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Wires entwined in and out of each other,
Bound so tightly with leaves winding in,
Holding down what they wish not to uncover,
No one knows the dark which is held within.
The wooden frame that is now struggling,
From the many attempts of burnt out escape,
Every now and then pure sunlight smuggling,
To the dark shadow of the captive's shape.
Ropes hold a rough worn out roof in place,
Tied messily serving only for one desire,
To keep together a cast out and unwanted space,
Weaved into the rusting still strong wire.
Noises escape through the harsh winter air,
such an innocent sound chirping to my ear,
but the voice so scaring filled with such despair,
floating through the deep wire frontier.
Now the years have passed and the sound has gone,
but the frame still remains filled with dark memories,
on the cold dirt floor lays a soul not yet withdrawn,
still held and tortured by the captor's keys....
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 1 45
Under The Stars..
…Under The Stars…
The velvet black of the clear night sky
Blanketed over me like a curtain
The clouds swayed above me
But how they change engaged me for reasons uncertain
The water's mist sprayed against my skin
Warm waves crashed on the shore
I let the white caps turn me over
And the current took me away more than ever before
The sand beneath my toes was smooth
And ran through them like golden silk
The essence was captured by tiny grains
A dream, most likely, that shined of lust
The magical sensation swirled
Its feelings completely surrounded me
Its movement gently pushed me
In a sweet, tender reality
The breeze on my face
Ran it's way gently through my hair
The cool serenity took me away
And wrapped me up inside the windy air
The grass whispered it's desires
To me of secrets hidden from long ago
About why it watches the tides so often
And at night why they steal the moon's reflection and glow
I gazed up into this mystery
To see stars that sparkled so heavenly-bright
Flickering on and
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 0 25
A mother's worst fear
The only thing to make a father tear
A phobia
No more lies
You're supposed to die before your child dies
They pray
On the last strand of hope
They hang on a fraying rope
Until the last thread unravels
Leaving all nearby scared and baffled
A phobia
A fear
It's so near
And all the parents rise,
With a single, saddened cry:
'You're supposed to die before your child dies'
No more giggles
No more mud
No more late nights
No weary hugs
You're not supposed to bury the youth
The phobia
You're supposed to die before your child dies...
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 1 25
The Sin
                 The Sin
Call it a simple slip of the mind
"forgetting" what you've been taught
Say that it's something you've known all along
But somehow you just forgot
Call it a "fib" or a "little white lie"
What harm can it possibly do?
Say it's not gossip when you repeat
what someone's confided in you
Say you've just "borrowed" what isn't yours
Or taken what "no one will miss"
Say that really...there is nothing wrong
With "that kind" of a touch or a kiss
Say that it's "natural" for wandering eyes
to linger on somebody's wife
Say it's "your" body and also "your" choice
when ending an innocent life
Call it "exhaustion" or call it "fatigue"
when time won't allow you to pray
Call it "refreshment" when drink after drink
brings rest at the end of the day
Say that it's "stress" when your angry hands
damage a helpless soul
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 1 48
Remember This ...
Remember This
A sad and twisted thought
Came upon my mind
Something so sadistic
That should be left behind
I thought about those
Who have died so soon
And what I was doing
When they met their doom
And I thought about myself
About my blood and my tears
Living with nothing but pain
And my tormented fears
And I noticed something
That just didn't seem right
Something to make you cry
And shiver in the night
Every time you smile
Another child cries
Every time you're happy
Another person dies
When every thing's going right
And it's the best day of your life
Someone out there has had enough
And is picking up that knife
Every time you have someone
Another person is alone
Every time you feel loved
Another child is on it's own
When your parents are hugging you
And showering you with kisses
Some child out there is being beaten
By parents who are making death wishes
Every time you see the light
Another child only sees the dark
Every time you are healthy
Another person is cutting a fresh mark
So rem
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 8 28
Synthetic Love
Synthetic Love
the perfect physique
that women crave
man's idea of unique
a cosmetician's slave
sexily clad
for all to see
the newest fad
is to be like thee
many starve themselves
to obtain that goal
books line the shelves
on dieting for the soul
it's all synthetic
to lure you in
a marketer's trick
the mannequin
she looks so real
a body so divine
oh, how you'd feel
to be so fine
chasing the dream
playing the part
a beautiful inseam
without the heart.....
it's not uncommon to "model"
our lives, just don't forget
who you really are......
