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Mask Emoticons

By Boredman
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That's right : i created a few emoticons of The Mask for all the fans out there who want to use good old Big Head in their everyday conversations :D

Here they are, pimpin' hot, straight out of the oven :
:iconmaskiuhplz: :iconmaskrageplz: :iconmaskjokerplz: :iconmaskburpplz: :iconmaskwhatplz: :iconmaskbombplz:

Yes, the one on the top right is a reference to the Joker Mask serie. Neat right ?

So, if you're a Mask fan, TIME TO SPREAD THE GRIN FACE OF COMEDY :w00t:
I'm counting on you guys.

The Mask (c) Dark Horse comics
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You can draw more Bighead's Emotions, plz?:happybounce: 
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Well, not for free, but you can commission me for them:  Commission Chart by Boredman
how can I download these. there "awesome" good job my friend..
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They just work here i'm afraid :iconmaskbombplz:
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Sorry, I couldn't just leave without commenting how awesome this is..
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No problem, and you are very welcome ^^
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Happy to see these... if my icon wasn't enough!
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:iconmaskiuhplz: "Good lord! what happend to your eyes!?" :iconmaskrageplz: I SMOKED A STINK BOMB!!!...Or was it a Flour bomb...Hmm I cant remember... :iconmaskbombplz: Gigity!

Nice work I love these emoticons!
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Why wouldn't you ? :iconmaskwhatplz: They're fun and they're free !
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how can I use them ? TT.TT I don't know, D:
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It's easy. For exemple, to use :iconmaskrageplz: you need to type the following -> :icon mask rage plz: (but without the spaces of course)
Same goes for all the others, you just need to remember their name.
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wiiiii thank you so much >w< :heart:
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Thank you. Feel free to use them :iconmaskbombplz:
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you're welcome they are awesome
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You actually...remind me of him.
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The wacky expressions and attitudes.

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O0O ...who told you about my tiny hands ?
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