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Chapter Five: A Long Farewell

Illya got ready to leave his house, to get some much needed fresh air, after doing chores around his house. “Oh man! What wonderful weather today. There is also a nice breeze. What a relief!”

Little did Illya know, that he was going to come across an unexpected visitor once he stepped outside his house.

The visitor was a cloaked figure, with long blonde hair that poured out from his hood, fiery red eyes, and wore a wicked grin on his androgynous visage. Illya was a little alarmed at this figure, but he did everything he could to stay calm.

“Are you Illya Unsenko?” The cloaked man asked the young cherub.

Illya's eyes on all three of his faces widened in alarm, as he replied with, “How did you know my name sir? Who are you anyways?”

“My name is Loki....Loki Hrimthung....” The cloak figure replied, smiling. “I am a messenger from Walhalla kingdom in the northern country of Asgard.”

“What brings you here...Ummm...Sir Loki?” Illya asked nervously.

Loki laughed for a little bit, before replying with, “Oh ho ho ho....!Oh, don't you know? Your precious King Heylel is looking for new recruits to fight the upcoming war in Godheim....Someone has been causing a ruckus in this world of”

“WAIT!? WHAT?” Illya cried out in horror. His stomach started to knot up like a fist, it was quite a painful feeling for the young cherub. “There is a war on the horizon? You oughta be kidding me!”

Loki shook his head, as he said back, “No, I'm dead serious. Someone in Godheim is causing trouble, stirring up foul relationships between gods and angels alike.”

Illya now didn't know what to think. Illya wanted to fight for his homeland, and to win favor with King Heylel of Paradise Kingdom. But at the same time, he felt bad about leaving his family behind. Illya was torn, but he had to make a decision as soon as possible. He couldn't leave Loki hanging like this.

“Well, what do you say Illya....?” Loki asked impatiently. “Are you going to join Heylel's army, and make your king proud? Or....are you going to chicken out? Please, answer me Illya.”

“Well....Ummmm.....” Illya stutters nervously. His body felt like it was transforming into a quivering mass of nerves.

“Come on Illya, I don't got all day.” Loki said in a disgruntled tone of voice. “Do you want a happy King Heylel? Or a disappointed King Heylel?”

Illya gains his senses back, replying with, “I WANT A HAPPY KING HEYLEL DAMN IT! I'm going to fight for our king!”

Loki was a little stunned with Illya regaining his senses so quickly, as well as being pleased with the cherub's youthful determination to protect his homeland. Loki laughed, as he said, “Very good choice Illya my boy! But first, aren't you going to say goodbye to your family?”

Illya bowed his head down, saying somberly, “Yes, I shall bid my family farewell.”

“Very well then.” Loki said, as he transformed into a falcon right before Illya's eyes on all three faces. As Loki got ready to fly off, he said to the boy, “I shall take off now. I'm sure Heylel will be proud to have you in his army.”

As Loki took off, Illya groaned in sadness, as he got ready to tell his family of the news Loki brought to him.


When Illya headed back inside, he was greeted by his mother Elena, who wore an expression of sadness on all three of her faces. She then said to Illya solemnly, “I heard everything that man told you. Come....come inside my son. It's best that you say your goodbyes to not only me, but to your father Yury, and little Zlata.”

“Y...yes mother.” Illya said sadly, as he headed inside to see his whole family for what could be his last time in his young life.

Illya went inside with his mother, where he was greeted by his father and sister.

Father Yury was the first to speak. “So my have been chosen to serve in the king's army in this war that is about to happen soon?”

Illya bowed his head down in sadness, replying with, “Y....yes...I am going to serve in the king's army.”

Little Zlata eyes on all three of her faces started to tear up, as the little cherub girl was on the verge of crying in sorrow. “No brother! This can't be true! Please....Don't leave us!”

Illya knelt down in front of Zlata, rubbing the top of her head playfully, saying as calmly as he could, “Yes, I will leave you for now. But who knows? Maybe I'll come back home from the war, and keep you company little one.”

“Oh thank you brother! (Sniff) (sniff)” Zlata sobbed softly, as she gave her brother a hug. “I know you will keep your promise. You are the best brother a kid can hope for.”

“You're welcome dear Zlata. I love you dearly.” Illya said, trying hard to fight back tears.

“I love you too my son!” Father Yury said, as Illya now came to hug his dear father.

“I'll make you proud father....I promise.” Illya replied, with a few tears trickling down his eyes on all three faces.

“Please come back home safely when the war is over!” Mother Elena said, as she was on the verge of breaking down crying.

Illya went over to his mother, gave her a kiss on all three of her foreheads, saying back as calmly as he could, “I'll will try to make it home safely after the war....I promise!”

Illya took his prized belongings, his weapons of choice, and the lunch his mother packed for him in his lunchbox, as he got ready to leave to the grand palace of paradise. “Farewell my beloved family! I'll will make you all proud. I shall now let you guys down, ever! Good bye.

As Illya spreads his wings, and flew away out of site, his family huddled around each other, crying all their eyes out. All they could do, is pray for Illya's safety, and that he will make it home alive and wll after the war.


A revolt was on the horizon. All the rebel gods and angels huddled around the palace of Paradise started to prepare for battle. The divine song maidens and minstrels huddled together, performing enchanted music to boost the strength, courage and power of their fellow armies. The armies consisted of both physical warriors, and magical sorcerers, all working together to take down those who oppose them.

In the crowd, Illya landed down to safety, as he now started to blend in with the divine army of King Heylel. Illya felt rather uneasy, but he had to make his king happy. It would break his heart if something horrible happened to King Heylel and his beloved kingdom.

King Heylel himself tried to stay as calm as he could, so he can give out orders and battle tactics to his fellow army.

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen, warriors and sorcerers! It is about time we fight against the elder gods, for our supremacy of the heavens and  the lands below!” Heylel shouted out to his fellow armies. “We shall show these elder gods who's boss and wipe them off the face of Godheim! Are you with me?”

“YAAAAAAAAAH! WE ARE WITH YOOOOOOOU!” The army cheered in unison, including the new recruit Illya, as everyone in Paradise made preparations for battle.

In the crowd of Heylel's army, Loki stood there, feeling calm, yet smug about what was going to unfold. “Ah yes, the mad king of Paradise....causing chaos to those who oppose him. I can't wait to see this situation unfold before my eyes. Keh heh heh heh!”

Illya and his fellow warriors made preparations for the upcoming battles that were about to take place. All Illya can hope for, is to succeed, and make his homeland happy. He couldn't afford to let down the ones he loved. So Illya blended in with his fellow troops, as the first battle was about to take place in the Light World of Godheim.
At last, I finally got around to writing chapter five of this side story.

This is going to be a rather emotional one indeed. 

Illya has to leave his beloved family behind, to protect his homeland from this alleged traitor of the gods.
All Illya can hope for, is to make it out alive and well, being able to see his family once again.
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HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
He's the chosen one!!
Boschian-Fantasies Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Student General Artist
Yes indeed.
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure, all 10 Courageous Lynxes are the ones that will save the world and Catalina is the leader, but the true chosen one is Silvino, Catalina's adopted son. After all, he is the founder, and the descendant of the man who saved his home planet from invading Pudelupoids. 
Boschian-Fantasies Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Student General Artist
I like your story here. You are a great writer.
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!! :D

Oh, and to be specific, Silvino is the founder of the modern Courageous Lynxes that started a few months after his 18th birthday (1988) and the first to be founded in Earth. :)
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