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Falling Softly From Grace
(Massive Modern Monster Girl Stories)
The short elf, who went under the name Aerid Yaewases, stepped into the ring and a fierce sweat instantly broke out. The lights pounded down on top of her, almost just like fists ironically enough. She couldn't even look up at her opponent's black, beady eyes. She reached a gloved hand towards her face. Slowly, she ran her hand vertically along her temple and then through her sleek bubblegum-pink hair. She actually wasn't worried about this match, or at least she didn't let herself become worried about it. It was simply a physical reaction to the setting around her, nothing more, nothing less.
Any signs of weakness, whether physical or emotional, that she displayed could become weapons the enemy would be able to use to their advantage. She pounded her fists together and did a few hops in place, getting her blood pumping. At the same time, she went through the typical train of thought that she used to retain her composure. Nothing complicated here.
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Zelda's Queen-Sized Predicament
(Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Commission)
It had been a long and arduous journey that had ultimately ended with the defeat of the usurper Zant and his fellow conspirator the demonic Ganondorf, as well as the rescue of Princess Zelda, the rightful heiress to the throne of Hyrule. Link, once a humble goatherd from Ordon, had begun his journey simply to rescue his best friend and his horse, and none could've envisioned what that task had turned, perhaps, the Three Goddesses. Link's journey had taken him from one end of the kingdom to the other, through perils and wonders beyond counting, and had earned him a reputation amongst all the races of Hyrule, from his fellow Hylians and the humans to the reclusive Gorons and Zoras. He was even held in esteem by the otherworldly Twili. It was a mighty good thing Hyrule had Link to call upon, because the kingdom's own army was a joke. Sadly, not even a very funny one.
The few chest-thumping blowhards who'd offered to escort the st
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The Fat Wives of Elibe Pt 2
(Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade/Commission)
Lady Priscilla had been very fortunate for a lot of her life. She had been adopted into a family of nobles, but she was still loved as much by her parents as if they were her genuine child. She had survived in that great war despite her tender personality and innocent heart. She had also been lucky enough to fall in love with and marry with a talented young mage named Erk. He had been traveling with Serra at the time of them joining Lord Hector's army. One would have expected the two of them to eventually fall in love, but the most detestable kind of woman in Erk's mind was exactly like the pink-haired young healer. Priscilla, on the other hand, was someone he could not only stand but also enjoy being around. When they married, Erk made a personal promise to both Priscilla and himself that he would do everything within his power to help take care of her. The fact that Priscilla was so wealthy thanks to her upbringing made it much easier to gi
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Octo-Hundred Pound Traveler, A Drabble
(Octopath Traveler)
At the tavern of Stillsnow village, where weary travelers and citizens alike could escape from the blizzard outside and curl up next to a warm, inviting fire...
Primrose Azelhart lifted up her fork and knife as she watched her plate be lowered in front of her. Roasted boar meat with garlic, spices and a wine-flavored sauce as well as some basil to serve as garnish on the side. A tiny plate of sliced potatoes came along with it. It certainly looked delicious, she mused, but there was no telling for sure if it TASTED delicious until she took the plunge...and the first bite. She cut into the tender boar with her knife, holding it in place with the fork. She cut through it until she had a nice, big juicy square for herself. Primrose licked her lips as she started it down. Then she proceeded to slurp the entire thing into her mouth and swallow it after minimal chewing. She followed this series of actions again and again and again until the entire plate had been eaten cle
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To Stuff A Blade
(Xenoblade Chronicles 2/Commission)
Pyra hadn't really paid much attention to it until recently, but it seemed like Rex was really pushing a lot of food onto her lately. For a Blade like herself, she didn't necessarily have to eat like a human being did, but food was able to help her grow stronger all the same. Their affinity was able to increase exponentially every time they grew closer, and food, not to mention some feeding sessions, seemed to help influence that rank of power inside of her. Rex knew this, so he was always trying to make sure that his friend stayed full. Pyra didn't mind it, as she rather enjoyed food as a whole, regardless of how much of a 'luxury' it might have been for her. The thing about it was, though, that Rex might have begun overdoing it with filling up her 'pouch', so to speak. She loved every second they spent together, not to mention every dish he cooked up for her, but it was starting to have side-effects that the Blade had failed to prepare herself for.
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Mature content
Never Drink An Oni's Sake, Parts 1 and 2 :iconborin23:Borin23 54 5
A Virus Of Voraciousness
(Nier Automata/Commission)
2B had discovered a fairly curious looking plug-in chip after having plowed her way through the latest gang of attacking machines. She had picked it up among the smoldering wreckage of rusted metal, broken chunks of steel and cracked bolts. Examining the chip more closely, it made her computer brain immediately comprehend that it had once belonged to a former infantry android such as herself. It wasn't very often she recovered them in the bellies of machines, but when it did happen, it was actually a pretty lucky find.
"This chip...maybe I can use it to my advantage..."
Normally, the android would share this chip with her comrade 9S. The two of them had been working alongside one another for quite a while up to this point. Well, longer than even 9S himself might have realized, but that wasn't something 2B was supposed to mull over often. However, the Scanner android was nowhere to be seen. 2B knew exactly why too. 9S had been sent off on a mission of his own.
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The Fat Wives Of Elibe Pt 1
(Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade/Commission)
Oswin let out a heavy sigh as he climbed the short flight of stairs leading to the front door of his three-story home. It had been a rather long day for him again. He had already sweat up a storm inside his armor, so he was looking forward to finally getting to take it all off and simply relax. His duties as the minister serving the new marquess of Ostia kept him busy for long, long stretches of the day. Not only did he have to go through great lengths to ensure that relations between the many nations remained consistent when it came to how they interacted with Ostia, but he had to ensure that Lord Hector actually knew what he was doing half the time. Hector was a capable man indeed, as great a leader as he was a soldier, but he couldn't do everything at once. That was why Oswin had to be there to help him. He did his job well and he was proud that he could hold such a position to begin with, but he would be lying if he denied that there was
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Burn The Waistline, A Drabble
(Burn The Witch)

Niihashi Noel glanced to her left, doing so in a casual fashion out of the corner of her eye. Walking next to her was fellow 'witch' Ninii Spangle. She wanted to say something but she didn't know how to say it, at least not without inciting some kind of ire from the hot-headed blonde. The two of them had just returned from their latest mission, another low-tier, bottom-barrel 'conservation effort' job as usual. In their line of work, it was what they had to deal with day in and day out. This time around, however, they had been trusted to help a rare breed of dragons that only a few members of Wing Bind, the Dragon Conservation and Control Agency, had been given the opportunity to see before. Before the pair had to leave the ranch, Ninii had been daring enough, or maybe just foolhardy enough, to sneak herself a 'treat' to take back home.
"Damn! Ha ha ha! I never - MMPH - would have thought that dragon flesh could be so ta
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Super Smash Bros: A New Big Princess To Be
(Super Smash Bros: Big Princess Bigger Queen)
It had been quite a lengthy period since the previous Super Smash Bros. tournament had abruptly concluded. Master Hand had spent many a month reconstructing the mansion premises after the chaos involving the Master Core. No one was in a particular rush to go back, but they were all still eagerly awaiting the day when they could fight alongside one another again nonetheless. As soon as the invitations bearing that familiar emblem arrived in their hands, the Smashers were ready to go and respond to this 'call to arms'.
What proved to be most surprising aspect of the newest tournament was that Master Hand hadn't stopped at asking back all of the previous attendees. He requested for EVERYONE to return, including fighters who hadn't participated in ages. For every time he had decided against asking someone to come back, it had left behind a great, heavy boulder of guilt in Master Hand's heart. He didn't want to take away this experience from any
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The Fat Wives Of Valla: The Seven Feasts
(Fire Emblem Fates/Commission)
Sing me a song of Epilogues and Enormity.
Five years had come and gone since the end of the great war between Hoshido, Nohr and the respective tribes spread across the two countries. The great dark power that had been working behind the scenes to manipulate the war to their advantage had been defeated. The Kingdom of Nohr's reputation had been yanked back from the brink of destruction and the princes and princesses of Nohr were able to put the being who'd once been their father to rest. And, the princes and princesses of Hoshido, along with their adoptive Vallite siblings, they were able to properly avenge the death of the woman who'd been mother to them all, the Queen Mikoto. A new kingdom had been discovered to have been hidden completely away from plain sight, an invisible kingdom that had existed for ages before either Hoshido and Nohr. That place, once enslaved and literally erased from the history books by Anankos's curse, had bee
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The Sin Of Gluttony's New Minions
(Teen Titans/Commission)
In the end, by the will of both her six step-sisters and her demonic father, Raven had been forced to come to terms with her true identity as the Sin of Gluttony. She had become a total fatass, swelled up with so much fattening magic and demonically-prepared foodstuffs that she couldn't desire for anything else. Though it seemed very much unlike her typical personality, Raven had come around to accepting herself as the Sin of Gluttony too, reveling in all of the food that she was able to eat now that she was so much bigger and softer. She was indeed both big and soft, all because she had to be exceptionally fat to fit the role of 'Gluttony'. No skinny woman would ever be believed as the Sin of Gluttony, after all. After her sisters' intervention, Raven had been left looking far different from her normal, once so thin self. Her stomach had billowed outwards into a large, soft, heavy sphere of fat and flesh, hanging down so low over her belt that it actually mana
:iconborin23:Borin23 125 10
Breathless Of The Wild: Her Heavy And Humble Life
(Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild/Commission)
Princess, she was no longer a 'princess', to be exact. The kingdom that she had once been the princess of no longer existed. After a hundred years of decline, the old Hyrule would never be able to return again. However, with Calamity Ganon sealed away once more and its dangers gone, a new Hyrule would be able to rise up from the ashes. A Hyrule that, while maybe not as grand and powerful as it had been before, would still be one that its many people would cherish and love all the same. Zelda had given all of the current tribe leaders her approval, and she wished them the best of luck in developing this new Hyrule. Although she was willing to offer consultation if necessary, Zelda did not truly intend to play a major role in the decisions they made going forward. She personally considered herself as part of the old Hyrule, a princess that was no longer a princess but still a princess nonetheless. The people had gotten along fin
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Fat/Saber Part 2
The confrontation against Caster had not ended in a way that left Saber feeling less self-conscious about her rapid weight gain. Meeting with the large, hulking man that stood in for the Holy Grail War's 'Rider' class didn't serve her any better, either.
Rather than attempt to fight her, the enormous man burst out laughing when he saw Saber for the first time. He couldn't help but poke some fun at how flabby and out of shape she was, poking at her belly with his finger and making the whole thing wobble. He clearly wasn't trying to do this to instigate her, having fun rather than trying to hurt her feelings, although Saber was still flustered nonetheless.
To express his apologies for making her uncomfortable, Rider invited her to get a meal and a few drinks with her. He wanted to win the Holy Grail War as much as any of the other Servants, but he was very interested in getting to talk with Saber. The sword-wielding maiden, though having eaten a 'light' lunch earlier that sam
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Chi-Chi's Hidden Power 3
Android 18 tried her best not to think so much about it, but honestly, she couldn't get her mind off of it even if she wanted to. After that battle against Chi-Chi, the battle she had LOST, 18 had been adamant in learning what exactly it was that the old housewife had done to make herself such a formidable opponent. Obviously, her weight gain had played a HUGE role in why she was so much tougher to beat now. That didn't make much sense to her. Most fighters tried to keep themselves as fit and lean as possible so that they could be at their most powerful. Yet Chi-Chi went the total opposite direction, letting her stomach hang out so far that it was literally able to touch the ground when she leaned over far enough. That kind of person shouldn't be able to win against a near-perfect cyborg like herself, and yet she did. 18 needed to figure out the secret to her power. Whether by observing Chi-Chi in secret or by approaching the woman outright and asking her, 18 wa
:iconborin23:Borin23 68 18
Fat/Saber Part 1
Kiritsugu stopped himself short, freezing in place as his sole came into contact with the carpeted floor. He turned his head so as to cast a quick sideways glance over his shoulder. He allowed his eyes to trail after the retreating back of his Servant. One of the 'Saber' class, during her mortal life she had been a legendary King of Britain. What bothered him right now wasn't how she had barely acknowledged his presence. She didn't seem to appreciate the way he conducted eliminating his adversaries, claiming that it had 'no pride to it at all'. They were only working together for the sake of obtaining the Grail. Kiritsugu knew that full well too, so he had nothing to complain about. He would talk to Saber when he felt like he needed to talk to her, that was all.
Yet right now, and it happened so suddenly without any prior warning, something about Saber seemed terribly off.
Somehow he had failed to notice it in the first second and a half. It was a plate of strawberry
:iconborin23:Borin23 98 15
Thank you so much to everyone who has commissioned me this time around! I have a ton of them to work with at the moment, so I don't want to risk taking on too many more, or else I could end up making people wait for a very long time. However, the commissions I do have saved, I will do my very best to work on them swiftly. I will need some time, but I will make sure to see that they are all finished eventually. Thanks again, I truly do appreciate it! And hopefully you all will continue to enjoy my upcoming stories to be posted!
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(Massive Modern Monster Girl Stories)

The short elf, who went under the name Aerid Yaewases, stepped into the ring and a fierce sweat instantly broke out. The lights pounded down on top of her, almost just like fists ironically enough. She couldn't even look up at her opponent's black, beady eyes. She reached a gloved hand towards her face. Slowly, she ran her hand vertically along her temple and then through her sleek bubblegum-pink hair. She actually wasn't worried about this match, or at least she didn't let herself become worried about it. It was simply a physical reaction to the setting around her, nothing more, nothing less.

