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D-Point inspired by Tora!Tora!Tora!?

The possible inspiration for the D-Point location of the Dark Kingdom in the climatic battle of the first season of Sailor Moon. No one has been able to find the North Pole map Naoko Takeuchi recalled for the locale. Maybe cause they were looking in the wrong place!

In the film Tora! Tora! Tora! (copyright 20th Century Fox, 1970.), at the 60m45s mark, Japanese navigator informs Fleet admiral (osd): "We'll reach Point D soon, sir." The admiral and staff encircle the map table.

Point D is at the ~3:30 position of a 2-3 inch circle 5-6 inches NW of the Hawaiian islands on the map. Look for the circled "D" at the tips of the navigator's compass. It's a prep point for the Pearl Harbor attack force. The navigator extends the line further south to a Point E, where the Japanese fleet will hold at dawn Dec 7, and launch its company of Zeros to attack the US fleet in the Harbor. The resolution of the screen capture is not too clear, but the scattered rice-shaped items on the map may be depth numbers (soundings).

The predominant white map could be mistaken for snow, hence it could be misremembered as the North (or South) Pole. BTW, the DIC english dub has Sailor Moon (Serena/Usagi) whine it would be better to fight the Negaverse (Dark Kingdom) in "some place warm, like Tahiti" in the final showdown with Queen Beryl. Wrong island paradise, and 2,700 miles further south of Hawaii!

No copyright infringement intended: only reference.
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