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Sirius Black cosplay

harry potter

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Avengers - Hero


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Thag you very buch


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Victini Plush

plush tutorials

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Burn Scar Tutorial

other tutorials

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StupidFox - 117

stupid fox comics

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NEW Plushie Tutorial - Head

sewing tutorials

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Butterfly Suicide

When you want to kill yourself make it a butterfly suicide, spin the chrysalis over your wounds and bleed, bleed, bleed– bathe in the cocoon of your exsanguination sweat, soaking, sealed. Gift the murder weapon to your inner Marie Kondo; she’ll greet and thank the house before carving up the clutter, leaving what sparks joy. Moth wing flutter kicks up cobweb dust long since settled; let the darkness be drawn in to the flame, burn it all as fuel for a new future.

death and suicide

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Germany Hetalia Realistic Gif


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WIP Robin

plushie wips

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Feathered Princess Celestia Plush with Accessories

mlp plushies

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own species guides plushies

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Sandy Fishnet's Sailing Away

nice stuff

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gilded chains.

those days were golden King Midas laid his hands on all the places I had grown to hate anointed them turned them a sacred home again made me his own but freed from the years that had closed all the doors; branded his name with heavy lips I relented all freely reciprocated the energy he provided time grew short, the sun cold his hands slowly felt tighter around my neck I watched as the gilt and glitter those slender fingers once left began to fade and turn to an unfamiliar gray gold plated I was rusting beneath, my inherent vice. now my King only leaves tarnish behind fingerprints of pyrite. I gave his hands everything. fool’s gold c

poems and poetry

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Zuko should drink more tea

avatar and iroh

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Murdock and B.A. Chibi

the a-team

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Over the garden wall\Hannibal


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~Trans Pride~

ftm transgender

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Kirk Approves

star trek

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dancing devil

living dead dolls

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FNAF - Purple guy kills Golden Freddy


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I'm Looking Forward Now

steven universe

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needle felting

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Kion and Rani

the lion kind and the lion guard

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Coco - OTP


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Expression practice -sadness-

drawing reference sheets

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Golden Angel

fluff 'n cuddles

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Politics of Men's Hair in Chinese History

fashion studies

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Rick and Morty: Eagle 1

rick and morty

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osomatsu san

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pokemon plush

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Littlest Pet shop Pokemon

littlest pet shop

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Manatee Crochet, Gwilly-crochet pattern test


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Half lopped bunny lifesize mount FOR SALE


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The Voids

art dolls

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Twinkle Eye Mimic

my little pony g1

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Let's Draw: Pony Heads! Tutorial #1

my little pony drawing tutorials

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Over the Garden Wall MAP

over the garden wall

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i hope this creacher isnt Creepy


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the witcher

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