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The Warrior's Vacation Scene


The Warrior's Vacation Scene

The sunset over the Alderaanian lake was breathtaking as the couple drove their small speeders over the sand. As they made their way back to Organa Palace, where their mutual friend, Queen Ja’Yana Organa had pressed them to stay in while they were here on their honeymoon, she slowed. Her Husband slowed when he realized she’d stopped and turned to watch her. Her long red hair blew in the breeze as she looked out at the mountainous surroundings, remembering her time on the planet years ago and the unsettling visions she’d been having. He backed his speeder up beside hers and watched her, his cybernetics tracking her movement, body temperature, and still picking up something strange. It’d been weeks since he first noticed the slight change, but not enough to say anything. She turned, feeling his eyes on her. Her hair floated into her face and she brushed it back. A small smirk pulled at the left corner of her lips. “What are you staring at?” She asked. She set her right foot in the


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I am a Writer/Author, Digital artist, and wife. I always have a little back story for each picture in the description so that you have a bit of insight into the characters, their world, and things surrounding the story. I am currently releasing a story a chapter at a time under pictures and Premium Content every Tuesday and Thursday (Check the Chaos Theory Folder for that). It will be out Completely as a bundle for $20 with all 71 pictures (or $18.75 on my Ko-fi) on June 8th, 2021. I am in need of a new PC, which is why I'm selling this book instead of getting it "traditionally" or "Self" published.

I am a Star Wars Fan, and have an SWTOR series I'm currently writing, though on the side of my original series the Born Angel Novels and the Created Angel Chronicles. You can read snippets under pictures, and some on the blog I used to run and might restart soon.

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Help! I Need a New PC!

I'm in need of a new Render PC, my laptop's video card is dying fast. I have about $500 saved so far, I need about $2k. I have a monitor, mouse, and keyboard (the monitor and keyboard were given to me) All I need is a good Tower that's all decked out for rendering and has lots of space to keep things. So please consider buying things from my premium content, donating to the pool over on my second page MrzHyde, "supporting me" on my Ko-fi ( $3 will get you access to my Not Seen on DA folder and some downloads that aren't anywhere else, or if you'd want to just send just a few bucks toward it because You'd like to keep seeing my art. You can send it through my Thank you and every little bit does help.

I hope not all the new followers are spam bots but my hopes aren’t too high at this point. :shrug:
Recently, I've gotten a few new followers that are also new to DA... Hi! Welcome to "Insanity Land."
So... has anyone that renders thought of opening an Only fans for explicit renders? It can’t be just me...

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SlangolatorHobbyist General Artist

Hello, are requests or art-trades or collabs open maybe?

BornAngelAuthorHobbyist Artist
I’ve never done an art trade or collab and if you donate 20-50 points to the pool on my other account MrzHyde I’ll fulfill a request.

P.s. If I didn’t need a new computer, I’d take some requests for free, but the video card in my current laptop is dying a slow painful death.
GwasaneeHobbyist Digital Artist

Many thanks for the fav. Stay safe and healthy, my friend! :)

BornAngelAuthorHobbyist Artist
You’re welcome, and you do the same!
Saidge42 Digital Artist
dA thank you faves
BornAngelAuthorHobbyist Artist
You’re welcome!
Saidge42 Digital Artist
dA thank you faves