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 1 14
You Are Poetry...
You Are Poetry
       You come outside
        To view the faint sunset
      Light bewildered by trees
         Shines through quietly
  You glide your soft black hair
     Perched behind your ear
And in this moment I feel at home
   Beneath the interior
      You are my humble abode...
         Your company is soothing
         Calming and reassuring
       Inside, the wind chimes ring
    You saunter and my hearts sings
      Bit by bit I begin to recognize
The enchanting glow in your subtle eyes
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 1 33
As The Day Goes By
                                                As The Day Goes
                                   Choices and wrong turns are made,
                                     as the day goes and the sun fades.
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 0 27
On The Wings Of A Butterfly
                                               On The Wings Of A Butterfly
                                               Your friendship is special
                                             Like the flowers that bloom,
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 0 20
           Yesterday's memories have become pictures of today;
                              I think of You
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 0 25
                   A lifetime can be likened to a lonely beach of sand.
                   a stranger makes a mark one day, an imprint of a hand.
                   As time goes by the beach once clear is now a cluttered field
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 4 19
Me.. by born2darkness Me.. :iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 0 25
The Light Upon The Sea
                                  The Light Upon The Sea
                        There was a time it seemed as though
                        My life was tossing to and fro
                        And I, left with nowhere to go,
                        Was subject to the sea.
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 2 10
Just Words....
                                       Just Words
                      I searched among the card displays,
                      To see if I could find,
                      A little something that would say
                      Just what was on my mind.
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 0 25
A Tear Fell
A Tear Fell
I shed a tear today
Silently, I felt it fall
You caught it
shared it
held it
felt it
it wasn't
so big
after all
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 0 20
I sometimes feel my heart will burst
from wanting you so much,
I cant explain in words of how
i long to feel your touch.
There is no way i can convey,
this emptiness inside
that seems to tear my soul to shreds
as time goes swiftly by.
If i could merely hold you near,
for just a little while
if i could simply talk with you
or only see you smile.
To have you look into my eyes
and want to hear you say
something that would help
take all the pain away.
If i have to wait forever,
i guess thats what i'll do,
for me it will be worth it,
to finally be ..  with you..
:iconborn2darkness:born2darkness 0 16


Aphrodite's Torso by Cyndalee Aphrodite's Torso :iconcyndalee:Cyndalee 2 1
unqualified after midnight
You opened the old curtains
with your wood-dry fingertips.
They were heavy
and the cloth yawned morning-breath light
into my face and it took my eyes
about five minutes to adjust.
I was unable to speak.
Three days later, I managed to spit out
an unclear 'I never stopped loving you'
when really,
I should have unclogged my thirsty throat
and said how much I love those dimples
by your mouth.
I should have confessed how I want to climb inside
and rest there
but we did not have time for that many words.
The day felt depleted already
and you were about to leave -
so I put my head on your warm chest
wishing I could peel back your skin,
unbolt your ribs one by one
and whisper a raw 'don't go' into the gaping hole
letting your limp hands hang loose,
I scratched my cheek when you came close.
You withdrew, leaving the door ajar.
I wanted to vacate my body
and this spent-up room, where sunrises
and nine AM traffic
remind me of you.
I removed those ugly curtains
so I no longer need
:iconinmyroom:inmyroom 53 101
Now that the mirror has broken
into a thousand shards of
your careless secrets and
your constant flow of lies,
you've come undone.
And you have nothing,
no one to smile and say they understand
while you hide behind
your nervous laughter and
your constant effort
to make things seem alright.
You're never broken,
but you make everyone else
fall apart
and fall away from the very things that
keep a family together.
You live only on impressions,
where the world is happy so long
as smiles and laughter echo through
a war-torn household,
because you'd never think that
children could sense the weight of
icy conversation.
You ignore the wordless screams that
are written plainly across the faces of
your empty bed and stony meals
and sudden hiatus from the true laughter
that occasionally finds itself breathing.
You've truly come undone,
but you'll never even notice
the mirror's broken.
:iconrecklesslyforgotten:recklesslyforgotten 2 14
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Noor Al-Hajri
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