Any signs of weakness, whether physical or emotional, that she displayed could become weapons the enemy would be able to use to their advantage. She pounded her fists together and did a few hops in place, getting her blood pumping. At the same time, she went through the typical train of thought that she used to retain her composure. Nothing complicated here. This was just another fight. She had gone through many of them before already and she had won all of them. Just because she had willingly chosen to go up against another fighter above her weight class didn't matter. If there was anything that could have possibly made her worried, it was that, but it still wasn't enough to make her waver. This specific fight was a spectacle being put on for the entertainment of the masses. This was not an official match by any means.

She needed to keep her wits about her, of course, but she didn't need to start having any doubts. She wasn't going to be a loser in this fight. No way. No how.

"Oh, are you worried?" asked the humongous woman standing across from her. It made Aerid cringe, hearing such a question and from her OPPONENT of all people.

Her name was Onilla Va'alin. Just as Aerid had passed through that massive portal to live in the world of man, so too did Onilla. From what Aerid had been told by her manager, Onilla was one of the top-ranked fighters in her designated weight class. It was all because she possessed such ridiculous amounts of brute strength. Her training as a mixed martial artist was minimal. Onilla's hair was as white as snow, as was her skin. Her black eyes and her black lips would be the only parts of her visible if you tried to find her in the middle of a raging snowstorm.

Aerid had seen her kind before, but they were usually more diminutive, slender and gentle. The 'snow elves' consisted of a single tribe that lived in the great mountains of Ashakar. They were far displaced from their more common brethren, the light elves (of which Aerid was) and the dark elves. Apparently this fighter was a snow elf who had been adopted and raised by a tribe of kindly Orcs. Aerid could seriously believe that to be the case of the matter when she saw Onilla's tremendous six-pack and arms as thick as theater house pillars. She looked like a bit of a monster, honestly.

"I'm not worried." Aerid shook her head.

"I don't want to hurt you! I just want us to have fun, you know! I don't know why my boss told me I had to fight someone so tiny like you!" Onilla stood over seven feet tall. Aerid barely stood a few inches past five feet.

"You really don't have a clue?" Aerid responded.

The massive snow elf shook her head. Her hair was tied back in a long, wavy ponytail. "I just do whatever she tells me to do! I trust her with my life!"

"Oh." There wasn't much that Aerid could say. It seemed strange to her that Onilla didn't understand the purpose of their match. It wasn't a bout meant for the records, but one being put on for the sake of a good show. Aerid was the champion of multiple tournaments. So was Onilla. They were both extremely popular with the viewers and they were both elves. Those three factors (talent, popularity and similarity) were what came together to inspire a 'crossover' match to be held between them. The rules were bent HEAVILY to allow something like this to happen.

It wasn't a wise decision by any means, but Aerid's manager was extremely confident in her client's abilities to handle fighting a larger opponent. Aerid never questioned the establishment for setting her up with this fight because she had been just as confident in herself too. Now it was the moment of truth, the moment to show she could do it.

"I'm actually used to fight people a lot bigger than you. It seems weird to be fighting someone so small, unless you're actually really tough?"

Aerid didn't respond. That explained it, then. The whole reason Onilla was so confused was because she was an idiot. Whether it was because she had taken too many blows to the head or because of her upbringing with a simple-minded Orc tribe, Aerid couldn't guess one over the other. In any case, Onilla seemed like she was was supposed to be the 'dumb, but strong' type. Aerid once read that the seclusive snow elves were considered highly intelligent. That all depended on how and where they were raised, apparently.

She probably relies on her strength and little else, Aerid thought as she raised her clenched fists in front of her, If I use my speed and a few moves on her, it'll throw her off her guard. She'll be hard to knock over, but if I keep on hitting hard enough, she'll eventually topple.

Aerid closed off her ears to the sounds of the roaring crowd surrounding the cage. She stopped paying attention to everything around her except for the giant she was supposed to knock down. Onilla raised her fists as well, though not quite showing the same gusto as Aerid. An announcer addressed to the crowd, but Aerid didn't hear anything except for her name at one point. If she broke her concentration for even half a second, it would have caused her entire focus to crumble apart.

"Good luck!" Onilla said aloud to her enemy. It was the only thing Aerid could hear.

Aerid didn't offer similar sentiments. As soon as the bell rung, indicating it was time to fight, Aerid lunged at the snow elf with her fists withdrawn to her chest. Onilla simply stood in place as Aerid closed the distance. Then the oversized snow elf swung her hand down. It felt more like a guillotine than a fist. It made contact with Aerid's left shoulder.


Aerid dropped to her knees before she could even comprehend it. It felt like her arm had gone completely numb from the shoulder down. The whole upper-half of the limb was wracked with a painful throbbing. However, the dreadful sensation passed almost as soon as it had started. For the most part, anyway, but it still stung even as Aerid hoisted herself back onto her feet.

"Er, I don't really wanna hurt you, but I've been told to fight until the other side can't move anymore, so I'm gonna have to do it!"

Onilla took a swing at Aerid, attempting to strike her in the head. Aerid jumped backwards to narrowly avoid it. Much to the smaller elf's surprise, though, Onilla did not try to follow up that punch with another one. She didn't pursue her either. In fact, the snow elf hadn't taken a single step from where she stood thus far.

"Sorry! I'm not sure what to do! I don't want to hurt you too badly, but you're a lot smaller and, uh, daintier than the ones I usually fight!" Onilla called out.

Whatever the snow elf felt like she had to say, none of it mattered at all. Aerid charged straight ahead once more. It was now or never to start fighting back. Although her heart was pounding in her chest and although the pain in her shoulder was still present, none of it mattered. She had to keep going. To stop was to lose. To lose was...

Onilla struck her with both fists at the same time. Aerid could only vaguely recall being thrown into the air for a few moments. She remembered a sound. A bellowing, horrifying sound. It might have been the sound of a booing crowd. She could have sworn there was a moment where she was able to stand again. She thought there was a time where her fist collided with Onilla's chin. She believe that an instant took place in which it appeared like the towering snow elf was going to collapse in defeat. But those were all just dreams conjured up from wishful thinking.

Aerid opened her eyes.


She pushed the covers off, her hand brushing across the surface of her soft, distended belly.

She'd had that dream again. Well, it would be more accurate to call it a 'nightmare'. A nightmare of what had once been reality.


Aerid released an airy belch from her throat as she sat up in her bed. The mattress creaked underneath her. It creaked rather often nowadays. Her head pounded and her head hurt. It hurt when she thought about the past, especially.

The elf cast a sideways glance at the alarm clock sitting on the nightstand. It was already 8 AM. For her, who used to wake up around 5 for daily practice, that was exceptionally late. Aerid yawned again, letting another belch slip out, and she collapsed backwards against the pillows. She would rather sleep for another hour. It wasn't like she had to do anything today. Her manager hadn't gotten her a new gig in a while and she wasn't expecting anything soon.

Aerid laid in bed for just another hour as she intended, but she never actually closed her eyes to sleep. She stared up at the ceiling for almost five whole minutes before spending the remaining 55 minutes scrolling through articles on her smartphone. All of the news was depressing and no one had anything good to say. There were a few messages from her family, but nothing from her manager. Aerid didn't have any non-familial friends to speak of. She had spent so much of her time focusing on her training, abstaining from anything that could make her 'weak' like alcohol and fast food, that she'd never developed an actual social life. Considering she was about to be dropped from the MMA women's' league altogether soon, it was likely time she started making some associates to get to know.

There was one person she'd set up a 'date' with, which was a pretty good start to making friends. Aerid felt her pale cheeks burn as she reread the agreement between them deciding a place, day and time. Today was the day they would finally meet.

"Okay, I gotta get out of this place."

In the end, she couldn't totally ignore the call to work out with a morning jog...even if she did it more out of habit than obligation these days. Aerid threw off her blanket and jumped out of bed. She headed into the bathroom to begin getting herself ready.

After turning on the shower, Aerid removed her sweat-drenched top, only to stop short when her reflection caught her eye.

Her hair was much longer now. Since she had stopped dying it, her hair had turned back from popping pink to its original copper brown. Her face was fuller and her eyes weren't always so swollen-looking. Her chest had filled out more too, but she had never been very busty to begin with. Her arms didn't display as much outward muscle as they used to. The reason for those last two changes was rather obvious, and that reason was ever so GRACIOUS to present itself on her abdomen. Aerid had really let herself go. She was not a big eater by any means, but she ate to try and forget and she ate because she had little else with which to preoccupy her time. It ended up causing her to gain weight. She had packed on so many extra pounds that she'd lost most of her musculature. There was surely a good deal of muscle still present under the skin, but on the surface, she looked soft, doughy and weak.


Aerid grabbed her belly between her hands and shook it. It wasn't as large as some others she'd seen around on the streets, but it was most definitely a pot-belly if not a full-on gut already. She shook it harder and harder. She shook it like she hoped that the fat would fall right off. Of course it didn't end up going anywhere. Her belly was a bump she couldn't get rid of no matter what angle, no matter what position she took. Such a big, soft, plush, REPULSIVE thing. She released her gut and moved her hands to her love-handles instead. She could grip them pretty well, filling her whole palms with nothing but squishy elf-meat. Aerid pulled as hard as she could and then released it.

The whole thing wobbled. It sent an uncomfortable shiver that rippled across Aerid's entire figure. She didn't want to like this. No, she couldn't start liking this. Just thinking about being this way, it was so wrong, it was. Really, it was. How often did she have to tell herself that she thought it was wrong?

Losing against Onilla had been the start of a long string of discouraging defeats. The fight against the hulking snow elf did not affect Aerid's placement in the rankings and neither did it affect Onilla. Onilla had sent Aerid an e-mail afterwards apologizing for having hurt her, but it ended up having the opposite effect on Aerid's self-esteem. It was nice for Onilla to try, but an apology wouldn't be enough to repair the damage done to Aerid's self-confidence. The next match had her go up against someone more her size, the kind of person she was better accustomed to beating down. She should have won that match, but instead she found herself tasting the mat in minutes. Aerid had lost plenty before, especially when she had been starting out, but losing against Onilla had done something to her. It had left her with a head overflowing with doubt. She couldn't properly fight when she was like that, but there was no way she knew of to fix it. Aerid went against opponent after opponent and lost to them all. The good will and popularity she had fostered with the public quickly vanished to leave her in the dust.

Her shower was finished posthaste. She didn't waste too much time on it. Aerid checked her watch after slipping it on. It was almost 10. She needed to start her jog already. Not that it would have done much good, as it would have taken far more than a couple of jogs to shed the meat from this tubby belly of hers. It was a belly that she had filled up to the brim more times than she could count with all sorts of fattening snacks. Ice cream, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, meats, all sorts of things. Sometimes they were okay to eat every now and then, but instead she chose to devour everything excessively. So yeah, walking around the block a couple of times wouldn't erase all of those damaging meals she'd gulped down.

Aerid released a sigh, and she was relieved that another burp didn't follow suit. If only she could have just learned to control herself better. Or if she never had any emotions at all. That wouldn't have been such a bad thing. It would have surely made a lot of this easier for her to deal with. She'd never cried once since losing her matches, but maybe it would have been better if she could have just cried and gotten over it instead of keeping it inside and letting it feaster into unhealthy habits.

After getting dressed (she threw on a sweatshirt to hide her stomach bulge, even though it was so hot outside) and she made herself a banana and strawberry smoothie to chug during the run. If she filled herself up with fruit early in the day, she might be able to get away not feeling SO conflicted about her poor eating habits all of the time. Unfortunately, a burger for dinner was likely in her future today. It wasn't like she had it planned ahead of time. She could decide to eat something poor for her health on the fly.

