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Super Monster Girl Sisters: Link, the Hero of Time


The “Super Smash Bros” and “The Legend of Zelda” series is a trademark of Nintendo co. ltd. I do not own the rights to either series, nor do I plan to make a profit off of them. This story is written just for fun and entertainment, nothing more.

However, I do own the rights to my original universe “Realms of Alerfa” and all of its characters. Maybe if you would ask nicely, you can write fanfics off my works. If you don't ask at all, then prepare to feel my wrath!


Forms and outfits:

Default Form 01: Breath of the Wild outfit.
Default Form 02: Hyrule Warriors outfit.
Default Form 03: Famicom/NES style Link.
Default Form 04: Ocarina of Time outfit.
Default Form 05: Red Tunic.
Default Form 06: Blue Tunic.
Default Form 07: Shirtless Twilight Princess outfit.
Monster Guy Form 01: Goron Link.
Monster Guy Form 02: Zora Link.
Monster Guy Form 03: Deku Scrub Link.
Monster Guy Form 04: Wood Dragonite Link.
Cos-Play Outfit 01: Jen the Gelfling from “The Dark Crystal”.
Cos-Play Outfit 02: Legolas from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Nightmare Mode: Werewolf Link.
One Winged Angel Form 01: Fierce Deity Link
One Winged Angel Form 02: Dragon Deity Link
One Winged Angel Form 03: Liquid Green Gold Link
Clipped Winged Angel Form 01: Imp
Clipped Winged Angel Form 02: Uni Uni Dragon
Clipped Winged Angel Form 03: Green Slime

Voice Actor (English): Johnny Yong Bosch
Voice Actor (Japanese): Kengo Takanashi



After the events of Ocarina of Time, Princess Zelda and her seven sages put a seal over Ganondorf. After Ganondorf was sealed away, Zelda sent Link back to the past, so he can live a normal life once more.

However, over time, the seal faded away, and history was about to repeat.

On that tragic day, Link vowed to avenge Princess Zelda, who died in his arms as he tried in vain to rescue her. However, Ganon was more powerful than ever. Now, Link himself was no match for the dark lord, as the dark lord slayed the Hero of Time, taking the Triforce from the Hyrule duo.

After the fall of Hyrule, Link's soul was reborn once again, but this time, he was reborn in a whole new world, starting life a new once more.

In his reborn life, Link was now reborn in the dragon world of Dragnar, on a Ljosalfar settlement of Thoola. He has a twin sister named Aryll, and lived with his paternal grandparents. Aryll admires her twin brother, and loves to be his sparring partner whenever he is doing weapon training.

One fateful day, a couple twin warrior deities came to visit Link and Aryll in the middle of sparring. The warrior deities told the Ljosalfar twins the news of their father being possibly alive, as well as the whereabouts of Zelda after she was reincarnated. There, the twin deities gave Link and Aryll an invitation to the new inter-dimensional tournament, as a test for them to try out their new skills, as well as finding answers to mysterious questions about their past, their present, and their future.


Special Attacks:

Bow: Link uses a bow and arrow, which he uses to fire at his opponent.

Boomerang: Link throws a boomerang at his opponent.

Spin Attack: Link wields his sword in a spinning fashion. The opponent gets knocked away if they get too close.

Bomb Throw: Link takes out a bomb and throws it at the opponent. It explodes on contact.

Gale Boomerang: Link throws a boomerang, which creates a small tornado when it returns to him. The tornado stuns the opponent, leaving them for a free hit.

Goron Pound: Pounds the ground with full force. Goron form only.

Goron Roll: Rolls into a ball and travels around, like a loose wheel free from a wagon. Goron form only.

Goron Punch: A punch packed with superhuman strength. Goron form only.

Electric Barrier: Summons a barrier of electricity to protect himself from foes. Zora form only.

Fin Boomerangs: Summons boomerangs from his body to throw at opponents. Zora form only.

Aqua Lungs: The ability to breathe underwater, and swim with ease. Zora form only.

Deku nut launcher: The ability to spit Deku nuts from the mouth, stunning enemy opponents. Deku Scrub form only.

