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Cyberspace Hacker - Yellow Down

By BorjaPindado
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© 2015 - 2021 BorjaPindado
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Great job, Borja! 👏👏👏👏 I'm using this artwork as wallpaper for a couple of years. 😃

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Thank you, sir. I'm glad you like it. :)

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This is just mind-blowing awesome !!!!!
Mafer's avatar
This is my favorite piece of your gallery. Lovely characters, athmosphere, shading, coloring...
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Thanks! It's also one of my favorites. :)
Corzar's avatar
nicely done it looks great
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The atmosphereof this pic is everything I have with my OC.I'm so bad at backgrounds that I avoid drawing pics like these,anyway keep it up real amazing stuff right here.
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I like the atmosphere of this one, too. I'm proud of it. Thank you!
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Somehow I just can't hit the "close" button. It's like... Open this tab. Sink into the atmosphere, details and the possible stories behind the scene. Switch to the chat tab, to reply some friends. Switch back here, to close. Repeat everything (about 20-30 times or so). :D
In love with that work!
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haha... The atmosphere is one of the parts in which more I struggle, so I appreciate very much your comment. :)
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Damn, this is an awesome piece. Makes me want to play some Cyberpunk :D ( i only played Shadowrun so far)
Lovin' that intense atmosphere! 
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I'm glad it makes you want to play some Cyberpunk. That means I've done a good job.B-) (Cool) 
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very nice one !
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