"Alright, let's go."

Aerid said this aloud to no one in particular. She lived alone in her apartment. Back when she first began her 'hiatus', Aerid had picked the place as a getaway to relax and clear her mind. Funny how that little plan ended up falling through and now she had to live here indefinitely, or at least until she was unable to pay rent anymore. She came to Brooklyn because she wanted to return to the city where she had first become interested in MMA. She had come here to meet someone else instead, but she never found that person. Instead, she got into a confrontation with a group of muggers attacking a woman. It resulted in her pulverizing them all. The woman being mugged ended up becoming her manager. The rest was history. Nowadays, ALL of it was history.

Aerid put her smoothie together, grabbed her phone and her wallet, went over the last few necessary arrangements, and headed for the door.

Aerid went off running to the right as she usually did. She liked to go this way because it was more familiar to her. She needed familiarity whenever she could get it right now.

I'm going to have to take another shower after this, aren't I? The last thing she wanted was to have the smell of sweat clinging to her when she went and met her potential new friend later today.

Suddenly, Aerid had an idea. She turned around and darted into a small alleyway on her right. Inside the concealing comfort of the shadows, she practiced throwing a few punches and kicks. She could still punch with the best of them. In her mind, she was slower than she used to be, but if she picked up her practice again she might have had a chance to bring back the speed. Her kicks, on the other hand, weren't having such an easy time maneuvering. Her butt, her thighs and her hips were fairly bigger than they used to be, making her legs heavier to lift. Her gut got in the way too. It prevented her from raising her leg as high as it once had been capable of going. When she raised up her leg, her knee pushed into the underside of her tummy, and on this particular try it forced out a belch that Aerid had not even known had been lingering inside of her.

"Alright, note to self, work on the gas problem too. Don't want to scare friends away by burping in their faces."

The elf went back to resume her jog. She ran at a brisk pace, sometimes breaking out into a speeding gallop before stopping to catch her breath. She was suddenly feeling desperate, like she wanted to regain the glory of her former body. But how could that even happen? What could make it occur as quickly as she would have liked? Aerid had followed such a strict regimen for years, and yet breaking that regimen for only a few months resulted in her turning into a bloated has-been. She thought back to how it had been difficult to lift up her leg for a proper kick, which spurred her to try even harder on this jog of hers.

Aerid returned to her apartment after running for over half an hour. She was so sweaty that she almost couldn't even see, her eyes were filled with salty, stinging liquid. She took a nap by collapsing on the couch, which lasted for about an hour. She ate a turkey and cheese sandwich on white bread after waking up, undoing all of her earlier hard work. Then she napped again. When she woke up, she realized that it was nearly time for her to go and meet her online companion. Aerid threw herself into the shower and freshened up the best that she could.

Aerid was quite nervous as she headed to the local Starbucks' for the meeting. It was her first time doing something like this. They were both elves and women at that, but a casual experience was as foreign to her as an intimate one. However, while there were some definite nerves making her stomach twist into knots, she was also excited too. Someone actually wanted to give her a chance. Aerid hadn't been upfront about being a former MMA star, but she hoped that it was not something that would get in the way of their potential camaraderie. She also hoped that her weight and her lack of future prospects didn't make her seem too pitiful to be around. What they had communicated about so far online had mostly been focused on similar interests they shared and having had the same homeland. Surely there would be even more for them to talk about in person!

Aerid soon learned that she didn't have much to worry about. Not about her past, not about her weight, not about anything. None of it actually mattered when compared to the sort of bombshells about to be dropped by her new friend. When she went into the cafe to meet with the other elf, she was directed towards a very large and rotund woman sitting and reading by herself. Aerid tried not to look too shocked when she saw how big she was. She must have been over three pounds heavier than her own weight, maybe more than that. She looked like a gigantic beanbag chair, a living one with a head and limbs. It wasn't the worst look, as she certainly looked like she would give AMAZING hugs, but it wasn't what Aerid came to expect. It certainly made the former MMA fighter feel a little less self-conscious about her belly, though. When Aerid saw her face properly, it was almost enough to floor her right then and there.


"Oh, hello. You must be Aerid Yaewases, right? I had looked up about you, but I didn't think a lot of it because it was possible you just shared a name with her. Although you're actually the famous mixed martial artist, aren't you? The only elf in the women's side of things!"

Aerid continued to silently gawk.

"Ah, are there some crumbs on my chins or something? Oh dear, I hadn't even checked beforehand!"

"'re Princess Elila! Our Princess! The one who married the human politician! You were this country's first lady!"

"That's right! I'm honored you recognize me after I've gained so much weight!" Elila nodded, still all smiles as if there was nothing weird at all about such a meeting. "And I'm very glad we've finally gotten a chance to meet each other, Aerid. I hope you don't feel intimidated by my presence. Trust me, I'm not anything like the woman I used to be and I don't think you are either. We should try and get along with a fresh start. I'd be so happy to help you, you know!"

"H-Help me? With what?" Aerid was too stunned to even properly think. It felt like something in her brain had gone and short-circuited.

"With whatever you need! I still stay in this world because I want to help my fellow elves! No, all beings that need my assistance!" Elila smiled. The lamp behind her was rather bright, surrounding her head in a very fitting ethereal glow.

"I don't know..." Aerid stood up from her seat. She started to turn to leave. She didn't know why she wanted to get away so badly. It was sort of like a 'fight or flight' instinct that drove her. She was definitely on 'flight' mode right now. However, Elila managed to be fast enough to grab her by the wrist. Aerid paused. Elila definitely had a strong grip despite how out of shape she clearly was.

"You don't have to go so soon. We should talk some more. Maybe I you, you know?"

Aerid visibly grimaced, whimpering a little to add to the effect. She didn't really know if she wanted to do this, but Elila wasn't going to let her go until she complied. She wasn't strong enough emotionally for this sort of thing. She would much rather face Onilla in the ring again than do something like this. And here she thought she could handle it.

"You seem afraid."

"I'm not actually, er, good at much else aside from fighting, and even then, I'm not good at that anymore either. I'm a washed up martial artist. That's the truth of it."

"I don't know much about martial arts at all," Elila confessed, but before Aerid could say anything, she continued with, "But that doesn't mean that I can't help you in some way! Please, I want to help you!"

"Why do you want to help me? You're the princess of our tribe! The wife of a former president! I'm just a FAILURE!" Aerid yelled a little too loudly for her own good. She drew more than a few puzzled glances in her general direction. Her long ears folded as the humiliation settled in fast. Elila, however, remained as calm and composed as she ever had. She gently brushed her fingers over Aerid's hand in an attempt to calm her down. It reminded Aerid of something her mother used to do while comforting her. She would take her hand and stroke it while singing elven hymns. There were no hymns being sung here, but Aerid could imagine them clearly from inside her mind. Aerid took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled.

"I want to help as many BEINGS, human and elf and likewise, as I can while I still live. I'm no longer your princess. I gave up that right when I became that man's wife, and now I am no longer his wife either. The purpose that I strive for is to be a good friend and confidante to all. So please allow me to give you my assistance. I promise, if you turn me down again, then I will respect your feelings and go away. This will be the final time I ask."

Aerid stared into Elila's eyes. She could tell the other woman was serious, no questions asked. She might not have officially been a member of royalty anymore, but she certainly knew how to command a presence befitting of a noble.

"I mean, I WANT to try and make friends and all-"

"Then that's a 'yes', isn't it?"

"...Y-Yes." Aerid's ears glowed as bright red as her cheeks. Elila snickered. For a mixed martial artist with an impressive record behind her, this elf was actually quite adorable. Pitiful, but adorable. 

Suddenly, Elila's phone went off. She reached into her skin-tight pocket and yanked it out to read the message. Her eyes brightened upon seeing it.

"There's someone else that I was going to see today too. She's been trying to find a new path in her life as well and she asked me directly for help. Maybe you can come along with me and meet her! That would be a good way to start helping you! Meeting someone in a similar situation!"

"Er, I guess that's fine. W-Who is it, though?"

"It's a snow elf! You've probably never seen one of those before, right? Not even many of us from our homeland have seen them, they're usually so reclusive!"
Aerid winced. She had a really, really bad feeling about this. A pit as deep and dark as a black hole was opening up in the bottom of her stomach. But she didn't say anything as she followed Elila out of the cafe. She needed to wait and see for sure what was really going on here.

She didn't think she could hightail it anymore, either. She didn't have the heart to run away from the princess. Though if she did run, it wasn't like this big ball of a woman would be able to chase after her on those chunky, stubby legs.


Aerid instantly felt even more guilty after thinking that way to describe Elila. Now she DEFINITELY couldn't leave. She was good at fighting, but she was pathetic at everything else. Even the bravado and confidence she exerted in the ring had been a simple facade, torn to shreds after a few bad losses. For Aerid to get her life back together and actually improve it for once, Elila was the only one who could help.

Falling Softly From Grace
A new story for the Massive Modern Monster Girl Stories, which I've been working on periodically when I get the chance.…

This story is a start to feature the last of the characters mentioned back in the original story, the (former) MMA female fighter Aerid. Her story is mostly about her trying to pull her life back together after falling from grace. I admit I wanted to make her fighter because it was cool, but in the end it's about her NOT being a fighter, so that's how it goes. Hopefully I will get the chance to write more about her and the other characters. I tend to write these sort of off the cuff. Please let me know what you think!
Recently started playing Paladins on the Switch. It's such an Overwatch rip-off it's a little shamless, but it's free to play and it isn't too bad for what it is. Pretty fun overall if you like Overwatch already.

Along with more Fire Emblem, the next Smash Bros story is still going to take a little while, but I have ideas as Ultimate's release looms ever closer. I have hopes for the game, it's already like an event just when a few reveals are made.To post later, there will be some My Hero Academia stuff, something new with those Elf and Monster Girl OCs I occasionally write about, and a sequel to an earlier story. Hopefully it all goes well! 

(Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Commission)

It had been a long and arduous journey that had ultimately ended with the defeat of the usurper Zant and his fellow conspirator the demonic Ganondorf, as well as the rescue of Princess Zelda, the rightful heiress to the throne of Hyrule. Link, once a humble goatherd from Ordon, had begun his journey simply to rescue his best friend and his horse, and none could've envisioned what that task had turned, perhaps, the Three Goddesses. Link's journey had taken him from one end of the kingdom to the other, through perils and wonders beyond counting, and had earned him a reputation amongst all the races of Hyrule, from his fellow Hylians and the humans to the reclusive Gorons and Zoras. He was even held in esteem by the otherworldly Twili. It was a mighty good thing Hyrule had Link to call upon, because the kingdom's own army was a joke. Sadly, not even a very funny one.

The few chest-thumping blowhards who'd offered to escort the stricken Zora Prince Ralis to Kakariko for treatment had practically evaporated upon learning that the trip would be dangerous. Nor had they been terribly impressive when a certain blue-eyed wolf with eerily human-like intelligence had begun parading around Hyrule Castle Town and sending the locals into a panic. Still, it was clear that other threats might come to Hyrule, and Link might not be able to fight them alone. So, in order to regather Hyrule's scattered troops and whip them into shape (literally, if needed, Telma had reportedly said) Link had been awarded the title of 'First Knight' by Zelda herself.

As he rode away from Ordon, amid much fanfare from the locals, however, Link was not alone. He was accompanied by the young boy, Colin, who was the son of Rusl, Link's adoptive father and a fellow warrior. It just so happened that Colin had garnered interest from the princess for his quick and articulate mind as well as his few bouts of bravery. He was allowed to become Link's 'squire', a position that he certainly considered to be a great honor. Never before would he have imagined he could be depended upon for something like this, let alone by the young matriarch of Hyrule herself. It took a lot of shaking from Link to help the young man snap out of his initial dumbfounded shock.

Though they would eventually return to help train the army in case of a future attack, Link would not have the chance to see Zelda face to face for a very long time. It would be the most regrettable part to come out of his new position in life, something that Colin could tell was very much obvious whenever the man who was his big brother in all but blood looked so forlornly in the direction of the castle.

In any case, while they were gone, Zelda knew that she had a task no less daunting than turning a bunch of fops into proper soldiers. One of the the most visible signs of Hyrule's recent woes was the destruction of Hyrule Castle, following the second of four grueling battles between Link and Ganondorf. Its loss was a terrible blow, both to the kingdom and to Zelda's image as a ruler, and that was leaving aside just how much of the kingdom's wealth has been lost when the castle treasury and all the rupees therein had been buried or, worse, blown to bits.

