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Mars Junkyard - Jupiter Fist mech by bordon Mars Junkyard - Jupiter Fist mech by bordon

the Jupiter Imperial Republic Federation Army attacked the terraformed Mars Industrial States Colony for second time in AD 2952.
this time was a short war period searching for take with them a secret weapon pair of mechs hidden in an old military base.
they find only one unit, the Phobos Lightning 1.
the second special unit mech the Deimos Thunder 2, never was found.
it is supossed now in hands of a rebel apolitic faction of survivors of the second martian war.
some piracy alike attacks in the main commercial route between Earth and Mars seems indicate the Deimos unity is not the last of its type out of the control of the Imperial Republic Federation or the possibility a third force is arising for the control of the planetary colonies.
meanwhile in Mars a group of civilians headed by some engineers and pilots of portuary junkyard task mechs is trying to gain time as sort of resistance to the invasion till the former forces of martian states and united earth can repel the activities of the Jupiter army.
no one of this ordinary people is specially prepared for the situation, however they will give a devastating military lesson to the Federation forces. The Deimos unity will show which kind of pilot is necessary to match an elite mobile weapon.
"in the actual state of mech technology,they not need really a pilot. the only reason they need a pilot is for somebody can die inside the machine. if nobody dies, the war became a simply empty toys game,like polite chess, it is nothing serious or concerning for people. war is a symbol and proof of physical compromise about a discussion subject"

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