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LOZ Succession: Ch 3 Teaser
Zelda felt like she was floating in a sea of fog. She could neither see nor touch anything solid, even her own body felt like it was not completely there. There was bright light all around, but it felt neither warm nor cold. She only felt a brief moment of confusion before realizing that this was the feeling she felt while in the Sacred Realm.
As the leader of the Sages, she could enter the Sacred Realm by meditating, but she had not done so in a very long time. During the Gerudo-Hylian Skirmishes after they had reset the timeline, she had often visited the Sacred Realm to meditate and seek wisdom from Rauru. Thankfully, there had not been a situation dire enough to warrant a visit since then, as Hyrule had experienced a blessed era of peace.
She frowned, and turned to look around, futile though that was. Something was missing- Rauru’s presence. She could not feel it at all. Zelda searched farther through the mist, but still, nothing. The Sage of Light’s spirit was tied
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LOZ Succession: Chapter 2
Link slowly became aware of the world around him, trying to sift through the fog of muffled, echoing sounds and blurred shapes. His blue eyes blinked slowly and he reached up to rub them. A pain in his left arm made him bite his lip and hiss his breath out. What had happened?
He lay still, letting his mind fully wake up. His eyes roved across the ceiling above him which was soft white in color, with arched beams stretching up to the top of the peaked, arch shaped ceiling. The pattern painted onto the plaster between the beams was slight, but it reminded him of the billowing clouds that rolled across the skies above Hyrule Field.
The healing hall was rather quiet; the only sounds Link could hear were the soft footsteps and occasional swish of the healer’s skirts and aprons as they made their rounds in the halls outside his room. It was very peaceful, and Link indulged into the serenity of it for just a bit longer. He faded into a light doze despite his efforts to stay up, feeble t
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LOZ: Succession: Chapter 1
Crack-a-boom! A peal of thunder broke across the dark sky. Gray clouds floated ominously overhead, hanging low with an imminent threat of rain. Rainstorms were common in the northern mountains of Hyrule, but Link knew that this was no ordinary rainstorm.
A light flashed briefly across the clouds, followed by another, smaller, rumble of thunder. A cold wind picked up, whistling harshly through the foggy mountains. The woods were silent in the path of the approaching storm, the local wildlife long having hidden themselves away in their burrows and nests.
Only one animal refused to take shelter just yet- an ordinary looking chestnut mare with a flaxen mane and tail. She stood quietly near the base of a tree, flicking her ears in annoyance. She knew of the coming storm, but duty kept her flight instincts from taking over.
A louder rumble of thunder sounded overhead, causing the horse to paw at the ground and whine softly. She stretched her head and neck up into the tree and lightly
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Hello to everyone reading this!



It has been literal AGES since I have been on here. To anyone still following me, wow, you guys are amazing. I really am truly sorry for being terrible about updating/producing this DA account. Not that I've really been doing much. :( I mentioned in my last post that I discovered Final Fantasy XIV Online and have been playing that almost every day since. It truly is a really great game. If anyone wants to get the game and wants a friend email code thing (you get cool stuff like an exp bonus! and things to turn in for cool gear!), hit me up! Unfortunately, stress with my new job and learning everything completely new from scratch didn't help my creative side, and FFXIV was a good easy escape outlet. So again, creative things were shoved to the side. :(

I've had to deal with some other real world things (and still dealing with lots more) and FFXIV and it's consistency was a very nice and easy thing to rely on. I've changed a bit as a person I think, but one thing remains as true as ever, I am completely, head over heels, deeply in love with The Legend of Zelda. And holy crap Breath of the Wild. Holy. Freaking. Crap. Oh. My. Goodness. That. Game. I had my first wisdom tooth taken out the Tuesday after the game came out and I've been nonstop playing it while recovering. OH MY GOSH THAT GAME CAN WE JUST AIHDISAHDSAJHDWHDISUHD

Nintendo has really outdone themselves. To be clear, I don't have a Switch, I'm on the Wii U. I have a couple of the amiibo and need to get the rest of them. They've been really hard to find! Grr. It's really lit a fire under me for all things LOZ.

Which is rather good. To make a long story short, I've been saving up for about a yearish to go to Ireland next fall with my family. I've already paid almost $700 towards a week long bus tour there. I also needed to save up money to buy a graphics card and power supply because FFXIV is raising the min specs when they release the expansion this Spring(Summer?) But then... my car acted up. $1,000 later... and now with my wisdom tooth surgery... I have to make a really, really tough choice. Going to Ireland has been a dream since like forever. Like when I was in elementary school forever. I can't give that up, especially since it would be with my family, and I know we'd never ever make this kind of trip again. Ever. We never take big trips like this, so this is a literal once in a lifetime chance.

So if Ireland is a non negotiable choice now, I need to economize in all other areas in my life. I can't get rid of my car, cause I need it to go to work. (I really, really hate that paradox...) I needed the wisdom tooth out cause it hurt like heck. So the other big expense is... FFXIV. Which is also 99% of my social life. :/ I play that game with some long distance IRL friends, and some new friends I've met online. It really hurts me to cut it out, but I kinda have no choice. I mean, it's not like I can't talk to my friends outside the game or anything, but still. :/ If I didn't have to upgrade my computer, I wouldn't have to worry about cutting it and my social life out, but that fact that I have to dump possibly almost $400 into it coupled with my other expenses (and that's not counting the subscription!), well...

ANYWAY, trying to keep it brief, this actually is good news for Succession fans, because it means I have the interest (rekindled by BoTW) and now the time to devote to this story, which I still do love so very much. Even though I haven't shown it very much these past years. :(

So here is some upfront news:

-I have 7 full pages of Chapter 3 written (with about 1/4" margins all around, cause I don't like wasting screen space, so I guess in reality it's longer than 7 pages? side rant, stop it)
-My outline is kinda a mess :/
-I want to get a clearer idea of where I am headed
-I think I can at least post a good teaser from what I have already written

Here are my next steps:

-Work out my outlines
-Post the teaser
-Write/edit my butt off
-Possibly minorly edit Chapters 1 & 2 for clarity/grammar

Also, if anyone has any questions about my story/characters/setting or has ideas, or anything LOZ related you want to talk about, comment away! Please no spoilers for BoTW, however. I've been playing it a lot but I'm not speedrunning it. I'm taking my time and exploring and want to discover/figure out all the things by myself. :D

A big thank you to everyone who is still following me! Really, thank you so much. <3
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