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Chapter 03: The Flower Garden

Outside the palace of Sheol, within the vast, intricate gardens outside, Princess Halja and Prince Bullar were hanging out, admiring to gorgeous glowing flowers outside. Since the realm of Helheim is constantly shrouded in nighttime darkness, the flowers gave off a glow, nourishing themselves with their self produced light. The glowing flowers exists to be more than just gorgeous, but to light the way for lost souls, as well as give off light for other plants used for food.

Since the enchanted dagger, the  Alraune, has been rediscovered in the land of Sheol, it has been mass produced, and used to transform various types of irredeemable souls into seeds, so they can be planted into the ground. There, the irredeemable souls were doomed to become edible herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables to be either eaten raw, or prepared in intricate dishes for demons and their loyal subjects to devour in relish.

Princess Halja started to smells the glowing flowers, admiring their sweet scent. “These flowers, they are so beautiful.”

Prince Bullar picks a glowing flower, saying, “I agree. They are quite very beautiful.”

Princess Halja turns around to face Prince Bullar, as he show his dear princess the flower he picked and pressed for her. He then pins the flower to her patchwork dress, as if it were a bejeweled brooch. “There, perfect! This flower looks beautiful on you my Princess.”

“Heh heh! Thank you my dear!” Princess Halja giggled as she kissed Prince Bullar on his cheek affectionately. Bullar blushed and smiled as Halja got done kissing him.

“You are such a sweetheart my princess.” Bullar said back, wearing a huge smile on his beak.

Right next to Halja, the princess noticed a discarded wicker basket laying down next to a stone bench. She picks up the basket, and gotten ready to ask Bullar a question. “Bullar, my dear....?”

“Yes my Princess?” Bullar wondered, as he lightly scratched his head.

“I was wondering...” Halja started to ask her prince. “What is your favorite type of glowing flower?”

“ favorite type of glowing flowers are.....Peonies!” Bullar replied in happiness. “I love glowing peonies, especially when they come in the colors of red and yellow. I also like glowing lilacs, lilies, tulips, and roses.”

Halja wore a smile on her face, saying, “Glowing peonies are pretty, and they smell great. My favorite type of glowing flowers are glowing lilies, roses, honeysuckles, and gardenias.”

“What are your parents' favorite type of glowing flowers?” Bullar asked in curiosity.

“My parents' favorite type of glowing flowers, are glowing roses, orchids, peonies, tulips and  lilies.” Halja replied as started to eye the glowing flowers all around her. She then started to run over to the nearest peonies and lilies, admiring their beauty and scents.

“Hey, what are you doing my princess?” Bullar asked as Halja sets down her basket, and started to pluck a few peonies here and there.

“I'm going to make a bouquet.” Halja replied, as she started to pluck and gather the peonies.  “I'm going to make a bouquet for you, my prince, and my parents as well.”

Bullar wore a smile on his beak, thinking of the act of kindness that Halja is showing him. “Awww...that is so sweet of you my princess. Thank you.”

“You're welcome.” Halja said back as she started to gather some glowing peonies for her prince.

Halja made sure to be careful to pick the glowing flowers that were only surrounded by other flowers, and not the glowing flowers surrounding various herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. She remembered the time where she did pick the ones growing near the edible plants.


“Hey! Mama Alk! Look at the pretty flowers I picked for you.” Little Halja cheered as she showed Queen Alk her bouquet of flowers.

Then, just as Halja was going to hand Alk the bouquet, they were greeted by a rather displeased looking Lilin. Queen Lilin folded her arms, scowled, and she asked, “Halja....!?”

Halja jumped and yelped in surprise. She hated it when her mothers and father were in a bad mood. From the sound of Lilin's voice, she sounded very disgruntled. “Ummm...what is it....Mama Lilin?”

“Did you pick the glowing stargazer lilies growing around the pumpkin patch?” Lilin asked in a displeased tone of voice.

“Ummmm.....Uhhhhh......” Halja stuttered nervously.

Alk made eye contact with her daughter, telling her in a stern tone of voice, “You better tell the truth here my dear Halja. If you don't, you will be in deep trouble.”

Halja sighed in dismay, as she replied in a glum tone of voice, “Yes Mama Alk....Yes Mama Lilin..... I picked the lilies near the pumpkin patch.”

Lilin started to lecture her daughter on what she did was wrong. “Well, if you want to pick flowers, DO NOT pick the ones growing around herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables.”

Halja felt nervous and confused. “Why not Mama Lilin?”

“Because, those flowers give off a glowing light, to help the vegetation grow.” Lilin explained.

“If you keep picking the glowing flowers near the pumpkins, the pumpkins will wither and die.” Alk added.

