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Super Monster Girl Sisters: Terra “Tina” Branford


The “Super Smash Bros” series is a trademark of Nintendo co. ltd. Final Fantasy VI is a trademark of Squaresoft (now Square-Enix). I do not own the rights to either series, nor do I plan to make a profit off of them. This story is written just for fun and entertainment, nothing more.

However, I do own the rights to my original universe “Realms of Alerfa” and all of its characters. Maybe if you would ask nicely, you can write fanfics off my works. If you don't ask at all, then prepare to feel my wrath!


Forms and outfits:

Default Form 01: Blonde hair canon Yoshitaka Amano outfit.
Default Form 02: Green hair, FFVI sprite outfit.
Default Form 03: Black and white striped outfit.
Default Form 04: Blue Narshean Princess outfit.
Monster Girl Form 01: Dragonite Lord Alexander (Bahamut Lagoon version)
Monster Girl Form 02: Calcobrina Doll Demon
Monster Girl Form 03: Shiva, The Ice Elemental
Monster Girl Form 04: Buratino Marionette Eidolon
Cos-Play Outfit 01: Sophitia Alexandra from Soulcalibur VI.
Cos-Play Outfit 02: Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII (Yoshitaka Amano version).
Cos-Play Outfit 03: Marle from Chrono Trigger.
Horror Skin: Sorrowful Banshee.
One Winged Angel Form 01: Dragon God Alexander
One Winged Angel Form 02: True Calcobrina
One Winged Angel Form 03: Blood of Bahamut Shiva
One Winged Angel Form 04: Giant Buratino
Clipped Winged Angel Form 01: Alex
Clipped Winged Angel Form 02: Shivie
Clipped Winged Angel Form 03: Calca and Brina
Clipped Winged Angel Form 04: Buratty

Voice Actor (English, Default): Natalie Lander
Voice Actor (English, Lord Alexander): Kirk Thornton
Voice Actor (English, Calcobrina): Megan Hollingshead
Voice Actor (English, Shiva): Lauren Landa
Voice Actor (English, Buratino): Johnny Yong Bosch
Voice Actor (Japanese, Default): Yukari Fukui
Voice Actor (Japanese, Lord Alexander): Masanori Shinohara
Voice Actor (Japanese, Calcobrina): Hitomi Nabatame
Voice Actor (Japanese, Shiva): Takako Honda
Voice Actor (Japanese, Buratino): Makoto Tsumura



Some time has passed since the downfall of Kefka Palazzo, the wicked god of hatred and malice. Despite the disappearance of her friend Celes, Terra returned to Mobliz, and made effort to revive the ruined ghost town into it's former glory.

However, Terra was not quite out of the water of danger, for there were mysterious deaths and disappearance of townsfolk who befriended the former half-Esper maiden. So Terra sets out to investigate.

While planning to investigate the mysterious deaths and disappearances, she was greeted by a regal look stranger, clad in a white royal Empress dress. This woman was out to recruit Terra, telling the maiden that she is a friend, and can be trusted. So Terra went with this strange woman.

But unknown to Terra, this woman was the Evil Empress Yoyo, and had her ulterior motives for recruiting the former half-Esper maiden.


Special Attacks:

Chaotic Current: Draw in nearby foes as you charge your attack, then release a pulse of energy around you. (Can move while casting)

Marksman: Terra enters a charged state after a set amount of time passes without attacking or getting hit by attacks, during which her attacks are enhanced. The timer of her charged state will reset when she attacks.

Trance: Transforms into one of her random Eidolons at will.

Riot Blade: Summons blades of fire to piece through the enemy's defense.

Holy Combo: Conjure five orbs of light. If it hits, follow up by shooting five Flare balls.

Graviga: A magical attack that drains half of the foe's health.

Meteor: Summon meteors that rain down and stun the opponent.

Meltdown: A fire storm spell that hurts both the enemies and the allies. Only use as a last resort.

Flare: A very powerful fire spell. Useful against water/ice elementals.

Ultima: A massive spell that can take down a big group of enemy opponents.


One Winged Angel form attacks:

(Alexander mode)

Heaven's Rage: Causes massive holy elemental damage to a group of enemies.

Heaven's Judgment: A holy elemental attack that works similar to Kefka's “Ray of Judgment
in FFVI”.

Refresh: Can heal allies and purify cursed lands.

Randomizer: Causes random status ailments on opponents.

Exorcism: A spell that classifies as a one hit kill attack. Works only against one foe at a time.

Wrath of the Divine Dragons: Summons a random Divine Dragon from the realm of Altair.

