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Benson, regular life

11"x15" watercolor, pencil, and pen

This is my second pic of the alphabetical fan art project I'm doing. Regular show is ridiculous and I've wanted to do some fan art for a while so this was actually fun as hell, I will definitely be doing more RS tributes in the future. Also, my first attempt at watercolors which went better than I thought it would.
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Mar 22, 2012, 10:14:18 PM
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this scares me 
good job 
bornsoulless's avatar
As it should. The soul destroying monotony of adulthood is the scariest thing of all. Thanks by the way.
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Me: You guys came here to get a decent job, right? You took alot of time to come here, right? And believe it or not, your time is what is necessary here. Alright? Yeah, that's not good news. But just be aware of that, and I think gumhead here should be aware of that. Alot of the time they take to come here is what fixes the shit here. Ya know, you're, you're choosing to be here, and taking the bullshit that they spit out. You gotta deal with that. Ya know, it's part of your job description. Ya know, if, if you don't wanna deal with the shit from them, then you can take a walk, man.
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This is pretty epic! :D
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a gumball machine will never feel the same again
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*SIGH* why do I even bother?
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Makes you want to commit suicide too huh? It has that effect on people. 
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you can kinda feel his mood looking at this. almost like I had a bad day at work too lol
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Are you aware the creator of Regular Show favourited this? c: 
bornsoulless's avatar
Quite. I nearly shat my pantaloons. 
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oh my god this is scary and i thot my pops pic wus scary good jop
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Lets just agree that they're both manifested nightmares.
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this is uber good, wow
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Это ужасно. Рисуете вы безупречно хорошо. Но сама идея реализации ужасна. Это выглядит... плохо.
bornsoulless's avatar
Couldn't have said it better myself bro.
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yo is this for sale/barter??
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You know, I've never really thought about it. Hmmm... I think I've grown a little attached to it. Thanks though.
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:l uhh wht the heck is dat u goin' drunk on meh >:P
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I never thought I'd get to see Benson done realistically... and so well.
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Welp, check that one off the ol' list then. Thanks, hope I can eventually do some more in the same vein as this.
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Oh my god... I laughed so hard at this! I sent it to my friend over skype titled 'new game market statistics' (we are working on a game project'.

He was actually scared for a second xD
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