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Chucky vs Jason


So I spent the last couple of weeks watching Chucky movies and just about every Friday The 13th, and I started imagining Chucky using his voodoo ritual to try and possess Jason's body... Jason apparently just thinks it's cute.

Edit: That was back in 2008, and the idea still cracks me up, so I did a little refreshing of that picture. You can find the original sketch along with the step-by-step process of this picture by clicking right here…
Gotta say, freakin' loving the update on this one :heart:

Chucky (c) Tom Holland
Jason (c) Victor Miller
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This reminds me of Chucky's story in Terrordome(I think it's the first Terrordome..)
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Chucky switching bodies with Jason...that actually could make for a decent horror movie plot.
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Back in the 90s or the early 2000s maybe, but these days I doubt anyone would be interested.

Except me of course :iconexcitedlaplz:
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Why is Jason cuter than Chucky?
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That's probably because he's smaller.
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Or maybe because I find Jason cuter than anything?really I do
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Thanks. It's an average kitten calendar XD
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This Picture is Supported by XD
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There's mah peeps ! Bombur 
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Jason looks kinda cute...
Chucky still scares me... a lot. Fear 
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Well he is a LOT more vicious :iconchuckyplz:
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This made my day, thank you so much man xD
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Pleasure was all mine :icongrin--plz:
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brilliance is what this is:D
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Too kind if what you are ^^
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Oddly adorable, this is :D 
I love the coloring! :heart:
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Tends to prove there's sweetness in monsters, doesn't it ? 

Thank you ^^
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 :giggle: It's so cute. Jason's like: "He followed me home, can I keep him" :giggle:
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"I'll feed him and walk him and pick up after him, I swear!!"
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