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It's Not My Fault Chapter 10
Chapter 10:

It was rather strange. He didn't know what to expect once he was gone, so he expected absolutely nothing. He expected to float in nothingness and to feel nothingness and to think nothing. Instead, he woke up in a place filled with clouds. There were clouds in the sky and in the ground. It was absolutely beautiful. It was magical in way. England would appreciate it if it was not for the images in his head.
They were flashbacks. All were of screams and pain and anger and betrayal and hurt. Some many flashbacks and yet England could not put his finger on it, but he had a feeling they all ended in his death. It was just a feeling, nothing more, nothing less, but yet it bothered him a lot. In a way it also made him angry; be kept in the dark by his own thoughts. Shouldn't he be able to control them? Shouldn't he know what he is thin
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It's Not My Fault Chapter 9
Chapter 9:

What I have been waiting for since the start of this story will happen in this chapter… hehe…
Anyway, please read the Author's Note in the end!
England woke up drowsily. He took a deep breath and coughed it out. "What the hell?" He groaned. "It bloody stinks in here," He murmured. His head terribly hurt. There was something covering his eyes. When he tried to open them, what he saw was probably a blindfold or a piece of cloth.
England knew he was sitting down. He tried to stand up, but found himself tied to the chair. He sighed, "What the hell, seriously?" He started trying to shake whatever was holding him down. He heard the sounds of chains. At least he knew what was holding him down.
England growled. He didn't know where he was. He couldn't remember why he was here. He didn't kn
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It's Not My Fault 8
Chapter 8:

The first thing that Canada thought of when he woke up was that all, if not most, of the nations were here or, at least, in their way. Things looked like they were going greatly, but they weren't. It didn't give Canada enough time to do what he wanted to do. He needed to think of a plan, and he needed to think of it fast.
Things seemed to be getting along better. Raivis seemed to be in a better mood. Danica had gone back to reading the symbols on the small hole next to the gazebo. Peter and Gilbert messed around with each other, and Raivis would watch quietly. Katyusha stayed inside the gazebo, thinking.
Danica stood up after a few minutes and sighed. 'That's just great,' She thought sourly. She looked at the guys and muttered, "I better not tell them now. They don't need to know now." She sighed again and looked at Katyusha. As selfish as it might sound, Danica was glad to have another girl here. She was getting tired of hang
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It's Not My Fault 7
Chapter 7:
"Oh, bloody hell…" England covered his mouth as he watched the news.
"Yellowstone geologists say that the volcanic activity in the Yellowstone Super volcano has been increasing over the last couple of day. Some geologists say it is nothing to worry about while others say the volcano was ready to explode, so prepare for a volcanic winter…"
The world just seemed to be slowly crumbling. Some countries were in such a terrible state when they used to have a good one. England knew there was something wrong, really wrong, yet he chose to ignore it. He thought it was just a wrong gut feeling.
"'Some geologist say that it is nothing to worry about'," England quoted, "that's right, nothing to worry about." He clasped his hand and nodded. He turned the TV off and stood up. His flight to Canada was in two hours, and he needed to get to the airport soon.
Today, he will be going to yesterday. Time zones are a strange thing, Japan mused
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Disrupted Wonderland Chapter 4
Chapter 4:

'Much has happened in the last few days. The world has really changed in the last few centuries. I swear I am more confused than ever. Ivan and Yong Soo are keeping things from me. At least, that is what I think. I would ask them my questions and they will not answer must of them. Yong Soo and Ivan would discuss their plans daily, but they never include me. And the two humans, they are included sometimes. I do not get it. Why will they not give me information?
Okay, so Yong Soo has tried to explain things to me, but he always leaves details. I only find information by myself, but I never know if I'm right. Sometimes I think the two humans are watchdogs or something like that. Every time we are walking (which is every time we are not sleeping), they go in front of us. They warn us of the "shadows" (as Ivan and Yong Soo call the strange shadows on the ground) and "converts" (as they call the people from either kingd
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It's Not My Fault 6
New chapter update. Yay! *Happy dance* I'm sorry. Please read A/N at the end.
France felt consciousness wrap him like a blanket does. It felt nice to know he wasn't dead, but at the same time, it terrified him. Who knows what would happen next? To be honest, he didn't want to wake up. It felt really nice to not feel any kind of pain.
Of course, no good thing lasts forever. He coughed and groaned as consciousness took complete control. He was stiff and his back hurt. His throat was also dry. Slowly, he opened his eyes to a surprise…
His vision was blurry. He fluttered his eyes, hoping all of this was a dream. It wasn't. France started panicking. It wasn't normal for a country to lose its vision for no reason. He couldn't make figures out. Everything was a blurry thingamajig.
"I'm a nation. I'm a nation. I'm a nation. It will all fix itself. It will fix itself. It will fix it self," France kept reciting. He closed his eyes. He didn't want to see (more like not se
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Chasing Demons
Summary: Hi, I'm Alfred F. Jones, commonly known as the United States of America, and I've seen demons my whole life. No pairings.