Sleep: Puts enemies to sleep, leaving them open for magical attacks.

(Shiva Mode)

Entice: A spell used to charm enemies, having them work on the ally's side.

Icy Stare: Deals ice damage to one enemy.

Diamond Dust: Deal ice damage to a huge group of enemies.

Freeze Ray: Causes a ray to freeze a foe in his/her place, leaving the foe temporarily paralyzed.

Asper: Drains magic from enemies to heal her own magical energy.

Frost breath: The power to freeze lands, and make a season turn to winter.

(Calcobrina Mode)

Calca and Brina Army: Can summon an army of Calca and Brina dolls to take down a group of enemy opponents.

Glance: Causes a single enemy to become confused.

Piercing Laser: A counter attack to magical spells, causing great damage to the spell caster.

Bio Mist: Summons a toxic mist, to poison a group of opponents.

Star Prism: Summons a flash of falling stars against one enemy, killing them in one hit.

(Buratino Mode)

Tricky Strings: Gets enemies tangled in his enchanted puppet strings, slowing down their attacks.

Chaos Trees: Summons a group of tree monsters to attack the enemy opponents. Has 50/50 chance of poisoning an enemy.

Metamorphosis: Can transform a single enemy opponent into either a healing item, or an offensive attack item.

Gold Rain: Summons a rain of gold coins, distracting the opponents from attacking.

Emerald Light: Castes reflect on allies, protecting them from magical/elemental attacks.

Teleport: Can help evacuate allies from battle. Used only in emergency situations.

Double Vision: Creates clones of ally opponents, deceiving foes in the process.


Clipped Winged Angel form attacks:

(Alex mode)

Uni Black Magic: Castes random offensive spells, varying in damage.

Uni White Magic: Castes random healing spells, sometimes, not only healing allies, but also enemies as well.

(Shivie Mode)

Uni Ice Magic: Castes random ice elemental spells, varying in damage.

Uni Status Magic: Castes random status spells against enemies. Some are more dangerous than others..

(Calca and Brina Mode)

Jive: Random Geomancer like dance attacks, casting spells in tune with the environment they are in.

Reggae Dance: Slight more powerful dance attacks, but also can be very unpredictable as well.

Fright Dance: Offensive dance attacks. Incapable of healing and defensive elements.

(Buratty Mode)

Little Green Sprouts: Summons a group of living sprouts to attack enemies.

Leaf Shield: Summons a barrier of enchanted leaves to protect one ally.

Sword Snout: Buratty's nose grows, acting like a wooden sword attached to his face.

Crocodile Tears: Cries fake tears to make opponents weak.

Kappa Song: Turns enemies into Kappa sprites. Has 50/50 chance of backfiring.



Terra is one of the first characters who not only takes on the form of summon monsters, but also, each summon monster/Eidolon form has his or her own unique personality to go with them. Prior to Terra's introduction, others characters, both original and canon characters, keep their own canon personalities intact while in monster form.

Calco and Brina's attacks are inspired by the Mini-Devil various dance attacks from Bahamut Lagoon.

When an Eidolon's personality shows through while in human form, Terra's eyes turn different colors.

With Alexander's personality, Terra's eyes become amber yellow.

With Shiva's personality, Terra's eyes become a light shade of blue.

With Calcobrina's personality, Terra's eyes become pitch black.

With Buratino's personality, Terra's eyes turn a hazel green.

Terra's middle name and nickname is Tina, which is a shout out to her canon Japanese name in FFVI.
Yes, here is anotehr FFVI character.
Now, it is Terra's turn to shine.

TBH, I liked her character concept in game, much more than her execution.
So, I'm trying to actually do something with Terra's character, making her much more than a MacGuffin plot device that she came off as in FFVI.

She make a brief appearances in "The Realm of Eternal Frost", and will appear in a future crossover that intertwines with the story that I am currently writing.
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(ROFL) Yeah baby!

Also, unlike FF characters like Gilbert and Rinoa, who are dead on arrival, Terra can be salvaged, and become a more interesting character with consistent writing.
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I agree!

Oh, and Silvino is a well rounded magic knight character much like Terra and Celes. If Silvino had an ability, it would transform him into a Super Sailor Moon-esque super mode form with a hairstyle looking like a pine tree with his butterfly clip on top, a pine tree dress with berries and flowers all over it, and his muscular legs wrapped with vines as well as brown boots with daisies. Stats will get a boost and will give Terra's Trance a run for its money.
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Also, unlike a lot of fic authors, who kill off characters they hate, especially wasted potential characters, I try to salvage the wasted potential characters, and fix their execution.
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