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Published: January 5, 2019
Dai-Rantou Monster Musume Sisters: The Realm of Eternal Frost

The Super Smash Bros. Series is a trademark of Nintendo. Bahamut Lagoon is a trademark of Squaresoft, now known as Square-Enix. I do not own the rights to these series, nor do I plan to make a profit off of them. This is written for joy and pleasure only. Nothing more.

However, I do own the rights to The Realms of Alerfa series, and characters within that universe. Remember sweeties, ask nicely for permission, and only then, you can use them. If not, you will be very, very sorry.


Chapter 01: Reunion

A month has passed since Samus Aran has been given another chance at life, by Prince Amirani of Niflheim, and his Valkyrie consort, Mist Elmbarn. In order to give Samus yet another chance at life once more, Samus had to give up another piece of her humanity, to answer the prayers chanted by her distressed Chozo guardians. Samus was forever grateful of her divine guardians helping her get back on her feet once more.

However, there was more Samus needed to learn. This time, she will be reunited with a friendly familiar face from her childhood. As well as a masked figure shrouded in mystery.


Today is Sunday. Prince Amirani and Mist Elmbarn's day off from seeking adventure and fighting tournaments was just around the corner. They were pretty worn out from claiming some new recruits to participate in tournaments, as well as protecting various worlds from unsavory invaders. Their latest recruit from two days ago, was a dual blade wielding cross knight known as Byuu, who resided in Orelus, the realms of floating continents. The former knight was taken in by the Valkyrie and her demon prince consort after he, as well as his fellow fighting companions, were betrayed by the manipulative Empress Yoyo and her minions. At this moment, the dragon god, known as Verth Bahamut, was searching for Byuu's friends and allies were were wrongfully deceived into serving the evil Empress.

But just before getting some rest for the rest of the day, Amirani decided to use a water mirror to contact his royal family back in Niflheim, to deliver the news of these recent events.

In front of the water mirror, a portly looking dragon demon appeared to greet Amirani and Mist. This dragon demon is Bullar, the king of Niflheim, and Prince's Amirani's father. King Bullar was happy to hear from both his son and daughter in law.

“Why hello there my little prince.” King Bullar said cheerfully as an image of Amirani and Mist appeared on his water mirror back at his Niflheim palace. “Hello there my little Valkyrie. What have you lovebirds been up to recently?”

“Heh heh...Oh royal sire!” Mist laughed as her face blushed a dark shade of pink.

“Well Dad, for now, we are taking a break from gathering recruits and seeking adventure with them.” Prince Amirani replied to his father.

“Now who have you two recruited in this past month?” King Bullar asked curiously. “Or, is it a well kept secret between you two?”

“Well Dad, Mist and I recruited two companions this month.” Amirani said in a confident tone of voice. “A couple fine souls indeed. One is a outer space bounty hunter, known as Samus Aran. She is a former soldier of the Galactic Federation in her home realm. And the other recruit, is........”

Bullar's eyes widened in surprise over his son mentioning the name of his recruits. “Did you say Samus Aran? That name....It sounds familiar.”

Both Amirani and Mist, smiled, nodded their heads, as they responded to their King, “Yes, Samus Aran is one of our souls on our side.”

Bullar was now deep in thought over his son and daughter in law mentioning Samus Aran's name. The name sounded very familiar to the King of Niflheim. But, for now, he was struggling to remember the woman's face, and where he has heard about her. If only he saw Samus' face once more, maybe he will remember her. It felt like ages since he has heard of this fine young woman.

“Son, Mist Elmbarn, I have a request to ask of you two.” Bullar said in a stern, serious tone of voice.

“What might that be our majesty?” Mist and Amirani asked in unison.

A smile now formed on Bullar's draconic face, as he replied, “I want you to bring this woman, known as Samus Aran to our palace in Niflheim. Our family would love to meet this fine young soul.”

“Really?” Mist and Amirani said in unison, wearing huge excited grins on their faces.

“Yes, we would love to meet her. We will make her feel at home, see things as she fits.” Bullar responded. “Well, I got to go right now my son. Your brother, Belthegor, is getting rather loud and rowdy with his music jams. See you later.”

The water mirror was now silent. Mist and Amirani exchanges looks with one another, and then, made their ways out the door of their quarters, to go tell Samus the news.


