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The “Super Smash Bros” series and “Super Mario Galaxy”, is a trademark of Nintendo co. ltd. I do not own the rights to either series, nor do I plan to make a profit off of them. This story is written just for fun and entertainment, nothing more.

However, I do own the rights to my original universe “Realms of Alerfa” and all of its characters. Maybe if you would ask nicely, you can write fanfics off my works. If you don't ask at all, then prepare to feel my wrath!


Story Three: No More Miss Nice Gal! (Rosalina) (Part One)

Oh no, not again! NOT AGAIN! WAAAAAAH!

Someone has taken advantage of my kindness and hospitality yet again...


Oh Mother.....why did this have to happen, AGAIN? I thought I was much smarter than that. HUMPH!


It began one day, when a group of what appeared to be space bears came to my Comet Observatory. They seemed to look innocent enough, but oh boy, I learned the hard way that looks can be very deceiving.

The leader of the space bears, was a pudgy blue space bear named Dobbles. Dobbles has a short, yet corpulent figure, has a light blue beard alongside his darker blue beard. He wore a space fedora, and a skin tight body stocking in the shades of orange, red and yellow. He also wore some oval shaped hipster glasses. He was quite an odd sight to behold, but he wasn't the only space bear to stop by to see me.

There was a female space bear with red hair and dull orange fur, who dressed in a yellow skin tight outfit and wore a blue and white bandanna on her head. Her name is Alex, and she is the second command of Dobbles' crew.

Then there was another female space bear, with black hair and brown fur. She wore an orange headband, a tight white bustier-like top, tight black leather pants, and opened toe pirate boots. Her name is Altea, and she claims to have a crush on Alex, much to Alex's chagrin.

Then there was a male space bear, who goes by the name of Sammy. He was a yellow space bear with light orange hair and fur, a yellow bandanna, a pink and white striped shirt, and wore a pair of light blue denim jeans.

Then there was a space bear named Peggy Stu, who is the uncle of Alex. He was an odd space bear, with orange hair and beard, yellow fur, red bandanna, a red trench coat, and had hooks and pegs for hands and feet. How he got! I was respectful, and decided not to bring that subject up.

Last, and of course, least, there was some sort of strange talking bobcat named Tallow. Tallow has tan fur and hair, and wore an outfit consisting of a teal T-shirt with a dark blue exclamation mark on it, A dark bluish-green vest, and dark blue denim shorts. He was quite a chatty little thing indeed.

“Hello young miss....” Dobbles said to me as he bowed and took off his fedora. “I am Captain Dobbles, and this is my crew. Meet Alex, Altea, Peggy Stu, Sammy and Tallow. What might your name be?”

“Ummm, my name is Rosalina.” I stuttered back at them. Normally, I'm not the overly talkative type, but I try to be kind and polite to many that come across my Comet Observatory. My mother has taught me well with showing manners to others.

“We got lost in space, and our ship isn't working well.” Alex explained to me.

“Do you mind if we stay at your Observatory, and repair our ship?” Dobbles asked.

“I don't see why not.” I replied, with a small smile forming on my face.

But little did I know what Dobbles and his crew had up their sleeves. If only I knew, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.


It was time for my Lumas and I to go to bed and get some rest, or so we thought. However, there was loud, booming music shaking and rattling my Comet Observatory. It was so loud, my house rattled, and we couldn't get any rest.

“UNGH! Now what?” I grumbled to myself, as I was super tired, but just couldn't get any peace and quiet around my place. My own place!

“Mama Rosa! Mama Rosa!” Polari, the black Luma cried out, as he came storming into my room. “It's horrible! WAAAAAAAAH!”

“Oh boy...” I sighed as I tried to stay calm about the ruckus that was going on. “What are Dobbles and his crew up to?”

“It's horrible Mama Rosa!” Polari cried out. “Those bums are eating us out of house, and trashing our place! Hurry! We oughta stop them Mama!”

I nodded my head back, as my Lumas gathered around me, as I said in a frustrated tone of voice, “Very well. These bums have outstayed their welcome. I have no other choice than to throw them out.”


