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Flying Polyp

For future cards game "Chronicles of the Axis of Terror".
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Polyp seem to suggest this is the larval form... I hate to see the adult
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One of the more interesting Lovecraftian horrors sleeping beneath the earth, as rather than one unique being, they're an entire race.  Plus they have memorable powers (wind manipulation used to pull targets towards them) and an attention grabbing description.

You do a good job capturing them and having another one in the background was a nice touch.
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Hey, thanks for all your comments. :)
You look like a true Lovecraft fan so that's makes your comments even more valuable. I've painted a lot of Lovecraft stuff but I'm still a novice about his novels.
I'm glad I was approached with this one. 
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You're welcome. 

If you ever want to read more, a good Lovecraft piece for beginners would probably be "The Colour out of Space" or "The Picture in the House".  Or "The Rats in the Walls" but I have to give that one a warning, because the protagonist has a black cat which he's given a nickname which would be considered quite racist today. 
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always loved the flying polyps; this is a great visualisation!
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thank you! I never had heard about them until the description for the game. I'm glad you like it.
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I always thought this one was the scariest. Brrr D: Creepy!!!
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wow it's awesome! =)
and really creepy, it made me shiver
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Well this is really scary.
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it looks like a giant tumor.
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Hee hee hee

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Buen bicho!!!
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I faved this shortly after faving a photo of a swan.
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Variety is the spice of life. I was listened a ballad when I painted this :D
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like a Call of Cthulhu DCoE's flying polyp -your art is gorgeous and creepy
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Well, they are both based on the same thing, so...
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