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The “Super Smash Bros” series is a trademark of Nintendo co. ltd. Final Fantasy IV and Bahamut Lagoon is a trademark of Squaresoft (now Square-Enix). I do not own the rights to either series, nor do I plan to make a profit off of them. This story is written just for fun and entertainment, nothing more.

However, I do own the rights to my original universe “Realms of Alerfa” and all of its characters. Maybe if you would ask nicely, you can write fanfics off my works. If you don't ask at all, then prepare to feel my wrath!

NOTE: This takes place after the first Final Fantasy IV. This is an AU crossover story, and FFIV: The After Years crap doesn't take place in this. Talk about a sequel with wasted potential.


Story Five: A Brave New World (Rydia of Mist) (Part One)

“Rydia, Queen Ashura wants to talk to you!” A fish like Eidolon told me as he peered his head into the room I was staying in. “It's important!”

“Okay, very well. I'll go see our majesty.” I said back to the Eidolon, as I left the bedchamber I was staying in. I left the bedchamber, went down many stairs, halls and corridors, before I made my way to the throne room to greet the queen of the Eidolons herself.

I bowed to Queen Ashura, as I asked her politely, “What is it that you need my dear majesty? I am forever at your service.”

Queen Ashura bowed her head, wore frowns on all three of her faces, as she replied to me in a forlorn voice.”This news is urgent Rydia.....You have unfinished business to do....The struggles of the cosmos is not over yet.”

My blue eyes widened in shock. “Wait, what? What do you mean the struggles are not over yet?”

Queen Ashura sighed in dismay, as she was ready to announce more of the news. “I received a message from the Dragon Gods of Altair.”

“Altair? Where is Altair?” I cried out in surprise. This news just felt oh so sudden, that I am trying to recover from the shock of it all. I wanted to protest, but I knew, my lady Ashura knew what was best for me, so I heard her out on this plight.

“It is in another dimension...” Ashura explained to me. “When you get there, the Dragon Gods in charge will tell you more of your destiny.”

Then, a small drawstring bag materialized in Ashura's hands. “Here, take this bag dear Rydia. It will help you in your new quest.”

I bowed my head, trying to hide my nervousness from my mother figure. “Eh, very well...I'll hold on to this. I promise. I can never let you or Sir Leviathan down.”

“Very well!” Ashura replied while she summoned a portal from underneath my feet. “You're mission shall begin....NOW! The fate of the cosmos depends on you Rydia!”

There, I found myself being swallowed by the portal. There were bright flashes of colors, as the fall seemed endless. The portal felt like a bottomless pit filled with nothing but bright lights and vibrant colors. It felt like I was going through a severe case of sensory overload.

“Uuuuh....Mmmgh!” I moaned as I felt myself getting light headed.

There, as I thought the fall would never end, I landed on the ground, before losing consciousness, with everything going black around me.


While I was laying down with my eyes closed, I felt a few sharp things poking my side. Man, was it annoying.

“Go away...Lemme alone...(yawn)!” I muttered in weariness.

The poking was now followed by a few male voices. “Wake up dear summoner! WAKE UP!”

I groaned in frustration, as I said, “Okay....Fine....I'll wake up (yawn)!”

As I woke up, I was greeted by five huge dragons.

The first dragon was a huge green dragon, with a yellow under belly, golden wings, stood on two legs and had a huge, spiky head.

The second dragon resembled King Leviathan back at the Feymarch, but this was a totally different being of dragon. Like the Leviathan I knew, this dragon looked across between a typical dragon, a snake and a fish. He had platinum blue scales and royal purple hued fins.

The third dragon was very bird like in appearance. He had gray feathers, a black beak, and a couple black talons, complete with sharp claws at the end of them.

The fourth dragon is the most serpentine of all. He had a huge mouth, full of spiky sharp teeth, bluish green, plate like skin, and a huge golden belly that looks somewhat bloated.

The fifth and final dragon had a very bizarre visage. His face is flatter than the faces of the other dragons. Not only did have a pushed in snout, but had an under bite, with sharp teeth poking out. He had blue-violet skin, huge, green wings, and a huge tail resembling that of a scorpion's tail. I recognized all these dragons, as the head Dragon Gods of this strange would I found myself in.

“Ummm....hello...” I stuttered nervously. “You must be the Dragon Gods that Queen Ashura told me about. I am Rydia....Rydia of Mist.”

“Greetings Rydia....” The green dragon said to me in a regal tone of voice. “You are the summoner we needed to help restore Altair. I am Lord Valitora.”

“I am Lord Leviathan.” The sea dragon told me. “However, I am different from the Leviathan you know in Feymarch.”