I was angry and outraged at what I saw happen to my Comet observatory.

There were no crumbs of food left, the place was a hot mess, with books thrown all over the place and malfunctioning machinery giving out sparks. Oh, but that was only the surface of the black hole.

As I entered the room where the music was the loudest, I saw a sight that infuriated me. Dobbles and all his crew, were raiding my belongings and wearing all my clothing without my permission. The thing that angered me the most, was, that, a lot of those clothes and belongings were hand me downs from my beloved late mother. I bet my mother would be furious at these bums and throw them out with the bath water. But alas, it was just my Lumas and I dealing with these space bums.

I went over to the stereo, turned off their music, and started to read them the riot act. “What is the meaning of all this? What has gotten into guys? It's not right to trash people's homes!”

Dobbles bowed his head, giggled wickedly, and said, “Oh, looks like we let the cat outta the bag. We are actually Space Pirates from the world of Fornella. It's our goal to take over as many realms as we can. And well.....”

I gasped in shock and rage. “You're.....SPACE PIRATES!?”

“Yes indeed.” Alex added with a huge grin on her bruin face.

“Aren't we such wonderful actors and actresses!?” Altea asked in a condescending tone of voice. “We're so great at acting, we are too good for stage drama. Ah ha ha ha ha!”

“Oh, and your food was delicious! Yum Yum!” Tallow taunted, as my face flushed red with anger. “So much better than pineapples and cheese!”

“!” I growled in fury.

Dobbles puts his hands up, as he was ready to explain yet another thing to me (groan). “Well well, my lady Rosalina, we have a proposition to make.”

Oh boy, I was so not in the mood to listen to anymore of these space pirate bears' nonsense. They took advantage of my kindness and trust, that I didn't care to listen to what they had to say. “Just leave my house....PLEASE?”

“We will leave, if you accept out proposition.” Alex said with a sleazy grin on her face.

Dobbles cleared his throat, as he explained the proposition to me. “Our proposition, is that you join are space pirate crew, and we will reward with riches and valuables beyond your wildest imagination.”

“We will make your dreams come true.” Altea added. “We promise!”

“So, what do you say my lady?” Peggy Stu asked. “Ya wanna join us?”

Just before I can reject their proposal, I heard a couple familiar voices yell at these space pirates in a thick, Italian accent. What a sound for bleeding ears.

“Mamma Mia! Leave-a that lady alone-a!” A familiar voice rang out, as a group of fireballs landed on Dobble's rump, making him run around my domain like a headless bird.

In the nearest window, my old friends, Mario and Luigi came, to bail me out, as well as teaching those rotten space pirate bears a harsh lesson for raiding my home and trashing it to pieces.

I ran up to Mario and Luigi, crying out in relief. “Mario! Luigi! I'm glad you two came!”

“No-a problem, Lady Rosalina!” Mario said in a chipper tone of voice.

“Come-a on with-a us, Rosalina. You-a come-a back with us to a Starship Mario!” Luigi added energetically. “It's not safe here, now that the space pirate bears raided your place.

As the fire was put out on Captain Dobbles by his crew, the space bear captain shot an angry, disgusted look at us, as he snarled, “Oh ho ho....You may have won this time Mario Bros! But this won't be the last time you will see me and my crew. We will be back.....WITH A VENGEANCE!”

My Lumas and I followed Mario and Luigi over to the Starship Mario. Not once did we look back at my wrecked Comet Observatory. I didn't even know if the space pirate bears were following us. All my Lumas and I knew, is that we were safe on the Starship Mario, as it was now our home.


I went over to a corner of the ship, as I huddled up in a ball, and started to cry my eyes out over what just happened. “WAAAAAAH! How could I've been so idiotic to be trusting of those space bears! I feel stupid! And....and.....(sob)(whimper)”

Mario and Luigi noticed me crying in a corner, and hearing me rant out loud to myself. Luigi was the first to speak, as he places his hand on my shoulder, and said reassuringly, “Don't feel-a bad Rosalina. It is a not your a fault.”