“If the pumpkins die, we won't have delicious pumpkin dishes for us to all enjoy.” Lilin added to the discussion. “And then we have to find a new group of irredeemable sinners to use the Alraune dagger on, to make more seeds.”

Halja gasped in shame, as she said, “Oh dear, I am so sorry Mama Alk and Mama Lilin! I'll only pick flowers gathered around other flowers. I just have one favor....”

“What's that our dear little Hel?” Alk pondered.

Tears started to form in Halja's rose eyes, as she sobbed, “Please...Please Mamas (sob) (sniff), don't tell Papa about this. It makes me feel bad when Papa is in a bad mood. WAAAAAAAH! Please Mamas....? “

Alk patted Halja on her head, as she makes eye contact with her daughter, replying, “No, we won't tell our Lord Scratch about this. But let this be a lesson for you.”

“Only pick the flowers surrounding other flowers, not edible plants. Understand Little Hel?” Lilin added.

“I understand Mama Lilin and Mama Alk. I learned my lesson.” Halja snuffled.

Alk wipes the tears from Halja's face, as she kissed her daughter on the cheek, telling her, “It's okay. No matter what happens, we all love you little Hel. Don't ever think other wise”

“(sniff) I love you all too.” Halja said, with a smile forming on her tear stained face. She then hugs her mothers, as they all kiss and make up.


Now, Halja started to pick various flowers for her parents. She picked Tulips for her father, King Scratch, Gardenias for Queen Alk,  Orchids for Queen Lilin, Lilies for Queen Agrat, and Honeysuckles for Queen Namah.

And yet another thought started to come to Halja's mind, as she continued to pick flowers for her parents.


Halja remembers one night, of her father, Scratch, telling her bedtime stories, before the little demon girl's weariness overcame her. Her was reading her the story of a couple fictional raven brothers, named Cayenne and Havill.

“As for Havill's body....peppers and spices with a sweet, mild taste shall be planted within the eight realms. Behold, the miracle that shall take place!” Scratch read from the storybook. “Before every mortal eye, a cyclone of seeds flew and drifted within the eight realms, causing them to spread out across the lands, and landing upon fertile grounds. Within the grounds, plants started to sprout. With flurries of rain and sunshine, new crops appeared, and the face of cuisine was changed forever. There was even a type of hot pepper dubbed after one of the brothers, which was fitting for a plant that gave out a fierce and fiery taste. Now, cuisine across the eight realms have improved for the better... For now, the meals of meat, egg and dairy were forever improved, and more flavorful than ever.”

“What ever happened to the Alraune dagger Papa?” Halja asked.

...As for the Alraune dagger, it was banished to the dark world of Helheim, where it was kept out of reach of mortal hands forevermore. Fin.” Scratch read from the book.

“That was an amazing story.” Halja sighed wearily. “Can you tell me more stories Papa?”

“Maybe tomorrow....” Scratch replied as he tucked his daughter into bed. “But for now, you need to get plenty of rest. For tomorrow, you have to study up for enchanted amulet making. Good night!”

“Good night Papa! (yawn)” Halja said back as her father kissed her on the forehead. There, Halja drifted off to sleep.


A lot of memories of happiness and joy flowed through Princess Halja's young mind. At last, her mind was taken off the nightmare that she had last night, and other nights before. She remembered, that no matter what happened to her, Halja had loved ones, who would do anything to make her happy. She also loved them back in return, and Halja would do anything to make her family, friends, and allies happy. It would break her heart if her loved ones were having a bad day, or had something terrible happened to them.

Halja also had a lot to look forward to tomorrow, as for tomorrow, she was going to be studying two of her favorite subjects. Those subjects being: The care of enchanted creatures, with her tutor, Professor Zozo Christophe.

Halja had quite a fondness for enchanted creatures, as so did Bullar. They didn't mind taking care of enchanted creatures, no matter how hellish and unpredictable they were. The strange enchanted fauna of Helheim has always fascinated both Halja and Bullar, as they were drawn to things that were unusual, powerful and alluring.

But for now, Halja gathered all the flowers for her loved ones in six bouquets, as she prepares to give them to her loved ones as gifts, to remind them that she is grateful for all they have done for her.

However, the troubles were far from over. The royal devil children relished their moments of peace, for little did they know, that for as many friends and allies that are on the sides of Sheol and Niflheim, the two kingdoms also had enemies as well, not just in Helheim, but among mortals as well.

So in the midst of peace, the loyal subjects of both kingdoms would prepare to protect their beloved homelands, and do whatever they can to keep both royal families safe, sound and happy.
Here is chapter three of The Realm of Darkness.

Sorry about the pacing, but I just want to build things up here, as well as to develop the relationships between Halja and Bullar, as well as Halja and her adoptive family.

More chapters coming soon!
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