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If you're interested in some prints of my artwork you can find them in:…

Hope you like it!

Hi everybody,

I now am working on the art of the comic series "Goof". It's my first experience drawing comics and I love it. It's a little different thing than the other works I usually submit here. Even though I submitted some other pages of Goof before. It's a digital comic for Ipad, but I think it will be available for all the other devices soon. 

This is the first page of Goof #4... this one has a grave tone, but the rest is hilarious. :)

Please, check it out! I hope you like it:…

The app for iPad is available here:

Hi everybody,

Excited to present the new project I'm involved. Goof is a new comic book from the new independent digital comic book publisher New Worlds Comics. I begin to work on it from the 2nd issue and on February 26th will go on sale the first one. You can find more information on the web