobbing coming from the battered child Mariko. The huntress followed the sorrowful cries, and was horrified with what she witnessed. The dragon Ira was flogging the girl in violent rage, now even making death threats to the poor child.

“STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” Samus cried out in rage, ready to blast ira with her arm cannon! “I'm warning you. If you don't stop abusing that poor girl, I will blow your brain out!”

Ira started to laugh at Samus, beckoning her to come closer to him in a mocking manner. “Eh heh heh heh!Go on little girly, DO YOU WORST!”

Samus laughed back, saying, “Okay my foe, I shall do my worst!”

Just as Samus was ready to roast Ira with her Plasma Beam, Commander Malkovich and Armstrong Houston both decided to intervene, with Houston protesting, “Samus....NOOOOOO!”

“My Lady, you are disobeying Galactic Federation orders!” Malkovich barked. “STOP IT!”

“But Adam....Armstong...He's.....” Samus stuttered nervously, as she struggle to tell the two men about what Ira was doing to poor little Mariko. Then, she stops charging her arm cannon, and sighs in disgust.

“I understand my lady....” Malkovich sighed, feeling disgust with Ira's actions. “But we are here to arrest these criminals, and bring them to trial. There, the Galactic Federation will serve them an appropriate sentence for their crimes.”

“Plus, if you kill these criminals on the spot, right here, Miss Samus....” Armstrong added to the protest. “You would be no different from them. You do want to be the bigger person, right?”

Samus groaned in dismay, as she tried to reply as calmly as she could. “Mmmgh! Very well. Arrest these people.”

So, Ira Luxuria was arrested, and taken under Galactic Federation custody, while the child slaves were freed, and were planning to be sent to an orphanage nearby, in hope they can be adopted into a family or two.

Yes, the memories all came and gone with Ira Luxuria....As he now followed his demon tormentors to suffer his punishment.


“Yay! That was a wonderful story my little Hellraiser!” King Scratch said as his daughter Halja, and her recruit, Samus, told their stories for the day. “You're life is also very interesting Miss Samus. I can see why my grandson has recruited you into being the loyal subject of the Niflheim Royal Family.”

“Why thank you, my Lord Scratch.” Samus said, as she calming drank a glass of mead that the Sheol royalty offered her. This was no ordinary mead that was drunk in the mortal realms. For this was blood mead, a type of honey alcohol fused with the blood and life essence drained from the souls of the irredeemably wicked, restoring health to its demon drinkers in return. It was the tastiest drink Samus has tasted in her stay in Helheim.

“Hey, Miss Samus?” King Scratch asked, with the huntress looking back up at him. “Mind if I show you a room, where I keep my trophies and awards for my fighting prowess, as well the fighting prowess of my consorts?”

Samus nodded her head in agreement, saying, “Yes, I would love to see them.”

Queen Alk, Namah, Agrat, and Lilin stifled a groan out of their mouths, as King Scratch said, “Okay my lady, follow me! I shall show and tell you all about my feats we, the Royalty of Sheol accomplished.”


Now Samus was getting a tour of a very special room within Sheol palace. It was a room filled with gold trophies, gold medals, weapons used in battle, and various “newspaper” clips telling everyone of the random victories King Scratch and his consorts achieved in life. There were very few silver medals and trophies though, making Samus admire Queen Halja's parents even more so. It was the room housing the awards that King Scratch, and his harem, won in various battle arena tournaments held throughout many regions of Helheim.

Samus looks over at a bunch of newspaper clipping set behind glass in various picture frames. The first story that caught the huntress' attention, was a story placed next to a metal helmet that once belonged to a knight from the human realm of Earth. The article headline next to the helmet read:

“King Scratch and his harem wins against Sir. Arthur: The King of Sheol learns a useful new technique to help his consorts defeat Sir Arthur, the legendary hunter of demons and devils.”

“Hmmm....interesting.....” Samus thought to herself as she was reading the article. “It is quite amazing how hardy King Scratch and his harem are in battle tournament. I wonder what kind of 'useful technique' King Scratch taught to his harem, to used against this formidable demon hunting knight?”

After reading about Scratch and his harem's victory against Sir. Arthur, the demon hunter, another article caught the huntress' eye. Next to the article, there was a medallion made of pure gold that resembled a little shield. The article showed three interesting pictures, that intrigued the young bounty hunter.