“Really? You're family wants to get to know me better?” Samus asked, as she was surprised to hear the news that her guardians delivered to her. “Are they serious?”

“Yes our lady.” Mist replied, smiling and nodding.

Samus looked around her room, then at her guardians, as she said. “Well....I'm....rather flattered to hear the news. It's rather nice your family wants to get to know me. However....”

“Huh?” Amirani and Mist asked as they looked at one another.

Samus looked over at her power armor, and asked curiously, “Will I need my power armor down in Niflheim?”

“Well....” Amirani and Mist stuttered as they looked at Samus' power armor. Then, Mist had an idea spring into her head. “I have an idea Miss Samus!”

Mist started to hold on to her golden hammer, as she was mouthing a spell to cast. Around Samus' new and improved power suit, a beam of blue light surrounded it, and there, a transformation started to take place. The power suit started to compact itself, as if it were imploding. But instead of imploding into nothingness, it started to compacted itself into a crimson, egg shaped ball. The ball started to glow briefly, before a dull metal coat was summoned around the egg to protect it from damage.

Samus was rather impressed with Mist's spell casting, as she finally broke the brief silence with, “Wow Mist! That is impressive! Now, we can take my power armor anywhere I go. You guys are quite the clever couple.”

“Heh heh....Thank you Miss Samus.” Mist giggled as she felt a little flustered.

Amirani looked over at the door, and said to the women, “Well, what are we waiting for my ladies? Let's go to the warp zone, and summon a warp to bring us to my home kingdom of Niflheim!”

Mist and Samus followed Prince Amirani thoughout the halls, corridors, and teleportation devices throughout the Inter-dimensional Emissary palace. Finally, after following many paths in this intricate structure, they finally came to the warp chamber.

“Okay, it's time to find the warp to my home kingdom!” Prince Amirani cheerfully announced as everyone searched for a warp portal that lead to Niflheim. Thankfully for the trio, it did not take them too long to find the portal leading to the winter kingdom of Niflheim. Good luck was definitely on their side today.

Now, the warp to Niflheim was opened. Amirani, Mist, and Samus jumped into the glowing wapr portal in excitement, as both Mist and Amirani were happy to introduce their new ally to Amirani's royal family of Niflheim.


Finally, the trio made their way to Amirani's homeworld of Niflheim. They found themselves in the warp chamber from within the main palace of this winter kingdom. While the trio appeared in the chamber, Samus was confused where to go next.

“Hey, where are we Lord and Lady?” Samus asked her two guardians, feeling rather bemused and lost.

“Here, follow us my lady Samus.” Amirani said as he and Mist lead they way for their loyal subject.

Amirani and Mist lead the way for Samus, where the demon prince's royal family was waiting for them in all in the throne room of the castle. Along the way, Samus noticed a bunch of strange creatures that dwell within the palace of Niflheim. Some creatures looked humanoid for the most part, while others resembled half-animal hybrids, half-plant hybrids, and living inanimate objects. The palace walls were made of pale stone that resembled petrified snow and ice, while strange art, pottery, furniture, rugs, tapestries and sculptures decorated this immense palace.

After minutes of Samus following her guardians' leads, they come across a huge gold door. Prince Amirani took the ring outside the door, and used it to knock loudly on it. The knock was almost loud enough to echo through the palace.

“Who is there?” A female voice rang out in curiosity.

“It is I, Prince Amirani!” Amirani shouts out.

“Also, we brought our newest recruit with us my Queen.” Mist added.

The woman laughed merrily, replying with, “Oh ho ho ho, come on in my son! I would love to meet you newest recruit.”

The door was slowly opened, while the royal duo lead the way for Samus to meet the King and Queen. When Samus entered the room, she was greeted with a rather familiar face from her childhood.

She was greeted by an albino doll demon, with milky white hair, rose pink eyes, pink patchwork marks on her pale skin, and wore a crimson, two piece, hobble gown with a shawl like cape with gold and purple stripe markings. The Queen was very strange looking, but rather attractive at the same time.

Next to her, was her monstrous looking consort. The King had the appearance of a portly, green and yellow dragon demon, with red hair, blue eyes, yellow fin-like ears, red wings, darker green spot patterns on his skin, a long thin tail, and feet that resemble cloven hooves. He wore a skimpy outfit consisting of a royal purple loincloth with a gold belt, a gold dragon skull pendant, white wrist high gloves, and a couple anklets made from precious stones.

