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Right. So. This is quite possibly the most random thing I've ever made. The story behind this is a long one... But I shall tell it nonetheless.

It's basically fan art. Fan art for fan fiction. Fan fiction about people I know.
It started with my and Sigrid's innocent (?) gay jokes made about Marius and Eirik... Mainly because they spend so much time together, they might as well be gay for each other. *shrug* And then one night, when I got home from a night of drinking with the two of them (and thus collecting loads of material), I started writing the very thing Sigrid and I had been just loosely planning; Eirik/Marius SLASHFIC GALORE! And, in my drunken state, I just let it sort of escalate into this apocalyptic Blade Runner-rip off w/ zombies and gayness O_O
If you liked Futurama, Dawn of the Dead, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Brokeback Mountain - you might probably, just maybe, find this slightly interesting! :D

Everyone in my class are in it, and I will force them all to make fanart once the fic is done. *nods*
That's Marius in the middle looking all hard, that's Eirik at his side looking all gay (Eirik = token uke), that's me and Sigrid on the left, looking all devil-may-care, and Anne Marit and Ida on the right, the first hardly noticing the zombies because she's so wrapped up in drooling at the boytouching, and the latter rolling her eyes (Ida always does that). In the getaway van - oh yes, we have a getaway van with guns! - are (left to right) Sondre, Nani, Carina and Andreas. Oh, and yeah; that wretched cat in the corner there's BionicKitten. Just don't ask.

..I love my class. Crazy punters they are <3

PS: Sorry it's mostly in Norwegian :P

PPS: Sigrid doesn't REALLy have an eye patch, I just gave her one b/c she wanted it. Yarrrr!


Eirik - :icondevthedud:
Sigrid - :icontentacleeyes:
Anne Marit - :iconpoopooani:
Ida - :iconsegundus:
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The randomness and Blade Runner source just might make it work, all with a dash of gay. Can you include a random bottle of acid, man-eating tarantulas, and a blind girl who tends to stand in the middle of the road?
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Oh, and thanks for the fav, too :)
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Thank you :)

Bottles of acid coming right up! Man-eating tarantulas? Hmmm... Maybe if they´re crossbred with mice? Kinda like an homage to Spaced´s mice spiders? A blind girl could work - but then, Sigrid is half blind, and I don´t wanna go overkill on the blindness.

Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions!
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Any news on the work so far? I'm interested. (Shows pretend interest while watching cats fight.)
Heh....cats...I mean, it seems like a good piece. :)
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Meh. I've been too busy this semester to keep the story up... Maybe I'll art out with it during the summer or something :P
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Holy crap, this is awesome. ...I'd hit on Marius, too, if I could. ^^

Did I mention awesome? Yes...
Now, if I'd only manage to get you to draw me in that style, doing something rather awesome...
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Takk for fav'en, btw ;)
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Takker :)

Med alle commish'ene jeg har fått her på deviantart og ellers i cyberspace så kan jeg estimate at det sikkert blir rundt fem-seks år til tegninga av deg er ferdigstilt :P
the-ruthless's avatar
Okej, jeg venter! ^^
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Don't hold your breath!
the-ruthless's avatar
Oh, but I might!
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Rulle eg verkeli bestandi me auan mine??
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Yeah! Eg har venta på dennan alt før længe! Instant fav!:D
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Given the guy's expressions, I can guess what sort of a proposition 'Kos' is, but its the word 'tigertampong' sounds scary, and after I tried to translate it, it appears to be a feline sanitary towel, which makes me hope the translator is broken, and has put me off asking any questions with regards to BionicKitten.

But, yeah, this is really good, how long did it take?
bornirritating's avatar
Kos means cuddle.
Tigertampong (Tiger tampon, so you're right!) is an actual concept launched by Sondre during one of our assignments.
BionicKitten is just...I can't even explain.

It took me FOREVER!! It doesn't look like it, though :P
Trynottobreathe's avatar
I beg to differ, it looks great.

What is the person 2nd from the left holding in their hand?

Also, I've just remember the existence of Cyber Tooth Tiger, a prop of ours; [link]
Since you probably didnt mean to infringe upon our copywrite, I'll guess I can let you off this time. Ahem.
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That's me - if I can remember what's left and what's right, I've always had issues with this - and I'm holding a spray can of fixative (art schools are packed with them) and a Zippo... That's the weapon of choice for when the zombies come. Mainly because I think guns are A) a bit corny and B) too complex for me :P
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Herlig Hilde, herlig. Det ser bare awesome ut xD
Vess e kuinn, så sku a ha fav'd det fleir ganga!
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Haha, takk XD ...Og takk for fav'en!
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