The first picture showed, what looked like King Scratch taking on the form of a much more menacing, much more gigantic monster, that towered over the arena he was fighting in. This form of King Scratch, was known as the form of  “Enma Dai-Oh”, which translated to in English, “Great King Enma”.  

Enma Dai-Oh was a massive beast, with cloudy blue skin, long sharp fangs protruded out of his massive mouth with a long, piercing tongue, and a pair of huge crimson eyes that brought fear in the hearts of most mortal opponents that stand up against him. He had four blood red wings on his back, four arms carrying different types of weapons only he can wield, from giant swords, to giant lances. He wore a rather revealing outfit, consisting of a golden headdress that resembled that of a conch shell, Wore a huge necklace consisting of huge, gold plated  ivory beads, as well as giant, gold plated dragon fangs, A red and gold loincloth, pure solid gold armlets, bracelets and anklets around his massive limbs. Enma Dai-Oh was quite a frightful sight to behold, even among the other devilish denizens of Helheim.

The second picture depicted a mysterious woman, clad in dark, “organic” looking clothes, a cloak made of pitch black feathers, white gloves, and a feminine looking top hat decorated with red roses and pitch dark hued feathers. But that isn't the only part of this woman that grabbed Samus' attention, for this woman wore a strange, yet delicate looking mask that hid her face. If any Earth human would see her mask, it resembled a Venetian Carnivale mask worn during religious festivals in the European country of Italy. It was a very feminine looking white mask, with the makeup color patterns that came in the hues of carmine red, royal blue, and a little bit of  metallic gold plating. The mask fits perfectly around the woman's face like a glove.

The third picture was King Scratch being reverted to his default demon god form, holding a gold medal, with a expression of pure joy and pride on his monstrous face. The caption under the picture read:

“King Scratch of Sheol is victorious against the nearly un-defeated Masked Sorceress!”

While Samus read the article, King Scratched approached the young woman, putting his hand on her left shoulder, and asks her quietly, “You curious about the woman known as The Masked Sorceress my dear?”

Samus faced King Scratch for a bit, nodding her head curiously. “Yes, I would love to know about this battle. Is it true that very few divine beings were able to defeat this Sorceress?”

Scratch nodded back, wearing a prideful grin on his face. “Yes, it is true! And well....I'm one of the few handful that defeated this Masked Sorceress. I wonder who this woman really is though? It seems like she only shows her face to very few people, if any at all.”

“Well, I'm proud that you were successful against such a formidable opponent.” Samus replied.

“Really? Heh heh....” Scratch laughed, blushing. “My Queen wives thought I gloated and bragged too much. Even though they were impressed I defeated a near invincible opponent, my harem told me to be less prideful, and more humble.”

“Oh, I see...” Samus said back, wondering about why Scratch's wives gave him a lecture after being victorious. But Samus played it wise, and kept those thoughts to herself.

In the room, two prison guard demons broke in, pleading to King Scratch to help them with a certain prisoner of their's. The boar demon spoke first, “Royal sire! Royal sire! One of our inmates is refusing to co-operate with us!”

“Oh no, not again!” King Scratch groaned, as he face palmed himself.

“It's that one space dragon soul we are currently holding prisoner.” The mosquito guard cried out in dismay. “Ira Luxuria is being a pain in the ass. Put that bastard back in his spot.”

King Scratch groaned in disgust, as he grumbled, “Humph! Fine!”

The name of Ira Luxuria brought back memories from Samus' past in The Galactic Federation. Samus approached Scratch, asking him, “Hey, let me come with to help you my Lord!”

“No! You stay hear my lady!” King Scratch protested. “You are a guest, you take easy my dear!”

“Humph, okay....” Samus grunted in disappointment, folding her arms and frowning.

“Okay, we'll be back my lady.” King Scratch said as he and his prison guards made their way out of the award chamber. “Mmmgh! I knew this soul is such a pain in the ass....mumble....grumble!”


Now Samus was alone in the award chamber. She felt rather troubled, but she was King Scratch's guest. To royalty, guests were to take it easy while in the palace grounds. But even then, Samus couldn't help but to feel rather worried for the people in the Sheol palace, knowing that the huntress' old enemy is now being hold hostage in their brig. She had to help out, but how?

Suddenly, Samus started to feel a rather powerful transformation about to take place within her body and soul. “Wow....what's this....? I feel.....”