I feel like I need to tell someone. Anyone would do, really. But every time I'm going to tell someone, they stop me. So I'll write it here, or else I feel like I will go insane.
Here let me start from the beginning...
Hi, I'm Alfred F. Jones, commonly known as the United States of America, and I've seen demons my whole life. They all look like my family and friends. They follow me around. I feel like I'll never live a peaceful life with them.
They started appearing when I was little. I was playing with my bunny in a small prairie when it appeared out if nowhere, rising out of the ground and in front of me. It had wigs that were black as night and horns sloped down out of its head. Its skin was a greyish white, and it had a pointy tail. It also had a malevolent aura. It was shaped like a human; ice cold
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The Saddest Thing
Summary: One of the saddest things is for a 911 dispatcher to receive a call from a scared six year old. "911, what's your emergency?" "Daddy won't wake up."
Genre: Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort (?)
Warnings: Character death, a bit of OOC, blood, a bit of cursing, etc.
Pairings: None.
Rated: Teenager
Disclaimer: Only the plot line is mine. Hetalia doesn't belong to me.
The call happened on a cold October night. No one walked the semi-misty streets. The orange lights coming out of all the Halloween decorations have a warm, yet eerie feeling. No one thought something wrong might happen. They were all wrong.
"911, what's your emergency?"
"Daddy won't wake up."
It was the voice of a scared little boy. It seemed that he had cried. At first, the dispatcher thought that the call was an accident, until the boy said.
"He's covered in blood, and he won't wake up."
His voice cracked.
"Okay, okay. What is
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.:Danny is working with the universe:. by BoricuanDrawer .:Danny is working with the universe:. :iconboricuandrawer:BoricuanDrawer 2 3 New-ish style... Fem! England by BoricuanDrawer New-ish style... Fem! England :iconboricuandrawer:BoricuanDrawer 7 2 .:Skyler:. by BoricuanDrawer .:Skyler:. :iconboricuandrawer:BoricuanDrawer 2 7 APH: Uh... Forest Stroll? by BoricuanDrawer APH: Uh... Forest Stroll? :iconboricuandrawer:BoricuanDrawer 3 5
It's Not My Fault: Chapter 5
Chapter five:
I was absolutely bored today, so I worked on this story.
There is character death in this chapter.
Slovenia gasped, "Oh my…" Prussia looked up, "Huh? What's wrong, Danica?" Slovenia shook her head, "Poor, poor France." Prussia ran to her. "What happened to him?"
Slovenia was looking at everything that was happening on Earth by the symbols that were shown in the clouds underneath their feet. The symbols America had shown her how to read. Prussia seemed confused by the symbols, "I do not know how to read this! What does it says?" Slovenia shook her head, "He is in much pain." Prussia was quiet for a moment. "I think I need more information, Danica." Slovenia glared at Prussia, "That is all I know, Gilbert. These symbols are too hard. I do not understand why he is in pain." She sighed, "Alfred showed me how to read some of them, not all." Prussia sat next to her, "How does he know how to read the symbols?" Slovenia sh
:iconboricuandrawer:BoricuanDrawer 4 4
I'm Perfectly Fine
Summary: Arthur didn't understand why. He shouldn't be here. He was perfectly sane. He wasn't insane at all.
I have been thinking of insane! England this last few days and thought that he needed more stories. So I decided to do a quick short one.
Italics are Arthur's thoughts.

