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Story Five: Downfall and Rebirth (Link: The Hero of Time) (part two)

“Mmmgh....Unnngh....What happened?” I thought to myself, as I awoken in a dark place.

“Link....At last!” A young male voice exclaimed in excitement.

“Welcome Link.” A young female voice added to the conversation.

Right before my eyes, two beams of light shot right in front of me. Out from the beams, two divine figures materialized right before my eyes:  A male figure, and a female figure.

Both figures had golden blonde hair, azure blue eyes and fair skin. The male figure was dressed in a tan leather tunic, a white undershirt, a red and black striped scarf, black and white leggings, pale blue shoulder pads and fingerless gloves, white boots , and he also wore a multicolored arm guard over his right hand. His weapon of choice is a huge glowing halberd.

The female figure, on the other hand, wore a white and gold helmet with wings on her side, her blonde hair and braids flowing out the opening. She wore an outfit consisting of a gold breastplate, belt and shoulder pads, a light blue dress and matching fingerless gloves, tan leggings and white armor plated boots. Her weapon of choice was an enchanted golden antler sword carved from the antlers of some sort of stag.

“Who....who are you?” I asked in bemusement. “Where am I?

“I am Freyr Vanadies: The Prince of Folksvangr.” The male figure said to me.

“And I am Freyja Vanadies: The Princess of Folksvangr.” The female figure added. “I am also Freyr's twin sister.”

“Hmmm....Folksvangr....Hum...Hum...” I wondered to myself in bemusement. “Where is Folksvangr located?”

Freyr and Freyja exchanged looks with one another, then Freyr started to explain to me, “Folksvangr is a kingdom located in the light world of Godheim.”

“It is a neighboring allied kingdom of the country of Asgard.” Freyja added. “However, the real reason we saved your soul, is....”

I was started to get a little antsy about my fate in the afterlife. So, I interrupted with, “Wait? WHAT?! What is going to happen to my soul? Will I end up in the Netherworld? What did I do wrong?”

Freyr and Freyja just laughed for a bit, with Freyja saying to me in a reassuring voice, “Ah ha ha ha! No Link, you are not going to the Netherworld....In fact.....”

“We are going to help your soul out, by having you become reincarnated into the dragon realm of Dragnar, which is a world located within the cosmic tree branches of Alerfa.“ Freyr interrupted.

My eyes widened in shock, as the news was delivered to me in the afterlife. “Wait? What happened to Hyrule? What happened to Zelda's soul?”

Freyja dropped her head down in dismay, as she sighed, “I'm sorry Link. It is too dangerous for you and Zelda to return to Hyrule, for now, Hyrule has become apart of The Gerudo Empire. But not all is lost...”

“For there is hope for you to protect the world of Dragnar from becoming apart of the dreaded Gerudo Empire.” Freyr added. “As for Princess Zelda....”

“What....What about Princess Zelda?” I stuttered anxiously. “Is Zelda's soul okay?”

Freyr and Freyja nodded their heads, with Freyr replying with, “Yes, Zelda's soul is also safe in the world of Dragnar, for she is now happily adopted by the royal family of Gimlie Kingdom.”

“Now, it's your turn for reincarnation Link....Now...close your eyes!” Freyja said to me calmly.

Whew! What a relief that Zelda is okay. All I have to do, is close my eyes, and await my new life in a new world, starting over as “The Hero of Time” in the foreign realm of Dragnar.

I will protect this new world from the Gerudo Empire....I promise!


Nearly two decades later....

“Lin-Lin....Lin-Lin....Wake up! WAKE UP!” A familiar female voice cheered to me, as I felt myself being shaken awake.

“Mmmm....Mmmgh!” I grumbled in exhaustion, as I opened my eyes, as I was greeted by my twin sister, Aryll.

Today, my sister Aryll is wearing an outfit consisting of a white veiled turban, with red feathers on the side, and a couple of her shoulder length blonde braids sticking out from underneath, a violet, puffy sleeved tunic with a white yolk, white flower patterned leggings, violet leg warmers, and brown leather ankle boots. I see Aryll is all ready to greet the day, while I was still in my pajamas in bed.

“Go away Sis...I'm tired...” I mumbled in exhaustion, as I rubbed my eyes.

My sister then comes over and starts to whisper in my ear. “But Grandma is making you favorite dish: Hasty sausage and eggs omelets.”

