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Welcome to Borderlands-Fans, your home for fan-created content of the Gearbox Software / 2K Games Borderlands series! We strive to keep an organized, easy-to-navigate community here for all Borderlands fans here on deviantART full of fanworks and resources.

I. Etiquette & Member Rules
II. Submission Rules
III. How to Submit
IV. Examples & Folder Descriptions
V. Random Notes of Interest




• Suggestions, comments, complaints, editorials? Feel free to leave a comment on the main page or submit a note to us!

• Harassment of other group members will not be tolerated. Members, if you are having issues with other members of the group, feel free to notify the mods and we will investigate.

• If you harass the mods (whether it be because you disagree with why your submission was declined, you are too impatient to wait for your submission(s) to be accepted/declined, etc.) you will be removed from the club after three offenses. If the offense is agreed to be serious enough, it can warrant an immediate removal.

• If your submitted works are determined to be traced/plagiarized/uploaded when you are not the original owner, you and your deviations will be removed immediately.






We do NOT accept:

• Art violating the deviantART guidelines, including sexual depictions of minors or those who appear to be minors.

NSFW (Not Safe for Work) deviations. If you're concerned about whether or not your submission is NSFW, ask yourself if your piece would be something you'd feel secure looking at if an employer, teacher, or parent was watching over your shoulder. If the answer is no, please do not submit it. Examples of NSFW content would be nudity (partial or full), exposed underwear (Mad Moxxi gets a slight exception here due to canon design), and implied sexual content. This also includes images that depict sexual intercourse, implied or overt. In some situations, we will allow edited variations in the club (for example, a nude drawing edited to have clothes on) with a link in the description to the NSFW version. This allows members to decide whether or not they want to see it on their own terms. This will be highly subjective, however, as some pieces might be considered too explicit to be properly censored without it still being very clear that they are sexual in nature. Feel free to ask for further clarification if you have a piece you'd like to submit a censored version for.

• Excessive gore. While Borderlands can be a violent series, we'd like to keep the gory submissions to a minimum. Some blood and guts - especially when presented cartoonishly or in a comedic fashion - are okay. We draw the line at extreme dismemberment, disembowelment, or anything presented in a fetishistic manner.

• Fetish-based deviations. Examples would be things like inflation, vore, transformation, giant/tiny, et cetera.

• My Little Ponies or related artwork, including Borderlands characters drawn as ponies.

• Traced/plagiarized art/writing. This includes art traced from screenshots/official art/promo images or someone else's fan-created content.

• Usage/re-submissions of official/promotional art unless edited for a wallpaper, stamp, poster, banner, or other graphic. We reserve the right to decline graphics that appear to have minimal or poor editing involved. Examples of poor editing would be pieces with skewed/stretched or low resolution images.

• Multiple works-in-progress (WIPS). Once you submit a finalized version we will remove all WIPs from the group to cut down on clutter. We will allow some variations of the same art within reason.

• "Inspired by" pieces. Unless your image is explicitly Borderlands-identifiable in some way, please do not submit it. We do not accept general wasteland/post-apocalyptic/Fallout/Mad Max style works.

• Works featuring excessive cameos from non-Borderlands characters. At least 50% of the image should be related to Borderlands in some way. We're more lenient with deviations that have a small number of characters, but please do not submit deviations with 20+ non-Borderlands characters with a cameo from a single Borderlands character.

• Real life propaganda, especially of a political nature. This includes, for example, a Borderlands character endorsing or decrying an election candidate or an existing public figure. Even if you use a Borderlands character to convey your message, the fact remains that it is not a piece celebrating Borderlands or its characters.

• Mundane game screenshots, such as snaps of inventory screens or random things seen in game. We allow artistic screenshots, which should be high resolution and taken for aesthetic or reference purposes. For older games, this usually means shots taken without the HUD on. For Borderlands 3, this means images captured in photo mode.

• Advertisements. This means things like commission posts or roleplay requests. These are not considered Borderlands creations, so they do not belong here. Feel free to advertise on the main page in the comments, however. We also have advertisement channels available in our discord server - check it out! The link is at the top of the rules.

• Low quality 3D/Garrys Mod/Source Film Maker posings. We are fairly lenient with these types of submissions, as they often involve extensive editing, but we reserve the right to decline submissions that appear to have minimal effort involved.




Please make sure you submit to the correct folder when adding your work!*

• Find the folder you want to contribute to

• Click on the '+ Submit to This Folder' option on the upper right corner of that folder and click 'Contribute an Existing Deviation'

• On the widget that pops up, make sure the drop-down box at the top still has the name of the correct folder - sometimes it automatically resets to the first folder in the group!

• Click the image you want and then select Submit!

*Not sure what folder your content belongs in? Scroll down for folder explanations!





• A digital painting of Lilith would go into the Lilith the Siren folder.

• A photo of a Moxxi cosplay would go into the Cosplay folder.

• A Source Film Maker posing of Gaige, Axton, and Wilhelm would go into the 3D Works folder.

• A Psycho's buzz axe you made would go into the Crafts folder.


• Character folders are specifically for traditional/digital art only. If the piece is in another medium (writing, crafts, 3D works, etc.), it will go into the folder for that medium.

• The Multiple Characters folder is for images that contain two or more canon characters, or a mix of canon and original characters. An image of Tannis and Krieg or a dozen of your original characters and Handsome Jack would belong in this folder.

• However, an image of two or more original characters would still be sorted into the Original Characters folder.

