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dumping all my art at once. heres your warning.
(i wrote ALL the descriptions for the art months ago. also still probably wont be active here)
Lol so when I went to make this journal deviantart glitched out in a hilarious way
To pass the time while my scheduled deviations post
I'm gonna upload
All of my old art
In between 
(old art is classified as back when I was drawing with a mouse and didn't know how to work my tablet)
So yeah that's a thing prepare for crappier art than usual yay!

With adblocker on, my page is finally symmetrical
no green space at the bottom 

Yisssssssssssssssssssssss this pleases me

***Edit 2
Deviantart glitched out again. Three times. Nice.
So, I've gotten a nice new computer, in my room, away from my family, set up my tablet, transferred all my files, organized my account, and calmed down enough about this situation, so uh. I'm officially* back. I'm really sorry for any worry or possible sadness caused by my journal claiming I was quitting. I was a ball of emotions and i was angry I'm sorry I'm a lying asshole
I have done a little drawing in my absence, and will be posting it periodically later (once every five days until almost july), but quick question beforehand- if i were to make some adoptables, would anyone be even the slightest bit interested in them? I would not be selling them of course- they would all be free. Just wondering if I even have enough watchers who would look at them.

* I was sulking around being somewhat back for a while
So my computer crapped out because I didn't safely remove my tablet from the usb port and now it's all reset and stuff.
Does anyone know any other games like these?
Fear less
Mad Father
The Crooked Man
Mermaid Swamp
The Witch's House
Corpse Party
Yume Nikki
Alice Mare
Ao Oni
To The Moon
Pen Pals
Hello? Hell...o?
The God Of Crawling Eyes
(a lot of these don't have a lot in common themselves- haha sorry such a vague question)
(haha sorry i keep updating this)
I feel really bad when I ask people to ask me to draw and then when they do I don't seem to post the art and its just like no babies i am working on it it might not seem like it but i am i love you ;-;