My eyes were now wide open, as a smile formed on my face, as I said to my twin sister, “Hasty sausage and eggs omelets?! I LOVE THAT DISH! Okay, I'm wide awake sis!”


My my, it was quite a tasty breakfast I had this morning. My grandmother is such a wonderful cook. Heck, she taught Aryll and I how to cook like her, as we grew up. Thank goodness I was being served sausage and eggs, my most favorite breakfast food ever!

“So Lin-Lin, do you want to spar with me after finishing breakfast?” Aryll asked me as we were all digging into our food.

I nodded my head, as I got done swallowing my food before responding to my sister. After all, it is rude to talk with your mouth full. “Sure thing Sis! You know, I would be happy to spar with you.”

“Ah, thank you Lin-Lin!” Aryll cheered, as she clapped her hands together and smiled in complete bliss.

As we were being served more omelets, our grandmother told us, “Okay you two darlings, just be careful with sparring. Don't be too rough with one another, okay dearies?”

“Okay Grandma...” We said, sighing a little.

While we finished our breakfast, I went back upstairs, to get myself dressed for today. People don't go sparring, nor go on adventures, wearing pajamas you know. So I go upstairs, go to my room, open up my closet, going through clothing. “What to wear....What to wear....? Hmmm....”

When I went though my closet, I came across the perfect outfit to wear for today.

The outfit for the day, consisted of a sky blue tunic, a pale white undershirt, a pair of light gray trousers, brown leather gloves, and brown leather knee high boots. It was the perfect outfit the wear for today.

So there, I got myself dressed for the day. After that, I grabbed out my pure white crystal sword and shield. My twin sister has a similar type of sword and shield, only it was a dark crystal in the color of fine red wine, with a slight violet hue to it. Also, I was left handed, while my sister is right handed. On my right hand, there is a symbol of three triangles forming one huge triangle on the back side. My sister has a similar marking on her left hand. I knew I've seen this symbol before. After all, my sister has a similar symbol sewn onto the yolk of her tunic.

I marched down the stairs, and out the back door, ready to greet the day with my sister.


During the day, Aryll and I were sparring together, practicing the various types of sword arts we studied over the years growing up. Our father and grandfather taught us well to defend ourselves as children. My father was a great hero among the Ljosalfar Elven clan that resides in these settlements in Dragnar. The Ljosalfar clan and the Wood Dragonite clan are great allies with one another, since they are both clans of the wood element. Hybrid children between the Ljosalfar Elves and Wood Dragonites are rather common.

My sister and I, were no exceptions, since we were half Ljosalfar and half Wood Dragonite children. With our father being a Ljosalfar, and our mother being a Wood Dragonite.


During our sparring, I thought about my family, and my new life, for I was reborn in the realm of Dragnar.

The first thought, is the day we were born.

Since our mother is a wood dragonite, she birthed us as a couple of eggs. Five months after we were laid, we were hatched. I was the first to hatch, as the local nursemaid cleaned me up after being hatched.

“Shiloh...Shiloh....!” The nursemaid exclaimed to my mother. “Your eggs....they are hatching!”

“Really? REALLY!?” My mother, Shiloh exclaimed in excitement, while she, and my father, named Llewellyn, came to check up on us, as we hatched.

“Is it a boy, or a girl?” Llewellyn asked.

When the nursemaid got done cleaning me, dressing me, and wrapping me in swaddling blankets, she replied in a joyous tone of voice. “It's a boy!”

Nearby, Aryll's egg started to hatch. Shiloh started to point to the egg, exclaiming with excitement. “Look! My second egg is ready to hatch!”

“Wow....WOW!” The nursemaid shouted as she gently puts me down on a baby cot, and ran over to the other egg, ready to clean my twin sibling.

The nursemaid picks away the broken cream colored shells, revealing my twin sister being covered in yolk and other types of egg fluids. The nursemaid cleans up Aryll, dresses her up, and wraps her in swaddling blankets. The nursemaid replies with,“It's a girl! Congratulations!”

But just as out parents were ready to hold us in their arms, a glowing symbol illuminated underneath our swaddling blankets. While the symbols were glowing, a couple of divine voices started to speak to everyone within the home.

“Llewellyn....Shiloh....” The male voice said to us. “This is the Vanir twins, Freyr and Freyja Vanadies speaking to you, and your family.”