• In the case of cameos from other properties, the deviation will be sorted according to the presence of Borderlands character(s). So, for example, a drawing of Lilith and Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect) would still go in the Lilith folder. If there is more than one Borderlands character in the image, regardless of other characters present, it will go into Multiple Characters.

• Images containing romantic content between two or more characters would go into the Pairings and Ships folder. This includes canon x canon and canon x OC ships. OC x OC would still go into the Original Characters folder.

• If the character you have created work for doesn't have their own folder, please submit your deviations to Unlisted Characters. We will create individual character folders if the character has an in-game splash screen or if the character has more than a handful of works dedicated to them.

• The Cosplay folder is for costumes and makeup only. Cosplay props showcased on their own belong in the Crafts folder.

• The Memes folder is for pieces that reference existing memes/shitposts, but with a Borderlands twist. 'Draw the Squad' memes, for example, would go here. This also includes redraws of screencaps from other source material (for example, a redraw of a scene from The Office) and art memes such as expression or pose memes.

• Images of non-Borderlands characters or real people dressed up as Borderlands characters belong in the Miscellaneous folder. The folder encompasses a wide variety of things that don't belong in other folders, such as tattoos, T-shirt designs, and photomanipulations.

Pixel Art, Stamps/Posters/Wallpapers, and Written Works are self-explanatory.

• If at any point you are confused and are unsure where to submit a piece, please submit to the Unsorted folder. This folder is open to automatic submissions. We will make sure to place your deviation in the proper home once we see it. However, please do not take advantage of this folder to submit things that are against the rules. You will receive one warning for the first offense, followed by a ban for any subsequent offenses. NSFW content will receive an automatic ban.

• We have implemented a five submissions per day per folder limit. This is to reduce clutter in everyone's inboxes. Once you have submitted five pieces for approval for a single folder, you will have to wait until the next day to submit more to the same folder.




• When the queue is full, we generally accept 5 submissions per day.

• Our submission queue varies and can sometimes stack up over time. Please do not resubmit your works unless they have an expiration notice on them. They will be declined otherwise.

• If you are an active member of the group and regularly submit things, you may be sent an invitation to join as a Contributor!

Cygnonymous is the active mod. Feel free to direct questions and suggestions to them.

• Check out the journal for group updates and ideas; we would love your input!
UPDATE: Because Borderlands 3 was released earlier than expected on Steam, I'm going to move the spoiler content ban lift to June 2020. This should hopefully give Steam users enough time to catch up. The criteria is the same as it is below, so make sure you check that out before you submit Borderlands 3 content.

Now that we've had a couple of DLCs released on top of the main game, I'm going to put a mild spoiler ban on those as well. For now, I'll plan on lifting them at the same time as the base game spoiler ban, just to play it safe.

FOR THE DLCS (Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot AND Guns, Love, and Tentacles):

Allowable Spoilers
Existing/canon character appearances (so long as they have been revealed in the trailers)
New character designs
Boss designs (excluding final boss designs)

Banned Spoilers
Plot twists
Anything that spoils the ending of the DLC (including final boss designs)


With the release of Borderlands 3 just around the corner, it’s time to cover an important topic: spoiler content.

After some debate, I’ve decided that I will not be accepting any deviations with content that spoils the story of the game until three months after the Steam release. This means the group will be open to spoiler submissions in July 2020. This is to give those who want to wait for the Steam release a little leeway so they don’t end up getting spoiled during their six month waiting period.

I will allow some minor spoilers, as this is a very long wait for those who are playing on consoles or via the Epic store, but major spoilers will not be allowed.

Allowable Spoilers
Boss designs

Banned Spoilers
Character deaths (or any sort of major dismemberment)
Plot twists
Content related to the finale of the game

For those who are playing the Steam version and want zero spoilers whatsoever, however, I recommend unwatching the group deviations until you’ve played the game. This can be done by clicking the “Watching” button on the main page and deselecting the deviations checkbox, as seen here:

If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please feel free to let me know down below! I'd be interested in hearing opinions on the waiting period, and if you think it should be shorter or longer, as well as thoughts on what content constitutes as a major or minor spoiler.

Cheers, and happy vault hunting!


Additional Note:

I myself am going to be playing the Xbox version of the game the moment I receive it, but to reduce the chance of spoilers for myself (in case someone doesn't read this journal, for example, and submits a spoilery piece), I will not be logging into deviantArt to accept submissions to the club until I finish the game. My goal is to finish it in at least 1-2 weeks, circumstances willing, so rest assured your deviation submissions should not expire before I return. The submission expiration timer will remain set at 3 weeks, so try not to fret if you end up going a week or two without being accepted - I will accept your submissions as soon as I return.
More Journal Entries


Borderlands-related groups only, please!



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i was just wondering but i was reading the rules and it says no screenshots but with the introduction of borderlands 3 photo mode which lets you also edit the screenshots and gives you high quality in games photos. would those shots still be against said rule?
Cygnonymous Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2020  Professional Writer
You've brought up a pretty good point - until BL3 there wasn't a photo mode, so we only had the folder for high res reference shots. I mostly ended up shutting it down because there were a lot of people just wanting to share mundane screenshots, like scaps of their loadouts or funny ways they parked their cars and stuff. I think it actually wouldn't hurt to reopen the folder for artistic shots! I'll do that soon, and I'll update the rules to reflect it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
TheWillett Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2020
your welcome. i wanted to double check as i wouldn't want to post anything in the group that wasn't allowed and the only borderlands stuff i have are photo mode pics
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