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Reimu by Lia-tomoe
Mahou Touhou by KokoTensho
Touhou Yakumo Family - Let's Visit Hakurei shrine by KANE-NEKO
Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame
Reimu by FlawedFlare
Marisa Kirisame - Stardust Reverie by armenci
Touhou: Fireworks Festival by JunkoS
Fragments of Gensokyo by Banzatou
Suika Ibuki
I C Y . B L U E by VenomousBlaze
Triplet by Hirasawayu
Touhou-Cirno by BadBanana404
Touhou 1 - HrTP
Deep within Makai by Mad-Tuna
Civilization of Magic by LiliceKizokuChan
Fallen Angel of Death by kotorka
Touhou 2 - SoEW
Mima-sama by Reksamurty
Touhou 3 - PoDD
Second but first time by kotorka
Touhou 4 - LLS
Elly by criis-chan
Kazami Yuuka by Tres-Iques
Where The Light Is by Khylimei
Touhou 5 - MS
Look by Khylimei
Penultimate by VenomousBlaze
Iku Nagae and Tenshi Hinanai
iku nagae by ka2pot
Touhou - Tenshi hinanai angel of sky by KANE-NEKO
Heavenly Landscape by VenomousBlaze
Touhou 6 - EoSD
2013 Style Refresh: Remilia Scarlet by VenomousBlaze
Touhou 7 - PCB
Touhou chibi - Yakumo family by KANE-NEKO
Touhou 8 - IN
Showdown by azalanz
Touhou 9 - PoFV
Touhou-Lily White by BadBanana404
Touhou 10 - MoF
Touhou - Happy New Year 2013! by KANE-NEKO
Touhou 11 - SA
Touhou 12 - UFO
This is my Trident by FlawedFlare
Metal Gear Rising-Touhou Crossover:Youmu by YuyukoMyonMyon
Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou
Flew Outta Fight by J5-daigada
Touhou 12.8 - Fairy Wars
Staking Your Life on a Prank by makumaxu
Touhou 13 - Ten Desires
Soga no Tojiko by RokuGurin
Books and Music CD Characters
kasen by KeroTohoFan
Sake Party at Reimu's Place by piglagoon5
For you~ by Udonge
hey reimu by eva-st-clare
Do not come back here! by LexaYume-Art
Who's a badass kitty-cat? by Zucreelo
Chenality Cat VS Sailor Mercury by AlysTown
Submit here
Scarlet Devil's Favorite Maid by yuki-oto
Critique My Work
POFV 1: The Executioner by Gewitter8




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The Border of Gensokyo

Good day, and welcome to the Border-of-Gensokyo!


The Border of Gensokyo is a place where the world of Gensokyo and our world meet. In pretty much the same way, the group serves as a meeting place for all Touhou fans, old and new alike. As Touhou fans, we are driven by the goal to spread the Touhou love to the deviantART community and show them what we can do as Touhou fan artists.

This is our mission.



It's easy and takes only a few clicks. Simply click the big "Join our Group" button and you'll be automatically signed into the group.

You may add a short description of yourself or show us some of your stuff but that's optional (read: we don't really require you to do so)

How things work in the Border-of-Gensokyo

:bulletred: We collect Touhou artworks, more specifically: awesome, epic, high-impact, quality Touhou artworks. Works by contributors are automatically accepted.

Q: WHOA....WAIT. WAIT! "Quality Touhou artworks?" I'm an amateur artist and I'm not as good as everyone else! Can I still submit my works?

A: Yes, you can. Submit to the "Critique my Work" folder and one of our friendly admins will provide you with some constructive feedback so you can improve. You can also ask the more skilled members and learn from them!
NOTE: You can submit up to 3 pieces for critique to this folder per week.

:bulletred: We're not just an art collection group. We're also a community of sorts where Touhou fans can make new friends and learn more about the characters, the music, the world, basically everything about the world of Gensokyo.