The funds and resources to rebuild it would not be easy to come by, but Zelda also knew it was vital to helping her realm to heal. If the castle was restored, it would give the people hope for the restoration of the land itself, as the castle was seen as such an iconic symbol. Princess Zelda also needed to do this in order to repair her public image as well. Though not many would dare say so to her face, it was no secret that her image amongst her subjects...left something to be desired. Though the people of Hyrule were certainly more grateful to have her around rather than that monster Zant, that didn't mean that she was taken in with exceptionally open arms. In fact, a lot of people still liked to blame her for what had happened. They saw her failure to prevent Zant's attack as a lapse of proper leadership on her part. After all, she had basically surrendered to him because her forces weren't strong enough to handle such creatures. It didn't help that she would have likely remained under the control of the monster forever if she hadn't been rescued by a 'random sword-wielding teen from the woods'.

To try and repair both the ruined castle as well as her own reputation, Zelda had decided to gather together her most trusted group of advisers and officials to discuss what they should do next. How to allocate the available funds, how to start the repairs, what should be done to help alleviate the peoples' unfavorable opinions, and other such issues that needed to be solved. One would have hoped that the trouble caused by Zant and Ganondorf would have ended with their defeat, but it seemed that the after-effects of said defeat left a greater impact than Zelda anticipated.

Of course, there was no need for them to go and sit around amidst the rubble of the castle, so they had to borrow the mansion of a recently deceased duke. Though the mansion owned by the young Lady Agatha was larger and more opulent, its use as Zelda's provisional home was rejected after learning just how fond Lady Agatha was of collecting bugs and letting them flitter about as they pleased.

Zelda gave all of the honors she could bestow upon the late nobleman's family, assuring them that she respected his property and was grateful to be able to use it. Even the staff who had served the duke were placed at Zelda's disposal by the nobleman's family. The kitchens were hard at work to serve her and the other men and women working alongside her. Of course, they were determined to give Zelda everything that she could ever want. She tried not to ask for much at all, but none of the chefs were afraid of putting forth their best available effort for her sake.

Looking to the various Lords and Ladies that inhabited Hyrule, many of them came up with various ideas, some worth consideration and others not quite so much. There was one man who had recently come into contact with Zelda and had begun to serve under her. He said his name was Lord Aganhim, though he was always quite vague on which part of Hyrule he actually hailed from. It didn't really matter in the end however, as long as he seemed to have Hyrule's best interests in mind, which Zelda required of him. He was tasked with, among other things, a duty to broker new trade negotiations and establish contracts with those who could potentially supply what Hyrule needed, to help increase both the flow of revenue as well as the amount of resources available for the country's people. A large, burly man with blueish skin and a fondness of wearing red, he had basically waltzed in out of the shadows to aid them when they needed it most. His appearance, well...Zelda could not say for sure personally, but it seemed that he was considered rather handsome by the other women of the court as well as the female staff. Zelda couldn't quite see it. She didn't know what to think about him.

He was a man who seemed to understand trade better than anyone else there, or so he liked to claim. She put him to work just as she did with everyone else. Claims and words meant nothing to her so much as results and action did. She wanted to see for sure that he could do what she expected.

However, as time went on, she found that his work was not coming up to par as she had hoped. In fact, it started to deliver to her a great deal of unwanted stress. Stress that she ended up finding herself mitigating through the use of food. Given the remarkable devotion of her newly acquired kitchen staff, a filling meal to smother her frustrations was easy to come by...and usually excessive in size. Aganhim himself had also contributed to this, both to relieve stress and when he brought would-be trading partners to Zelda, where she'd be expected to wine and dine as well as negotiate. Not that she was terribly satisfied with Aganhim, however. Though he did manage to bring many prospective partners to the negotiating table-slash-dining table, they always seemed to want more in return than Zelda was inclined to deliver, and certainly more than she was inclined to give. So, that meant a night spent dining copiously and negotiating with dignitaries either ended with nothing to show for it, save the dirty dishes, or Zelda had been forced to take a deal which, while helpful to Hyrule, was also self-injurious to the kingdom's long-term well-being. Aganhim always lay the blame on the would-be trading partners, saying they were money-leechers and intransigent, and that Zelda was doing all she could under the circumstances. Zelda didn't like hearing that so often. It made her anxious...and hungry too.

The food that was served at the mansion was really quite decadent. The very best dishes from the very best recipe books of Hyrule Castle's greatest chefs made up the bulk of her meals. Instead of eating something small and simple, Zelda was always being served meals that could easily have been split across three different times of a single day. It seemed that Aganhim had been the one to put in a request for such an absurd amount of cooking preparation. When Zelda tried to question him regarding why he was so keen for her to eat so much and how that helped their situation, he was very quick to defend his decision. Interestingly, his counterargument was more convincing than she would've given him credit for.

"You should be able to eat whatever you please, my dear. You are the princess of this country, after all. You are the one we depend upon to make the final decision at the end of the day. If you let stress prevent you from eating a proper meal, you'll be left hungry and malnourished, and that in turn could increase your chances of failure when it comes to proper judgement and behavior. So do you really wish to risk your reputation even FURTHER?"

"I suppose you do have a point there, Aganhim, though I do think that receiving a platter filled to the point of overflowing with this much bread, meat and cheese is possibly overdoing it? I do not need to eat this much."

"No battle can be waged on an empty stomach, and this will be a protracted campaign! It simply works that way! You will be able to gain more energy from the food inside of you!"

Princess Zelda lifted both her knife and her fork into her hands. She supposed that she could see where Aganhim was coming from. Maybe he hailed from the Gerudo Desert, where food was often scarce and thus resources were treated with so much more care. Or maybe he really did believe it was best for Zelda's sake. Whatever the case, Zelda wasn't going to turn down this offer to eat. She didn't want to disappoint the men and women who had worked so hard to make these meals for her. She wanted to show respect to them, at least, if not Aganhim and his odd beliefs.

As time went on, and more and more trade negotiations dragged on, stalled, fell through, or turned out to cause more harm than good, Zelda hardly needed the encouragement where eating was concerned. And, that was leaving aside all the dinners she was obliged to treat her guests to, where they'd often bring delicacies from their homeland and eating too little of these might be taken as an affront. Unsurprisingly, this ended up having an adverse effect on Zelda's waistline.

She had always been rather thin, possessing a dainty kind of figure with hardly any visible muscle to speak of. There was still muscle there, but not enough to make her look like she had any sort of 'fullness' to her overall image. Now, though, she started to fill out with something much softer, much flabbier, than what she began with. It started with her stomach developing a layer of softness over it. That layer became thicker and thicker as time progressed. The discussions about Hyrule's future were often peppered with numerous lunch and dinner breaks, ones that ended up filling Zelda near to the brim with numerous tasty delights. She had not meant to end up eating so much, it just sort of tended to happen against her will and better judgment. When she took her first bite, she couldn't stop from taking another, and another, and another. It was odd because she had never been a big eater to begin with. Aganhim stood behind her and watched over her so diligently. She never even noticed the times where he had his hand on his shoulder or when he was rubbing the small of her back. She didn't even notice how he would sometimes whisper indecipherable words into her ear. She just kept on eating, almost like it was all part of her duty to do so.

Meanwhile, Link and Colin were handling their new duties as knight and squire quite well. The two of them had been tasked with basically cleaning up the weaknesses within the Hyrule Guard, and alas, there were many weaknesses to speak of. The ease with which Zant conquered Hyrule Castle was nothing short of humiliating on the part of the royal soldiers, who were expected to protect the kingdom and its people from invaders. Link had been capable of fending off a great myriad of monsters and villains by himself. Yet these supposedly well-trained men and women of Hyrule couldn't do a thing against them. This was their best chance to remedy that folly and make the royal guard an organization worthy of respect and admiration again. Link and Colin were both as determined as anything to see this transformation through. Of course, being so dedicated to their cause kept the pair from getting to see Zelda for long stretches of time. Link remained unaware so far about the young woman's growth, or the effect that the adviser clad in red was having over her.

Link dearly missed Zelda though. No one could see that better than Colin. The boy had always been exceptionally good at reading between the lines and figuring out people before they said anything. However, it wasn't like it was very hard to tell Link's feelings for the princess anyway.

"Are you going to, um, propose to Zelda when we return, Link?"

Link didn't really know how to respond to that question. It was a pretty heavy query. The boy didn't even have to ask him if he liked Zelda to begin with, because he already knew. Colin smiled up at him with this sort of cheeky little grin. It made Link feel uncomfortable, if only because he was being asked something he really hadn't planned out himself. Now he didn't know what to say. Colin was too good at being able to read people. He probably knew that the two of them were going to get together at some point. It wasn't something left to chance, it was an inevitability.

"Well, even if you don't propose, I still think you should tell her how you feel!" Colin grinned. "I KNOW she'd feel the same way...!"

As Link's squire, Colin was the one entrusted with relaying information about their progress training the army between him and Zelda. While Link had to stay behind with the troops, Colin was able to meet up with Princess Zelda herself. She always paid attention so closely to Colin's reports on the Hylian Hero himself. Colin didn't really notice how Zelda had started to grow softer and wider around her stomach area, as it didn't really matter to him. He neglected mentioning it to Link too. All that really mattered to him was to help encourage these two to be more open with their feelings. He even asked the princess herself some questions that would have probably seemed too personal for anyone else to try.

"What do you think about Link, Princess Zelda? You always seem so happy whenever you talk about him."

"W-Well, I do admit that he's a..." Zelda said, before stuffing a small biscuit into her mouth. "A charming man, if not the most talkative."

"Heh, you should tell him that next time. I think he'd be really glad to hear that!"

"I...! I don't think I could do such a thing! It would cause him, um, some unnecessary distractions in the middle of his already busy schedule," Zelda exclaimed, eating a handful of cookies in a panic.

Whenever she got flustered, she tended to eat a lot. Not that she HAD to be flustered to stuff her face, it happened almost on command by this point in time. Behavior like this was what helped her manage to bloat up to a pretty rotund 230 pounds. The weight showed all over her body, from her plush upper-arms to her plump rear and distended pot-belly. Such softness was unbecoming of a royal like herself and it didn't really match her usually stern and serious personality. Of course, it wasn't like she willingly chose to turn into a butterball. Zelda's dress was long and flowing, so it concealed a good deal of her growth from the public, but it wouldn't be able to last for very long. Not while Aganhim continued to influence her.

Though Link and Zelda continued to think about one another, they did not find many opportunities to actually meet. Aganhim did his best to keep Zelda preoccupied with one thing or another, whether it was having her work on new legislation or eating more food prepared by the chefs downstairs. It made Zelda sick sometimes from having to eat so much, but she didn't like leaving anything unfinished. Every time she started a meal, she pushed herself to consume it all until not even a crumb was left behind. Aganhim seemed to appreciate such behavior, as if he was hoping she would do that from the very start. Why she let this man come around and boss her so, Zelda didn't really know. If she had been allowed the chance to stop and think about it, she would realize that Aganhim was well out of line with this behavior. However, Aganhim never gave her a chance. He kept making her eat, and eat, and work, and eat, and work, and eat. She ate so much that her belly felt like it was going to explode. Zelda ate, which made her stomach expand, thus allowing her to keep eating more the next time. A cycle with no end in sight, the only result to come from it being morbid obesity.

"I think that - MMPH - I have had more than - URP - enough, Aganhim."

"If you really think that you've had enough, then why do you continue to pick up your fork?"

This was not an uncommon conversation between the two of them, and it almost ended with Zelda giving in and continuing to eat.

"That's right. You should be eating. Don't even think about anything else. The repairing of Hyrule Castle, this country's return to glory...those things...they will come SECOND to your appetite..."

And thus morbidly obese Zelda did become. She understood eventually that Aganhim was trying to do something to her, but it didn't happen until she was already past 300 pounds. By then she was so addicted to eating that she did not even require the mysterious man's help to continue glutting herself. She was able to do it by simply sending a request to the kitchens by herself. It was hard to NOT eat when there was such variety to tempt the tongue, and every single choice proved to be as mouth-watering as the last.

