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A Born Angel is Now Available!

MY BOOK IS LIVE!!! by BornAngelAuthor, visual art

Summer for a Sith (Apprentice)

“It’s summer boss, can’t we get a day off to hit the slots?” I heard a thug ask as I sipped at my Reactor Core in the cantina. I smirked under my hood and tried to look like I was keeping to myself. Summer for most of the galaxy meant nothing but a change of temperature and possibly a getaway somewhere cool or, for those here in the outer rim, a trip to the casino here on Nar Shaddaa. For me, summer wasn’t any different from the rest of the year. I still had contracts to fulfill and errands to run for my Master. This week’s task was to take out none other than the notorious leader of the Kintan Kings, known only as The Mountain. The Kintan Kings had started out as a gang in Nar Shaddaa’s lower districts but had grown into a heavy hitter in the Black Market, and the Hutts weren’t happy about it. I’d been paid by one of them to bring back the Mountain’s head to help relations with the slimy sentients. This was easier said than done. The Mountain was rumored to be immortal and had come
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My Bio

I am an Author, Digital artist, and wife. I usually have a little back story for each picture in the description so that you have a bit of insight into the characters, their world, and things surrounding the picture. (I am currently not open for commissions) I am writing an Urban Fantasy series called the Born Angel Saga, which takes place in the Born Angel Universe an AU of our world where supernatural beings (Angels, Demons, Fomor, Tuatha, Vampires, Were-animals, Shape Shifters, etc) exist and Angels are citizens. Angels created an entity known as the Preternatural and Mythical Creatures Agency to help police said beings and was officially a part of the US government in 1970. There are a few series in this universe, but the main one is the Kalista Chronicles, which features Kalista Iliana Angelic as the main character.

I am also a Star Wars Fan, and have an SWTOR series on the back burner, since my original series the Born Angel Novels, and the Created Angel Novels comes first. You can read snippets of the stories under my renders, drawings, and in journals, with some on the blog I used to run and might restart soon.

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Boggo2300, ShibaShake, QuarterVirus, Gabriel-C,
Favourite Movies
Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, (most) Disney, Anastasia, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mamma Mia, Harry Potter, Tomb Raider, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Treasure Planet
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Last Man Standing, NCIS, Lost Girl, Buffy, Stargate,
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Citizen Soldier, Ravenscode, Evanescence, Halestorm, Nickelback, Reba McEntire, Avril Lavigne, Disturbed, Digital Daggers, Mythos, Madilyn Bailey, Boyce Avenue, Nightcore, Cascada, Basshunter, Breaking Benjamin, Brooks & Dunn, ETC.
Favourite Books
Throne of Glass Novels, Star Wars:The Old Republic series, Anita Blake Novels, The Dresden Files, & the Dark Hunter Series
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SW:TOR, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Spyro, Guitar Hero, Lady Sia, Mario, Halo
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GBA, Playstation 2, N64, & PC
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Daz 3D, iPad, Adobe Draw, Procreate, Pen and Paper & Gimp,
I'm having health issues. Nothing serious (I hope), just a GI bug that's really taking it out of me. Also having left side pain, but I've had that on and off for three years. I saw my Primary Doc today and she said it's most likely just a bug, but if it persists after a bland diet and rest, then I'll have testing done this coming week. So the art is going to be slow and the book writing slow as well. If you haven't yet, maybe give my book a read. Everyone that's read it so far has loved it!
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A Little About the Born Angel Universe

Hey there,

Thank you for coming to my page and scrolling this far!

I'm publishing the first book of THE KALISTA CHRONICLES my Urban Fantasy series on Halloween! The book below is YA, but the series is a grow with me series, so if you like a little "spice" it'll come in the other two series, and much later in this one. Though this one does deal with hard topics. This first one is rated PG-13 for Violence and Rough Family Life. The next book is more "New Adult/Coming of Age." They will be available through Amazon, Kindle, iBook, and Google. I'll also be hosting a giveaway of a signed copy over on my Instagram to help promote my books on that platform.

A Born Angel Cover NOT Final

This is the first of a twenty book series and one of three series in the works. The other two series are the Created Angel Novels, which are Urban Fantasy with Romance thrown in. They have ALL the spice. Then there is the Born Angel Novels which are also Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Adventure, and Romance. Some of these have spice others don't. (I also have a fourth group of books that aren't really a series, but are just one off books... so far ^^;)

Thanks for reading this, and for scrolling my homepage. - Jenn A. Morales, aka Born Angel Author.

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