“I am Lord Garuda.” The bird like dragon added. “I have a whole race of beings named after me, since I am their lord and creator.”

“I am Lord Jormungand.” The serpentine dragon said to me calmly. “I am the Dragon God of the Earth element.”

“I am Lord Hyperion.” The fifth dragon said to me in a calm voice. “Welcome, to our home
world of Altair.”

I knelt down, and bowed to these Dragon Gods, as I said politely. “It is a pleasure to meet you all, oh great Dragon Gods. I am grateful to serve you all.”

The Dragon Gods bowed their heads down for a bit, just before making eye contact with me. Valitora was the first to speak. “Since you are chosen by us, the Dragon Gods, let me tell you of our chaotic history, and the current situation this world, and the sister world of Orelus is in.”


Our story begins at the dawn of time in the world of Altair.

You see Rydia, we were not always at peace with one another, as we are today. For you see, we were once at each others throats. We were all once enemies. Hence, why the world of Altair was shadowed in chaos to begin with.

Our former king, Lord Verth Bahamut, was the favorite among the people of Altair, thus, making all feel jealous. However, the Dragon God that got the shortest end of the stick from everyone, was Lord Alexander, the youngest of our clan. Even though we hate to admit it, but we were also at Lord Alexander's throat, as he was used as our personal scapegoat when things went wrong in Altair.

One day, Lord Alexander was tired of being the black sheep of our clan, and decided to take matters into his own claws. There, the worlds were shrouded in chaos and disorder.

Lord Alexander opened up the portal to our sister world of Orelus, and threw us all in that world, so he can rule over Altair unopposed. There, we were banished to Orelus, and nearly destroyed that world with our petty quarrels and rivalry.

After the war ended finally, we were sealed away, and put under suspended animation, waiting for the next summoner to awake us, to usher in a new age.

However, we ended up getting more than we bargained for, as the summoner that was to awaken us, was a deceptive woman, named Princess Yoyo. The rival to Yoyo's Kahna empire, Emperor Sauzer of the Granbelos Empire, want to prevent Yoyo's reign of terror, making himself become the summoner to usher in a new age. Emperor Sauzer was the only human in that world, who knew of Yoyo's ulterior motives, and deceptive behavior.

But alas, it was too late....Sauzer got fearfully diseased, and died before he can usher in a new age.

Also, after Yoyo inherited us as her summons, the portal to Altair opened up once more.

At the end of the conquest of the Kahna empire, we were at each others throats once more, as we were all reunited with a very jealous Lord Alexander. Thus, we all fought to free ourselves from the now Empress Yoyo. We got out with success, as well as Lord Bahamut.

However, Lord Alexander was not so lucky, as Yoyo has captured him, and held him hostage. There, Yoyo's true colors started to show to the pawns that were forced to serve her in that conquest.

Instead of reclaiming Altair as his own, Lord Bahamut decided to serve a former knight of Yoyo, in their quest for redeeming themselves of their former sins of serving an evil, manipulative empress. This knight was the only human aware of the plight of Lord Alexander's harem of handmaidens, and took remorse on them before leaving to his home world.

There, we all put our difference aside, and became allies, as we all unite against the Evil Empress Yoyo and her league of Evil. It's what Bahamut wanted from us. Thus, we begin on own remeption in the land of Altair.


I hung my head down, feeling a little sad about the story the Dragon Gods told me. “I'm sorry to hear about all this great Dragon Gods. I will do anything to help you out with fighting the evil Empress Yoyo, even if it costs me either my life, or my freedom.”

“You are a good young woman Rydia.” The Dragon Gods told me. “You are the perfect one to usher in a new age not only for Altair, but the cosmos as well.

“Awww....thanks....” I replied, feeling myself blush from the sincere comments.

“But first off....Before you go to Orelus, and raid Yoyo's palace.....” Valitora told me in a forlorn tone of voice.

“You first need to get some rest, and train with us...” Jormungand added.

“Also, you need to get familiar with the surroundings of Altair.” Garuda added to the conversation. “Since you are new to this world, you need some time to adapt.”

I sighed, and hung my head down, then nodded, as I responded. “Hmmmm....okay. Very well, I will do you all tell me. I am just a summoner after all.”

So I was led to a bedchamber I was to stay in for the night. I felt my weariness kick in, as I kicked off my boots, and laid down on the huge canopy bed. I was deep in thought of my future in this new world, before weariness overcame me, as I finally get some rest.

Dragon Gods, I am forever in your debt. I will never let you all down. I promise!
And now, for something completely different!

Rydia's story crosses over the great game of Final Fantasy IV with the Japan only sleeper hit, Bahamut Lagoon.

Watch out Yoyo! Rydia is the new summoner in town!
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