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Bahamut Lagoon is a trademark of Squaresoft, now known as Square-Enix. I do not plan to make a profit off of this, nor do I own these fine franchises. This is for entertainment purposes only.

HOORAY! A male character gets the spotlight now, as well as an obscure Japan only JRPG getting some well deserved love! It's about time, huh?

At the request of people who never heard of this JRPG, I will put some links on here, so you can learn more about Bahamut Lagoon:

Fantasy Anime's link:…

RPGClassic's link:…

Hope those are some help to you all unfamiliar with Bahamut Lagoon. Thank you for this suggestion!


Story Four: The Atoner of Orelus (Byuu) (Part One)

It was over....It was finally over at last.... I thought.

We have finally defeated Lord Alexander, the dragon god ruler of Altair, but our troubles were far from over.


“What are we going to do now!?” My warlock companion, Sendak, cried out in horror. “Lord Alexander is about to revive once more! We need to do something!”

Empress Yoyo raised her hands up into the air, as she said out loud, “It's going to be okay everyone! Just leave it up to me.”

“My Lady Yoyo!” A knight named Palpaleos exclaimed in shock, as he ends up joining us to help out his lover Yoyo.

“Oh Palpaleos, My love!” Yoyo cried out. “Sendak, Matelite, everyone of Orelus! Give me your power, and your strength!”

I was rather hesitant to help Yoyo, since she double crossed me with cheating on me with Palpaleos. I don't know if I can trust her anymore. (Sigh)

“Byuu....please! Help me out!” Yoyo commanded. “I need your help as well.”

“Hmmm....very well....” I thought to myself as I approached the Empress.

As I approached her, Yoyo spoke to me a little more. “I know you have sour opinions of me Byuu....I make you feel awkward when I am around you....And I understand that completely....”

I totally fought the urge to roll my eyes at the cow, and decided to hear her out.

Yoyo continued on to give me a lecture, and all I did, was listen as patiently as I could. “But Byuu, you are really important to me. Without you, I wouldn't be here. You taught me something very important.....”

Though her tone of voice sounded a little fake to me, I decided to play along, since this was a life or death situation we were thrust into.

“The feeling of reaching beyond the boundaries of Orelus....There really is such a feeling” Yoyo said to me. “Just this once, give me strength now as you did then?”

“Mmm...Very well. I shall do that.” I said as calmly as I could.

“Thank you Byuu.” Yoyo said back to me. “Hey Byuu....? Mind if I hold on tight?”

I sighed a little, before I said, “Okay, go on ahead.”

Yoyo grabs onto me, as she did with Sendak, Palpaleos and Matelite. Then, Yoyo started to glow with the aura of the other dragon gods she held captive within her. It felt like she was about to levitate, but we kept her grounded, so she won't float away.

“Alexander....COME FORTH!” Yoyo said in a commanding tone. “I am not afraid of you! Come forth NOW!”

Right before my eyes, I saw Lord Alexander glow and shine in his divine dragon glory. He let out sad sounding screeching and wailing, before he transformed into an orb of light, and was absorbed by Empress Yoyo. They were the most sad and heart wrenching noises I've heard from such a huge monstrosity.

“What happened?” Matelite asked in a fearful tone.

“Is Alexander inside the Empress?” Sendak wondered nervously.

“Then....that means....The dragon gods are at war with each other again!” Palpaleos cried out in horror. “Somebody, anybody, HELP US!”

Right before our eyes, a group of Dragonite high priests showed up to come to our aid. They all came up to us, and noticed the dragon gods fighting among each other within Yoyo.

Matelite started to get impatient, as he cried out loud, “Oh Dragonite priests! Please....hurry up and help us!”

The first Dragonite priest bowed his head, and smiled a little. “Don't worry humans, your Empress is a strong lady. She has done well. She will be alright, we promise.”

Then, the dragonite priest raised his arms up the air, shouting, “Lord Valitora.....COME FORTH!”

Right before our eyes, Valitora transformed into an orb of light, and was absorbed by his high priest. As  Valitora's high priest left, Leviathan's high priest came to us.

Leviathan's high priest raised his arms up the air, shouting, “Lord Leviathan....Arise!”

Leviathan transformed into an orb of light, and was absorbed by his high priest. As Leviathan's high priest left, Garuda's high priest came to us.

Garuda's high priest raised his arms up the air, shouting, “Lord Garuda....I call upon you!”

Now Garuda transformed into an orb of light, and was absorbed by his high priest. As Garuda's high priest left, Jormungand's high priest came to us.

Jormungand's high priest raised his arms up the air, shouting, “COME TO ME, LORD JORMUNGAND!”

It was now Jormungands turn. Jormungand's transformed into an orb of light, and was absorbed by his high priest. As Jormungand's high priest left, Hyperion's high priest came to us.

