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Jacob's Ladder

I have seen Jacob's Ladder as as a house plant, but this one was growing wild at the Howell Wetlands. I guess all plants are wild until we take them into our homes.
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some of them are still wild when we take them into our homes :confused:

This is such a beautiful shot, great clarity, angle, colour, lighting, need i go on? :+favlove:
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Great detail once again.
I like the composition in this shot, but I do wonder if it would have been even better with the top stem coming right out of the corner.
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Maybe, but I think that might be too symmetrical.
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Good shot Larry, The flower stands out well. I also like that fact that you used the same color in the frame as in the flower. I often do the same, I think it can help bring things out in a pic.
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That is VERY nice. It's such a lovely shade of purple!
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good shot there love the color and clarity
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Beautiful, as usual.
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The quality of your photos is amazing. Do you use any programs like Neat Image? The color and clarity in this are just striking. Very good capture. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for your nice comment. I live in Photoshop. If Photoshop can't do it, it can't be done.
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Absolutely. Some of my best flowers were "wildflowers." Nice how they cross each other, giving more depth and structure. :)
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Wow. Very clear and crisp. The color is amazing! It's so vibrant and vivid. I like that the subject is offcentre, since centering is overused. I am not sure of the frame though. I would keep the color to match with the flower, but I would change its shape to be more simple. But then again I am a minimalist. Lol. Excellent work.
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Thank you for your nice comment. Don't let your minimalism stop you from appreciating complexity. There is enough space for both and much more. But you are right that a frame should not detract from the image.
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Thank you for your suggestion. I will try to incorporate more complexity into my images next time for more variety.
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