However, this time around, the transformation that was about to take place, brought great pleasure to Samus Aran. Instead of numbed down pain, Samus felt warm, pulsation pleasure, flow though her youthful body.

First Samus' hands started to transform. Her fingers started to grow longer, and become talon like with oppose able thumbs. Her fingernails became sharp, and more claw like. Her hands now looked across between human hands, and the talons of a bird of prey.

Then, Samus' feet started to transform. Her red pumps disappeared, and now she was barefoot. Samus' feet started to grow, with her toes growing into talon like digits, complete with sharp claws at the tips. The feet have become far less humanoid, and now, they are more like the talons of a dragon. But that wasn't the end of Samus' transformation. There was more to go.

Now, the huntress' body is even more shapely, yet a little more muscular in some areas. On various parts of her arms, legs, and torso area above my breasts, a group of pink stripe markings started to form, glowing brightly before forming there permanently on this devilish form she is transforming into.

Samus' eyes have suddenly grown slightly larger, and turned from her usual blue-green shade, to a brilliant shade of red. Then, Samus' nose and  mouth started to transform into a golden beak, now, filled with razor sharp teeth inside. A wicked grin started to form on Samus' avian face in the process.

Now, her outfit became a living orange hued slime, coating her naked body as if it was some sort of second skin for her. At Samus' feet, jug like high heel footwear formed, protecting her talon like feet from harsh environments she will explore.

Just as the transformation was near its end, a beam of light shot from Samus' body, and lets out a slight shriek of delight, as Samus' shape shifting process was now complete. Now, Samus took on the form of a legendary Chozo devil bird once more.

The glowing light within the award room, seem to attract one of the palace denizen's attraction. The door opened up, and once more, Queen Halja went to check up on Samus, only to be impressed, as well as feeling a little bit intimidated, over Samus' Chozo devil  bird form.

“Whoa....WHOA! Samus!” Queen Halja yelped in surprise. “What has gotten into you my dear?”

“Your father needs help.” Samus said in a somewhat worried tone of voice.

“What's wrong?” Queen Halja asked in concern. “Is he getting himself into situations AGAIN? And is being too stubborn to ask for help from anyone that isn't one of my mothers?”

“BINGO!” Samus said in a snarky tone of voice. “Your father is dealing with an old foe of mine, in my days working for The Galactic Federation. I want to help your king father out with playing with this old enemy in his brig. I would love to have a little playtime with dear ol' Ira. Kya ha ha ha!”

A crafty grin formed on Queen Halja's pale face, as she approached Samus, saying, “Oh ho! I would be happy to help you out here...Here, let me go over a little plans to put our soul prisoner in his place.”

Queen Halja approaches Samus' right ear, as she whispers some plans to the Chozo huntress. Samus smiled and agreed with everything Queen Halja was whispering to her. Samus smiles and nods, reveling in the crafty ideas Halja whispered softly and sweetly to the huntress.

After whispering sweet plans of revenge to Samus, Halja parts from her recruit's ear, stands in front of the warrior, holding her talon-like hands, saying, “Good, good, my dear! Let's go see my mothers. They will be happy to help you aid my father in, heh heh, 'playing', with your old foe here.”

Samus started to grin and laugh, just thinking about the thought of one of her old enemy going through series of punishment for the sinner's wicked behavior in the past. “Oh ho ho ho! Thank you my Lady Halja. I'm feeling great joy thinking of reveling in my foe's tears. Ah ha ha ha ha!”

The Chozo bounty hunter now followed her beloved Queen's lead, following the doll demon to where the four Queens of Sheol were staying within the castle. Once Samus and Halja reunited with Alk, Agrat, Namah, and Lilin, they now started to carry out Halja's brilliant plan. The more the plan was carried out, the more excited Samus was to help out King Scratch with dishing out punishments to the space thug that Samus vowed to destroy in her days in The Galactic Federation.

Now, there was no hope for the sinful soul prisoner held in Scratch's brig. All he can do, is wait there, wondering what the afterlife in Helheim has in store for him.
Now, Halja is inviting Samus to meet her sworn parents, who ruled over The Shadow Kingdom of Sheol.
Samus starts to admire the strength and bravery of Halja's sworn father, King Scratch.
However, sometimes, King Scratch can have his prideful, as well as stubborn moments, even when he is dealing with a soul prisoner that was one of Samus' old foes she tracked down in her days in The Galactic Federation.

How will Samus get even with this old foe? Stay turned for the next chapter!

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