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Welcome to Borderlands-Fans, your home for fan-created content of the Gearbox Software / 2K Games Borderlands series! We strive to keep an organized, easy-to-navigate community here for all Borderlands fans here on deviantART full of fanworks and resources.

I. Etiquette & Member Rules
II. Submission Rules
III. How to Submit
IV. Examples & Folder Descriptions
V. Random Notes of Interest




• Suggestions, comments, complaints, editorials? Feel free to leave a comment on the main page or submit a note to us!

• Harassment of other group members will not be tolerated. Members, if you are having issues with other members of the group, feel free to notify the mods and we will investigate.

• If you harass the mods (whether it be because you disagree with why your submission was declined, you are too impatient to wait for your submission(s) to be accepted/declined, etc.) you will be removed from the club after three offenses. If the offense is agreed to be serious enough, it can warrant an immediate removal.

• If your submitted works are determined to be traced/plagiarized/uploaded when you are not the original owner, you and your deviations will be removed immediately.




We do NOT accept:

• Art violating the deviantART guidelines, including sexual depictions of minors or those who appear to be minors. This also includes images that depict obvious/clear sexual intercourse. We will also decline implied intercourse to remain within dA's rules.

• Fetish-based deviations.

• My Little Ponies or related artwork, including Borderlands characters drawn as ponies.

• Traced/plagiarized art/writing. This includes art traced from screenshots/official art/promo images or someone else's fan-created content.

• Usage/re-submissions of official/promotional art unless significantly edited for a wallpaper or other graphic.

• Art that copies/references ("eyeballs") official Gearbox screenshots/promo material/concept art without significant stylistic differences between the original work and your own.

• Multiple works-in-progress (WIPS). Once you submit a finalized version we will remove all WIPs from the group to cut down on clutter.

• "Inspired by" pieces. Unless your image is explicitly Borderlands-identifiable in some way, please do not submit it. We do not accept general "wasteland/post-apocalyptic/Fallout/Dune/Mad Max" style works.

• Works featuring excessive cameos from non-Borderlands characters. At least 50% of the image should be related to Borderlands in some way.

• IRL Political Propaganda: for example, a Borderlands character endorsing an IRL election candidate. Even if you use a Borderlands character to convey your message, the fact remains that it is not a piece celebrating Borderlands or its characters.




Please make sure you submit to the correct folder when adding your work!*

• Find the folder you want to contribute to

• Click on the '+' on the upper right corner of that folder

• Submit!

• Not sure what folder your content belongs in? Scroll down for folder explanations!

• *Still not sure after checking out the examples? Submit it to the Unsorted folder and one of the mods will put the deviation in its new home.





• A digital painting of Lilith would go into the Lilith the Firehawk folder.

• A photo of a Moxxi cosplay would go into the Cosplay folder.

• A Source Film Maker posing of Gaige, Axton, and Wilhelm would go into the 3D Works folder.

• A Psycho's buzz axe you made would go into the Crafts folder.


• Character folders are specifically for traditional/digital art only. If the piece is in another medium (writing, crafts, screenshots, etc.), it will go into the folder for that medium.

• The Multiple Characters folder is for images that contain two or more canon characters, or a mix of canon and original characters. An image of Tannis and Krieg, or a dozen of your original characters and Handsome Jack would belong in this folder.

• However, an image of two or more original characters would still be sorted into the Original Characters folder.

• If the character you have created work for doesn't have their own folder, please submit your deviations to Unlisted Characters. We will create individual character folders if the character has an in-game splash screen or if the character has more than a handful of works dedicated to them.

• The Cosplay folder is for costumes and makeup only. Cosplay props showcased on their own belong in the Crafts folder.

• Images of non-Borderlands characters dressed up as Borderlands characters belong in the Miscellaneous folder.

Pixel Art, Screencaps, and Stamps/Posters/Wallpapers are self-explanatory.

• We have decided to no longer accept NSFW works. If you're concerned about whether or not your submission is NSFW, ask yourself if your piece would be something you'd feel secure looking at if an employer, teacher, or parent was watching over your shoulder. If the answer is no, please do not submit it. There are plenty of clubs on this website that cater to whatever the subject matter is; feel free to use those instead.