Human AU. No Pairings.
Warning: ... Nothing really.
Hetalia is not mine.
Why me?
Out of everybody, why me?
I'm fine.
I'm perfectly sane.
Arthur couldn't comprehend why he was enclosed in this white walls. They did say something about him seeing visions, and getting violent when people said the visions weren't real. Arthur snorted.
They were not illusions.
They were bloody real.
Arthur didn't understand how these 'illusions' were the consequences of him being here. He wasn't mad; he wasn't insane. Those people are just blind. They can't see a thing.
:iconboricuandrawer:BoricuanDrawer 18 7
Love is all you need?
Summary: Imagine a world were homosexuality was normal and heterosexuality was odd. Meet Katyusha, as she finds out she is not like her family.
This short story is based on a video I saw on YouTube called Love is all you need.
Couples: I guess AmeUkr would be the main couple. But it's not much, and the world needs more AmericaXUkraine. Also, a tiny bit of PruHun, just a tiny bit.
Warning: Bullying. Possible self-harming. Possible character death... possible.
Point of view: First Person point of view. Ukraine.
Human AU.
Monaco: Odette
Vietnam: Lien
Seychelles: Michelle
Taiwan: Mei-Mei
Netherlands: Lars
Hetalia is not mine.
Some people say, that they are born the way they are destined to be. Others say, that it's a result of how you were raised.
The only problem with that theory is tha
:iconboricuandrawer:BoricuanDrawer 12 4
It's not my fault: Chapter 4
Chapter 4:
Oh, my Lord… I haven’t updated this story in forever. I’m so sorry. But things have been hard lately, and my mum thinks we should do ‘fun’ things during the weekends.
I will never abandon this story. I like it, and I don’t really like to abandon stories either.
Let’s see what I can do for this story.

“Matvey! It is so nice to finally see you!” Ukraine yelled as she entered to Canada’s house and hugged him. “It’s nice see you too, Katyusha.” Canada kept his nice boy act. It was what people were used to. He took Ukraine’s bag and put them in the room she would be staying at. “It is so nice to be staying here,” She smiled lovingly. “Yes, it’s nice for you to stay here,” Canada smiled. Ukraine put down the bag she was carrying. She put a hand on her back and groaned. “Is everything oka
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N by Pepe-Navarro N :iconpepe-navarro:Pepe-Navarro 114 5 APH-These Gates pg 143 by ROS-SI APH-These Gates pg 143 :iconros-si:ROS-SI 143 65 APH-These Gates pg 142 by ROS-SI APH-These Gates pg 142 :iconros-si:ROS-SI 140 49 APH-These Gates 141 by ROS-SI APH-These Gates 141 :iconros-si:ROS-SI 116 17 APH-These Gates 140 by ROS-SI APH-These Gates 140 :iconros-si:ROS-SI 144 39 2p!England by Amphany 2p!England :iconamphany:Amphany 575 62 AU Makoto by j-witless AU Makoto :iconj-witless:j-witless 1,048 34 Levi by tesorone Levi :icontesorone:tesorone 383 44 FREE!! Splash! by GeshaPetrovich FREE!! Splash! :icongeshapetrovich:GeshaPetrovich 215 20 APH America and APH Canada by Patynotchan APH America and APH Canada :iconpatynotchan:Patynotchan 387 22 APH FACES family by Patynotchan APH FACES family :iconpatynotchan:Patynotchan 667 77 APH-These Gates 139 by ROS-SI APH-These Gates 139 :iconros-si:ROS-SI 134 35 APH: Snowhite by xiaoyugaara APH: Snowhite :iconxiaoyugaara:xiaoyugaara 345 48 APH-These Gates 138 by ROS-SI APH-These Gates 138 :iconros-si:ROS-SI 131 65 APH-These Gates 137 by ROS-SI APH-These Gates 137 :iconros-si:ROS-SI 107 21



I abandoned you people for Tumblr. 

It happens.

The more I went to Tumblr and the more I got used to it, the more I did not come to DeviatArt. Sorry.
Besides, I only had a DA for Hetalia, but I'm not really into the show anymore...

I will still come here every once in a while, but yeah...

I'll leave the link here, but I doubt you'll find anything of interest.
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