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last time
enjoy it
cause this is it
i aint looking back
cause im a rock
and now im rolling
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 0 0
deja vu
i know this
a palace
a prison
a promise
we’ve been here before
bitch please
i know this
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 1 0
wont say
you'll surprise yourself
when you learn it doesn't matter
you can walk just about anywhere
making snow angels that fly away
whispering your name before they go
and you know what it means
but you wont say
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 1 0
cant wait
strong words
for a man with an ashtray heart
letting them flick there embers into you
but you know better
than to text her twice
but you would do it a hundred times again
just to prove a point
you cant wait for your turn
to pour smoke into their hearts
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 4 0
cannibal wife
you can hear him enter
you can smell his flesh
fresh meat
he will make a good harvest
the moon is out
and the hunt is on
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 2 3
give me a reason to fall asleep too
and i’ll listen to it all night long
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 5 0
come all ye weary
and lay down in the sand
watch what willing winds wander
into our pure and holy land
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 3 1
more of a mistake than anything else
what a waste of time
i thought i could describe it
but now i dont know what to think
so im just gonna sit here for a while
not knowing
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 1 0
i thought so
burning up a page
no words written on it
just an awkward silence
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 2 1
when you contradict yourself
you can hear it
the fire in your mouth
burning down a sentence
25 to life but you’d lie again
to stay the wolves
but they’ll stay anyway
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 2 4
sorry in advance
sorry to my parents
for everything i’ve done
and thought about before
leaving from your home
sorry to my brothers
for thinking im like you
even though we’re different
we are the same too
sorry to you
you know you you are
and im a bad friend
for leading you too far
and im sorry girl
for what i’ll do to you
and everything we are
and what we used to do
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 4 13
Seen: 00:16
im not mad lol
just annoyed with you
for wasting my time
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 2 2
some feelings
it seems awkward
but im fine
thanks for asking
just relaxing
in the pity
and shitty feelings
i still have for you
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 4 0
lay me down in bed
to water my health
the sun will let it grow
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 3 0
hey cutie
nothing in this city is never boring
not even the gunfire
so dont worry babe
im packing
cause nothing is gonna ruin this day
not even the gunfire
cause the sun is shining
and the sky is blue
and you're here with me
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 6 0
from the crackle of the fury
to the logs it will destroy
it burns as you touch it
prodding, petting
:iconbornwithout:bornwithout 3 0



He fell into a dreamless sleep. If anything was memorable about it, it was the sensations.
He was floating, or maybe the feeling was closer to gently falling. Like sinking in water, but there was no water. And everything was dark. Darker than sleep should normally be.
If he was being honest, he thought he was going to die.


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bane - noun
1. a person or thing that ruins or spoils:
Gambling was the bane of his existence.
2. a deadly poison (often used in combination, as in the names of poisonous plants):
wolfsbane; henbane.
3. death; destruction; ruin.


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