• We have implemented a two submissions per day per folder limit. This is to reduce clutter in everyone's inboxes.




• Each mod accepts 5 submissions per day. We want everyone to have a chance for their work to be seen! If both active mods are online, 10 submissions will be accepted per day.

• Our submission queue has anywhere from 20 - 50 submissions at any given time. Please do not resubmit your works unless they have an expiration notice on them. They will be declined otherwise.

• If you are an active member of the group and regularly submit things, you may be sent an invitation to join as a Contributor!

Cygnonymous and BonitoShark are the active mods. Feel free to direct questions and suggestions to them.

• Check out the journal for group updates and ideas, we would love your input!
After a lengthy discussion with my fellow founder, we've decided it's in the best interest of the club to remove the NSFW folder and no longer accept NSFW deviations from here on out. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the primary ones are:

1. While Borderlands is a Mature game, we're aware that it does attract underage gamers, and it's likely that many of them have made their way here. While deviantArt does have mature content filters in place, there's no guarantee that every underage member has them enabled.

2. The NSFW folder was useful for keeping inappropriate pieces from showing in the general character folders, but it has no bearing on what deviations are shown in members' inboxes when submissions are approved. The NSFW works would appear in user inboxes automatically, regardless of whether or not they wanted to see them.

3. Simply put: it bothered us. We haven't been very comfortable sifting through NSFW submissions for a general fandom club. We get quite a few, and it's hard to make unbiased decisions about accepting and denying when you're uncomfortable with the subject matter. Hence, removing the process entirely.

4. And, finally, deviantArt is a huge place with thousands of clubs available to you guys. If we deny your NSFW submissions, it isn't the end of the world; you can always do a club search and find something catering to your subject matter that will still offer you exposure. Hell, one of you guys can even go create an NSFW-only Borderlands club if it suits you. The world's your oyster!

I know this might be disappointing to some of you guys, but in the end, we think this will be better for all parties involved. For those upset by this development, as I said above, you're totally free to establish a club specifically for Borderlands NSFW! We support the idea 100%! We'd just rather not have it here, no judgment intended.
More Journal Entries


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thank you for accept my maya I am a dummy! 
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Can I get an invite to this group? I'm not sure how to join groups via phone/I'm not sure if I can
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Hey I know a person who needs some Art done for her story. You'd have to talk to her but I just wanted to throw it out there…
MechDennis Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Sorry this comment is so long I just want to let it out.Hey, so I was wondering if an art style is trying to improve upon another's art style, in this case it's Scott Kester, one of the concept artist of borderlands. Would that be allowed?

What I try to do is be the "what if Scott Kester stuck with traditional instead of digital." My art, when I was younger, was already compared to borderlands (not all of them because I also liked to draw hellsing), then afterwards I used Scott's traditional art as a template for improving my own, so my art is HEAVILY based on Scott Kester's art, but there are some things that within his art I wanted to see but never did because he moved on to digital, like his proportions can be a little off at times, and I also wanted to combine his prismacolor shading with his hatching shading. As well as show more expressions within the face and body languages, and import some of things that I personally think is better for me. I get slightly more into detail within my journal, but you don't have to look at that.

Sorry this comment is so long I just want to let it out.
Cygnonymous Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Student Writer
Unfortunately no. This group is only meant to showcase Borderlands creative works, so art that is based on a concept artist's style wouldn't be allowed UNLESS it specifically had Borderlands content in it. If you were to draw a Borderlands piece in Scott Kester's style, that would be fine! But miscellaneous artwork in his style wouldn't be allowed.
MechDennis Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Alrighty then, I always loved drawing Krieg, and handsome jack, but I never really found a proper place to put them (mainly due to the fact that I am kind of stuck with Scott's art style at this point, my hands can't draw things any other way) and I didn't know if drawing those characters in an that specific art style would be acceptable, so I ended up scrapping them. It's nice to know I can place them somewhere.
SuperRobot-X9 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Loove youuu 
Silvershodan Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017
Do you refuse black and white fanarts ? I have submit an art in B&W two weeks ago and it was declined. It wasn't a WIP.
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