:bulletred: As of now, submissions are automatically accepted (will change as the group grows bigger). Submit to the "Submit here" folder and we will just put them where they belong. Submissions will go through a short voting process before being added into the group gallery. While you are waiting for your works to be approved, our friendly admins will provide you with some feedback regarding your works.

:bulletred: Exceptional pieces, pieces of very high quality, and pieces that deserve more exposure will go to the "Featured" folder. If an artwork of good quality goes largely unnoticed by the members of the group, we will make sure that it gets the attention that it deserves.

Q: don't need to worry...about...not being noticed by the group anymore...right?

A: :iconaliceisgladplz::iconsaysplz: W...we'll always try to make sure t...that everyone gets a chance to shine, okay?



:bulletyellow: You can submit nine (9) artworks per week

:bulletyellow: If you wish to have your work evaluated, send us a note and our friendly admins will try our best to write a review of your work.

:bulletyellow: You can advertise yourself in the group blog. If you're open for commissions, or if you want to promote your website, send us a note and the admins will reply as soon as possible.

NOTE: We are trying our best to treat our members equally, and we don't want others to be left behind. so please give others a chance to expose themselves to the group.

:bulletyellow: Please. No SPAMMING, FLAMING, or any other offensive acts that would disrupt the group and its members. We all want to enjoy being part of a friendly community of fans and artists.

:bulletyellow: Any questions about the group? Feel free to note us! We would love to hear what you think of the group and what changes can be done to make it better.

Submission Rules

:bulletyellow: Submissions must be Touhou-related and must be yours! Please. Nobody likes a thief. Submitting artwork that isn't yours can get you into BIG trouble.

:bulletyellow: Mature content will only be accepted if the works are indicated as such. Please keep the group clean. We have young members here.

:bulletyellow: We accept digital media, traditional media, literature, handicrafts, animations, and even cosplay! As long as it's Touhou-related, you can submit it.

:bulletyellow: As much as possible, we encourage you to submit only your best works. If you have doubts about what your best work is, note us and we'll pick them for you.

Please submit only fully-finished works. Sketches are open for evaluation.


Say, you're new to Touhou?

:bulletgreen: What is Touhou?

The Touhou Project (東方Project ~ Eastern Project), also known as Toho Project or Project Shrine Maiden, is a Japanese danmaku (bullet hell/manic shooter/curtain-fire shooter) game series produced by the one-man dojin game development circle Team Shanghai Alice, whose sole member, known as ZUN, is responsible for all the graphics, music, and programming. As of now, there are 19 official games in the series, with 13 danmaku games, 3 fighting games, and three spin-offs. The series has evolved into a massive media franchise consisting of countless official and fanmade merchandise, including fan artworks, light novels, toys, music albums, and manga.

:bulletgreen: Where do I learn more about Touhou?

The Touhou Wiki is the leading online resource for all things Touhou. Go here to learn more about the series, the characters, the games, the media, the music, and so much more!

:bulletgreen: Where do I get the games?

There are several sites that host download links for Touhou games. A quick search on Google will reveal some results. For a quick list of download links, go here



The Border-of-Gensokyo is a group for all Touhou deviants to connect with each other, make new friends, create art, and enjoy Touhou in a friendly community setting.

Enjoy your stay and have a good day!

-The Border-of-Gensokyo admins


P.S. Any comments or suggestions to make the group better? Send us a note!

Not much info has been released at the moment, but one thing's for sure...


Word of God says that a 3-stage demo of TH14 will be out on Reitaisai 10, along with the 13.5th game, "Hopeless Masquerade". Which is already an epic game, to say the least.


More details will be out soon.
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Group Info

We are a group dedicated to showcasing awesome, epic, high-impact fanart of the Touhou Project, by Team Shanghai Alice.

Hardcore fans. New fans. Artists of all skill levels. Everyone's welcome!
Share your artworks! Make new friends! Talk about anything Touhou, and learn more about the coolest doujin game franchise ever made!
Founded 8 Years ago
Apr 27, 2012


Group Focus
Art Collection

315 Members
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