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Dead Man's Chest FINAL

It's finally done! :excited: :love:

It's pretty heavy, and big. It weighs about 5 pounds, both the lid and box combined.
It's 8 1/2 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 6 inches deep. (outside measurements)

The lid can come completely off, it's not attatched. I thought about making it so I could put a hinge on it, but it weighs too much and would have taken me longer to do.

I bought this Antique Pewter finish kit, which basically consits of a spray can of silver paint and a can of black paint.
Just spray the thing silver and when it's dry coat a small area in the paint and pat it off with a damp paper towel to get the "antique" look; repeat the "paint and pat" till it covers the whole thing.

The whole thing is made by me, by hand. I didn't use any prefabricated things or whatever.
I watched POTC 2 and kept rewinding the parts that had closeups of the treasure chest. The best scene was when Elizabeth, Ragelle and Pintelli are running through the "woods" on the island and they drop it. The second best scene was when Jack opened it. :pirate:

This is sort of a silly picture, my sister had a little crab and octopus plushie-beanie thing, so I thought I'd include them.
I'll get some serious detail pictures up later. :D

WIP--> [link]
Fired--> [link]
Inside Picture--> [link]
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That is so cool! :snowing:
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I can't wait for this summer! I'm working with you the first two weeks and my friend Jessie the next three weeks! :D
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Me too! I also want some time to myself so I can just do art all day!
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That's amazing! The detail is fabulous, and the textures now that it's painted... wow! It really looks like an ancient relic recovered from the sea... Amazing job! ^^

Me wants a box with Willy's heart in in :o :heart:
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Thank you! :D :D :D

Hmmm... yeah, according to the events of movie #3, that's Will's heart now! :heart:
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Just don't open it...
Bu bum...bu bum... bu bum... bu bum...
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Wow! You MADE that! I love POTC!!! :love: You're really talented! Oh, and the crabs are cute. Xb
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It took me forever...
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What an amazingly detailed project!!! You didn't halfway this thing! It even seems to sit evenly, lol...I'm sure if I tried one leg would be shorter or something.

Every little, so much of that intricate patterning, that adds so much to this. All of it combines so well, without overwhelming the completed look. It's fun both to just take it all in, then look specifically for each chain and pattern and "sequence" within the chest.

This is magnificent; very, very well done!

*shouldn't be typing >.<*
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Thank you!!! :D

I went a bit OCD on the detail, I wanted it to be exactly like the movie's version...
I practically lived in the ceramics room the last 2 weeks of school, although I could have gotten done sooner but I just got lazy at the beginning, I thought I had enough time... ^^;

Actually- the back popped off and shattered when it was firing, I was able to glue it together again but I was missing one piece and it didn't exactly line up so the back left "leg" was longer then the others and it rocked. I was able to fix it with those little peel and stick pads you can put on the bottom of chairs so they don't scratch the floor. ^^;
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PLUSHIES!!! So cute!
And nice work on the box too XD
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Thank you! Plushies=:heart:
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yesh! Plushies!
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