“Oh Lord Freyr....Lady Freyja....” Llewellyn, Shiloh, and the nursemaid exclaimed in unison, as they gotten down on their knees and prayed.

“Your children, your twins....” Freyja's voice rang out. “They are both chosen by The Triforce of Wisdom, a sacred object from a distant world that has fallen into a dark age.”

“The symbol of The Triforce of Courage will appear on the boy's right hand, as for he is left handed. While with the girl, the symbol will appear on her left hand, as for she is right handed.” Freyr's voice explained.

“So not only are your twins blessed by The Triforce of Courage, dear Shiloh....” Freyja explained. “But your twins are also blessed by my brother Freyr, as well as myself, since Freyr and I are also twin deities.”

“Lord Freyr, Lady Freyja....We bless you both!” Llewellyn and Shiloh said in unison, while the divine light in the room grew slightly dimmer now.

“So Llewellyn, Shiloh, raise your kids well.” Freyr said in a calm tone of voice. “Train them well, as both fighters and magic users. They are the ones that shall protect your world of Dragnar from sinister outside forces.”

“Take care! Farewell!” Freyr and Freyja said in unison, as their presence started to leave the room. “Make us proud! Make your world proud!”

“Thank you, our sacred Vanir Twins!” Everyone in the room said in unison, as the divine presence left the room.


In the middle of sparring, our Grandmother came outside to greet us, whistling to get our attention. Aryll and I stopped sparring, as we looked over at our grandmother. We were surprised with what we saw.

Our Grandmother was carrying a couple sacks full of useful items for us, as well as a letter that appeared to be written by someone of regal descent. “Link...Aryll...I need to speak to you two.”

“Coming Grandma!” We said in unison as we packed up our weapons, and greeted our Grandmother.

“What are those packages?” Aryll asked. “And that letter?”

“This is why I came to talk to you both right now.” Our Grandmother started to explain in a serious tone of voice.

We were curious to what she had to say. I just said to her, “What is it, dear Grandma?”

“Does this have to do with the symbols on our hands?” Aryll asked. “The ones we were born with?”

Our Grandmother bowed her head a little, then started explaining everything to us. “Link, Aryll, you gotten this letter from the Tsar of Gimlie Kingdom. It is very urgent.

Our eyes widened in surprise, hearing that we gotten a special letter from this Tsar of Gimlie. I was the one to speak up. “The Tsar? The Tsar of Gimlie sent us a letter? Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am serious!” Grandmother said sternly. “The Tsar of Gimlie has summoned both you and Aryll, to visit him in his kingdom, for he will explain the destinies of both of you. After all, you two were blessed by the divine Vanir Twins: Freyr and Freyja Vanadies.”

“Yes, our lord and lady!” I exclaimed. “I remember everything now!”

Aryll bowed her head in a somewhat forlorn manner, asking our grandmother, “Does this mean that we will end up going on some sort of quest?”

“It might me....” Grandmother sighed. “But please you two, visit the Tsar. He might tell you more things we haven't told you long ago.”

“Will we see you again Grandma?” I asked, trying to fight back tears.

Grandmother wore a weak smile on her face, as she nodded, “If you need to visit me in the middle of your journeys, you are always welcome here. Don't ever think otherwise.”

“Thank you Grandma!” We said in unison, as we hugged our grandmother, grabbed our belongings, and gotten ready to bid her farewell.

“Goodbye Grandma!” Aryll said, as we both head on our way. “We will come back in one piece, we promise!”

“Farewell Grandmother! Take care!” I said to Grandmother.

“Be careful you two! I love you both!” Grandmother said as she waved back, “Farewell!”

My sister and I were on our own for now. We now made our way to the Kingdom of Gimlie, with the royal letter in my hand. Now, there is no turning back, as not only we had to make our grandparents and Gimlie royal fmaily proud, but we also had to make our divine guardians, The Vanir Twins, proud as well.

For now, there is no turning back, for this was the beginning of a new journey.
Part two of Link's story is now complete.

Now Link must start his life anew in a new world.
But he's not alone this time, for his twin sister, Aryll, is also chosen by the Triforce of Courage as well.

For there, the twins will be there for each other in times of need.

Part Three is in the works as we speak. Just need to write an outline for it first.

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I'm planning to work on part three soon.
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