“Samus....? Remember us?” The Queen asked Samus.

“You're.....You are....” Samus stuttered in surprise.

“I am Queen Halja of Niflheim.” The Queen said, smiling softly. “This is my consort, King Bullar. I am the mother of Prince Amirani and his six brothers. To many mortal beings, I am also known as 'Our Goddess or Lady of the Frosty Lands'. It is great to meet you again Samus. We remember you when you were just a toddler.”

Now, Samus' memories started to come back to her, loud and clear.


Samus remembered that one fateful day, as a mere toddler, left on death's doorstep after Ridley battered her, bloodied her, and severely wounded the poor, defenseless child. She waited there for death to claim her, yet Ridley and his crew didn't have the heart to end the girl's suffering on the spot. There were a group of complete monsters indeed.

After a while, before everything went black, a Rabilli animal, name Pyonchi, lead her two would be Chozo guardians, Old Bird, and his son, Grey Voice, to come to the girl's rescue. However, those four were not alone, as they were being watched over by their guardian, Queen Halja: Our Goddess of the Frosty Lands.

“I don't know about this old one, but, I think this girl is dead.” Grey Voice said to his father, as he hung his head down in sadness. “She is far gone now...Maybe we should put together a proper burial for her. It's all we can do for this child.”

Old Bird looked at his son in horror. “Don't say such things my son! There can still be hope left....Don't be such a pessimist.”

“But....But....” Grey Voice protested, only to have a huge cyan ball of light shine before their eyes. “Owww.....Owww! So bright!”

“Old Bird....Gray Voice....Please, hear me out!” Queen Halja's voice boomed from the ball of light.

“Our Goddess of the Frosty Lands!” Old Bird and Grey Voice exclaimed in unison.

“What brings you here our lady?” Grey Voice asked in curiosity.

“Listen to me, listen to me closely my followers...” Queen Halja said in a stern voice. We were both dead silent, as she got ready to explain to us about what is going to happen. “This girl, the one named Samus Aran....There is hope for her survival.....”

“So, she's not dead?”  Grey Voice asked.

“There is a way to save this girl?” Old Bid added in curiosity.

“Yes there is....” Queen Halja replied.

“Please, TELL US OUR LADY! PLEASE?” The two Chozo cried out in sorrow.

“The way to save the life of Samus Aran.....” Queen Halja started to explain. “Is to infuse her with Chozo DNA. She will have to give up part of her humanity, but if she is fully human, there will be no chance for her survival.”

“Really our lady?” Grey Voice asked, feeling a little confused at this moment. “Are you sure this will save her?”

“Of course I'm sure!” Queen Halja shouted impatiently. “Oh, oh, so sorry about that outburst my followers. For now, I will keep her soul for safe keeping. Her soul needs to go through some healing at this moment. Now, what are you two waiting for? Head to your home world, and restore this girl to life! The sooner the better.”

“Yes Ma'am!” The Chozo said in unison as they took young Samus' unconscious body with them, while Queen Halja kept Samus' soul safe.


Back at Niflheim, Queen Halja took the soul of child Samus with her to protect from harm. Halja decided to keep the little girl in the royal bedchamber, where the two females were greeted by King Bullar. His beloved Queen was happy to greet him. But young Samus however, cowered in fear, burying her little face in Queen Halja's arms.

“WAAAH !!!” Samus cried out in horror, burying her face in Halja's arms. “Miss! MISS! Make this monster go away!”

King Bullar approached little Samus, rubbing the top of her head gently, whispering to her, “Don't worry little one. There is nothing to be afraid of. Those big scary monsters are gone. I am not one of them. I am on your side.”

Samus took her face away from Halja's arms, faced King Bullar, and said, “Really? You are on my side?”

“Yes, we are here to protect you.” King Bullar said, as Queen Halja handed the little girl to her consort, as the dragon demon sets little Samus down on the mattress of their king sized bed.

Samus sat up on the bed, look around the room in curiosity, then looks back at the royal couple. The room was very different from what Samus experienced on her K-2L colony. The little girl was not used to being taken to such fancy rooms. The rooms back at her old home were very simplistic, very metallic, very, shall we say, plain. The royal bedchamber of the couple was intricate, well decorated, and very full of life, despite being located in the dark world, in a realm of eternal winter.

