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Dungeons and Dragons - Bar Joke

By Boredman
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A half dragon, half orc, half elf, a gnome and a dwarf walk into a bar…
And yeah, they end up eating a bunch of furniture, cause as it turns out, the half elf has a spell to turn just about anything into food.
Well, it doesn't actually turn things into food. It just makes anything eatable.

Anyway, just a regular day for my roleplaying party and I.

Previous adventure:…
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Cartoonicus's avatar
I see what you did there...
this reminds me of the start of one of my started of as a drinking contest(both of the dwarves in the party rolled 1s on there save) and...the DM got creative about what we did whilst drunk
Boredman's avatar
DMs can be such scourges...
Terrortheslayer's avatar
My Gm was fun, he had an small army of undead attack my party. XD
EA-Firestorm's avatar
which one where you again?
Boredman's avatar
The dwarf, on the left.
EA-Firestorm's avatar
ah, the good old tanks :lmao:
Seeing the half-dragon, I'm guessing you're playing 4th edition?
Boredman's avatar
Yea, I think so. Can't say for sure, i'm not the DM.
EA-Firestorm's avatar
okay... =P It's pretty easy to tell, though...
do you have at-will, encounter and daily powers? Then you're playing 4th edition.
Boredman's avatar
The DM tells me we're playing Pathfinder with custom rules from D&D 3.5.
EA-Firestorm's avatar
ah, ok =D
that sounds good
FlamiatheDemon's avatar
...that's one awesome spell :ohnoes: 

But what does furniture taste like.
Boredman's avatar
Some kind of mashed potato. Apparently.
MobidicMobidic's avatar
Mh no, I think the texture is like mashed potato, but the taste is like... well, wood, if the table is made of wood. It's not very tasty... Actually it's supposed to help you survive in difficult conditions ! (yeah, supposed.)
Boredman's avatar
Si ça se trouve, nos persos ont jamais mangé de purée, et ils pensent que ça a un goût de pierre...
FlamiatheDemon's avatar for me. :hungry:
donatien1740's avatar
:lol: Ah, the fun you can have with D&D! :giggle:
Boredman's avatar
It's endless, ain't it ? :la:
Sachi-Nakata's avatar
i'll give, I've never run into that spell, but I, as a healer, did once puts one of my follow players brain back in to they're head and save them from dying, by using all my healing spells to save them.

GM was very nice that day. 

then there was that one time I hit a boat with a horse... good times :) 
Boredman's avatar
Fantasy brain surgery. Nice :thumbsup:

Throwing horses at boats… less nice :thumbsdown:
Sachi-Nakata's avatar
riding a horse down on the boat, I needed to get on it... a player needed saving and she was on the boat.. it went better then expect, the bard gotkock out, and the horse broke a leg, but hey, we got on the boat :P
Superjacobworld's avatar
if this is crazy, rules are even easier to abuse in pathfinder.
Boredman's avatar
Eh, what are rules for, if not to be lured into a false sense of safety and then taken advantage of ? :icondatassplz:
Venrel's avatar
Try fighting psionic acrobat midgets. It was flipping hard for my Elf Cleric to get a good swing at them with his mace when they were doing backflips and floating around the bar. :P

Fifth grade D&D. Gotta love it.

Haven't heard of the "Transmute to Comestible" sort of effect. House rule?
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