'I shouldn't be eating so much...' Zelda thought, as her plump sack of a tummy inched ever so casually over her lap. 'I really, really shouldn't...ah, but this Hylain had been grilled to PERFECTION tonight...mmmm~'

Soon she reached 325, then 350, and eventually she swelled up to an incredibly impressive 375 pounds of fleshy, flabby fat. Her arms and her legs had become encased in so many countless rolls and folds of fat that she couldn't wear her favorite white gloves anymore. Her fingers were chubby enough to rip straight through them, and the less mentioned of her bulky bingo-wings, the better for her. Zelda's stomach had managed to grow so far outwards from her torso that it could nearly touch her knees when she laid on her back. Her big buttocks provided some of the most comforting cushioning imaginable, but it would have been much better if it had been a pillow to sit on and not her own backside filling up space instead. The other nobles did not seem to be so willing to take her seriously anymore. Even her infamous 'thousand-spear glare' had been dulled thanks to the presence of pulpy jowls and a double-chin that conjoined with her fat neck. She didn't exercise and she had never been very muscular to start with, so not only did she become fat but she also became extremely weak. She wasn't 'fit' to be able to handle carrying so much fatness all at one time.

The weight piled on so quickly that it made the princess' head spin, frankly. She became so fat that it started to prove difficult to do something once so simple as getting out of bed. She didn't want her servants to see her in this state all of the time. To mitigate the issue of lifting out of bed, she used a rope that was tied to one of the ceiling beams. Hopefully it wouldn't end up snapping at some point from trying to lift her, but if she didn't slow down her expansion soon, it could actually happen.

"Huff...huff...UUURRP...huff..." Zelda wheezed greatly from exerting herself like this. The leftover gas from last night's meatloaf wasn't making it any easier, either. She couldn't take this for another second longer. She was so hungry right now, but eating breakfast wasn't the top priority in her mind. No, what she needed to do was finally confront Aganhim for what he had done to her. She should have said something ages ago, but with so many brushfires springing up as she tried to knit Hyrule back together, she hadn't a chance to take a step back, evaluate her life and realize there was an issue. That issue being, of course, Aganhim's manipulation of her and her diet.

Suddenly, she lost her grip on the rope, no doubt because of the sweat catching on her chubby palms. Zelda fell backwards onto her bed, the mattress creaking extremely loudly underneath her. Zelda moaned. This wasn't working out at all. Her hefty highness made a pitiful grab for the rope, but she was too heavy to really reach all the way over there. Soon enough, her cherubic face was wearing the most adorable pout, cheeks flushed and all.


The bedroom door opened. Rather than a maid overhearing the sound, it had been Aganhim. The person that Zelda both wanted to see the most as well as see the least right now. He rolled in a cart filled with refreshments and snacks, including some breakfast biscuits and pancakes. He looked over at the bloated figure of Zelda lying prone in bed and he broke out into a sadistic grin. Zelda glared her ever-so-pitiful glare at him. She wasn't going to let him get away with this anymore.

"What's - URP - your game, Aganhim? I've figured're trying to...fatten me up on purpose...huff...huff..." Zelda licked away some sweat that rolled onto her lips.

Aganhim walked over and pushed the rope away to ensure it was out of Zelda's reach. He smiled down at her. He no longer seemed like the same trustworthy adviser when Zelda had first met him. It was clear that he had nothing but ill intentions for her. Given the helpless state she was in, Zelda had to restrain herself greatly from feeling any fear. If anything, though, she was certainly more angry than she was scared.

"You need to...tell me...right now...or I will summon the guards...and have them take you an instant..."

"Hmph. You can't hope to call your precious guards while you're like this. You can hardly stand up on your own!" Aganhim shook his head.

"I can...I can stand!" Zelda COULD stand without the rope if she tried, but it would have taken so much energy out of her that she would have likely collapsed right back onto bed afterwards.

"Don't kid yourself, my dear."

"Why did me? Convince me this much and...grow so fat? Were you planning on...marrying into wealth through me? Manipulate me...and weaken it would be easier? I've not seen any other quite some time..." Granted, Zelda turned away most of them because she had her sights set firmly on Link, but that wasn't something to bother bringing up right now.

"No. Of course not. I have no interest of marrying into the royal family. In fact, it would DISGUST me to ever think about wedding you, my dear." Aganhim said, slowly and softly, so Zelda would not miss a single word.

By this point, Zelda had regained most of her breath, no longer needing to take so many pauses while speaking. "What mean by that, exactly?"

"I despise you. That is what I mean. I despise you and the entire royal family!" Aganhim said, right before he slapped Zelda right on her belly. It was such a forceful strike that it prompted a belch to fly right out of Zelda's lips.

"Y-You what?"

"You failed all of us, Princess Zelda! When that monster Zant attacked, you SURRENDERED to him! There was really nothing else you could do? It only took a single day for the invaders to come out victorious! You were the one who let him win and caused the rest of this kingdom to suffer because of it! It was a breach of the trust we had placed into you as our monarch! Worse still, though...worse what it did to my family!"

"Your family? I had no idea!" Zelda's eyes widened from behind her chubby cheeks. "I didn't know I had thought you were from a far off land! I didn't know you were a citizen of this castle town!"

Aganhim was so angry that he was trembling from head to toe. "I simply altered my appearance to better disguise myself, but since you never KNEW who I was, I guess it was pointless. In any case, I have much to tell you about my FAMILY! My brother? A guard serving under you who was KILLED when Zant attacked! He DIED trying to protect you, and you let his death be in vain! Then my sister-in-law and her two daughters? They DIED when this castle was destroyed! They were crushed to death, IN THEIR OWN HOME, by the rubble your pet swordman and Ganondorf sent flying when they blew up the castle! Do you understand now? Do you understand why I did this to you? Frankly, you should be thankful that I did not do even WORSE to you, Princess Zelda!"

"I'm so sorry, Aganhim..."

"Save it. You already know that apologies don't mean a thing to me."

"But, but still! You shouldn't do this!" Zelda said. She tried to ignore how her stomach was starting to gurgle from hunger.

"Why not, pray tell?" Aganhim asked.

"Your family, they surely would not want you to do this!"

Aganhim grabbed one of the pancakes off of the cart and shoved it into Zelda's open mouth. "You didn't even know they EXISTED! You don't have the slightest clue what they would have thought about any of this! A hog like you has no right to judge what humans think!"

"Wait...hold on...Aganhim, p-please!"

Aganhim did not show any forgiveness or sympathy towards Zelda or what he had done to her. He wanted her to feel complete shame for what she had done. It didn't matter to him if she had already suffered already, or if she herself had already gone through the guilt and the self-hatred for her failure back then. None of that mattered. What Zelda felt didn't matter. All that mattered to Aganhim was getting his own sense of vengeance against her. He continued to force more food down into her throat. Zelda shook her head and tried to scream for him to stop, but her mouth was far too full. She could have choked if she attempted to speak, so she had little choice but to keep swallowing everything down. At the same time, when Aganhim wasn't busy shoveling snacks down Zelda's throat, he was grabbing at her all over the body and mocking her for her grotesquely overfed body. He slapped her stomach contemptuously, as well as groped her huge, melon-like breasts. He didn't do these things for his pleasure or for hers. He did it because he wanted to show her how far gone she was. It was molestation done purely out of spite. Aganhim couldn't roll her over to slap her buttocks, but he would have done so if he could. He made her guzzle down an entire pitcher, but it was filled with wine rather than juice or syrup like Zelda had expected. The alcohol within the wine started to have adverse effects on the woman. The more she drank, the more she felt herself slipping away into unconsciousness. She had never been a strong drinker to begin with.

Now with this much wine in her system and a gut filled to the point of her belly-button turning red, Zelda couldn't handle much more. Before passing out, however, she managed to catch a few mumbled words coming from under Aganhim's breath. There was a name. A 'Count Gheb'. Fortunately for Zelda, she managed to remember it even once recovering from her forced hang-over.

Though the only lasting harm Princess Zelda suffered was the migraine and an extra pound or two added to her gigantic body, the worse part of the aftermath of Aganhim's stuffing assault had been the prevailing rumors. Apparently, at some point after she'd passed out, one of the servants had walked in and seen Aganhim hand-feeding her. He was considered rather handsome by the staff for whatever reason. Some of the girls were actually JEALOUS that Zelda had been given such 'special attention' by the older man. It made her want to scream, but she couldn't discuss the truth of what had happened. It irked her that some of the girls even said, whether jokingly or not, that they'd be willing to fatten up like the princess did if it meant earning Aganhim's praise. They really didn't know anything.

Not that it mattered in the end. Aganhim had made it gastronomically clear that he was working against Hyrule's best interests, and he had to be stopped. He had already cost Zelda's figure and dignity, but luckily the princess's brain was still lean and agile.

By mentioning Count Gheb, Aganhim had made a serious mistake.

A longtime detractor of the royal family, Zelda had taken great pains, both mundane and magical, to appeal to him with the utmost secrecy. She'd never mentioned Gheb in the council meetings and Aganhim had never mentioned him once. So, how did the two apparently know each other?

They must have been working together to trick her and turn her into the blob she currently was. Sending in a request to put Link's mission on hold, she had the Hylian Hero return to the castle so that she could discuss her plan with him. Link had since learned that Zelda had gained a great deal of weight. He had heard word of it from Colin, various other knights, and even in letters Zelda herself had written to him. Seeing her in person was still a shock to his system, though. She really had become a gigantic woman during their time apart. Fortunately for him, he didn't hate it. In fact, she looked rather cute with that boulder-sized belly and that kissable double-chin. He would hold off telling her such things until the situation at hand was taken care of, though.

"Link, I would like you to do something for me. You are the only one I can trust with this mission. I want you to shadow Aganhim and, if you can, learn about his plot and the involvement of a man named Count Gheb. They are conspiring against me, and I fear both will happily ruin this kingdom in order to have their spoils. Please, Link. I-I need you. I need you, Link."

Link understood perfectly. He could tell that Zelda was hurting, and it wasn't just because of her big lunch from earlier that day. He threw his arms around her in a passionate hug. He didn't kiss her or attempt to touch her any more than that, but it was a hug that made both of them take pause anyway. Zelda pressed her face into Link's chest and took a deep breath. She needed to stay calm with this. She couldn't let anyone other than Link see her display such weakness. She couldn't afford to take damage to her reputation again right now. The two of them let their embrace linger for a few more seconds before splitting apart.

"Thank you, Link."

As much as he wanted to do it himself, Link had to leave the job to Colin in the end. His youthful but competent squire was a face that neither Aganhim or Count Gheb had likely seen before. They would have recognized the famous knight Link in an instant. With the help of their friends Auru and Shad, Colin was furnished with a cover story and a post as a servant boy. They found out that a man named Count Gheb was living at an inn in the castle town. They learned about this by tailing Aganhim himself at one point. Colin showed no fear as he wiped down the floorboards conveniently close to the door of the count's room. By pressing his ear against the thin wood, he could make out what the two of them were saying.

"So it seems you had your revenge with Zelda, but don't go too far with it, Aganhim, or it could get in the way of our main plan."

"I understand, milord. I had to do it, though. I already explained enough about why. But now that she's unable to help herself, we should be able to move onto the next stage of your plan."

"Yes. I want you to finish up with these bribes too. Our partners won't be happy if you don't keep giving them reason to stay on 'unfavorable terms' with our dear, pig of a princess. Besides, we can't take much more money out of that treasury. It won't stay buried under that rubble forever, and the risk of getting caught coming and going from there will grow by the day. Do what you must, Aganhim, but stay vigilant."

"Certainly. I shall miss fattening up that pitiful sow. Still, all good things, you know! For now, let's meet at Saria's Grave at midnight two nights from now, to get the last of our loot."


Colin hastily scribbled down everything he had heard. "Aganhim...Count terms...Saria's Grave...midnight two nights from now...okay, got it!"

While Aganhim served as a 'face' for the count to accomplish his goals of destroying Hyrule and Zelda's reputation forever, not to mention looting the kingdom clean, Aganhim was given the chance to get revenge however he desired. If anything, Aganhim was the only one who got what he wanted out of this scheme. That was at least something he could feel happy knowing as he was carted away to his cell to rot. Count Gheb was less thrilled, to put things mildly.

"That turned out to be easier than I thought." Zelda remarked after finding out how it all went.

Link took Zelda's hand into his own. He looked over at her and smiled. Zelda couldn't help but smile back. She knew that she could count on him. Of course, Colin as well. She had known he would make a good choice for Link's squire, but this exceeded her own expectations for the lad.

"I want to grant you knighthood immediately for your deeds, my dearest Colin, but I am afraid you are much too young for it to be allowed." Zelda told the boy with some regret.

Colin grinned up at her, though he had to look far over her gut to meet the princess' eyes. "It's okay, Princess! I'll just keep working hard so that I can earn it properly by the time I'm old enough!"

