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Dai-Rantou Monster Musume Sisters Fusions: Gun Valkyrie Sigrun Alm



Fusion type: Chozo Devil Bird x Samjok-o Frost Raven

Gender: Female

The Number of Fusions: Two people

Character 01: Mist Elmbarn (Original Realms of Alerfa series)

Character 02: Samus Aran (Metroid, Super Smash Bros series)

Main Elements: Darkness, Ice, and Metal.

Class: Elemental Gunner.

Strengths: Can use elemental ammo, Can fly, Has superhuman speed, has a huge arsenal of weapons, Has a high tolerance to colder weather.

Weaknesses: Weak against intense heat, Weak against the Fire element, Weak against the Wood element, Weak against Holy Water.  


Outfits and Forms:

Default Outfit 01: Blue Valkyrie Armor.

Default Outfit 02: Holy Valkyrie Armor.

Default Outfit 03: Dark Valkyrie Armor.

Default Outfit 04: Gunner Bikini.

Default Outfit 05: Gunner Catsuit.

Cos-Play Outfit 01: Sailor V from “Codename: Sailor V”.

Cos-Play Outfit 02: Elysium from “Soul Calibur V”.

Cos-Play Outfit 03: Morrigan Aensland from “Darkstalkers”/”Vampire” series.

Monstrous Fusion Form 01:  Seraphim/Devil Bird hybrid.

Monstrous Fusion Form 02: Ultimate Metroid.

Monstrous Fusion Form 03: Holy Dragon/Helheim Dragon hybrid.


English Voice:  Erin Fitzgerald

Japanese Voice: Ryoko Shirashi


Sigrun is a unique type of Valkyrie, a product of a frost elemental angel, and a darkness elemental devil bird fusing with one another. Since Sigrun is half angel, half demon, she carries both the strengths and weaknesses of both beings.

For example, Sigrun has both holy and darkness attacks in her gunner arsenal, though the catch is, items like holy water and certain types of shade elemental attacks. Sigrun is also weak against wood elemental attacks, fire and intense heat. However, the elements of metal, ice and water heals Sigrun, due to the fact that both Samus and Mist have some ice elemental powers within them.

Despite being half angel, half demon, Sigrun is the more mentally, and spiritually stable,. Though to be fair, Sigrun has been known to get rather hostile when the Valkyrie herself, or the people she loves, gets threatened and hurt. So behave yourself, or face her wraith!
Hoorah! My first OC/Canon fusion profile is finally complete!

It's about time I wrote a profile on this monster girl fusion. I enjoyed writing this, as well as drawing the character a lot.
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
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