“Those space a pirate bears tricked a us as well.” Mario added. “So you are a not alone.”

My eyes widened with shock, as I heard Mario and Luigi tell their stories of their encounters with Dobbles and his crew. “Really? They tricked you guys too?”

“Yes a indeed.” Mario said as he and Luigi started to tell me of their encounter with the space pirate bears.


“It all a started with Dobbles and his a crew trying to win an audience at the a mushroom kingdom, within a Princess Peach's palace. They seemed a very harmless and unassuming. We a didn't a know about Dobbles' true intentions. Neither did Princessa Peach.” Mario started to explain.

“But then a outta the blue, while we were resting up in Peach's a palace. We received the news that Dobbles and his crew has kidnapped Princess Peach, and ransack-a Mushroom Kingdom.” Luigi added.

“And if that wasn't a enough.....” Mario explained in a glum tone of voice, as he hung his head down somberly. “We received the a horrible news of a Princessa Daisy being kidnapped by those same space pirate-a bears....”

I hung my head down in dismay, but at the same time, felt relieved that I was not alone with being tricked by Dobbles and his crew of space pirate bears. They really were much more trickier and deceptive than I even imagined. It was a strange and eerie co-incidence indeed.

“That is strange.” I said in a somewhat calmer tone of voice, as I found myself crying a little less. “I'd thought it would be King Bowser Koopa that would kidnap Peach. But this is just a whole different matter we are dealing with, it seems like.”

“That is a very a odd.” Luigi replied. “Bowser was not heard of when this tragedy took place.”

“That is very odd indeed.” I said, feeling a little uneasy. Then, another question has come to mind. “Say, where is the Spaceship Mario heading to? Where is our new destination?”

“Well, to make a long a story short....” Mario started to explain. “We received some invitations from beings from the other world kingdoms of Walhalla and Niflheim....”

“These invitations are a for us to join a The Inter-Dimensional Emissary.” Luigi interrupted. “It is a said by these a beings, that they are gonna help us save a Peach and a Daisy, and restore their a kingdoms.”

“Ah yes! I've heard of The Inter-Dimensional Emissary.” I said back to the Italian plumbers. “That is a very prestigious tournament realm, where various magical abilities and skills are tested. I never knew that this would be the day, that we will join the tournament.”

Ah yes....a new future shall unfold for not only the Lumas and I, but for Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and other friends that helped us on our various adventures. I am excited, yet to be honest, a little nervous at the same time.

But if being within The Inter-Dimensional Emissary would help us save Peach and Daisy, as well as restore their kingdoms, then I am more than happy to join the tournament, and learn new things along the way. I've even more relieved that I won't be alone on this journey, as not only my friends and Lumas have my back, but these being of Walhalla and Niflheim will have our backs as well.

So here is the beginning of a new adventure....
Now onto story three!

Here is Rosalina and Luma's story for why they are joing the Dai-rantou tournament with their allies Mario and Luigi.
There is some obvious take that references when it came to these fan character villains.
Can you guess what and who they are all a "Take That" trope too?
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HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What could possibly go wrong with someone based on none other than Bubsy? EVERYTHING.

And, is Mr. Don't Call Anybody himself referenced too?
Boschian-Fantasies Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Student General Artist
(LOL) Are you referring to Andrew Dobson?
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know the name and what he does, but most of the things he said are unknown to me, so I honestly didn't get the joke here.

But what I DO know, is that Princess Daisy was kidnapped by Tatanga in Super Mario Land, because I've played it.
Boschian-Fantasies Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Student General Artist
Look up Tom Preston on Encyclopedia Dramatica and Kiwi Farms forums. They will explain his exploits of being a virgin sadcow.
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I will, right now!

As a virgin, I can acknowledge the fact that people like Tom Preston and Chris Chan gives us proud male virgins a bad name.
Boschian-Fantasies Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Student General Artist
I agree.

Nothing wrong with being a virgin, just I wish some people would stop being whinging crybabies about it.
Either stay celibate or do something about it.

Hell, I've been celibate for years. I don't see what the big deal is with the lonely sadcows.
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