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Prostitute in Paris - oil painting

oil on canvas 60x80cm
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Too my surprise, there’s very little art capturing life of prostitutes on here. But this one was exactly what I was looking for, really well captured expression and atmosphere!

I’m already using it as inspiration for my next composition 🎼🙎‍♀️
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Wow, I love it !

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If only the prostitute on paris be like to she x)
Holy sh*t this is good.....can you come and paint my house?😀
She's lovely, but I have to think revenues are better in interpluvial times. 
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I really like your style !
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very beautifully done.....lovely facial expression
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I don't know why it makes me feel so sad. Maybe it's because of the rainy night or her defeated expression. Great work.
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really beautiful !!
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This is great, I'm inspired
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Awesome composition. 
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it looks like she's waiting for something
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outstanding work!
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the hand hold the umbrella is's the other one.  the background could use some more  definition.  Paris is the city of Lights...this sort of looks like Bangkok before the monsoons.

it's a good painting..the extra detail will give it the authenticity it needs..and make it a great painting  
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Nice piece of art.
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aren't most french prostitues negros now?
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Wow awesome artwork!! Any chance I could use this as a background visual for a music video on my music channel? With credit of course :) -

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sure, feel free to use it, thanks!
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