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Jonnyboy Boricua by LostTribesManlyAnime
Welcome to the shadow play by MAKOMEGA
Such butts by Shy-Waifu
Traditional Art -- Arte tradicional
Baptism of Fire by JadineR
La Isla de Encanta - Puerto Rico by AncientWisemon
This Alone Is Love -- Valentine's 2015 by JadineR
Digital Art -- Arte digital
Shattered by Xulllin
The Veteran, Priestess and Child by JadineR
Ara and Wyda by JadineR
Alphaville by JadineR
Angel Courage Daisy! by JadineR
Amy and Amethyst ATC by JadineR
Sapphire Squared by JadineR
Someday, I'll Become An Angel by JadineR
Crafts -- Artesania
OC Crowley by UraHameshi
Penguin for Sale by UraHameshi
Link Amiibo Stand by UraHameshi
Sock Monkey For Sale by UraHameshi
Literature -- Literatura
Tutorials -- Tutoriales
30 second sketch dump I by DigimiChan
Komari vosa tutorial by rickkhunter
Art Jam October 2011
Rayo: Action Pose by YoaKeDAX
Christmas Contest 2010
BoricuanAnime 2010 Stamp by JadineR
Nino Jesus by DemonicNeko






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Boricuan Anime Intro and Some Rules (bilingual edition)

This group is the first and the BEST group, demonstrating talent of Puerto Rican anime/manga-influenced artists! :D Take a look around and join!

Our main objective is to show the world all the talent that comes from a small island in the Caribbean :D Boricua is a term of endearment for Puerto Ricans, much like Yanks and Canucks.

This is currently a Basic Group. Thus why we might not have the same niceties as other groups ;P

:bulletblue: You must be Puerto Rican to join this group! Sorry to everyone else :( If you really want to though, you can :+devwatch: us ;)

:bulletred: You can live on the island or outside of it, just as long as you’re Puerto Rican (or half!)

:bulletgreen: We only accept anime/manga style art! If you’re not sure if you fit in, go ahead and ask! :) (sometimes people only have a sliver of anime/manga influence in their art)

:bulletyellow: The limit of submissions is 2 per week. Be sure and submit to the correct folders!


¡Bienvenidos a Boricuan Anime! Somos un grupo dedicado a demonstrar el arte estilo manga/anime hechos por puertorriqueños. Nuestro objetivo es enseñar al mundo cuanto talento hay en una isla pequeña en el Caribe :D Boricua es un término de cariño y orgullo usado por los puertorriqueños, como Yanks en EEUU y Canucks en Canada.

Esto es un grupo básico por ahora. Por eso es que no tenemos tantas cosas bonitas como los otros grupos ;P

:bulletblue: Para poder pertenecer a este grupo, ¡tienes que ser puertorriqueño/a! Aquellos otros, sorry :( Si quieres, puedes añadirnos a tu :+devwatch: ;)

:bulletred: Puedes ser residente de la isla o vivir afuera, lo importante es que seas puertorriqueño/a (o ¡mitad boricua!)

:bulletgreen: ¡Solamente aceptamos arte estilo manga/anime! Si no estás seguro/a si tu arte es apropiado para este grupo, por favor acérquense y pregúntenos :) (algunas veces las personas solamente tienen un poquito de influencia del anime/manga)

:bulletyellow: El límite en cuanto a subir dibujos es 2 por semana. ¡Ten pendientes a poner los dibujos en los folders correctos!
Hi, guys!

If you've noticed, a lot of submissions have been expiring and I'd like to say that it's not because this is a dead group. Far from it!

The problem is that I tend to be the one who votes in the submissions 95% of the time and well, for the past few months I have been busy. So busy that I keep forgetting to check my group messages :X So yes, lots of expired submissions...some I managed to get and resend an invitation but that's about it.

If anyone wants to resend a submission, feel free to do so and I will do my best to approve it! In the meantime, just know that if it expires, just blame me >_>


¡Hola, gente!

Si se han dado cuenta, muchos de los submissions básicamente han expirado. Constantemente. XD Esto no es porque de momento este grupo se quedó estancado o "murió."

95% del tiempo soy yo la que acepta los submissions, pero en los pasados meses he estado trabajando mucho y duro. Eso se me ha hecho olvidar chequear los mensajes de grupo aquí :X Así que...poof. Algunos he podido coger y mandar una "re-send".

Si alguien quiere mandar otra vez una submission, ¡pues háganlo y trataré de aceptarlo a tiempo! :) Y si se expira otra vez, bueno, ya saben a quién culpar. >_>

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Is this group alive?
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But my two contributors also haven't been active much on DA, so it's uhhhh



I've been thinking of rejiggering the settings so that everyone can post instead of letting submissions expire due to everyone being busy ^.^;; And then I forget to check DA, and thus forget this group. So if that sounds like fair game, then feel free to join and tell your friends, haha. 
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Can I join?
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Its ok. Esta bien.
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