Colin was not only the boy who had helped solve the crimes of Aganhim and Count Gheb, but he had been the one who had helped give Link and Zelda the push they needed to finally become a couple. Though he was not very large, even for his age, he still left a grand impact in their lives that would be forever remembered.

Without missing a beat, after five years had passed, Colin came of proper age to be inducted into the knighthood. Though the castle was still a work-in-progress, Queen Zelda and King Link had made a point of ensuring the throne room at least would be ready for Colin to be knighted in, which the recovery of the former castle's buried treasury had made much simpler.

And, it was obvious that Colin had put just as much effort into making sure he was ready too. Years of training had helped the once small, shy boy grow into a strapping specimen of a young man who eagerly answered the summons to appear in the throne room before his queen and her husband, who he proudly called his brother, best friend, and king.

"Sir Colin, I want to thank you for everything you have done for this kingdom. From aiding the local community to training new knights, you have earned your new title through effort and hard work. You have helped us even during your days of youth, but that does not sway my decision here. I make you a knight because you rightfully deserve it. Nothing more and nothing less."

Zelda, having eaten her way up to a gloriously impressive 500 pounds, needed a little help from her husband to reach the rapier she kept sheathed by her ample hip. She was so big that her stomach filled up her entire lap, so she often used it to rest her arms, plates and anything else she had in front of her at the time. She even struggled to hold the rapier out in front of her, her flabby arm not exactly used to being stuck out for so long. Link had helped her regain some strength, but she spent a lot more time eating than she did exercising. Dieting had never proved to be an option in the first place. She had become known as 'Zelda the Generous', not just because of her generosity when it came to how she treated her subjects, but also because she was of generous size. If there was anything positive she could say she had obtained from her experiences with Aganhim, it was that she should learn to treat all people, including commoners and guards, with more respect. As well as that she had been taking for granted before just how good food could really be. Link lightly kissed her on the cheek as he held onto her wrist to keep her weak and chubby arm steady. Zelda panted even as she gently tapped the kneeling young man's shoulders with her blade.

"In the name of the Royal House of Hyrule, I dub you Sir Colin, a knight of the realm, with all the duties and privileges therein...and, I do look forward to what you shall accomplish next."

"Thank you very much, my Queen." Colin said, keeping his head down so he didn't show off his embarrassingly large grin.

"And now, I think it is time that we celebrate this occasion," Zelda said, right before burping to herself. "With a feast! A very, very, VERY large feast! Let us go and partake!"

Link and Colin worked together to lift Zelda to her feet. The quarter-ton queen gave them both a kiss on the cheek as thanks, and she allowed them to lead her into the buffet hall. She couldn't wait to start eating. She had been waiting since lunch to partake in another meal. It seemed that Aganhim would forever leave an effect on Zelda just as Colin did, and nothing would be able to change that anymore.

Link had had to finish this labor alone when Colin's family, his parents Rusl and Uli and his little sister Mae, yanked his former squire into a rib cracking hug. But, Link didn't mind and Zelda might not have even noticed.

Zelda's Queen-Sized Predicament
A recent commission I had completed starring Princess Zelda, the version of her from Twilight Princess. The story is set after the story of Twilight Princess, so it is minor spoilers, though with how long the game has been out at this point it likely would not matter. Hopefully you all enjoy it, and please let me know what you think!

Legend of Zelda @ Nintendo

(Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade/Commission)

Lady Priscilla had been very fortunate for a lot of her life. She had been adopted into a family of nobles, but she was still loved as much by her parents as if they were her genuine child. She had survived in that great war despite her tender personality and innocent heart. She had also been lucky enough to fall in love with and marry with a talented young mage named Erk. He had been traveling with Serra at the time of them joining Lord Hector's army. One would have expected the two of them to eventually fall in love, but the most detestable kind of woman in Erk's mind was exactly like the pink-haired young healer. Priscilla, on the other hand, was someone he could not only stand but also enjoy being around. When they married, Erk made a personal promise to both Priscilla and himself that he would do everything within his power to help take care of her. The fact that Priscilla was so wealthy thanks to her upbringing made it much easier to give her everything that she could have possibly desired in her life.

Priscilla didn't have to do pretty much anything anymore unless she really wanted to do it. Erk's magic was able to tend to a great number of her needs. When she needed to fetch something from the other room, the object could be lifted up into the air and hovered over to her with Priscilla herself not having to lift even a single finger. When she woke up in the morning, there would already be a platter of various breakfast dishes waiting for her at the foot of her bed. If she needed to put on her shoes to go outside, they would slide themselves right onto her feet. Priscilla thought that it was overbearing at first, but she came around to appreciating all of the pampering and even started expecting it from day to day. Erk had no reason to deny it, as she was his wife and he felt it was his duty to care for her. Even Priscilla's parents were happy to continue providing long into the years of their daughter and her husband living with them. The house's entire staff was basically ordered to do anything Priscilla ordered at any time, putting all other duties as secondary after her. Such treatment was certainly something that even a genuine queen would feel envious for, but it had some very noteworthy side-effects. Priscilla was too naive on her own to notice it, but all of the lazing around and constant eating she did managed to turn her into a rather rotund butterball.

On the same day that Serra wanted to go out for dinner and Farina got caught in the hole of an old house, Priscilla was just waking up from her afternoon nap. She had been snoozing rather peacefully after a heavy lunch, so now it was finally time for her to indulge in an equally hefty dinner. The redheaded young woman pried her eyes open and yawned. Her yawn forced her mouth open wide enough for her double-chin to press into the ring of fat adorning her neck. She rubbed her eyes with a chubby hand. The pillows she was lying her head on were as soft as marshmallows, filled with some of the finest down feathers imaginable. The sun was still present through the window, but it wouldn't be long before it disappeared behind the hills. Priscilla started to heave herself up in her bed. It wasn't the easiest thing for her to do anymore, though she barely thought much of the effort. For her, she had grown rather accustomed to it. As she rose up, her stomach spilled its way over onto her lap. The white gown she had thrown on was something she used to wear more freely in her thinner days. Now, it was barely able to hold on. Actually, it couldn't really hold on at all. As soon as she was sitting up straight, her stomach tore straight through the fabric, leaving a rather wide gap that showed off just how deep and dark her belly-button had become thanks to her over-indulgence. Priscilla opened her mouth and yawned again. She topped it off with a little burp for good measure. She started to lazily scratch at her distended paunch. Suddenly, the drawers nearby flew open. A sewing kit flew out, the light aura surrounding it indicating that it was under the influence of Erk's powerful magic, and it was about to get work fixing the gown before Priscilla noticed the damage. Being as tired and lazy as she was, Priscilla thought nothing of the whole process. More thread had to be used than last time, however. It would soon need to be replaced, or else Priscilla would need an entirely new gown instead. The latter option seemed less desirable. It would be nothing short of an unintended admission to the young woman about her weight gain. Erk, Priscilla's parents and the mansion staff went out of their way not to say a single word about it.

When the gown was finished being mended, Priscilla started to get out of bed to go and retrieve dinner. She had slippers applied to her feet before she had even lifted her heft off of the mattress. Said mattress creaked behind her as she rose, but it was yet again something else that went straight over her head. Priscilla tugged at her underwear on her chunky bottom. It sure liked to ride up a lot these days. But it was still nothing that Priscilla thought to be genuinely wrong with her current circumstances. In her mind, all was right with the world. Not a single thing out of place. She literally didn't care if she was over 300, nearing 400 pounds. Getting to be so lazy and pampered and living in this noble lifestyle was certainly wondrous enough.

The door opened for Priscilla, allowing her to waddle her way out of her bedroom and into the main corridor. When she did, another door flew wide open so that a massive silver platter of decadent treats and snacks could fly over to accompany her. Erk's magic was present all over the mansion, and it was always somewhere that Priscilla needed it most in order to attend to her daily needs. As the platter hovered next to her, Priscilla lazily reached over and scooped some cookies into her chubby fist. She thrust them into her mouth and swallowed them after only a few seconds of lackadaisical chewing. She was about to eat dinner, but it didn't really matter to her if she had a little snack, or two, beforehand. Priscilla continued to snack as she waddled along. Even when she began breathing heavily from the effort of her trek, she still kept on eating, as she could think of doing nothing else. Her gown was still strained tight around her midsection, though it wasn't really doing much better everywhere else on her form, and it was only a vain hope that it wouldn't end up ripping and tearing in certain places all over again. Priscilla licked the crumbs off of her lips. She was still so hungry despite everything she had just eaten.

"O-Oh! Lady Priscilla! H-H-Hello! Good afternoon! How are you doing?" One of the maids stiffened in place when she saw Priscilla come lumbering around the corner.

The redhead flashed a sweet smile, framed in between two gelatinous jowls. "I'm doing just fine! UURP! Oh, excuse me! Hee hee! I've been, um, a little gassy lately, I suppose! Um, are the chefs cooking up dinner right now?"

"Oh, they are! In fact, if you head to the buffet hall right now, you'll be able to eat right away, my lady!"

"Thank you so much!"

The maid let her eyes follow after Priscilla as the heavy-set troubadour marched on. She let out a great sigh. Every day, every time she saw Priscilla face to face, it was always dangling on the tip of her tongue to point out how morbidly obese the lady had become. Obviously, she couldn't bring herself to actually say it ultimately, and she doubted that she ever would. It wasn't her business to say something that could put her occupation in jeopardy. Priscilla's husband, or at least her parents, should have said something to her about it a long, long time ago, honestly. Now she was so fat, she likely wouldn't ever be able to muster up the effort to lose the pounds ever again. She was basically stuck this way forever. The only way to go was 'up' in terms of fatness.

Priscilla barged into the buffet hall (with Erk's magic unlocking the doors) and was immediately struck in the face by such delicious, mouthwatering aromas. She nearly started drooling by the time she made it to her seat. Erk's magic was right there to help her, pulling out the enormous throne far enough so that his wife could rest her big, pillowy cheeks down on top of it. She hadn't yet noticed that her chair was much wider than any of the others in the dining hall, and that was because her backside always managed to fill up the entire seat. Priscilla rubbed her belly again. Her stomach folded and bent to the touch of her fingers, acting as easily manipulated as a large wad of dough about to be baked into bread. Priscilla wanted to eat so badly. All of the snacks she'd consumed earlier didn't mean anything while she was as hungry as she was right now. The waiter on hand pushed the first dish towards her. It was a huge mound of pasta coated in a thick layer of alfredo cheese sauce and basil, with shredded shrimp and chicken mixed into it. When Priscilla took her first forkful, her taste-buds were greeted with a powerful, almost spicy combination of flavor, but it was so good at the same time. It made her just want to keep eating and eating.

It didn't occur to her that it was odd that she was the only one present eating. That was when Erk, her adoring husband, strode into the banquet hall by himself. His presence had been felt all around the mansion thus far, but this was the first time that Priscilla got to see him in person for quite a while today. She waved over at him, causing her upper-arm fat to flap around against her equally fatty armpit. Erk offered a less enthusiastic wave in response. He could tell from a single glance that his wife was looking bigger than ever right now. He could only imagine what her weight would be right now. She still wasn't as big as Serra, that girl was literally as humongous as her personality, but she was definitely more out of shape and on a quick path to growing that big eventually. Erk took the seat beside his wife. He reached over and gently brushed away a small droplet of alfredo sauce on Priscilla's cheek.

"How are you enjoying your meal, my love?"

"It's - MMPH - so good, Erk! Oh, and those treats you sent to me earlier were really nice too! Hee hee hee!" Priscilla laughed, right before she scooped even more pasta into her mouth. She reached over to take some bread from the newly-placed basket. The bread was completely fresh, and it had some garlic butter melted onto it before serving. It was just as good as the pasta. Priscilla ate both at the exact same time. Her cheeks bulged out so much so that they looked like they could have burst. But she had such a happy expression on her face, Erk didn't want to say a thing to put her down.

"I'm so glad to hear it." Erk managed to come up with.

Priscilla swallowed down the food after chewing enough. "MMPH! Ah, uh, Erk, I was wondering about something lately...well, maybe not 'lately', but right now, heh heh heh..."

"What would that be, my love?" Erk inquired of her.

"W-Well, you don't think...maybe...just maybe...I'm being a bit too indulgent lately or anything? I don't want to seem like I'm easting too much all of the time or anything like that...heh..."

