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Eir Gullmannen by Boschian-Fantasies Eir Gullmannen by Boschian-Fantasies

Name: Eir Gullmannen

Alias: N/A

Age: 19 (Earth Reckoning)

Race: Samjok-o (Snowy owl clan)

Homeworld/Birthplace: Asgard

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5”

Weight: 139 lbs

Hair: Violet
Eyes: Green

Class: Valkyrie/High Priest

Element: Holy

Ambition: To help the sick and the injured, to train other magic using Valkyries like herself

Weapons: Bows and Arrows, Crossbows

Abilities: Can use healing magic, can use holy elemental magic, can purify toxic objects and lands

Likes: Mist, Balder, Hodur, Her fellow Valkyries, Helping others in need

Dislikes: Injustice, Being betrayed, Bad weather, Mushrooms

Strengths: Empathetic, Caring, Sisterly, Selfless, Skilled at healing and white magic, Hard working

Weaknesses: Can't swim, Overly trusting of others, Naive, Overly emotional, Hates being alone

Mistress: Frigga Vatam
Master: Odinn Vatam

Sworn older brother: Thor Vatam

Sworn older brother: Balder Vatam

Sworn younger brother: Hodur Vatam
Sworn younger sister: Mist Elmbarn

A well experienced healer and white magic user, Eir Gullmannen is a Valkyrie to be reckoned with. Though she tries to be as kind and caring to others as much as she can, Eir is also known to struggle with distrusting others, as well as having a bad habit of letting her emotions get the best of her in sticky situations. But luckily, her sworn siblings and fellow Valkyrie healers are there for her in times of need.

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September 25, 2017
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