Hovering Flowers: Can burrow underground, and be launched high  into the air, hovering down as if he wore a parachute. Deku Scrub form only.

Water Skipping: Can skip over water, but he can only use so much energy at once. Deku Scrub form only.


One Winged Angel form attacks:

Fierce Deity Blade (Fierce Deity Link): Summons a sword of pure light to strike down foes. Especially handy against foes of the darkness element.

Freyja's Love (Fierce Deity Link): Summons a barrier to reflect black magic spells and ammunition attacks. Does not block physical attacts.

Freyr's Flame (Fierce Deity Link): Summons a burst of flames to burn down both opponents and obstacles. Can also light up darkened rooms as well.

Venus' Light (Fierce Deity Link): A light that evokes Venus, Queen of the Great Fairies. Can heal Link and his allies.

Sacred Wood Barrier (Dragon Deity Link): Summons a barrier of plants from the sacred world tree to protect Link from physical and ammo attacks. Can also be used as a launching weapon as well. Foes of the metal element are weak against this attack.

Venom Breath (Dragon Deity Link): Can breath a toxic mist, poisoning all enemy opponents.

Vine Snare (Dragon Deity Link): Can summon a group of vines trapping the foes in place.

Tail Whip (Dragon Deity Link): Lunges his tail at foes, whipping them around the place.

Magic Pow Fist (Liquid Green Gold Link): Uses magical energy to transform into a giant metal fist, to elementally punch an enemy opponent with full force.

Metal Snare (Liquid Green Gold Link): Transforms into a metal hole to swallow the enemy. 50/50 Chance of an instant KO attack.

Holy Gold Arrows (Liquid Green Gold Link): Shoots a flurry of holy elemental arrows out of her metallic body. Useful against dark elementals and un-dead foes.

Magic Pow Edge (Liquid Green Gold Link): Transforms into a giant sword, as it plummets down on an enemy opponent, creating shock waves as it stabs the ground.


Clipped Winged Angel form attacks:

Hat Slap (Imp): Hat becomes a giant hand that constantly slaps the opponent. Can cause confusion.

Imp Army (Imp): Imp Link summons imp clones of himelf to take down the opponent.

Faerie Flurry (Imp): Summons a flurries of faeries to heal himself and his allies.

Venom needles (Imp): Shoots a bunch of needles at an enemy opponent. Can cause the enemies to become poisoned.

Uni Magic (Uni Uni Dragon): Gives himself and other mages to use neutral elemental magic spells.

Uni Blast (Uni Uni Dragon): Gives himself and gunner classes the ability to use neutral elemental ammunition.

Uni Blade (Uni Uni Dragon): Gives himself and blade users the ability to use bladed weapons of neutral elements.

Uni Summon (Uni Uni Dragons): Gives summoners a bizarre version of their summoned spirits.

Bio Shock (Green Slime): Summons globs of toxic slime and electricity to both shock and poison enemy opponents.

Goo Barrier (Green Slime): Shoots a barrier of green slime at opponents, temporarily paralyzing them.

Chaos Mist (Green Slime): Spews a smokey mist at foes, confusing them in the process.

Asper (Green Slime): Drains the magical energy from foes, healing Link's magical energy in the process.



Link and Zelda's story arc in Super Monster Girl Sisters, was inspired by the downfall story arc of the canon Legend of Zelda series, beginning with both Link and Zelda being slayed and reincarnated.

Link's sister, Aryll, returns from The Wind Waker, this time, in this universe, she is Link's twin sister.

Aryll takes the role of Link's female half, Linkle, from Hyrule Warriors. She is an Echo Fighter counterpart to her twin brother, with similar attacks, forms and moves.
Guess what everyone?

I'm back to writing again! WOOT WOOT!

Sorry to keep you guys hanging, but I decide to make profiles for both my OCs and canon game characters for my original story x fanfic crossovers.

Here is Link from the Legend of Zelda.
For now, I am practicing with fan fiction, before I decide to go world build my RoA universe, since I had writer's block for lord knows how long.
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I had artist block for a while, but mostly because I was with my dad for Christmas vacation. Tomorrow I'll be redesigning my villains and even add a brand new one.
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It is written, only Link can defeat Ganon!
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