The little girl then looks over at Halja, then Bullar, asking them, “What's happened to me? Where are these birdie creatures taking me?”

“Don't worry little one, those 'birdie creatures' are on our side, and we are giving them guidance on giving you a second chance at life.” Halja replied, as she was trying to telepathically keep in contact with her loyal worshipers.

“Really Miss?” Samus asked Halja.

“Yes.” Bullar replied. “Don't worry, we are all on your side little one. We will protect you from those horrible creatures that did you harm.”

“Thank you...” Samus said to her guardians, being thankful for them protecting her soul, while the Chozo were given divine guidance to restore the girl back to life once more.


Yes, it was clear now. When Samus was a tot, Halja nd Bullar protected her soul, and gave her a second chance at life. Later, as an adult, when Samus' Chozo family were captured, and held hostage by the Zebesian space pirates, Samus experienced yet another life changing event. While having a PTSD episode when encountering Ridley, he took advantage of the woman's mental disorders, and killed her in cold blood, just to revel in the tears of her Chozo family.

There, Halja's son, Prince Amirani, was sent by his royal family, to give Samus a third chance at life, answering the prayers of her Chozo family once more. Also, Amirani's Valkyrie consort, Mist Elmbarn, was happy to recruit Samus to be on their side, always being there to give guidance to the bounty hunter.

Samus approached the King and Queen, knelt down to them, and bursts into tears of joy. “OHHH! My Lord and Lady of the Frosty Lands! Thank you for giving me many chances at life. Thank you....Prince Amirani....Thank you....Mist....(sniff) (sniff) I am forever grateful for your kindness and hospitality....WAAAAAH!”

Queen Halja and King Bullar walked over to Samus Aran, knelt down, got the bounty hunter back up on her feet, and both gave her an affectionate hug, appreciating how grateful the bounty hunter is for their guidance.

“You're welcome out dear.” Halja and Bullar said softly to the crying woman.

“I would do anything for you all. (sniff) (sob)” Samus sobbed softly. “You all done so much for me, I shall do whatever for you all in return.”

The trio slowly broke away from the hug, with Halja wiping some tears from Samus' face with her pale fingers. “Don't worry so much our dear hatchling. You need to take it easy for now our dear.”

“Are you sure my lady?” Samus pondered.

Amirani and Mist approached the woman, patting her on the back, with Amirani telling her, “Don't worry Miss Samus, you've been through enough things for now. You need a well deserved break for a bit.”

“In the meantime, we'll show you around the palace.” Mist added, as the royal family gathered around their new recruit.

“It would be great to get you a little used to your new surroundings our dear hatchling.” Bullar said as he and Halja beckoned Samus to follow their leads. “Come, we shall give you a tour of our palace, as well as introducing you to our whole family.”


While Samus was being given a tour of the grand palace of Niflheim kingdom, little did she know she was being watched by a dark, mysterious figure. The figure resembled that of a group of black bats huddled around one another. They seem to be very intrigued, yet rather bemused at the same time.

“So this is the best soul recruit that the Royal Family of Niflheim can summon?” A few group of bats pondered in bemusement.

“She looks like a typical, young naive, little blondie, not like a experience warrior nor mage.” Another group of bats said in a condescending tone. “What is the Royal Family of Niflheim thinking? Their Devil Queen can be such a softy at times.”

“Well, at least we can look on the bright side...” A trio of bats sighed in relief. “At least that little blondie is being recruited by Queen Halja, and not King Scratch and his harem, back at their kingdom of Sheol.”

All the bats groaned, grumbled, and grunted in disgust over the thought of King Scratch of Sheol. “Grrr...that wretched, cocky, loud mouth fallen angel, and his damned bloody harem? Humph! Just thinking about them puts us all in a bad mood!”

“Well, let's go back to our training.” All the bats said to one another before flying away undetected. “I don't think we need to fear Halja's little blondie. She is no match for us nor our companions. Oh ho ho ho!”
Hooray! A new crossover story! About time!

This story will answer some questions that were asked during the stories "A Second Chance", and the Origins story "A Deal with a Devil Bird", which this story is a direct sequel to.

Stay tuned for more, since I might go back to adding more mini-stories to the Origins umbrella.

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This is Other M Samus done right. :)
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Thank you.

I was actually inspired by the official Metroid Manga, that I decided to have a crossover twist on the story.
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