Erk only considered any other options for just a second or two. Then he shook his head. "No, you haven't done a thing wrong, my dear. If you did, I would be certain to inform you of that." Erk was usually not the...kindest...when it came to his interactions with women, but Priscilla was a very special case. She was his wife after all, and he was smart enough to know to treat such a person with the upmost love, care and respect. He just didn't have the heart to tell her that she had gotten rather fat, that was all. He was somewhat baffled on how she had never come to realize what was going on herself. Surely she would have noticed how much more difficult it was for her to move around and do things like she used to.

But Priscilla seemed just as happy and carefree as ever, scarfing down more pasta like it was going out of style. Once she polished off both the bread and the pasta, the second course was brought in for her to indulge in. It was a massive bowl of hot soup filled with cubes of succulent beef, steamed vegetables, a handful of spices to enhance the flavor, and a dusting of cheese on top. Priscilla let out what could only be described as a mewl of complete and utter pleasure upon slurping down the first helping on her spoon. Her whole body seemed to jiggle and bounce to express how ecstatic she was. Erk smiled to himself. He had to admit, it was rather charming, his wife's eating habits. He didn't wish to encourage such bad eating habits, but he could not get over how cute she was when she did it nonetheless. Serra truly had nothing on this woman. Priscilla was so, so much better than her. If he said any of this in front of Oswin's face, his own face would likely not resemble anything left but a dark pit, but those were Erk's true feelings regardless. It wasn't unusual for a man to think his wife was above all the rest, though.

Priscilla had cleaned out more than half of the bowl before a sudden idea came to her. "Oh! Erk! I just thought of something!"

"Hmm? What would that be?"

"Do you think we could, um, go out for a quick ride on the horses after I finish dinner?" Priscilla inquired, making sure to bat her eyelashes in the cutest manner possible.

"Oh, that sounds like a good idea. I think we should do that. It's been a while since you've last ridden one of your horses, isn't that right?"

"'re right about that...I miss getting to ride on top of my Buttercup..." Priscilla frowned. She had many horses, but her favorite two were Caramel and Buttercup. She liked to name her equines after different treats, which seemed to really represent just how much food dominated her thoughts and her life in general these days. Priscilla went straight back to eating. She even ate a little faster so that she would be available for the riding quicker.

Priscilla ate and ate until she was finally full. Of course, that was a process that took a good amount of time to finish, and by the last meal her stomach was already aching and groaning from the pressure of agonizing stuffedness. Erk had to help his wife out of her chair without the aid of magic, as she was unable to muster up the strength to stand on her own. Priscilla burped a few times into her fist. She apologized and excused herself for every single one. Erk helped lead his wife through the mansion and outside towards the track in the backyard. Erk's magic was able to open every door they passed through. Priscilla didn't even have to go through the effort of unlocking the hatch for Buttercup's stable, as it was all done automatically. The white horse whinnied at Priscilla upon seeing her. Erk felt a tad guilty for what he was about to condone. He hoped that Buttercup's spine was as strong as the rest of him appeared to be.

"Are you ready to get on, Priscilla?"

"I - HFF - I think - HFFF - I think so - HAAH - just give me - BWUURP - a moment or two...heh...heh heh...PHEW..."

Priscilla managed to hoist herself up onto the horse with the help of a rather tall (and sturdy) stepping stool. Erk stood behind Priscilla the entire way to ensure that she did not end up hurting either herself or Buttercup. However, the horse immediately knew something was wrong the instant that it felt one of Priscilla's massive legs, thicker than most stone pillars, drape over its back. Applying such a large amount of force at once onto the back of the equine was too dangerous for it, but Erk didn't say anything. It helped matters none that Priscilla's butt was too large to properly fit on Buttercup, let alone the saddle that was supposed to support her. Finally, Buttercup could no longer withstand another second of this misbehavior. The horse let out a shriek and tried to run away from whatever oppressive weight was currently pushing down onto its back. This didn't do Priscilla any favors. Erk cast a spell as quick as he could. He managed to move a mound of hay over underneath the tremendous troubadour as she tumbled backwards. Buttercup dashed out into the field as Priscilla was left lying on the ground behind it, at a total loss with herself. She hadn't seen that one coming. Not at ALL.


"A-Are you alright, Priscilla? Are you hurt? Let me see if I can use a healing spell on you!" Erk was at his wife's side before she had the chance to sit up properly. Another loud rip indicated that her riding gear had gone and ruptured just like her gown had earlier. There was no time to spend trying to mend it, though. Not while Priscilla was potentially injured or worse.

"I...I can't believe..." Priscilla was speechless. She was out of breath and at a loss for words, but she was otherwise completely unharmed, and that was enough to make Erk feel some sense of relief.

"I'm glad you're okay, Priscilla."

"I can't believe it...I'm too big for Buttercup...aren't I?" Priscilla looked over at her husband, her face both fat and forlorn.

"You're..." Erk paused. However, his momentary absence in speech was enough to tell Priscilla what it was that she was already thinking about herself.

"I'm..." Priscilla had never looked so downcast, not for many years. It made Erk's heart ache to see her in this state. Neither of them said anything more, because there was no need to say anything. Priscilla was starting to wake up to just how far she had let herself go.

The two of them walked/waddled out of the stables together, Erk using both of his arms to help keep his heavyset wife on her feet. Priscilla hadn't suffered any wounds, but her head was still spinning from both being thrown off the horse and from the revelation about her own fatness. Buttercup was still running around the track to get away from its owner. A pair of handlers had already been sent after the steed to try and calm it down. Erk led his wife over to a bench so that she could get off of her feet. Priscilla didn't even thank her husband, as her focus was squarely on the big belly splayed over her lap. Her stomach was so HUGE. She had once been so thin long ago during the days of the war. Where had all of that fitness gone? Why was she so large now? Did she truly eat so much? Thinking more and more about it, there was a chance that she had indulged more than she intended...but food was so good...everything she ate was so filling and so delicious...there was almost nothing she could think of that wasn't worth eating...she always wanted more of it. More, more, more. If there was one word that she had been accustomed to uttering with confidence these days, it was the word 'more'. Even right now, her hunger was starting to get the better of her. Her belly growled. Erk tried to pretend like he had not noticed anything.

"I'm so sorry, Erk." Priscilla whimpered so quietly it was almost inaudible.

"What was that?"

"I let myself get so...get so...get so FAT! I've gotten so fat and...and...!" Priscilla wailed out loud.

Before her emotions could come flooding forth entirely, Erk did what he could to help calm her. He used his magic to bring out a napkin in his breast pocket. With it, he was able to wipe away the tears threatening to pour down her chubby cheeks. He smiled at her, solemnly so, but still a smile meant to show he felt nothing wrong with her. He wanted her to be happy, after all. Erk was not the best when it came to displaying his emotion properly. His dedication to the arcane arts and the study of it kept him somewhat 'emotionally stunted' for a good deal of his life. That was why he couldn't stand girls like Serra, who were so exuberant and extroverted that it was head-spinning. But he had gotten better over the years thanks to Priscilla. He wished he could tell her more on what he really felt for her and her weight gain, but words failed him. So he tried to spin things into a positive narrative to help her look on the bright side again.

"You don't need to worry. It isn't uncommon for women of your...noble be larger than most. After all, you have the means in which to be able to eat as much as you please without concern of running low. That isn't something to be ashamed of, it's something to be proud of. Not only that, but it's also a good sign of your status and how much of a positive life you lead. There's nothing to be concerned for here, Priscilla. There was once a queen from long ago, Queen Barellia, who was said to have weighed over a thousand pounds, but she lived every second of every day as content as could be. She was well-respected and even adored by those who served her. Attending to her appetite was considered one of the greatest honors that any chef could take on! You should be proud that you're well on your way to becoming a woman such as her! don't have to gain THAT much weight..."

Erk had not been lying when he told Priscilla the story of Queen Barellia. Granted, she wasn't quite so famous as he made it out to sound. She did not live very long before being replaced by a younger, thinner Queen and she was left to starve without enough wealth to sustain her gluttony. She was, at best, a cliff-note from the annals of history, but Erk managed to recall her from his studies at the very best time possible. Priscilla sniffed. Then she sniffed again. After dabbing her eyes with the floating cloth again, she started to let herself begin to smile rather than retain the frown of earlier.

"You really mean it? It''s okay for me to be like this? It's just par for the course?" Priscilla wiped her eyes a few more times for good measure.

"Well, something like that, I suppose." Erk offered an uneasy shrug.

"Oh, thank you so much, Erk! That makes me feel so much better! I truly appreciate it! Thank you! Thank you! I'll try and keep on being the best noble that I can be for you, mom and dad!"

Priscilla gave Erk the biggest, tightest, squishiest hug that she could possibly give. Erk was only able to withstand having his ribs crack because his magic was able to keep him safe. He did what he could to return the hug in earnest, but his arms were mostly pinned to his sides by Priscilla's big bingo wings. Still, he was happy with his little story having such a grand effect on his wife, and he hoped that she would keep her head high in earnest for the future. After all, nothing was more uplifting for him than the smile of his beloved.

At the same time, Priscilla's adopted mother and father were keeping watch on the pair from a window high above. They both knew that Priscilla had gained an unnatural amount of weight and only seemed to keep growing bigger over time. They loved Priscilla as if she were their own flesh and blood, but they were still concerned for her and the public image she carried as such an overweight woman. The couple would often tell others that they were proud of her because it was, in a way, representative of their own capabilities in caring for her. After all, no one from the neighboring countries would have been able to afford sustaining such a hearty appetite without breaking the bank. Hopefully a day would come where they would be able to properly deal with Priscilla's fatness, but for now her happiness was the prime concern of everyone living on this estate. It likely would always stay as such. Priscilla would never be fitting into her old uniform at any point ever again, and that was simply the way of things. There was no way you could stop a fatty like her from wanting to eat three helpings a meal or have a few extra desserts after dinner.

"Ah, Erk, I just had another great idea!"

"What is it this time?"

"Well, I was thinking...why not have a party? And invite all of our friends? It's been such a long time! And we can have a feast!"

"You know...that...that might not be such a bad idea..."

It would take a few days to prepare it, but a dinner party was definitely placed into the works.

Serra, Farina and Priscilla had all gotten extraordinarily fat, adapting to a life of sloth and hedonism with open, flabby arms after the war had ended. But there was still one more to be addressed about today. She had already been mentioned several times before, mostly out of jealousy and just a tad bit of spite on the end of Farina. Her older sister, the former leader of the Pegasus Sisters, Fiora was now the wife of the Marquess of Pherae. That effectively made her royalty, one of the most powerful and influential women in the entire country. She had ended up winning over the heart of the brave and noble Eliwood, who was more than pleased to take her in as his bride after the war's conclusion. Fiora was rather used to being the one that everyone looked to for guidance. As the leader of her small band, she had been depended upon to both keep Farina in check and ensure that Florina wasn't running away from every confrontation. To be a leader was essentially something that ran in Fiora's blood. She wasn't so used to being shown so much pampering by others. When she moved into Eliwood's mansion, she was beset by all of the maids and butlers looking to appeal to her every desire, to give her everything that she requested every single time. Fiora was used to giving, but now she was being given the chance to receive.

In the beginning, Fiora tried to simply keep up with it all. When she wasn't able to, she comforted herself primarily with food to help calm down. There was a LOT of food available, after all. Over time, though, Fiora's mindset about her predicament started to take a drastic change. It could easily be said that she was thankful for the attention hoisted upon her, but soon she found herself coveting it more than she initially intended. Dark and hedonistic desires, a powerful hunger, manifested inside of her where it had not existed before. Fiora was a good woman, but she wasn't someone who had a whole lot of life experience outside of war and training for war. Her talents as a pegasus knight didn't prepare her for what kind of alterations a life of peace would bring. Eliwood did nothing to prevent these changes. He was so madly in love that he probably couldn't see it. The mansion staff did nothing but help facilitate it further. A taste of the good life was enough to corrupt this woman and turn her into an insatiable hog. She liked to think of herself as a 'good person' still, but a 'good person' wouldn't find the fact that other women were so much fatter than she was as a reason to invoke envy. Fiora wanted to be BIGGER than them all.

"Would you be so KIND as to hurry up and bring me more? I need - BWUUURP - more food! I desperately need to eat MORE!"

The maid bowed her head as quickly as she could muster, turning on her heel right afterward so she could dash back to the kitchens. Fiora sighed out loud, leading into another hearty belch. It was so hard to be able to rely on these people when they continued to bring her such meager amounts of food. She was so hungry all of the time these days, and no matter how much she tried to express that to them, they simply did not seem to listen. Fiora scarfed down what remained of the chicken leg she had been clutching and tossed the stripped bone onto her plate. Munching furiously, she wanted to get everything down inside of her. She needed to have as much food as possible inside her stomach, that way she could start growing further. Her stomach was already pooching out far enough to fill her lap, but it wasn't what she wanted. Bigger was better, a creed that she intended to follow every single day.