Hyperion's high priest raised his arms up the air, shouting, “Welcome back home, Lord Hyperion!”

Hyperion transformed into an orb of light, and was absorbed by his high priest. As Hyperion's high priest left, finally, it was Bahamut's high priests turn to claim the dragon god.

“The time for revival has come, Lord Bahamut!” Bahamut's priest commanded. “Come forth, our great Lord Bahamut!”

Bahamut now transformed into an orb of light, and was absorbed by his high priest. However, when Bahamut's high priest left, Alexander's high priest was nowhere to be found. This was quite a red flag for us indeed.

Sendak looked around Alexander's palace, searching for Alexander's high priest. He then started to feel nervous, once Sendak couldn't find him. “But what about Alexander? Where is he?”

Bahamut's priest hung his head down and shame, sighing, “It seems like these are the only surviving high priests at the palace. Alexander is now held within this young maiden. Though the battle has ended for now, the emotions that flow within Alexander, are the emotions of anger, shame, hatred and deep sorrow.”

Those words struck a cord with me. Something tells me this isn't a typical slay the dragon, save the world scenario I was participating in. Now I can't help but feel a little a little bit sorry for Lord Alexander.

Palpaleos started to feel concern for our Empress. “But what about Yoyo!? What will become of her?”

Yoyo laughed out loud at the whole situation. There seemed to be something a little off about her laugh, but no one else noticed it but me. Now I started to feel a little nervous. Now, she said to all of us, “Yes....yes! I'm going to be alright! Ha ha ha ha! I am the Empress of Kahna! Holding Alexander within me is nothing!”

Then, I decided to speak up, after staying silent for so long. “Ummm....Lord Bahamut....? From now on, what shall become.....?”

“I'm sorry....” Bahamut interrupted. “I've just been revived. I can no longer predict the future anymore....forgive me!”

“But Lord Bahamut....!” I protested, only to get interrupted yet again.

“Listen dear humans....Orelus awaits you all!” Bahamut announced. “Come, go back to your world. A new era shall await you all.”

As Palpaleos, Sendak, Matelite and Yoyo left, I stayed behind a little bit, trying to recover from the battle. Right there, in the distance, before my eyes, a group of beautiful, regally dressed women with dragon horns and wings came running over to the high priests, with a sound of  distress in their voices.

“Where is he? Where is our beloved lord?” A blue skinned dragonite woman asked in distress.

“Where is Lord Alexander?” A blonde dragonite woman cried out in a worried tone of voice.

“Please, ANSWER US!!!” A lavender skinned dragonite shrieked out loud.

All the high priests bowed their heads in sorrow, as Valitora's priest was the maidens' bringer of bad news. “I'm sorry, please forgive us young maidens, but Alexander is now the prisoner of a Dragoneer known as Empress Yoyo.”

“Our condolences go out to you all.” Jormungand's priest added in sorrow.

The group of women all cried out in shock and sadness. “NOOOOOOO! LORD ALEXANDER!!! Why? WHY? (sob) (sob) (whimper)”

The group of dragonite women started to wail and cry very loudly. It was the most heart breaking thing I've ever heard in my young life. Now I knew this wasn't a typical “Slay the dragon, save the princess, and save the world” anymore. I now knew Alexander had loved ones that care about him, and did anything they can to make Alexander's life wonderful. I also knew that Alexander cared for his loved ones in return, and did anything in his power to protect them. If this wasn't the case, there wouldn't be people mourning his defeat in Altair. Now I feel super horrible.

Now Matelite started to approach me, with a look of concern in his eyes. “What's the matter Byuu? Is there anything wrong?”

I now swallowed my guilt, and put a straight face on, as I responded, “No, it's nothing at all. Now, let's go back to Orelus.”

“Now that's the spirit!” Matelite cheered as we made our way back to the Fahrenheit airship.

Now I knew there was something off about Empress Yoyo. Maybe she wasn't the sweet, naive, innocent maiden I thought she was. Maybe she had ulterior motives the whole time. But for now, I just went back to the Fahrenheit, to relax after years of a long, grueling battle, trying to think of other things.
I've been so looking forward to writing a Bahamut Lagoon chapter in my Origins story.
The game deserves so much TLC!

Also, a male character for once, instead of a female. Didn't see that coming, huh?
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HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I knew Yoyo was a cold hearted bimbo all along. I just want to punch her in the face.
Boschian-Fantasies Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Student General Artist
Just wondering, did you get through Bahamut Lagoon as well?
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I haven't played that game for a while honestly, but I knew from the start that Yoyo is not the sweetest person in the world.
Boschian-Fantasies Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Student General Artist
Wait until you read the next chapter of this story. It is a readers punch chapter.
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh boy, I can't wait! XD
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