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The Two Paths

By borda
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ViantoProfessional General Artist

beautiful work! bravo!

"it's too hot now in my profile!"

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mantisngo2468Professional Photographer


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Gummy-PastelStudent Traditional Artist
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There is no much vibrancy of colors except the almost fading red. The cold, grey palette gives the viewer some sort of solitude moment (which I greatly appreciate). It somehow speaks a little bit on it's own about the differences. The waters are flowing their own way, the man walks it's own way. A cold indifferent walk.

I haven't seen as many photos put this way, I must agree. There are many people communicating trough photography, and this one particular piece has given to me something other photos couldn't for a long amount of time.

I like the idea of the middle angle that closes a perfect frame around the river and the man. Filling the corners with the empty trees. Catching the fast flow of the river gave the picture much more words.

It's a greatly proposed image that sure could give a wonderful cover to any deep and lonely poetry or prose book. It speaks from my heart at least

Great job. I am impressed to the best!
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The title invites the viewer to locate two paths, so this was immediately interesting because there's only one obvious path in the picture, the other contender being a river. This raises the idea that a river is a path for water, and the prospect of using a river as a path -- quite nice to ponder that for a moment.
It also felt like a picture of two halves -- it's hard to reconcile the left with the right, because something seemed unnatural (geographically) about the positioning between the river and the slope -- on first view I spent a long time trying to figure out whether this was photo-manipulation -- I could almost persuade myself that a river could exist next to a slope like that, but I also spent a long time searching for a seam along the lower part of the leaf area on the left, along the river bank and vertically up in a grey line between trees (to the left of the first bit of snow). I also examined the light, to see if that would give clues. I noted that there isn't any snow on the left side, which may also have caused the initial feeling of two halves (and raises ideas of two seasons).
Since first seeing this I've looked at more of your work, so I know that this will be photo-manipulation, and I think the join I was looking for is probably further to the right: I think it may reach as far as two pale grey boulders -- but I'm not sure.

It was very interesting to study this picture. I quite like the colours. As an image I find it slightly lacking in tonal variation, which stops it having the impact of many of your other works.
Generally I'm not sure that this one entirely works for me because I think I prefer manipulations to be more overt, or to have a clearer intention (like your other work), but on the other hand I'm not sure. If it had been more obvious I probably wouldn't have spent such a lot of time looking at it.
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pearwoodHobbyist Photographer
Beautifully done.
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RoyAllenHuntHobbyist General Artist
A magnificent solitude.  Beautifully captured.
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JoannaRzeznikowskaHobbyist Photographer
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Ancient--OneHobbyist Digital Artist
Featured Folder by Ancient--One

Your wonderful art has been placed in our Featured folder. Congratulations!


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Beautiful shot - my personal favorite of the year. Gorgeous location & stunning atmosphere. The balance of colour and tone is just outstanding.
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Your photography is really good. You've shot it amazingly..Nice place,nice angle and everything in this place is very mysterious :) .
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Digital-Priestess General Artist
Amazing shot! The scenery is beautiful <3
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I like it a lot. Very beautiful, but I wish the person was not in the background. It would have given it an untouched feel to it.
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giancoliHobbyist Digital Artist
I like this a lot! The image is so good that it can handle the natural look without too much editing, I prefer natural looking images like this!
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FlorentCourty Photographer
I respect your art, but this shouldn't be considered as photography, right ?
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So beautiful!!
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danUK86 General Artist
Great misty mood and composition/exposure :nod: Fantastic shot!
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richardcgreenHobbyist General Artist
Perfect shutter of a perfect landscape!!!
WOW! Regards: Richard
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jennystokesProfessional General Artist
Excellent............I feel the cols and damp.
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bordaProfessional Traditional Artist
thanks dear Jenny!
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jennystokesProfessional General Artist
My pleasure...............waiting till tomorrow to requst for my Group. NEW Rules:D (Big Grin) 
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Beautiful! :worship:
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bordaProfessional Traditional Artist
thank you Jan!
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