Fiora had taken to her impending obesity in a much different form from the other women. She was not like Serra, who took her newfound girth for what it was and learned to live with it. She was not like Farina, who didn't want to be fat but was too lazy and too greedy to change that. She was not like Priscilla, who was too naive to understand that she had turned herself into a humongous butterball. Fiora knew she was fat, she was willing to accept that about herself, and she was working as hard as she possibly could to get FATTER. After seeing Priscilla so large for the first time during a get-together a few months prior, it had spurred Fiora to want to try and outeat her, outgrow her. To be large and obese was a perfect representation of one's own country, she had figured. As the Queen, it was her duty to be able to properly represent her people. What better way to do that than to prove that their land was so fruitful in its endeavors that she could afford to become so fat so comfortably? It was probably a rather outrageous plan to most, but Fiora was sticking with it. She was too much ingrained in her new gluttonous habits to change things, anyway.

"More! Bring me more! I - BWOOORRP - want - BLOOOORRRRRUUURP - more!"

Fiora had already eaten a large amount of food for dinner that night. In the morning, she had several egg omelets, a stack of toast, an entire pitcher of orange juice and a few peanut butter crackers to tide her over until lunch. When lunch came around, she scarfed up so many roasted beef sandwiches with coleslaw and peppers that she was left belching loud enough to make the house rumble. Now that dinner came, she was basically gorging on an entire turkey, a bowl of mashed potatoes with garlic, vegetables of all types and sizes, and some apple pie to top things off. Fiora managed to find so much room in her stomach for these meals because she was willing to push herself. In her mind, the other three girls didn't push themselves hard enough. They could have gotten so much bigger if they really wanted to. Fiora could always feel her tremendous tummy crying out, desperately wanting to be filled up more and more and more until it was big enough to burst out of her dress. Fiora had yet to tear open a seam, but it was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Fiora ate because she both wanted to eat and she wanted the food to make her get fatter. She was the only one where becoming larger was her actual goal.


Fiora took a swig from her goblet and belched mightily enough that the buffet hall's windows shuddered. The maids on duty were rather terrified of the young woman, not that they would ever admit it to her face. They had once respected her back when she first arrived as Eliwood's new bride. Now, though, they could only wish that she would eat herself to the point of being unable to leave her room anymore. Fiora was not always the worst; she didn't throw plates or empty goblets at their heads nor did she threaten to have them thrown out on the street if they weren't 'fast enough' to her liking. However, she was constantly demanding that they have more food made for her, even at the most troublesome of hours. Fiora making a request for a snack in the middle of the night was not an uncommon thing. She was a demanding woman and there was nothing that the staff could do but begrudgingly apply themselves to the work.

"Ahh...I think...I think I might be getting a little full..." Fiora murmured aloud.

She reached down underneath the table and started to stroke at her big belly. She had grown a fair amount since taking on this new passion in weight gain. What had once been firm, fit abdominal muscles had turned into this doughy, pulpy, flabby ball of flab. She couldn't even clutch her stomach in her own hands because there was just so much of it now. It would seep through the gaps between her fingers and even over her hands themselves. Her gut had barely any definition to it. It was all just loose, wobbly flesh, its only reason for existence being that Fiora had extremely poor eating habits. The rest of her body had been showing some good signs of growth too, though. Her arms were becoming wider and squishier, especially around where her biceps USED to be. Her breasts had filled out more. Her buttocks were making the chair underneath her creak. In fact, every time she so much as leaned forward to snatch some bread off of the table, the chair would continue to make its ominous squeals. It likely wouldn't last for much longer.

A sick sense of curiosity suddenly overtook Fiora. If she could eat enough to break her chair, that would certainly be a nice claim to fame on how large and voluptuous she was making herself. All of the sudden, it felt like her stomach had a whole lot more room in it. Fiora licked her lips. She hoped that the chefs were nearly done preparing the next few meals. She was hankering for something nice, heavy and filling.

"Fiora? Are you in here?"

Eliwood had finished signing his signature on a tower's worth of documents. Now he wished to be able to spend some time with his wide wife. Of course, if she wasn't in her bedroom, in the gardens or in the library, she was more than likely spending her free time in the banquet hall. He had never done anything to stop his wife from gaining weight and in fact he was happy to encourage it when need be. It seemed like Fiora was enjoying herself a great deal. Though she was so heavy, she was still very soft, and Eliwood felt like that was a perfect representation of his wife's personality. She was willing to bear many heavy burdens, but she still had all of the gentleness of a kitten in her personality. He loved her very much, so of course he wanted to be supportive. When he entered the banquet hall, he found that he was right on the money with his suspicions about Fiora's location. The heavyset queen was busy gulping down porridge like it was going out of style. A maid and a butler stood on either side of her, holding enough plates of food to feed an entire family. She must have been eating for hours now, Eliwood could only guess. He wondered how much more she would be able to eat tonight. If he could recall, every proceeding night since last week, Fiora had been showing signs of being able to stuff for longer periods before stopping. She was doing so well when it came to her stuffing goals.

"Mmmph...GUUUWRRURP...ahh...h-hello...dear..." Fiora said. She spoke out to Eliwood while still stuffing her face with bread and meat.

"How are you enjoying dinner, Fiora?" Eliwood smiled back at her.

"Oh, it's fabulous! Just - BWUURP - fabulous! I'm...I'm almost...!" Fiora started to say, only for her words to be cut off short when her chair's creaking grew even louder.


"It's almost there! Just let me...let a little more!" Fiora shoved another slice of sauce-drenched ham into her mouth.

"Are you alright, Fiora?"

Fiora didn't answer. She was still determined to keep eating. She kept shoveling in more food, going faster and faster. Crumbs and splotches of food spilled all around her face and chest. The chair's groans were beginning to reach a fevered pitch. They wouldn't be able to go on for much longer, and neither could Fiora's stomach capacity. Eliwood watched, his breath catching in his throat. There was something sort of incredible about all of this. He didn't know if he could say he found larger women appealing, but Fiora, well, he certainly found her appealing regardless of her appearance or her actions. She could have been a literal blob, but he would still find something about her that he simply couldn't help but gush over. Eliwood kept his eyes pinned on his wife as she swallowed a large spoonful of fattening slop for herself. Whatever she was eating, it was barely even recognizable anymore, but it tasted delicious, and that along with it being fattening were the only things that actually mattered to Fiora.

"Mmmph...! Mmmmuurrp! MMMMMMBBBBUUUURRRRPP!"

Suddenly, just as Fiora was belching at her very loudest, the chair was finally unable to withstand supporting her poundage any longer. The legs of the chair cracked in half. Fiora tumbled straight down towards the floor, yelping and burping at the very same time. Her fat legs flew up in front of her as she flopped onto her back. Her huge stomach tore itself through her dress. Several other pieces of clothing were riddled with rips and tears all at the same exact time. A maid and Marquess Eliwood both rushed to the young woman's side. Fiora couldn't easily get up on her own, not while she was as big as she was. The best that she was able to manage was a helpless flailing of her chubby limbs while lying on her back. Her butt kept her lifted a few inches off of the ground. Her stomach was mainly the thing that held her down. It did not help matters when she was as thoroughly stuffed as she was right now. Fiora burped again when Eliwood started to rise her up.

"There you are...h-hold on, my dear, you'll be standing again soon..."

"Ugh...I don't want to stomach hurts so much...I just want to lie down and take a nap...BWUUURP...and get bigger..." Fiora moaned out.

"Heh, I'm sure you'll be quite massive by the time this all digests, my dear." Eliwood reached down and lightly tapped his finger against Fiora's stomach, prompting his wife to burp yet once more.

Fiora had only just managed to get onto her feet again, unsteady and bloated as all get out, when the banquet hall doors flew wide open. A butler dashed up to the lord and lady of the house with a letter clutched in hand. Eliwood wasn't in the mood to read a letter, but he took interest in it when he noticed the seal. It was the seal of House Caerleon, from which Priscilla the troubadour hailed. Fiora was still munching away like she always did, but she wanted to know what her 'rival' in gaining was up to.

"Open it! I need to know what she's been up to!" Fiora said, shoving little roasted potato wedges and slices of mozzarella cheese into her mouth.

Eliwood cut open the letter with a knife off of the table. What he read inside rather surprised him, if he could be honest. "It seems that Priscilla is interested in having a dinner party. We're invited."

"A dinner party..." A small trail of drool trickled down the front of Fiora's chins. She had literally stuffed herself enough that she broke her chair. Yet here she was, already thinking about her next meal and looking forward to it with great anticipation. "We have to go, I think!"

"I agree. I think it's been too long since we've seen our friends. It's time for a party!"

And so they would go. The party would not be for another week, but the couple was already looking to get the preparations ready. Eliwood had to ensure that they had available transportation, proper party clothes, and that the status of their invitation was confirmed. Fiora, meanwhile, had to make sure that she put on a few extra pounds so as to surprise Priscilla. She didn't know that Priscilla wasn't playing into this rivalry of theirs at all. Fiora simply wanted to be bigger than her and it was all because of her own personal feelings. Eliwood didn't try to bring his wife down and explain this to her, though. He just hoped that she and Priscilla would get along at the party anyway.

Someone else who happened to be invited to the party was Lord Hector himself along with his wife, the lovely Lyndis of the Sacean Plains. She had once been a brave and powerful warrior who fought alongside both Eliwood and Hector during the war. She had basically been on the same level as the two generals, leading the armies to victory time and time again. Hector and Lyn found love in one another in the waning days of the conflict, and now they were king and queen of Ostia. Lyn wanted to go to the party because she wanted to see their friends again. Hector was slightly more reluctant because of the volume of his work, but he quickly changed his tune on attending when he found out Eliwood would be there too. He had heard many a tale about how 'well-fed' some of the former soldiers had been as of late. That especially included the lovely hostess Priscilla herself.

On the eve of the party, Hector and Lyn strode up the front stairs in their finest suit and gown. They had gotten a chance to speak with Erk and Priscilla back at the entrance. The only thing that was really on their minds right then was just how HUGE the troubadour had gotten since they last saw her.

"It's pretty obvious that they're letting her eat what she wants to make her happy, even if it's making her...big..." Lyn remarked to herself.

"They're trying to save face by making up lies about how it's something worth showing off. They're not fooling anyone. But I still like the girl, believe me." Hector insisted to his wife.

The two of them continued to whisper to one another under their breaths as they wandered into the main ballroom. There were already so many people there, both familiar faces and fresh, new ones, but they were all people of high status and great wealth. Hector wasn't the kind of man who liked to gush about his splendor and he certainly didn't flaunt his position as a Marquess. He wanted to go speak with Eliwood and the few old war buddies of his when he got the chance. However, for the time being, Lyn had her slender arm wrapped around his bulging bicep, so he wasn't going to leave her by herself. Life was hard as a married man.

'Ah, but really, I wouldn't have it any other way.' Hector admitted to himself from inside his own head.

Lyn was no more a fan of the giggling, cackling ladies in make-up who wore big hair and even bigger dress skirts. Lyn had her eyes focused in the direction of one such group of wenches. However, what she was staring at was not them but rather the impressive display of treats and appetizers on display on the table behind them. There was a chocolate fountain so tall that it towered over even the biggest of guests. Hector chuckled as soon as he noticed that starry-eyed look on his beloved's face.

"If you wanna go stuff your face, be my guest. I don't mind. It's a party! Indulge yourself!"

"Oh, you just WISH I got as big as Priscilla, don't you?" Lyn scoffed.

Hector shrugged. "...I'm sure you would be able to wear it well..."

Lyn didn't quite know what to say about that. She didn't even know what to think, for that matter. Hector didn't elaborate. Still, her hunger eventually got the better of her, and Lyn released Hector's arm so she could get herself something to eat. The large man let his gaze follow after her. He wondered if things would start to a softer kind of way...if Lyn were to spend more time around the likes of Serra, Priscilla and Eliwood's wife Fiora. One could only hope.

Thank you so much to everyone who has commissioned me this time around! I have a ton of them to work with at the moment, so I don't want to risk taking on too many more, or else I could end up making people wait for a very long time. However, the commissions I do have saved, I will do my very best to work on them swiftly. I will need some time, but I will make sure to see that they are all finished eventually. Thanks again, I truly do appreciate it! And hopefully you all will continue to enjoy my upcoming stories to be posted!
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